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Static Electricity. (A Pokemon TF story)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LucarioIsMegaEvolving, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. LucarioIsMegaEvolving

    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Okay, so this has been up for a while now on Fanfiction.net so if you want you can check it out here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11784201/1/Static-electricity, but I've decided to post it here as well. Here is the first (and in my opinion best) chapter.

    Original Author's Note: Hi everyone, this fanfic was originally going to be a one-shot in a series of Pokemon tf one-shots similar to Ryu the Weredragon’s Pokemon Transformation Chronicles but it eventually got too long and I decided to make it its own fanfiction. This is my longest chapter in any fanfiction (which isn’t saying much) but I’m really enjoying writing this and I hope you enjoy reading it.

    His mother came in, after hearing all the noise, and sighed after seeing them, “Not again.”

    James was a normal kid. He enjoyed going to school because his teachers made the work fun. This particular day he had Science for last period. He was enjoying the subject that his class had been learning about, which was energy and different forms of electricity.

    On this day, his science teacher, Mr Cole, was teaching. James sighed and looked over to the girl sitting next to him with the long brown hair, Jessica. He seemed to get put next to her in everything. He was only at this school because he got a scholarship, and so already knew most of it. He brushed up his blonde hair and quickly lost focus in what Mr Cole was saying.

    After some worksheets and demonstrations about protons, neutrons, electrons and other electrical forces the class went silence. James snapped out of his stupor and noticed the silence. The class was silent because Mr Cole what had pulled off a trolley. It was a Van de Graaf generator, which was a big metal ball that generated static electricity. If a person was touching it, it could cause their hair to stand up.

    Mr Cole asked for a volunteer to touch it.
    Both James and Jessica eagerly put their hands up, except Jessica called out something, as well. “I volunteer as tribute,” she called out.
    Mr Cole ignored her and chose a different girl. She placed her hand on the device as Mr Cole switched it on.

    ‘Well, that was anti-climatic,’ thought James.
    When Mr Cole turned it on, not much happened. A few strands of hair lazily sticked up, but not to the extent that was expected.
    “I think that your hair’s too thick,” Mr Cole said. He chose another girl, who had thinner hair. When he turned it on, the same thing happened, except that a few more strands stuck up. This wasn’t much, but it was still enough for Mr Cole to move her hair around by waving his hand above it. The lesson continued on normally.

    After class had finished, both Jessica and James had the same thought: Use the Van de Graff generator. They were sneaking into the science building, and didn’t notice each other until they collided.
    “Ow,” they yelled in unison, then quickly fell quiet, as they didn’t want to be caught.
    “What are you doing here?” James whispered.
    “The same thing as you,” Jessica replied, having guessed what he was doing.
    “Just don’t get caught and we’ll do it together,” he told her.

    They crept along the corridor, stopping to look into empty classrooms along the way.
    “There it is,” Jessica whispered to James as they came to a classroom. In the classroom they found Mr Cole and the device.
    “How are we going to get in without him noticing?” James asked.
    “Just leave it to me,” Jessica whispered with a smirk. She crept into the next classroom and banged on one of the tables. Mr Cole heard and went out of his classroom and went into the other one.

    ‘I hope Jessica doesn’t get caught,’ James thought. He crept into the now-empty classroom and looked around. Luckily for him the device was plugged into a power-point. He switched it on and touched it just as Jessica ran in.

    “Wow,” Jessica said, in surprise. The hair on both their heads was standing up, “I didn’t think it was that strong.”
    “Mr Cole must’ve turned the power up,” James replied.

    They then heard footsteps outside the room. James let go of it and got an electrical shock. What was strange was that the shock didn’t hurt him. In fact, it felt nice, natural somehow.
    “Quick,” Jessica hissed, “Out the window.”
    They ran to the window and just managed to jump out when Mr Cole walked in. They heard him talking to himself.
    “Strange, I must’ve left it on.” James and Jessica quickly crept away and went home.


    James woke up to the buzzing of his alarm clock. He didn’t want to get up for school and started to get angry. Suddenly the alarm clock stopped buzzing. He looked at it and saw that it had been short-circuited by something. He looked at it for a few seconds and wondered how it had short-circuited before going downstairs to get ready for school.

    At school he saw Jessica with her long yellow hair. He then looked again to make sure that he was seeing correctly. Yellow hair? Last time he checked Jessica had brown hair.
    “What happened to your hair,” he asked her.
    “I don’t know,” she whispered back, “I woke up this morning and it was like this. My parents think that I dyed it. I got in huge trouble.”
    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but can you please save it for recess,” their English teacher told them. They quickly got back to work.

    After school they both went home. James went up to his bedroom and did his homework before turning on his Wii U and playing Splatoon. After a while he heard the doorbell ringing.

    His mum got it and called up to him, “James, there’s a friend here to see you.”
    “OK mum I’m coming,” he called back down. He brushed some of his hair off his face. Since when had his fringe gotten that big. It nearly covered his whole face. He went down and was surprised to see Jessica waiting for him.

    James could hardly tell it was her. Her now-yellow hair was nearly covering her face and she was wearing a hat.
    “What happened to your hair, and how did you know where I lived?” James asked in surprise.
    “I don’t know what happened to my hair and I looked it up in the phone book,” she replied.
    “So why did you come here?” he asked. “Because of these,” she replied, taking off the hat and revealing something very wrong.

    Protruding from her head were two yellow ears, that looked similar to a dogs.
    “What the,” James said, too shocked to think clearly. “How?” he eventually said.
    “I don’t know,” Jessica said, “But why don’t we go up to your room and have some privacy.”
    “Good idea,” James replied.

    They went up to his room when James started to get really itchy. Itchy everywhere. When they got to his room, he couldn’t help it any more. He started itching. Wherever he itched, yellow hair sprouted up. “What are you doing?” Jessica asked in shock, “Stop itching, it’s just making it worse.”
    “I can’t stop,” James said, “It’s just too itchy.”

    Suddenly Jessica started to itch too. No, she told herself, I can’t itch. Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. Yellow hair sprouted up everywhere on both of them, except their necks. On their necks cream hair started to sprout up and spike out into a pattern.

    Then they both suddenly found that they could see a lot better. The hair on their faces had stuck to and become part of their faces. Their eyes changed colour to blue, and then they started to howl in pain.

    Their faces stretched out into muzzles and James realized something. It's not hair, he told himself, it’s fur! They fell forward onto all fours, and their hands changed into paws. Some ears like Jessica’s grew on James, and a tail grew out from their spine.

    The changes stopped.
    “What jolt happened to eon?” James asked.
    “I te on but e think eon e jolt,” Jessica replied.
    “What’s eon jolt eon teon on?” James asked.
    “Eon jolt eon jolt te on teon jol,” Jessica replied. They could still understand each other perfectly and didn’t realize that they had changed dialect.
    James’ mother came in, after hearing all the noise, and sighed after seeing them, “Not again.”

    Original Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Static Electricity. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231 signing out.
    Last edited: May 21, 2016
  2. LucarioIsMegaEvolving

    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Original Author's Note: Here’s the next chapter of Static Electricity.

    ‘You weren’t always human.’

    Lola sat down at the wooden table in the dining room of her house. Her son and his friend sat at the other end of the table. She remembered when similar events had happened to her.

    Her son, James asked a question, “What did you mean when you said ‘not again’?”
    She knew this question would come eventually and responded, “I’ll tell you when your father gets home.” “What about Jessica? Her parents will get worried if she doesn’t come home,” he said.
    He had her there. “Fine,” she said, giving in, “I’ll tell you. You see, you weren’t always human…”

    18 YEARS AGO

    “Mike, come on,” Lola groaned. He was addicted to that game.
    “I just have to finish this battle,” he protested to his friend.
    “Come on Mike,” Lola said, annoyed. “Okay, I’ve finished now. Let’s go,” he said, getting up.
    “It’s about time,” she said, “I’ve been waiting to go for ages.”
    “So what if I like Pokémon,” he argued, “It’s a fun game.”
    “Let’s just go,” Lola said. She knew that if she kept arguing this would go on for ages and they’d never get to the fair.

    “Look, Lola,” Mike said eagerly, “An Eevee plushie.”
    “Come on,” she replied, “Can’t we go anywhere without you mentioning Pokémon.”
    Her words were lost as Mike had already gone over to the booth. It was a raffle. He bought a ticket, and got told that the raffle would be drawn at 3 o’clock.

    “Come on Mike,” Lola said, “You’ve done what you wanted, now it’s time to do what I want.”
    “What do you want to do then,” Mike inquired.
    “Follow me,” she said, running off.
    “Come back,” he cried in desperation to his friend. Mike sighed and followed.

    “Really, Lola,” he said, “The fortune-teller’s booth.”
    “If you don’t want to come in, then you can stay out here,” Lola said, walking into the tent.
    “No I’ll come,” Mike called, walking after her.

    Inside the fortune-teller’s tent, Mike saw Lola sitting down.
    He heard the fortune-teller speak, “You will have great changes happen that will impact the rest of your life.”
    “Is that it,” Mike said walking in.
    “You,” the fortune-teller said, looking at Mike, “You will be the cause of these changes.”
    “Okay then,” he said, not believing. “I’m leaving.”
    He then proceeded to walk out of the tent and over to the raffle.

    Lola hurriedly paid the fortune-teller and raced out to look for Mike. After a while of searching she finally found him at the raffle draw.
    “There you are,” she said, furious. “I’ve been looking for you for ages.”
    “Shhhh,” he said, not paying attention to her words, “They’re about to draw it.”

    “First prize goes to Mike Teon. You may choose any prize you like,” said the announcer.
    To no one that knew Mike’s surprise, he chose the Eevee plushie. Lola and Mike proceeded to leave the fair.

    Lola was thinking over what the fortune-teller said. What did she mean by big changes happening, and that Mike would cause them? She was so distracted that she didn’t realise that they’d arrived at Mike’s house.
    “See ya,” she said, walking over the road to her house.
    “Bye,” Mike replied, entering his home.

    When Mike entered his house he immediately went upstairs to play his Pokémon game, Pokémon Red. He had nearly caught all the Pokémon, and was the best in their school. The pride of his team was a Jolteon, which he’d nicknamed James.

    Today he was going to try and catch Mew, using a glitch he’d read in a magazine. He went through all the steps, making sure that he did everything correctly. He was overjoyed when the screen read: ‘A wild Mew appeared.’
    He then thought, ‘What? That shouldn’t happen.’

    The screen read, ‘So you like Pokémon.’ A Yes/No box popped up.
    Mike hesitantly pressed Yes.
    ‘Thank you,’ the screen read, ‘I have a gift for you. Have fun.’
    ‘What,’ Mike thought as a beam of light struck out from his Gameboy into him.

    Suddenly, Lola ran in and yelled, “What the hell is going on here.”
    The beam struck her too. Mike let out a yelp as changes started happening to his body.

    Yellow fur covered Mike’s skin. He fell onto all fours, as his hands turned to paws. Spikey, white fur covered his necks. When the fur reached his head, it turned yellow as his face stretched out into a muzzle. His ears slid up his head and became dog-like. Yellow fur spiked out near his tail-bone. His changes were complete.

