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Stat Boosting Items or EV Training?


Staff member
Super Mod
Do they do the same thing? And if they do, why bother EV training? The items are so much easier to use.


y halo thar
The stat boosting items (Calcium, Iron, etc.) raise an EV to 100, then you have to EV train from there.


prophecy fulfilled
If you're on about Protein, Iron, Calcium, HP UP, Zinc and Carbos. Then yes they are easier to use but;

- They only give a max of 100 EVs in the stat they raise.

That means that if you wanted to use 252 EVs in a certain stat you would have to do the last 152 by EV training anyway.

Anybody who just uses 51 of those items to give their Pokemon EVs doesn't understand how EVs effect stats. And their Pokemon will pretty much be a load of crap.


Well-Known Member
Yeah, or you can just EV train. EV training is pretty much just as fast, and it'll save you money. Let's say you killed a Magikarp (1 Spd)

pkRS + Power Item = 2 (1+4) = 10 EVs per Magikarp