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State of Wonder - New Card Game looking for testers!


New Member
We’re BetterBuilt, an indie studio from snowy Sweden, and we’d love for you to conquer and construct with us in our hardcore card game, State of Wonder!

Here comes a small pitch and some attached pictures! Enjoy and we hope that you want to give us a try!

State of Wonder is a competitive card game for 2 or more players. The game utilizes strategy, bluffing and economics to allow you to seize victory in this game of wonders.

State of Wonder plays differently than many other card games. You play with your entire deck of 15 cards on hand, ensuring that every card you play, every decision you make actually matters and impacts the outcome of the match in a meaningful way.

Play as one of three city states: the Ritualists, a throng of spiritual sects who sacrifice their lives for ultimate power; the Crusaders, a massive, plague-infested crusade that brings death to all those they claim heretics; and the Outcasts, a ragtag band of thieves and beggars who use their wits, guile and cunning to create a kingdom of shadows.

Use different tactics, going for an aggressive conqueror win, a powerful economic base, control of your opponent or your own handcrafted strategy to construct the strongest state, whom none can oppose.

Feel Free to ask any questions here and I will come back to you as soon as possible!

To join our playtesting group, where you can get the Print N Play or the Tabletop Simulator Version, go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/189288624843135/?fref=ts


Hello - sounds really neat.

What language is the game made in. Been wanting to fiddle around with cards games for years now as well as games in general. (if its not classifed)