    Similar things were happening to Lola, except it was lilac fur instead of yellow. Her hands and feet turned into paws and a pink tail emerged from her tailbone, forking out. She fell onto all fours as the fur reached her face. Her face got covered in lilac fur and it became a muzzle. Her ears turned pointed and cat-like and a round red gem appeared on her forehead. Her changes had finished.


    “So what happened then?” Jessica asked.
    “We ran away into the woods, and found a cave to live in. After about a year, we reverted back to human. The only reason I can understand you is that I was also a Pokémon,” Lola replied.
    “So, we’re Pokémon?” James asked. “Yes,” Lola said.
    “But they’re fictional,” Jessica argued.
    “Obviously not,” Lola said pointing to them.
    “One more question,” James said.
    “Okay,” Lola said.
    “When you said before, you weren’t always human, what did you mean,” he asked.
    “Well, when we were in the woods, we had an Eevee child that also reverted to human. That child, was you,” she told him.

    Original Author's Note: Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, though I know it isn’t as good as the last one. The next update will start getting into the real story. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231 signing out.
  3. LucarioIsMegaEvolving

    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Original Author's Note: Sorry this chapter came out so late. I had a bit of writer’s block. I came up with a better idea so I had to change the last chapter.

    A bolt of electricity headed straight towards James.

    Jessica was running through a forest. James was running aside her, and they were racing. She realized that they were running on all fours, when her body turned yellow and shrunk. She reached her house and went inside. She saw her parents.
    “What’s that?” her mother asked.
    “I don’t know, but it’s not human,” said her father.
    The words echoed around her, Not human, not human, not human…

    She woke up, ‘It was just a dream,’ Jessica told herself.
    She tried to stand up, but fell over. She still wasn’t used to walking on all fours. James, on the other hand, seemed to walk on all fours like he’d done it his whole life.
    ‘There’s a good reason for that,’ she told herself, and it was true, as James hadn’t always been human, though he didn’t know it until yesterday. She checked the time, which was 5:07 and decided to go to sleep.


    James was alone in his room. His mother and Jessica were downstairs, talking. He was still in shock about what his mum had told him. Though when he thought about it, he could recall a distant memory of seeing a lilac muzzle nuzzle him.

    ‘Why have I turned into a Jolteon?’ he wondered. He had asked his mother, but she had no idea, let alone know why Jessica had transformed too. He didn’t know that much about Pokémon, but he knew that the main basis of the series was too battle them against each other. He wondered briefly if he could use attacks, but decided to ask his mum later.


    “Mum,” James asked, “I know that Pokémon have attacks they can use and I was wondering if Jessica and I would be able to use them too.”
    His mother hesitated for a second before answering, “Your father and I could use them, so I’m assuming that you can too, but I don’t want you to get hurt.”
    “Can we just test them out?” he asked innocently.
    “You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?” Lola asked.
    “No,” he said, and smirked mischievously.
    “Fine,” she said, giving in. “You can do it in the backyard.”
    “Thanks, mum,” James said, and ran off.


    “Jessica,” James called up the stairs, “come into the backyard. I want to ask you a question.”
    “Okay,” she called back down, wondering why she needed to go into the backyard to answer a question.
    Once she went downstairs and out into the backyard, James asked her, “What do you know about Pokémon?”
    “Not much, why?” she asked.
    “Did you know that they can use attacks?” he enquired.
    “Yeah, why?” Jessica said.
    He didn’t answer, letting Jessica connect the dots.
    “So we can use attacks,” she said while smirking.
    “Yes,” James told her. “I got mum to do some research and we found out that Jolteon is an electric type. It can use mainly electric type attacks.”
    “How do we use the attacks?” Jessica asked.
    “Um, I don’t know,” admitted James. “Let’s just try.”

    Jessica thought about using the attacks and felt something inside her, a crackling energy, waiting to be released. She tried to release it and felt her fur stand up and the crackling feeling spread along it, before disappearing.

    James saw Jessica with her eyes closed, concentrating. He noticed sparks, creep along her fur, before heading off her fur, everywhere. One bolt of electricity headed straight towards him.

    Jessica looked up and saw James get hit with a bolt of electricity, before falling over.
    “Ow,” he groaned.
    “Are you okay?” asked Jessica.
    “I’m fine,” he told her. “I think you used an attack and hit me. I’m pretty sur that it's called Discharge. I’m going to try an attack now. How did you do it?”
    “I concentrated and felt a crackling inside me. I released the crackling and used the attack,” Jessica told him.
    “Okay, I’ll try it,” said James.

    James concentrated, closing his eyes. He felt a crackling inside him and tried to release it. He felt the crackling on his fur, and knew that it had worked. The crackling disappeared and James internally cheered.
    He then thought, ‘Oh no, did I hurt Jessica?’
    He went to check and saw her standing completely fine.

    “How did you stay fine?” James asked. “Did you dodge the bolts?”
    “No, I got hit. After it hit me I felt stronger somehow though,” Jessica said in confusion.
    “Okay then,” said James, in acceptance. “Do you want to have a battle?”
    “Bring it on,” she said, smirking as best as a Jolteon can.

    James thought, ‘For some reason electric attacks don’t work on her, so I’ll have to use other attacks.’
    He felt a pressure build up in his fur, and released the pressure. Pins swarmed out at Jessica.

    At the same time, Jessica readied an electric attack. She concentrated, and the sparks crept along her body, before striking out at James. The sparks managed to destroy some of the pins, but some still managed to hit her. Even so, some of the bolts hit James. They both recoiled back.

    ‘He’ll be expecting my attack,’ Jessica thought. She decided to try something different. She focused on the crackling, but instead she restricted it and the electricity covered her sharpened canine teeth. She ran up to James and bit down with the Thunder Fang. He recoiled in pain but managed to kick her twice, a Double Kick. She jumped back, planning her next move.


    “Hello, I’m home,” Mike called out.
    “Hello,” said Lola, getting up from watching James and Jessica and moving to the kitchen.
    “Where’s James?” he asked.
    “Out in the backyard with a friend,” she told him, gesturing out there, smirking.
    Mike went out to the backyard and jaw-dropped.
    “Not again,” he sighed.


    “How are they doing?” the voice asked over the communicator.
    “They’re learning how to use attacks,” the man asked.
    “We’ll need to watch them more,” the voice replied. “How is our captive?”
    The man looked at the pink being in the cell, struggling to get out.
    “It’s fine,” he replied.

    Original Author's Note: I actually just realised that they share similar names with the Team Rocket members. That isn’t intentional. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231 signing out.
  4. LucarioIsMegaEvolving

    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Original Author's Note: Sorry this was late. Welcome to Chapter 4 of Static Electricity. I’ve decided that I should start doing disclaimers, so here it is: I do not own Pokémon, or anything related to it. If I did, then I wouldn’t be writing fanfiction about it. Now here’s the chapter:

    He shot it at the two Jolteon and a huge net came out.

    Lola considered telling them. She could, but that could make them angry or sad. On the other hand, it would help them cope. She sighed. ‘I’ll just keep it to myself for now,’ she thought.


    “Mum,” barked James. “Mum. MUM!”
    They were back inside, having finished their ‘training.’
    “Sorry,” she said sincerely. “What did you want?”
    “I wanted to know what Pokémon you turned into,” he replied.
    “Well,” she began, “We didn’t know what it was at first. Mike had never seen it before, and of course I hadn’t. We didn’t even know what type it was…”

    17 YEARS AGO.

    “Mike,” Lola spoke, “We need to go and find some food.”
    “Okay Lola,” he yawned, getting up.
    They walked out of the cave, making sure to walk quietly. The pair never saw any animals, as the animals kept away from them. They walked over to a blueberry bush and grabbed some in their mouths. They were bringing some back to the cave when they heard a bang.
    “What was that?” whispered Lola.
    Mike didn’t answer, instead keeping quiet.

    They ran behind some bushes, not wanting to be seen by humans. The two heard heavy footsteps thumping along the path past them. Mike peeked out and saw them.
    “Poachers,” he whispered.
    “They won’t find any animals,” replied Lola, “They get scared away by us.”
    “Look, those bushes rustled,” spoke one of the poachers, pointing to the bushes where Lola and Mike were hiding.

    “Oh great,” muttered Mike. “We’ll have to get rid of them.”
    A poacher came to the bush and had a look.
    “There’s some sort of weird dogs in there,” he called out to his comrade.
    Mike came out of the bushes.
    “Look, one came out,” said the other poacher eagerly, readying his gun.
    What the two poachers didn’t notice was that Mike’s fur was being covered in sparks. He released the sparks and the electricity flew all around the area, knocking out one of the poachers.

    “What the hell was that?” the remaining one said.
    He raised his gun up and shot Mike in the leg. Mike fell onto the ground, moaning.
    “Mike!” screamed Lola, running out.
    “No, Lola,” groaned Mike weakly, “It’s too dangerous.”

    Lola became overcome with anger. She felt a power rise inside her. Mike saw her close her eyes as her body glowed blue. The poacher’s body became surrounded by the same blue light, and rose up in the air.
    “What’s happening,” the poacher said uneasily.
    The poacher got lifted up in the air and thrown at a tree. He slid down it, groaning.

    Mike and Lola took their chance and ran away. As they were running Mike heard a sound. It was like a soothing bell chime. He concentrated on the sound and instantly felt better.
    “What happened?” asked Lola. “How did you get healed?”
    “Well, I’m not really sure, but I think that we discovered what type you are,” replied Mike.
    “What type am I?” inquired Lola.
    “I think that you’re a psychic type,” Mike told Lola.


    “When we turned back we looked up the Pokémon that I turned into on the internet. It turned out that it was another Pokémon that evolved from Eevee, called Espeon. Mike ended up being right, it was a Psychic type,” finished Lola.
    “Thanks Mum,” said James, before rushing outside.
    Lola sighed. Should she use her power again? It might help James and Jessica cope, but if she used it, then they would know that she has been hiding something from them. She eventually decided to just leave it for now.


    James and Jessica were in the backyard again. Mike was watching them battle. He watched them exchange attacks and chuckled, remembering his time as a Jolteon. Eventually, both of them desisted and went inside.

    “James?” enquired Jessica. “I’ve got an idea.”
    “What is it?” asked James.
    “Can we go somewhere?” replied Jessica. “I’m sick of having to stay here all the time.”
    “Where would we go?” he sighed.
    “What about the woods where your mum and dad lived for a while?” she asked.
    “Do we have to?” said James exasperatedly.
    “Yes,” answered Jessica gleefully.
    “Fine,” he said, “I’ll ask Mum.”

    “Mum,” called James, “Jessica wants to know if we can go to the woods that you were in.”
    “I’m not sure if that’s safe,” answered Lola.
    “I don’t really want to go but Jessica won’ t take no for an answer, so can we please just do it for her?” he asked.
    “Okay, fine,” his mother said, giving in. “You can go.”
    “Thanks Mum,” James spoke, relieved. “I’ll tell Jessica.”


    Lola came up with a cover story in case they met anyone, she and Mike were dog breeders and James and Jessica were a special species of dog that she bred. They drove there in Lola’s car, a white Ford. On their way there they noticed a dark blue car seemingly following them. James decided to keep an eye on it, but went low. They arrived at the woods and walked in.


