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Stat Experience Question

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by ninjask4520, May 1, 2013.

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  1. ninjask4520

    ninjask4520 New Member

    When your pokemon is level 100, does it still gain stat experience? It's a really noobish question I know, but I haven't played Red and Blue in years and I don't remember at all.
  2. Jorge565

    Jorge565 Magikarp

    I dont think so. i believe that mechanic wasnt added until 5th gen
  3. ninjask4520

    ninjask4520 New Member

    Oh. Okay. Well, good thing I'm only training my Pokemon to level 50 for the moment for use in Stadium. :D

    Thanks for helping.
  4. Shymain

    Shymain Shaymin Lover

    No. The Pokèmon only gains XP up to LV100
    Edit: Oh, stat experience. As it says on bulbapedia:

    The EV system was introduced in Generation I, where it was also called Stat Experience or Stat Exp.
    The Pokémon data structure contains two EV bytes for each the five stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Special), starting at zero when caught and with a maximum EV of 65535 for each stat. When a Pokémon is defeated, its base stats are converted to effort points and then added to the EVs. For example, defeating a Mew grants 100 effort points to each EV. (Defeating 656 Mew, therefore, will give a Pokémon maximum EVs in each stat.)
    EVs are factored into the Pokémon's stats when it levels up. Additionally, EVs are calculated into stats when a Pokémon is taken from Bill's PC; this is called the box trick. A Pokémon which reaches level 100 can continue to acquire EVs up to the maximum of 65535 in each stat, and use the box trick to have those EVs factored in.
    Vitamins add 2560 to one stat's EV, but cannot raise a stat above 25600. Unlike the Exp. Share in later games, the Exp. All did not share EVs.
    At level 100, the formula for determining the stat difference between a Pokémon trained in that stat and an untrained Pokémon is square root of stat exp divided by four.
    Last edited: May 19, 2013
  5. M-san

    M-san Gen. 1 & 2 Player ★

    Yes, your Pokémon can earn more stat experience, as long as the stats are not "full". Don't forget to give all of your Pokémon vitamins, and remember to deposit and withdraw Pokémon after a long session of training, because the game will recheck the Pokémon's stats, and then apply newly earned stat experience to any Pokémon deposited, thus boosting the stat even further.
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