    They walked along the track, Lola thinking to herself. She looked to the left and saw a familiar tree.
    “This way,” she announced, pointing at a path covered by branches.
    James made the pressure build up in his fur again, and used Pin Missile, cutting the branches to pieces.
    “Well, on the bright side, that got rid of the branches,” said Mike. “But on the other hand, now anyone can follow us.”
    They walked through, following Lola and Mike, who sometimes had to duck under branches. Jessica couldn’t help giggling at how easy it was for her and James to get through, while Mike and Lola had difficulty.


    Lola heard Jessica giggling. Turning back into a human didn’t completely destroy her exemplary hearing that she had as an Espeon. She sighed unnoticeably. ‘If only I could use my power,’ she thought. ‘But then James and Mike would know, and I can’t risk that.’ She just decided to continue on.


    “Here we are,” announced Lola.
    They had arrived at the cave where Mike and Lola had spent many months hiding.
    “I don’t think that we can fit anymore, but feel free to go in,” stated Mike.
    James and Jessica entered, finding that they could fit easily. Inside wasn’t all that impressive. There were piles of grass that had almost decayed. There were some pieces of an eggshell and two weird red and white balls.

    After they’d had a look, they heard some huge noises. It sounded like a muffled shout, then a huge bang. They went outside and saw two men in grey suits had cornered Mike and Lola. They both held guns, and had fired a warning shot. They were facing away from the two Jolteon.
    “Where are they?” demanded one of them.
    “Where are who?” replied Lola confidently.
    “Don’t be stupid, you know exactly who we’re talking about,” said the other one. “Now answer me, where are they?”

    Just then Lola noticed them.
    “Run,” she whispered.
    “What was that?” one of them asked.
    Jessica and James started charging up electric attacks.
    “I said RUN!” Lola shouted to the two men.
    They turned around and saw the two Jolteon. They released their electric attacks which, as well as shocking the two men, hit Mike and Lola as well.

    One of the men got up weakly.
    “Right, that’s it, you’re coming with me,” he commanded.
    He picked up his gun and flicked a switch on it. He shot it at the two Jolteon and a huge net came out. Lola, who had somehow gotten free of her bonds, dove in front of it, knocking one of the Jolteon out of the way. The one inside tried using attacks to break free, but to no avail. The net held against everything they tried.

    Mike told the other one to run, and they did, despite not wanting to leave the trapped one. As they ran, it became apparent that something was happening to Mike. His yellow-blonde hair began growing, almost covering his face. His fingers began to meld together as the hair covered them. A tail came out from behind him as the same thing began happening to his feet. He started shrinking, before disappearing inside his clothes. He stepped out, and it became apparent what had happened to him. He had transformed into a Jolteon again.

    Original Author's Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long to come out. I really have no excuse for it. On a brighter note, this is my longest chapter that I have written for any story. I’ve left it vague on who was captured on purpose. I’d also like your opinion on whether I should start another story. If you say yes, there are two options. Number one is a prequel to this that details Mike and Lola’s life in the woods.
    Number two is a collection of TF one-shots that this was supposed to be part of.
    Please review with your opinions. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.
  5. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    It seems like it's been a long time since we've seen a pokémorph kind of 'fic around here. I'm always a fan, personally.

    Before I get into actually talking about the story, though, just a couple quick notes on formatting: for one, you always want to have a blank line between consecutive paragraphs. You do that sometimes, like here:

    There's a blank line between the lines starting "Okay, I'll try..." and "James concentrated..." You want all of your paragraphs to be split up like that, not just those two. It's much more difficult to read text that's smushed together without lines in between on a computer screen. So that passage should instead look like this:

    Also, the "!Staticelectricity!Staticelectricity!" breaks don't really work for me. I'm guessing you were inspired by the breaks they use before/after commercial breaks in some anime where they might also have a voieover of the series' name? (Like in Full Metal Alchemist... okay, so FMA is the only series I can think of that actually does this, but still.) I don't think that works as well with a written work, though, because the words make it look like just another line of text to me; I start actually reading the line before I realize that it's a scene break and I should be skipping it, instead of just moving on the way I would for a typical scene break. I think you'd be better off using dashes, asterisks, tildes, etc. to make breaks instead.

    Anyway, on to the actual story.

    It's cool that you have the entire family being able to transform--usually I see it where it's just the kid(s) who gets mutated in whatever way and turns. The way James' mom, instead of being horrified that her son turned into this magical animal thing, is kind of like "oh great here we go again" is cute.

    I think it would be nice to see the characters react a little more to what's going on in general, though. I thought Lola's nonreaction was funny, but it starts to blend in when the other characters don't seem to care much, either. Jessica and James' reaction to turning into jolteon pretty much seemed to be "what happened?", and then immediately afterwards they're able to sit calmly and listen to Lola explain her family's history. How would you feel if you suddenly turned into a pokémon? Excited? Confused? Scared? Jessica and James seem to just accept it and move on. But in fiction, one of the most telling aspects of a character is how they respond to the curve-balls the plot throws at them by the plot. In order for them to feel like real, genuine people, they need to react in ways that seem appropriate to the situation. Plus, a lot of the fun in reading is seeing ordinary people thrown into extraordinary situations and then struggle to deal with them. Right now we aren't seeing a lot of that struggle; Jessica and James turn into Jolteon and learn a lot about James' family's history, but other than that they pretty much get excited about learning attacks and running off to the woods. There's no indication that they have any trouble suddenly running around on all fours, or no longer being able to open doors or use normal furniture or appliances, or that they're at all worried about how their lives are going to work out now that they're pokémon. I mean, there would definitely be some real excitement about the wow-factor of suddenly becoming a pokémon; certainly tons of people like to fantasize about that happening! But I think that there would be more to it than just the nifty factor, and right now I don't think you represent that too well.

    I think a good example that handles this sort of thing well is Sike Saner's Communication. It's basically the opposite situation, with a pokémon getting turned into a human, but the same basic principles apply. You don't need your characters to be all horrified that they've turned into pokémon, but to make their transformation feel more real and genuine, you want to think about, well, what it actually feels like to be a jolteon rather than a human, what sorts of basic difficulties there are, in addition to how cool it might be.

    And non-reactions are a bit of a problem outside of just the transformation aspect. For example, at the end there where the hunters corner them, the narration is pretty flat. James and Jessica hear a shout and a bang and come running out. That works well enough as a simple description of what happened, but it's not a very interesting way to write the situation. What happened when they heard those noises? Were they frightened? Just confused? How do they feel when they find two men with guns outside cornering James' parents? It's an intense situation! Again, are they shocked? Frightened? You don't mention any response at all. And since you don't give us a lot of insight into how the characters feel about what's going on, it's hard for the audience to feel much about what's going on, either.

    Also, did nobody tell Jessica's family what happened to her? It seems unclear to me, and maybe I missed where this happened, but I don't think she's been home since she transformed. I'm also unclear on the timeline. There's that part at the beginning of the third chapter where she wakes up, which implies it's been at least a day and a half or so, but I'm not sure. One way or another, it seems kind of weird that no one's concerned for the fact that from Jessica's family's perspective she disappeared yesterday and they have no idea what's going on--not even Jessica herself. If you didn't mean for that to be the case, then you might want to try and make what's up with her and her family a bit more clear.

    So yeah, I think going forward you would do well to make sure you're not just saying what happens in the story, but also how what happens affects the characters. And also try to make sure what's going on in the story makes logical sense, like with regards to Jessica. I think you've got a cool idea here, though, and a family of eeveelution-morphs could be a lot of fun to work with. As to whether you ought to start another story, that's really on you--some people have trouble juggling multiple projects at once, while some people like being able to move back and forth between different stories in case they get tired of writing the same thing all the time. You can always give it a shot and see what happens! And one way or another, I hope you continue to work on this story, too.
  6. LucarioIsMegaEvolving

    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Thanks to Negrek for your review. I'm actually trying to work on character development and feelings so your advice is appreciated. I completely forgot about Jessica's family, so I'm going to cover that in a later chapter. I actually am writing another project, a Pokemon and Animorphs crossover, that I haven't and probably won't post on this site. All your advice is appreciated, so thanks.
  7. LucarioIsMegaEvolving

    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Thanks to Negrek for your review, I was half-asleep when I replied last time, so I'll reply properly here.

    I've addressed some of the issues you mentioned in this chapter. The !Staticelectricity!Staticelectricity! breaks were just to find something for a page break. On Fanfiction.net I've seen people have horizontal lines in their text and I don't know how to do that. Maybe its because I type them up on Microsoft Word, but I digress. Like I said in my previous reply, I'm trying to work on character reactions, and I hope that I've improved with this chapter, at least somewhat. I have been reading Communication a little, and am enjoying it. Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter:

    Original Author's Note: For once, I actually got this chapter out on time. Welcome to Chapter 5 of Static Electricity.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, or anything related to it.

    'Have any of you seen her?'

    Jessica slowly opened her eyes, feeling movement all around her. The ground was rumbling and as she blinked, she found that it was completely dark.

    ‘Where am I?’ she wondered.

    She could hear breathing beside her. She tried generating some electricity to see, but found that she couldn’t. The only thing she wondered was why. Why was she here? And for that matter, where was here?

    “Hello?” she whispered uneasily.

    “Oh good,” the familiar voice answered, “You’re awake.”

    “Lola?” Jessica asked.

    “Yep,” James’s mother spoke, “You were knocked out, but they put us in the back of this truck and attached some wires to you; I don’t know what they do. Don’t bother trying to get them off, I’ve already tried.”

    That explained some things to Jessica such as where they were, and why she couldn’t use her electricity. But one question still remained: Why?

    She asked Lola and was answered with, “No idea, but it can’t be good. The only thing that we can do now is wait.”

    Jessica had to admit that she agreed. What else were they going to do? She wondered what had happened to James and Mike. Had they been captured or had they managed to escape? She remembered when this had started, and what she had thought. She had been scared, and was still scared. She still found it a bit harder to walk on all fours, but was finding it easier. Jessica thought about her parents. Were they worried about her? Or did they just not even care. She remembered the morning this had all began, the day after James had used the Van de Graaf generator:

    16 May 2016.

    Jessica woke up to the irritating sound of her alarm, yawned and turned it off. She got out of bed and started sleepily getting dressed. She went into her ensuite bathroom and started doing her hair in the mirror. She looked at her hair and nearly screamed. Her once brown hair had somehow turned yellow. What could have caused this? She decided just to continue doing her hair, despite the colour of it.

    She snuck downstairs. As usual there was a slice of toast, already cooked and buttered, lying on a plate. If she was lucky, she might be able to sneak out before her mum and dad noticed. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case, as her mother walked in.

    “JESSICA!” her mother screamed angrily. “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR?”

    “I don’t know,” replied Jessica weakly. “It was like this when I woke up.

    “ARE YOU SURE?” her mum asked. “I THINK YOU’RE LYING TO ME.”

    “I’m not lying,” Jessica tried to say, but her mother continued on, not hearing her.


    Jessica, weakly ran out the door, trying to keep herself from crying.

    NOW (18 May 2016)

    ‘And now,’ Jessica thought, ‘I might not ever see them again.’

    She felt the truck come to a stop. The same men came and opened the back of it. Suddenly, there was a gigantic flash of purple light, and Jessica started running outside, trying to make an escape. As she was running the wires came off. Her escape attempt was to be to no avail, as all that was outside was a tall, menacing stone wall. She kept running, but ended up feeling a pain in her leg. Desperately, she let out an electric shock. A bolt of lightning came down from the sky, striking a lightning rod on top of the building. Jessica ended up falling down and seeing her leg. It had a small dart sticking out of it. It wasn’t long before she succumbed to the abyss of unconsciousness.


    Jessica found herself in a small dark metal room. She tried to stand up, but found that she couldn’t. Her electricity also wouldn’t work.

    “Hello?” she once again called out uneasily.

    “Oh thank God you’re alright,” came the voice.

    It sounded somewhat familiar to Jessica, but she couldn’t quite figure out where she’d heard it before.

    Another voice came out of the darkness, “Are you okay, young one?”

    Jessica was puzzled. She didn’t seem to hear that voice through her ears, but she still heard it regardless. She seemed to hear the voice in her head.

    “Yes,” she said eventually. “I’m fine. But who are you?”

    A lilac-furred creature walked out of the darkness. It had a red gem on its head. It had four legs and a forked tail. Its blue eyes seemed to see into Jessica’s thoughts.

    It spoke in a feminine voice and Jessica realised that she was the one that spoke first, “I’m Fiona, and I am an Espeon. I was brought here shortly before you. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but I used to be a human. One day I just randomly transformed. It freaked my parents out, as they didn’t know that it was me. I ran away, and was captured and brought here.”

    Another creature walked, or floated out. It looked similar to a cat, but was covered in pink fur. It was about the size of a cat, too. It had two legs, and two arms with paws on the end of each. It had a tail stretching out behind it. Jessica noticed that it seemed weak.

    It spoke in a voice that didn’t seem masculine or feminine, “I am Mew. Unlike you or Fiona, I have always been a Pokémon. I come from the Pokémon world, which the organisation that captured us somehow managed to open a portal to. Eighteen years ago, I did something foolish. I managed to create a link between our worlds through the Pokémon video games. I decided that it would be ‘fun’ to transform various humans into Pokémon. Needless to say, I was punished severely. About a year after I’d done it I transformed those humans back to normal. I now regret those actions, as this organisation found out and managed to capture me. They made me transform the children of those that were previously transformed so that they could ‘study’ them. I am sorry, but it’s my fault that you are like this.”

    Mew looked down at the ground in shame. Something about the story didn’t seem right to Jessica. Then it hit her.

    “My parents weren’t transformed previously, though,” Jessica told Mew. “I was transformed with another person, James, and his parents were transformed previously. So how did I get transformed?”

    She shouldn’t have said that. It made her think of James… and Mike… and Lola… and her parents. Where were they?

    “I would say,” explained Mew, “That being in such close proximity to the transformation caused you to transform as well.”

    Jessica just remembered, “I was brought here with a human, Lola. Have any of you seen her?”

    “Sorry,” Mew said sadly, “But the only humans I’ve seen are the ones working for the organisation.”

    Original Author's Note: Thanks for reading. This chapter was a bit harder to write, as it was from a female perspective and I’m male. In case anyone doesn’t understand, Jessica’s parents are meant to be rich. Anyway, until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.
  8. Negrek

    Negrek Lost but Seeking

    If you want to make the horizontal lines on FFN, you can do it by going to Document Manager and clicking on "Edit/View" for whichever chapter you want to add a line to (or upload the chapter first if you haven't already). Then just put your cursor wherever you want the line to appear in the document and press the "horizontal line" button at the top of the editor window to make one appear. It's the fourth button from the right, next to the button for horizontally aligning text. Unfortunatley they won't copy over from FFN to Serebii if you want to C/P a chapter, though!

    I'm glad you've enjoyed Communication! I'm probably not the person you should be telling that to, though. ;)

    It seems a little silly for the wires that were connected to Jessica to have been stuck on so tight that Lola couldn't get them off, then to have them just fall away without a problem when she started running. Did it ever matter that they were there? I think you could probably just not have them be there at all without changing the story.

    Heh, I don't think you intended for it to be funny, but having a scene with Jessica's mom screaming at her immediately followed by her reflecting on the fact that she might never see them again struck me as a little humorous; from what little we've seen of her family, it sounds like that might not be such a negative thing! I admit I haven't picked up on the fact that Jessica's parents are rich... maybe I missed it? Where did you indicate that in the story?

    What about it made her think it was weak? There are a lot of potential signs (a general droopiness of posture, a dull or distant expression, having to lean against things for support, for example) that you could use to convey that idea, and they'd make for a more interesting and concrete picture than just saying that Mew "seemed weak."

    I liked the little scene between Jessica and her mother. I thought you did a good job of getting across a very relatable, human kind of response to the situation: first Jessica's "oh **** what the heck is going on," to deciding to just roll with it and desperately hoping nobody notices, to sheepishness when her mother starts yelling at her and eventually trying to hold back tears. I think there's a great opportunity to include more of that in her escape right afterwards. What's Jessica thinking/feeling when the men open the back of the truck or there's this sudden flash of light? Scared? Hopeful? How about when she encounters the wall and realizes she's trapped? Right now there's basically a summary of what happens (Jessica gets out, runs, gets shot, falls unconscious) but not a lot of focus on how she's actually experiencing those events. You have the beginnings of what could be a very tense scene, you just need to put a little more emphasis on what's going through the character's head as it plays out!

    Mmm, I wonder what happened with Mike, then? He was transforming into a Jolteon at the end of the last chapter, and presumably he and James managed to get away. I'm wondering whether you'll have alternating chapters from James' perspective and Jessica's, or if we'll be sticking with Jessica for a while.

    Bringing Mew into play here also changes things a bit. Maybe we'll be seeing a whole bunch of other humans-turned-pokémon throughout the story? One way or another it sounds like there's some real muscle on Jessica's side if they're going to try and break out of whatever facility they've been trapped in. And is there any significance to the fact that all the pokémorphs we've met so far have been eeveelutions?

    Anyway, it's nice to see you continuing this. Hope you have a good time writing it, and the Animorphs crossover, too! I take it you enjoy shapeshifter stories. XD
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    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    Author's note: This chapter is long overdue. I finished it a week ago, then I wasn't allowed internet until a few days ago, then I forgot to post it.
    Thanks Negrek again for your review, as I said before, I am trying to work on character reactions. I'm glad that you mainly enjoyed it, and as to whether it will alternate between James and Jessica, this chapter should answer your question. You've actually given me some good ideas, and yes, I do enjoy shapeshifter stories. Also thanks for telling me how to insert the horizontal lines.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, or anything related to it.


    James was running. Running where? He didn’t know. All he knew was that he was running from something. Something terrible. Something that took his mother. Something that took his friend. Something that, although he didn’t know it, took his humanity. He was running, through the forest; the forest that seemed endless. Trees flashed past him, almost the same. He felt like he’d been running for his whole life. His legs were aching. He heard his breath come out in panting breaths. He had to keep running. But would he have the energy to? If he didn’t, then they would take him. Keep running? But it seemed so hard. He felt himself slowing. Slowing? Why was he slowing? He slowly faded out of consciousness. Stop…


    James awoke. Where was he? He looked, but all that he could see was darkness. Suddenly, there was light. He could see better now. James thought that he heard something, but then there was no noise. He found himself unable to move, so he had a look around. The place looked familiar, but he wasn’t sure why. He felt weak. So very weak. Sleep would help. Sleep…


    James woke up in the same place. Why did this place look so familiar? Had he been captured? If he had been, then it would be better to be quiet, and pretend that he was still asleep. James knew; he’d read it in a book once. He looked up and saw rock. Rock and not much else. James felt a rush of smells coming into his nose.

    This had been happening since he had first transformed, ‘But now,’ he thought, ‘it might come in useful.’

    James concentrated on the smells and felt a familiar one. He couldn’t tell why this was familiar, either, and it annoyed him.


    You know that feeling when you’re trying not to itch, but that just makes you need to itch more and more? Well that’s what was happening with James. His nose started off itching. He didn’t itch. Then his leg started itching. Then everything else started itching. He couldn’t take it anymore. He started itching. He sighed in relief. That felt so good. He stopped when he heard footsteps coming.

    A Jolteon walked in, and James finally figured out what the scent was.

    “Dad?” he asked, although he felt sure that he already knew the answer.

    “It’s me,” Mike replied calmly. “But before you ask, I have no idea why I transformed or where Jessica and your mother are, beyond that they were captured.”

    James felt a tiny shred of hope inside him get smashed to pieces. He had still had hope that they were okay, that they’d escaped, but now, he knew that they weren’t. He allowed himself to cry a little but then stopped himself.

    “It’s my fault,” James said dejectedly. “I shouldn’t have let her go into the woods. I should have refused. And now,” he started sobbing again, “They’re gone.”

    “It’s not your fault,” Mike replied sympathetically.

    “Then whose fault is it?” James demanded angrily before reproaching himself. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”

    “It’s okay James,” his father told him. “It’s human nature.”

    At his son’s confused look he continued, “There’s five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Right now you should probably just move on to acceptance, but like I said, it’s human nature so you may not be able to. And as to whose fault it is, I wouldn’t blame you. How could you know that they would capture them? If it’s anyone’s fault it’s those men.”

    James felt the wisdom in his father’s words sink in before Mike asked him a question: “How are you feeling?”

    “Fine, I guess,” James replied. “Why?”

    “You don’t remember?” his father asked him.

    Seeing his son obviously didn’t he continued, “One of the men managed to shoot you with a poison dart. I took you here after you collapsed. You probably ran about 2 kilometers before I found you. I’m not sure, but I’m assuming that the poison knocked you out. I’ve had to remove the dart to stop the flow of poison. You’ve been out for a while, two days I think.”

    James did a quick calculation in his head. They went to the woods on the 18th of May, plus two days and that made today the 20th of May.

    James still had one more question: “Where”

    “You couldn’t tell?” Mike asked. “I just assumed that you would be able to tell, though you weren’t in here for very long except for… but you were really young then.”

    “Dad?” James asked impatiently, snapping Mike out of his thoughts.

    “Sorry,” his father said sheepishly. “Anyway, we’re in the cave.”

    How had he not realised? Of course they were in the cave.

    “So,” James started, “What are we going to do now?”

    “Save your mother and Jessica, of course!” Mike grinned. “We’ll be their knights in shining armour.”

    James grinned back, then inquired, “But how are we going to find them?”

    “Well, they were taken from right outside here,” his father explained. “All we have to do is follow the tire tracks. Or, if they’ve faded, we’ll follow the scents. Actually, following the scents is probably better, as if the truck turned onto the main road it will be harder to find them. So we’re going to follow their scents.”

    “What do we do when we get there?” James asked.

    “I don’t know, we’ll just make it up as we go along.”

    James sighed. Sure he was fun, but sometimes his father could be so immature.

    A.N. Shorter chapter this time, but there’s not much else to write for this chapter. Anyway, until next time, this is Wizpig1231 signing out.
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    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    A.N. Okay, first of all I’m really sorry for not updating for AGES. This is due to a couple of reasons:
    1. I was working on my new fic ‘Experiment 44293.’
    2. I was working on the Serebii.net Exquisite Corpses.
    3. My laptop was broken for a few days.
    4. I’ve been busy.
    Anyway, here’s the chapter now.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, or anything related to it.

    Jessica was running. She was in a seemingly endless forest, and could see her paws thumping against the leafy ground.

    “Jessica,” a voice called out.

    She didn’t answer. She was concentrating too much on running.

    “Jessica,” the voice called again, sounding slightly more irritated.

    Jessica didn’t stop. She kept running. There was someone she needed to find, but she couldn’t remember who.

    “Jessica, WAKE UP!” the voice screamed.

    She sat up, or tried to at least, forgetting she was a Jolteon and couldn’t sit up from lying down.

    “Ow,” she muttered, annoyed at herself.

    “So you finally awoke,” Mew spoke in her mind. “I have been trying to wake you up for five of your minutes.”

    “Mew, how many times do I have to tell you. We’re all on Earth, they’re everyone’s minutes,” Fiona chastised.

    It amazed Jessica that Fiona could find the courage to chastise Mew, who had made them stuck like this, although unwilling.

    “Anyway,” Jessica broke in, “What was it that you woke me up for?”

    “Oh, that,” Mew said. “Breakfast is here.”

    And indeed it was. Jessica looked over into the corner of the room and saw a dog food bowl with some disgusting slop in it.

    “That’s breakfast?” she asked incredulously.

    “Yep,” Fiona told her dejectedly. “I know, it’s disgusting, but we’re being kept in a prison. What did you expect? A huge buffet?”

    Jessica had to admit, she probably should have expected this. But still… She shivered as she looked over at the bowl. She knew that they’d only given her that bowl to demoralise her, but her knowing why they’d done it didn’t stop it from working. It angered her that they were treating her like an animal. She was a human! Or at least used to be…

    She sighed and decided to just eat it. It couldn’t be that bad, could it? Unfortunately, she was wrong. It tasted like garbage. She felt sick in her stomach.

    “I think I’m going to be sick,” Jessica told her friends.

    “You can probably go in that corner over there,” Mew told her, weakly pointing to the corner in question.

    After she was done she spoke, “You know, I think I’d rather eat nothing at all than eat that junk.”

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Mew cautioned. Seeing Jessica’s questioning look she continued, “They prefer their captives alive, and if the bowls aren’t empty they’ll beat you.”

    “But if they don’t want their captives hurt, why beat them?” Jessica asked.

    “I said that they want them alive. They’ve got no objections to injuring them,” Mew replied.

    “So, I have to eat it,” Jessica reluctantly asked.

    The other two nodded, so Jessica walked over to the bowl and started gulping the fowl concoction down.


    They’d been in captivity a few days, and every day followed pretty much the same routine. Get woken up; breakfast; lie around talking until dinner; sleep.
    Jessica had noticed that Fiona was quite reluctant to talk about her life, but Jessica just assumed that she had good reasons. The two human-turned-Pokémon found about all of Mew’s duties as a legendary as well as the Pokémon world. Likewise, Mew learnt about the human world.

    About three days after they’d been captured something new was added to the routine: experimentation. They were taken to a laboratory, where some scientists would measure their blood levels, heart rate, weight and height, among other things. Thankfully none of it was harmful, or at least it didn’t seem to be.

    Jessica still couldn’t use her electricity, and Mew and Fiona had locks on their psychic powers. Mew theorised that the organisation had used a powerful psychic type Pokémon to stop any other psychic powers being used. Since they had no other explanation, they accepted this one. No one had any idea why Jessica couldn’t use her electricity, though.

    Sometimes, Jessica wondered about James. Was he okay? Had he escaped? She had no doubt that he would look for her, but would he be able to find her? She remembered his promise. It was the night they had transformed.

    10:37 P.M 16 May 2016

    Jessica had had a nightmare. She was afraid that she would be stuck like this forever. She tried to put up a tough exterior, but on the inside she was as vulnerable as anyone else. She started sobbing into her pillow, her pillow not doing a very good job of covering it up.

    “Hey, it’s okay,” a warm voice came.

    Jessica felt something rub against her and looked up. It was James, rubbing his muzzle against hers. It felt so nice… Then she thought of something.

    “Oh no, did I wake you up?” she cried in horror.

    “You did, but it doesn’t matter,” he replied. “What does matter is why you’re crying.”

    “It’s just,” Jessica told him sadly, “What if I’m stuck like this forever?”

    “Don’t worry,” James told her reassuringly. “I promise that I’ll turn you back to normal.”

    “You will?” she asked.

    “Of course,” he replied.

    There was silence for a few moments before James spoke again, “Anyway, I’d better let you get back to sleep.”

    They said their goodnights, and James left.

    Jessica whispered something into her pillow, “Thank you James.”

    NOW (23 May 2016)

    She remembered that night. James had looked so reassuring, so nice, so handsome. Wait, when did she start thinking about him like this? She remembered his beautiful eyes, his warm muzzle rubbing against hers….

    ‘No,’ she told herself. ‘He doesn’t have a muzzle, and neither do I. We’re human, not animals.’

    With a sigh, she lay down and tried to go to sleep.


    It was the following day. Jessica prepared herself for the same things as yesterday to happen. Instead, something different happened.

    “I’ve got a plan,” Mew told them.

    “What is it?” Fiona asked immediately; she was ready to leave this horrible place.

    “It depends on a few things. Fiona, would you be able to use your psychic abilities if we didn’t have this lock on them?”

    Seeing Fiona’s nod she continued, “Jessica, can you use any moves that aren’t electric types?”

    Jessica nodded as well, ready to do whatever it took to help.

    “The last thing that it depends on is my abilities. If I do this, I’ll be able to walk around easier, but I won’t be able to speak into your minds or use any psychic abilities.”

    “So what is the plan?” Jessica asked.

    “First, I do this,” Mew told them.

    The pink legendary immediately began to change. She fell down to the floor as her levitation ended. Her head changed shape and pushed out into a more noticeable muzzle. Her pink fur fell out and was almost immediately replaced by black. Her ears moved up to the top of her head. Mew’s arms fell forward and changed into black legs as two legs exactly the same as the ones her arms had changed into grew out of her lower body. Mew could no longer stand on all fours and her tail changed shape. Jessica felt like she was going to be sick as yellow fur sprouted out in rings on Mew’s body and Mew’s eyes changed to red.

    “Who’s that Pokémon?” Fiona wondered; Jessica being equally as clueless.

    “I have transformed into an Umbreon, another Eeveelution. It is a dark type, which serves my purposes, as I mean to disable the lock on Fiona’s psychic powers,” Mew explained.

    Jessica thought that there was something strange about Mew’s voice. It sounded deeper somehow, but she assumed that it was just the form Mew was in.

    “Usually my transformations are quick and painless, but as my powers are restricted, it happened like that. Another thing that happened because of my power restriction was that instead of transforming into a female Umbreon as I was intending, I transformed into a male Umbreon,” Mew explained.

    ‘That explains why her voice was different, or his voice now, I guess,’ Jessica thought, then voiced a question, “How are you going to disable the lock?”

    “Because psychic attacks do nothing to dark types, I can create a forcefield around use, so that any psychic interference will be blocked,” Mew replied. “It will cost me some strength, but I think that I can manage. I also cannot turn back, until I recover my strength, but I was already prepared to take that risk.”

    “I think, that since you’re a male now, you need a different name,” Fiona voiced her opinion.

    “Do we really need to do this?” Mew questioned impatiently.

    At Fiona’s insistently look he relented, “Fine. You can call me Shade until I turn back. Happy now?”

    Fiona nodded while smirking the best she could.

    “Okay, I’m putting up the forcefield now. Get ready,” Mew warned.

    A dark pulse of energy shot out from all directions surrounding the trio.

    Mew began to advise Fiona, “Okay, see that lock?”

    Fiona nodded then Mew continued, “Think of it like a part of you. Just as you would twist a limb, twist that lock. Don’t twist the lock, twist yourself.”

    Jessica could see Fiona concentrating. The padlock twisted and jiggled. It continued to do this for a few minutes.

    Mew called out, “Hurry, I can’t hold the forcefield for much longer.”

    The lock jittered one final time, then clicked open. The cell door swung open.

    ‘We’re free,’ thought Jessica elatedly in her head, as the dark forcefield faded into nothingness.

    “Come, let’s leave,” Mew spoke.

    They calmly walked out of their cell, passing numerous other empty cells.

    ‘This is too easy,’ thought Jessica.

    They saw a door with the word ‘EXIT’ written on it in red paint.

    “There’s our exit,” Mew told them.

    Jessica walked up to the door and Double Kicked it down. It opened into a seemingly empty room. They walked in hesitantly.

    When they entered, laughter could be heard coming from nowhere. A machine on the room projected an image onto the wall as the door slammed shut behind them.

    ‘It’s a projector,’ Jessica realised, and at the same time also realised. ‘This was a trap.’

    On the screen appeared an image of a shadowy figure, standing next to an Alakazam. The Alakazam seemed to have an aura of evilness. Its face remained expressionless.

    The figure on the screen spoke, startling them all, “So some little Pokémon thought that they could escape, did they? Did they not notice the security cameras outside their cell? Well, they’ve been captured now, haven’t they.”

    ‘No we haven’t,’ thought Jessica. ‘You can’t get in the room.’

    As if reading her mind, the figure continued, “I know what you’re thinking; ‘But mysterious evil guy, we’re safe in this room and you’re in another one.’ Did you really think that I would allow that to happen?”

    One of the walls began sliding up, revealing the shadowy figure and the Alakazam. They were trapped.

    “What are you going to do now, little Pokémon? The Espeon can’t use its psychic abilities, the Jolteon can’t use its electric attacks and the Umbreon that used to be Mew is too weak to fight,” the figure taunted.

    “We can still fight!” Jessica shouted bravely, charging forward, as did the other two, albeit Mew doing so somewhat weakly.

    She rushed forward with a Quick Attack, and then delivered a Double Kick to the side of the Alakazam. It didn’t seem to do anything at all. The Alakazam sent a wave of psychic force at Jessica, knocking her over, and the Alakazam placed its foot on top of her. Fiona tried to use a Tackle, but the Alakazam simply stepped aside, still keeping its foot on Jessica and knocked her down with an electric attack. Mew built up a shaky ball of dark energy in his mouth and tried to shoot it at the Alakazam, but it missed. Mew had used up all of his strength with that one attack and collapsed to the ground hitting his head on a wall. Fiona rushed in again, but the Alakazam knocked her out with a beam of psychic power.

    “I thought that you’d put up more fight than that, little Pokémon. Who can save you now?” the figure shouted triumphantly.

    “We can!” called a voice from the other side of the room.

    Jessica’s heart almost stopped. It was James. Another Jolteon came in the door. Both tried to charge up electric attacks, faltering. Unhindered, they charged forward at the Alakazam. They both used Pin Missile on the Alakazam. It stumbled backwards, but stayed standing on Jessica. They continued to use Pin Missile on it until, in rage, it shot out a huge pulse of psychic energy at them. James managed to dodge, but Mike wasn’t so lucky. He got hit and collapsed down onto the ground.

    James launched another barrage of Pin Missiles at the Alakazam, causing it to jump backwards, freeing Jessica. She knew that she had to help, but what could she do? She shakily stood up, right as the Alakazam set James’s fur on fire with a fire attack. James dropped to the floor, and rolled around, desperately trying to put the flames out.

    Jessica knew that she was her friends only hope. She built up a power inside of her, releasing it. This power felt different to electricity, more powerful even. She cried out as it released, blasting the Alakazam with a wave of pure light. The effort of that attack had been too much for her, and she collapsed on the ground.

    She weakly saw James get up, having finally put the fire out. Jessica saw James assist someone to get up, someone that had gotten up.

    She heard the figure announce, “Hmmm. That Jolteon managed to knock out my Alakazam with a Last Resort attack. I think I’ll keep it.”

    Jessica saw the figure pull out a spherical object as James helped the other, blurry figure escape. Jessica saw the figure make no move to stop them from escaping, instead keeping its eyes locked firmly on Jessica. Jessica saw it laugh triumphantly as it raised the sphere up, while James and the other figure ran out of the door. Jessica saw it throw the sphere at her, as she weakly tried to dodge. Jessica saw it make contact with her, and she felt a force pulling her in. Jessica saw … nothing.

    A.N. Okay, so I think that this is twice as long as the longest chapter that I’ve ever written before this one. But I’ve made this chapter longer for a few reasons.
    1. To make it up to all of you for keeping you waiting for so long and
    2. I prefer chapters this length, as I feel that my usual chapter length takes people about 2 seconds to read.
    Anyway, that’s all for now.
    Until next time, this is Wizpig1231 signing out.
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    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    A.N. Here we are at Chapter Eight of Static Electricity. Let's begin.
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, or anything related to it.

    After James had recovered, James and Mike had followed the tracks to a big stone building in a city. It took them a few days to follow the tracks, as they were on foot and James wasn't in the best condition. They were also slowed down by the fact that once the truck had got onto major roads, there were no tyre tracks to follow. Instead they had to rely on their sense of smell to track the truck, which wasn't as reliable.

    Eventually, they got to the city, which was one of the largest that the two had ever been in. It was made even more impressive by the fact that they were smaller than usual. They had to move slowly through the city, as if anyone saw them, they could have so many different possible reactions, none of which would be good for the duo.

    When they made it to the building, they noticed a sign saying what the building was called: 'Delta Asylum.' James shivered at the name, as an asylum was a mental hospital. Of course, he did know that it probably wasn't actually an asylum, and wondered how the government didn't notice this.

    As they sneaked through, they saw no other Pokémon. Until they got to the cell that Jessica and her friends were being held in. James poked his head around the corner, checking for anything that could be a threat and was amazed when he saw a Jolteon and an Espeon, as well as another Pokémon that was blocked from his view in a cell about 20 meters away.

    He put his head back to tell his father, who was overjoyed. He put his head back around the corner and concentrated on listening to their conversation, but even with his enhanced hearing, could only catch a few words. He heard the other Pokémon, a black dog-like creature, now visible to him say "Call me Shade…"

    James hurriedly retreated his head as a force-field of dark energy shot out from the cell. He waited a few minutes, just to ensure that it wouldn't hit him, telling his father what he had seen, before poking his head back around the corner just in time to see the trio of Eeveelutions escape.

    He told Mike that they'd managed to escape without them, when the three walked straight passed them. James was about to call out but relented, as he heard footsteps coming. Fortunately it was a false alarm; the footsteps were inside a room.

    "They're going the wrong way," James pointed out to Mike once the footsteps stopped. "The exit's back this way."

    James seemed to be wrong however, when he saw an exit sign at the end of the other corridor. He informed his father of this fact and asked him what to do next.

    "We'll follow them out," the father informed his son.

    They started walking down the corridor after the trio, who had gone through the exit door. When Jessica Double Kicked it open, the two males saw a room on the other side, and the projection appear. Suddenly the door slammed shut in front of them.

    At once, the duo forgot about sneaking up, they started running full speed at the door. James Tackled it while Mike tried Double Kicking it. The door was shut firmly, and it appeared that the room was soundproof, as they couldn't hear anything coming from it.

    After a few minutes of attacking the door, they finally got it open, just in time to hear a voice shout triumphantly, "Who can save you now?"

    James stepped into the room and in his overconfidence, claimed, "We can!"

    He saw the Espeon and Umbreon collapsed, with another Pokémon pinning Jessica down. Mike walked in behind him. Both Jolteon tried to charge up electric attacks, but failed, realising that they couldn't use electric attacks in here due to some unknown force preventing them. Unhindered, the duo began firing Pin Missiles at the Alakazam pinning Jessica down. Seeing that it was working, they continued.

    In anger, the Alakazam shot out a huge pulse of psychic energy at the two. James managed to dodge it, but Mike couldn't, and collapsed on the ground. James fired one more barrage of Pin Missiles at the psychic-type, causing it to jump off Jessica.

    It fired fire at James, lighting his fur on fire. He rolled around on the ground, trying to put the fire out and saw Jessica shakily stand up. He saw her unleash a powerful blast of energy that knocked out the Alakazam.

    James had finally been able to put the fire out and saw Jessica collapsed on the ground. He heard the figure say something, but he wasn't sure what, as his ears were ringing. He looked up at the figure and it appeared that the hologram had been replaced by a living thing. He was too weak to use any attacks, but knew that he had to help somehow.

    The figure was distracted with Jessica, so James looked around for anyone else that was conscious. He heard the Umbreon cough, and ran over to it. It seemed very weak, but he managed to help it up. When it stood up, James glanced over in Jessica's direction for a split second and saw the fear in her eyes. He knew that if he helped her, all hope would be lost, so he made the hard decision of helping the dark-type escape.

    Letting the Umbreon lean on him, they both ran out the door. James didn't look back.


    With James telling the dark-type on which to go, the duo escaped the facility. James wished that he could have saved someone else, someone that he knew, but he couldn't afford to. He had no idea where to go but back to the forest, so he took the dark type down the direction that he thought the forest in, trying desperately to remember the way they came.

    It became obvious to James that the Umbreon couldn't go on much longer, even more so when it spoke for the first time that James had heard,

    "No energy left," it spoke panting, letting James find out that he was male from his voice.

    "Just go through here and we can rest," James told him, pointing to a hole in a fence that led to a paddock with some very long grass. They would be hidden there.

    They went through and James noticed that the sky was getting dark.

    'Just as well we decided to rest now,' he thought. 'It would have been harder to see where we were going in the dark.'

    After finding a spot to sleep, James asked the Umbreon a question: "So, because I know nothing about you, apart from that you'd been captured by the same organisation as my friend and helped her escape, let me ask you one question: Who are you?"

    The Umbreon looked sad as he answered, "I don't know."

    "What do you mean, you don't know?"

    James enquired, a bit harsher than intended.

    "I mean, that I can't remember anything until you helped me out of that place, I don't know what I am, I don't know my name, I don't know who I am," the dark-type retorted angrily.

    That left them both silent for a while, before James spoke kindly, "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound harsh or anything, I was just curious."

    The Umbreon didn't reply, obviously still angry at James.

    "Fine, I'm James. There, now you know my name. For yours, how about Shade?" James asked, remembering the name he had heard while hiding around the corner.

    "Shade will do fine," he replied through gritted teeth. "Can we just go to sleep, I'm tired."


    the electric-type replied, annoyed at the dark-type's harsh treatment of him.

    They lay down as the sun disappeared from the sky.


    The next day, James woke up to the sun shining. He also woke up to an unfamiliar noise. A loud noise. He got up and saw what it was. It was a farmer on a ride-on mower. James realised that he must be cutting the grass that they were hiding in. They needed to get out of there now.

    James noticed Shade still sleeping. He seemed to be a deep sleeper, James nudged him.

    "Wake up," he hissed to the sleeping dark-type.

    Shade woke up, angry at the Jolteon.

    "Why did you wake me up?" the Umbreon asked. "And what's that noise?"

    "I woke you up because of the noise. There's a farmer cutting the grass. We need to leave now,"

    James explained.

    Shade's eyes opened; he was suddenly wide awake. They sprinted for the hole that they'd entered in. Unfortunately, the farmer noticed the grass rustle.

    "Who's there?" he asked.

    The two Pokémon froze. Muttering something about foxes, he got off the mower and started walking towards them.

    In a split second decision, James told Shade to be ready to run. He charged up a Thunder Shock, then released it, making sure to aim a little to the left of the farmer.

    "What was that?" the farmer asked, cursing under his breath.

    James kicked up some sand in a Sand Attack, then shouted to Shade: "RUN!"

    They sprinted to the hole, slid underneath it, and didn't stop running until the farm was invisible to their eyes.


    After a full day of travelling, and stealing food from nearby farms, the pair of Pokémon arrived back at the forest. James showed Shade back to the cave, the Umbreon nearly having gotten over his hatred of James after the Jolteon had managed to allow them to avoid discovery.

    "Well," the electric-type said once they'd arrived. "It isn't much, but it's home, for the time being at least."

    James still had every intention of going back to save Jessica and Mike, but he knew that Shade needed to recover, and after last time, he knew that he was nowhere near ready. Shade was thankful for James's willingness to help him, a complete stranger to the Jolteon. And they prepared.

    A.N. This chapter is a few hundred words shorter, but to be honest, it's mainly just a filler chapter to explain some plot holes and unanswered questions, as well as giving some character development to James. Next chapter we'll get to see what happened to Jessica. Anyway, until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.
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    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    A.N. Here’s Chapter Nine of Static Electricity.

    26 May 2016.

    Lola opened her eyes slowly. She was still here, in the same grey cell that she had been in for the past few days. She hoped that James was okay. In exhaustion, she closed her eyes slowly and slipped back into unconsciousness.


    Mike opened his eyes, groaned and stood up slowly. He looked around at his surroundings and saw that he was in an empty room, all alone. He guessed that his captors had learnt not to keep prisoners together. Seeing nothing else to do, he lay back down on the cold stone floor and went to sleep.


    James woke up, looked over at the sleeping Umbreon beside him and wondered what Jessica knew of him. They had been training for a few days now, and were stronger, but not by much. They still needed more time to sleep. James let out a silent yawn, and went back to sleep.


    Shade awoke and wondered who he was. Attacks seemed to come naturally to him, and he knew a lot of moves. He pondered this for a moment before trying to get back to sleep. He succeeded.


    Jessica had been floating in the void that was a Pokéball for days, though she didn’t know this. Her small knowledge about Pokémon let her know what she was in, but she had no idea how to get out. She had been waiting for what seemed like forever inside this emptiness. Hopefully they would let her out. Hopefully.


    The commander of Delta corporation looked at his screens. His two prisoners were too weak to do anything and the female Jolteon was trapped in the Pokéball. There was still the trouble of the other Jolteon and the Mew that escaped, but he had gotten his Alakazam to use Amnesia on the Mew, so it hopefully won’t be able to do much.

    “Boss?” A voice came from behind him.

    “Yes?” the commander answered.

    “Um, the scientists wanted to know if you wanted to do the treatments on the Jolteon, the one in the Pokéball now. They’re ready, they said,” the voice replied.

    The commander smirked. This would be fun.


    Jessica felt a vague pulling sensation, the first thing that she’d felt in the void, and hoped that it meant that she was getting released. Her assumption was correct and she was back in the real world. The first sight that she saw was not a happy one. She was in a pure white room on a table, face-to-face with the leader of Delta Corp.

    As soon as she solidified, he spoke, “Secure the restraints.”

    Some people wearing surgical masks and gloves entered. They lay her down on her back and fastened clamps around her legs, stretching her into an uncomfortable position. Jessica tried to bite one of them that came near her mouth but failed, and they tied a muzzle over her mouth.

    “Now,” the commander spoke, “I don’t want to hurt you unless I’m forced to. All you have to do is go along with what I say.”

    Jessica nodded, fear in her eyes.

    “All I want you to do is one simple thing. Help me capture your other friends.”

    She shook her head furiously.

    “Well, I didn’t want to have to do this, but you’ve given me no choice,” the commander told her. “Alakazam.”

    The powerful psychic type stepped into her view. Jessica felt that she had no hope to do anything against that, not after what it did last time. It closed its eyes and levitated in the air in a meditative position. Jessica wondered what it was doing, until she felt something in her head. It hurt, and all she could do was to sink into unconsciousness.


    She opened her eyes. The Alakazam was standing in front of her in what looked like the street that her house was in. She found herself unable to move, and only seeing the psychic type attacking and destroying buildings until there was nothing left but her house.

    The Alakazam started knocking down her house’s supports and it collapsed. Her family ran out and saw her. They looked at her and recoiled in disgust, right as the psychic type electrocuted them with a Thunderbolt. She found herself not caring about what happened to them, as they obviously detested her.

    James, Mike, Lola, Fiona, Mew and all of her friends from school ran up to the scene.

    “Look at her,” James said to the others. “She couldn’t even save her own family. She’s worthless.”

    The others around him all murmured agreement. Jessica felt herself angry. So that’s what they thought of her, was it? Fury overtook her mind and she killed them all with the same attack that she used to take out the Alakazam while trying to escape, the lock on her movement disappearing. They evaporated, and as they did, so did her feelings.

    The shock of the Alakazam entering her mind had caused her extreme pain, forcing her to unconsciously retreat to the back of her mind, which showed her mental representations of different parts of her. Unfortunately the powerful psychic type had managed to enter that part of her mind.

    What the Alakazam was doing was eliminating her feelings of family by destroying her mental representations of them and making them unappealing to her. The psychic type also encouraged her to do the same to her friends by making them hate her. These figures were also the ones that gave her the most happiness, so as a result happiness was almost entirely erased from her brain.

    Two more figures walked up to her. One was how she remembered herself, the other was a Jolteon, which she guessed was how she looked like on the outside. These represented her humanity and her power. As she was more powerful as a Jolteon, the electric type was her mental representation of her power.

    A voice spoke in her mind, “Destroy one.”

    Jessica knew what they wanted her to destroy, and what she wanted to destroy. They were letting her decide. The thought entered her head that they might kill her for choosing wrongly. So she decided.

    She sent a Discharge shooting out at both. It completely obliterated her humanity. However, it only made her mental representation of her power appear larger.

    “Good choice,” the Alakazam spoke with a smirk as she retreated into complete unconsciousness.

    He started getting to work. What the psychic-type did was enter the part of her brain that contained her personality and find it. The Alakazam destroyed the mental representation of it and created a new one.

    Next he did the final part of his task, and the hardest. He would be exhausted for days afterwards but the boss would give him a rest. Hopefully. The final part of his task was deleting and rewriting Jessica’s memories.

    The psychic type went into that part of her brain and saw all of the memories swirling about. Before deleting them, he first analysed them for any hints about where the Mew and the young Jolteon had gone. The only place that he could find was the forest. It wasn’t very helpful, and he knew that the boss would make him analyse the other two prisoners.

    The Alakazam was interested to find that her parents were never transformed by Mew, instead it was the other Jolteon. ‘James,’ he learned from her memories. It seemed that the transformation could affect those close to the trigger as well. The boss would be interested in that.

    After he transferred all useful data to his own mind he set to work deleting the memories. The easiest to delete were the happy ones, as after erasing the emotion from her mind, the girl was trying to figure out what she was feeling in them. Next he deleted the memories of sadness, which were a bit harder, then all of the other memories except for one sort, which he would save until last.

    The last type of memories he erased were the ones in which Jessica felt rage. These were the most difficult, as the boss had instructed him not to delete them entirely, as he had with the rest, but to only delete the moments, not the emotions. This was because all memories had an emotion assigned to them. Most were easy to replicate, except for anger. The Alakazam had to transfer the emotions over from the old memories to the new, while making sure that the emotions didn’t get released and brought to the front of her mind.

    It was very hard work for the powerful psychic type, but eventually he finished, without a hitch. He knew that the boss wouldn’t reward him for rewriting the girl’s mind, it was a task that he’d done many times before, but he hoped that he’d get rewarded for the information that he’d found.

    The Alakazam extracted himself from the girl’s mind. He opened his eyes and got out of the meditative position.

    “Master, I’m done,” he spoke telepathically.

    While the psychic type thought of him as the boss in his head, his boss preferred to be called ‘Master’ by all Pokémon.

    “Excellent,” the commander spoke.

    The Alakazam used his telekinesis to pour a jug of water from a nearby basin, then splash it onto the Jolteon’s face. She woke up, spluttering.

    “Excellent, Alakazam. She appears to be altered. Now for your reward, you get to sleep. Once you wake up you can tell me anything that you’ve learnt. I’d just like one more test. Jolteon, use Bite on Alakazam,” the commander ordered while one of the scientists unshackled her and removed her muzzle.

    The Jolteon obeyed instantly, forcing the Alakazam into unconsciousness.

    A.N. Thanks for reading. If you want a full explanation of my version of the Pokéball, I’ve mentioned it in Chapter Three of my other story: Experiment 44293. I didn’t post it here as I thought it might be boring for people who’ve read both. Until next time, this is Wizpig1231 signing out.
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    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    A.N. Welcome to Chapter 10 of Static Electricity. This chapter we are introduced to a few new characters. Enjoy.

    27 May 2016

    Scarlett woke up in her bed. She yawned, stood up, and exited her dormitory, which she shared with only one other Pokémon, her partner Iris, who was a Glaceon. She went over to the kitchen and ate her breakfast. Then, unless the boss had a mission for them, the two room-mates would probably go back to their room and sleep. They weren’t much for talking, and weren’t really friends.

    She saw an Alakazam whose name she didn’t know walk past her, muttering something about slave labour and four complete mind resets in a day. She shrugged it off, realising that he must be the one that the boss employed to deal with unwanted resistance in prisoners, though she was unsure how they dealt with it.

    Scarlett wasn’t completely loyal to the to her employer. She just came here because she had no other place to go. Her home was destroyed and her parents killed by an attacking predator.


    It was another normal day for Scarlett. Her mother had gone to fetch some berries for them to eat and her father was in the den with her. He was telling her stories of Legendary Pokémon. She had adored these tales when she was young.

    Suddenly, her mother had burst into their home, sprinting as fast as she could. Scarlett’s mother was bleeding. There was a claw mark on her leg, making her run slower than usual. Her mother was losing a lot of blood, and didn’t have long to live.

    Scarlett remembered her mother yelling for them to get out, and her father immediately springing to action, telling her to stay where it was safe.

    But nowhere was safe. Scarlett had stayed in the den for a small while, and had seen her mother’s last dying moments. Her mother’s last words were, “Stay safe, Scarlett.”

    After her mother’s death, Scarlett had ran out of her home, overcome by grief. She had run around blindly, calling for her father until eventually coming across him. An Umbreon was running away from him and almost sprinted past her. Almost.

    The dark type had seen her and scratched her with his sharp claws along her side, before sprinting off. Scarlett crawled over to her father, certain that she would die.

    He had been injured heavily, Scarlett saw and had been bitten by the Umbreon in the neck and was bleeding. He told her how to get to a berry orchard and told her to go there to heal.

    “But what about you?” little Scarlett asked.

    “There is no hope for me now,” her father spoke grimly. “Goodbye Scarlett.”

    She wept by his side until he was clearly dead, then wandered off, hopeless.

    Scarlett found the orchard, and stayed and ate some berries for a short time before, taking some with her and travelling somewhere. She didn’t know where she was going; she was too miserable to care.

    Eventually she found herself at the door to a human building that was for some reason in the middle of the forest. Scarlett was near dehydrated and had nothing else to do or anywhere to go and entered.

    She found people, humans mainly, but still, they were somebody, someone to go to. It was somewhere to be. They grabbed her and took her to another room. She was scared, mainly and had no idea what would happen to her. Scarlett wasn’t worried about death, if she died, at least she would be with her parents again.

    Scarlett was taken to a man who seemed to be more powerful than the others that she had seen. The man looked at a screen rather than at her when she entered. He asked her questions, who she was, what had brought her to this secluded place. Scarlett answered all of them, and guessed correctly that he was reading a translation of her speech.

    He offered her a job, to be an assassin. At the time she had agreed without question, willing to kill to try and get justice for her parent’s deaths, hoping that if she did enough she would be able to forgive herself for them dying.

    Scarlett was led into another room with all manner of stones. Water, fire, thunder, leaf, sun, moon, dawn and dusk. They were lay out in rows and there were so many of each one. They told her to choose and without hesitation she touched one. The energy became absorbed into her and she evolved.

    Light surrounded her and she shut her eyes, hoping that she’d made the right choice. The light faded and Scarlett the Flareon opened her eyes.

    That day was now years ago and many events had happened since then. Even with evolution her scar from the Umbreon had remained, a lasting reminder of her devotion of justice. Scarlett also found irony in the fact that her most striking feature was her scar, and her boss gave her the nickname Scar, to signify this. It could also be short for Scarlett, which was the irony of it.

    Her first task as an assassin was simple, to kill a Pokémon in the forest. The boss didn’t care what she killed, just as long as something died.

    She found a Caterpie eating a leaf, blissfully unaware of its approaching fate, an easy target, and let loose a blast of flames in a Flamethrower. Unfortunately, it missed most of the small bug type, allowing it to crawl off mainly unharmed. Fortunately, the flames set fire to the forest, burning most of it down. All Pokémon who didn’t die fled, and no more Pokémon were found in the forest.

    Another thing that was fortunate was that the fire was a large distance away from the facility that had become her home. When Scarlett returned to her new home she found, to her surprise, that her employer was overly pleased with her results. Instead of just killing one Pokémon, as intended, she had wiped out a great number of them with the fire.

    Scarlett had trained and increasingly gotten better at being an assassin. Throughout her years, she had been told more and more about Delta Corporation’s work, as she became more trusted. She learnt that the organisation dealt largely with transformation, explaining all of the evolution stones she had witnessed when she first arrived. Scarlett also found out that the corporation had two bases, one in the world that she knew, and one in another world, where Pokémon didn’t exist and were fictional.

    Each base had a different function. The one that she was in had both the purpose of training loyal Pokémon and to witness the effects of transformation that they forced by rearranging the DNA structure of the experiments. The one located in the other world, was created to assess the effects of natural transformation, such as the transformation undertaken by Pokémon such as Mew. Delta Corporation had heard of a fiasco that had happened several years ago in the other world where random people were transformed into Pokémon. They inquired individuals that this was said to have happened to and found that everyone transformed had seen some sort of Mew, whether on a video game, as a plush or as a vision, directly before the transformation.

    The Flareon became intrigued by this other world, and asked to be transferred there. The boss didn’t mind and sent her there, where she was assigned a partner, Iris. Scarlett didn’t know much about the Glaceon as both kept to themselves. The two had worked well together, despite being ice and fire, two opposites. Though perhaps that was why they were so good together, it was impossible to truly know.


    This day it turned out that the boss did have an assignment for them. Scarlett had found that usually, her employer wasn’t present on days where there was no mission that they had been assigned.

    But today he was, and the two partners had been called to his office. They arrived and he told them the details.

    “There are two Pokémon in a forest a few kilometres away that have been causing us a lot of trouble,” Scarlett’s employer informed them. “They are an Umbreon and a Jolteon, both male. The Jolteon is the child of some of the ones originally transformed by the Mew. I chose you specifically as, being Eeveelutions as well, you would have a better understanding of the enemy’s capabilities, and I know for a fact that you, Scar, have a very personal history with an Umbreon.”

    He was right. Even after all those years, Scarlett was still looking for vengeance for her parent’s death. Which was the reason she accepted the mission.

    “We located them after they fled from the facility because of the tracking device that we’d managed to implant into the Umbreon,” the boss continued. “You will move along the ground towards the forest, as a chopper or a land vehicle would probably alert them to your presence, which wouldn’t be ideal. Be aware that the journey may take a few days. You will leave in fifteen minutes.”

    They left, and started preparing to leave. As they left, Scarlett noticed a Jolteon lying down behind the boss’s desk, at his feet and wondered what it was doing there.

    The commander of Delta mused to himself after the two had left the room.

    “Should I have told them that the Umbreon is a Mew with memory loss? Probably not, Alakazam told me that Scar has a reverence of Legendary Pokémon. It doesn’t matter,” he told himself.

    The commander looked down at the Jolteon that was sleeping at his feet. It was useful to have a bodyguard.


    28 May 2016

    James and Shade were still preparing. They had no doubt that they’d grown stronger, but felt that they still weren’t strong enough. They continued training.

    Each day they trained their abilities. James could now use more powerful electric attacks such as Thunderbolt and Thunder. He figured out how to blast his electricity in a single direction, which was how he learnt Thunderbolt, and he also found out that if he blasted it up into the air he could control where it came down, creating a Thunder attack.

    Shade had learnt a healing move, though it seemed to work better when it was night, and it only worked on himself. It involved sending a spark of energy up into the air, which created a temporary artificial moon that’s energy healed the Umbreon. He could also, by cutting himself and losing a little blood, make a ball of ghost type energy, Shadow Ball. The reason he had to injure himself in order to use it was because, unknown to them, ghost type attacks worked on the power of sacrifice. This didn’t affect ghost types, who were already dead, but if another type of Pokémon would have to sacrifice something to use them.

    They were still working on controlling these moves a little better though. They had found sufficient fruit in the wild for both of them to eat. The two had also found a river a small distance from the cave. They had to hide themselves from any humans that came.

    James guessed that this was how his parents had felt. He had told Shade all that his parents had told him and they had assumed that Shade had been transformed the same way.

    On this day they were refining their new attacks. The previous day they had nearly perfected them and thought that they would be able to find some new moves afterwards.

    Shade was some distance away from James. The Jolteon heard an explosion and looked over to his friend. He saw some fire shoot out at the Umbreon from some bushes.

    “Shade!” James cried out, right before some Ice Shards hit him in the head, knocking him into unconsciousness.

    A.N. I hope that you liked the concept of Scarlett and Iris. The part about ghost type moves requiring sacrifice is borrowed from Saphroneth’s Ashes to the Past, a very good fanfic. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.
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    LucarioIsMegaEvolving A single misplaced step

    A.N. Sorry for leaving you all on a cliff-hanger. If you want to read my long list of excuses on why this chapter was late, check out the author’s note on Chapter 5 in Experiment 44293. Without further ado, let’s begin.


    James was dreaming. He was standing the kitchen in his house as a Jolteon. His parents were there, both human, with Jessica and Shade, both Pokémon.

    “You failed us,” his mother and father spoke simultaneously to him. “You allowed us to be captured by Delta.”

    “You didn’t save me,” Jessica scowled. “You had the option but instead witnessed my sacrifice, and instead of saving me, saved an Umbreon that you don’t even know. You failed me.”

    “You let down your guard and let us be captured by them,” Shade spoke emotionlessly. “I trusted you, and you failed me.”

    ‘You failed me.’ Their voices rang in James’ head, unremorseful and cold.

    ‘Did I?’ James asked himself, doubts forming. ‘No, I didn’t. How would I have known they would get captured. It was a miracle that I even saved Shade. This is a dream, how else would they all be here.’

    ‘Hang on,’ he thought, not sure where he was. ‘If this is a dream, then how did Jessica know what species of Pokémon Shade was, if she’s part of my subconscious and I don’t know what he is.’

    James thought he heard an “Oops” in his head before running out the door. Instead of what he expected to see, the rest of the house, he saw a black void.

    “What?” he spoke out loud, surprised to find that he spoke English.

    ‘If this isn’t a dream, then why is there a black void. And why do I speak English?’ James questioned. ‘But this can’t be a dream either. Then what is it?”

    Suddenly a mustard-coloured Pokémon appeared in front of him.

    “You,” he scowled, recognising him from his infiltration of Delta’s ‘Asylum,’ before firing off an electric attack at him, which the Alakazam blocked with a psychic shield.

    “What are you doing here? Where are we?” James asked the psychic type.

    “Now why would I tell you that?” the psychic Pokémon asked rhetorically. “Just be a good boy and fall unconscious. It will make all of this a LOT easier.”

    Being a typical adolescent, James did the opposite of what he was told, making an effort to stay conscious instead.

    “Make what easier?” the electric type enquired. “What are you doing to me?”

    “I suppose it won’t matter if I tell you, considering you’re going to forget this anyway when I succeed,” Alakazam mused. “So I’ll tell you. All I want to do is to entirely erase your memories and make you completely loyal to Delta.”

    “What!?” James asked incredulously. “I’ll never let you do that.”

    “Just as I thought, stubborn as ever. Your friend Jessica knew a lot about you, information which she happily revealed, as did your mother and father. We know everything about you,” the psychic type taunted.

    “What did you do to them?” James shouted, though he knew he wouldn’t like the answer.

    “Why, the same thing that I’m going to do to you,” Alakazam replied. “Don’t worry, though. Your friend Shade is still safe, for now. The little Mew is a dark type, so I can’t rewrite its memories.”

    ‘There must be some way to get their memories back,’ James thought, devastated, clinging on to that last hope, then thought, ‘Mew, where have I heard that before, and why did he call Shade one?’

    He spoke to the Alakazam, emotionlessly, “Seeing how you’ve already told me everything else, what’s stopping you from telling me where we are.”

    The psychic type snorted in amusement, “Of course I haven’t told you everything. But I will tell you that we are inside your mind, after all, like you said, there’s nothing stopping me.”

    Realising that there was a way to overcome this opponent, James smirked, “You shouldn’t have told me that.”

    “What?” Alakazam asked.

    “If this is my mind, then I am in control,” James spoke.

    A look of horror crossed the psychic Pokémon’s face, the first time that James had seen him look mortal since Jessica had knocked him out.

    “No,” the psychic type whispered faintly, out loud for once.

    “Yes!” James replied triumphantly. “Goodbye.”

    The Jolteon visualised a dome of dark type energy surrounding the other Pokémon and it appeared, preventing the Alakazam from escaping. He then pictured the dome slowly closing in, making sure that the dark type energy also covered the ‘floor’ of the dome. He then shot out a simple Thundershock towards the dome, electrifying it, both inside and outside. It may have seemed a bit much but this was a Pokémon that was freely helping Delta Corporation. This was a Pokémon that had completely rewritten the minds of his family, and his friend. This was a Pokémon that was going to do the same to him, make him a slave to Delta. It deserved to be punished.

    The dome closed in, completely covering the psychic type. It screamed in terror then fell into unconsciousness, probably returning to its own mind. James saw the black void fade around him and realised that he was waking up.

    ‘Good,’ he thought. ‘I can’t do anything else in here.’

    And then he woke up.


    James’ blue eyes shot open. He was in an almost-empty room, which he guessed was back in the Delta Asylum. The room only contained Shade, who was still unconscious, the Alakazam, who was also unconscious, and himself.

    “Shade,” he whispered. “Wake up.”

    Seeing that this had no effect, James walked over to his friend and shoved him. The Umbreon murmured a bit, but didn’t wake up. James tried to Thunderbolt the dark type to rouse him, not really expecting it to work, as his electric attacks hadn’t worked last time he was in the facility.

    Unfortunately, it seemed that either the block on electricity didn’t apply in this room, or they weren’t in the facility, as a weak lightning bolt^ shocked the Umbreon, finally waking him.

    “What? Where are we?” Shade asked, looking around at his unfamiliar surroundings. “I don’t know why, but this place seems… familiar somehow.”

    ‘His memories must be coming back somewhat,’ James thought.

    “Come on, Shade, there’s no time to explain. We need to get out of here,” the electric type urged.

    They noticed an open door and exited through that. James somewhat recognised the corridors and felt like a part of him was suddenly cut off. He tried to use a Thundershock, just to make sure, and sure enough, it did nothing, confirming that they were back in the Delta Asylum.

    “I think we can escape this way,” the Jolteon told his friend, turning left.

    They continued down the corridor and James realised where they were. They were back at the cells were Jessica, Shade and the other Pokémon had been kept.

    “Wrong way,” he said, turning around and realising that there was something wrong with the Umbreon, who was standing next to the wall.

    “What’s wrong?” James asked, rushing over.

    “Ow… I remember… something… I was in one of those cells… I created a field… of dark type energy… around an Espeon… and we escaped…” Shade muttered painfully, nearly to quietly for James to hear.

    The Jolteon realised that his friend was remembering parts of his escape attempt.

    “The three of us went down the hallway… we went into a room… there was a projection… he said that there were security cameras… outside the cells… the Alakazam appeared… we charged… the Jolteon was knocked out by a psychic attack… the Espeon was knocked out by an electric attack… I was weak… I tried to use Dark Pulse… it missed… I collapsed… I hit my head on the wall…” Shade continued, as though not realising James was there.

    But one part of his reminiscing stuck out at James. ‘He said that there were security cameras outside the cells.’ They needed to get out now, away from the cameras. James looked around, seeing one directly above their spot against the wall. They were in its blind spot, luckily, but he realised that they would’ve already been seen by it. Delta employees would be on their way. He need to destroy that camera. He couldn’t use his electric attacks, but he could try Pin Missile. All of this planning happened while Shade was continuing remembering. He finished as James tried to use Pin Missile on the camera, but he could not aim straight up, and so failed to hit it. Pins struck the walls around them.

    “James!” Shade told his friend excitedly, “I remembered something!”

    “I know, you were talking out loud about it, and you mentioned that there were security cameras. Such as the one directly above us that I can’t hit with an attack,” James replied.

    The Umbreon’s eyes widened and he tried to aim a Dark Pulse up, but he couldn’t move his head far enough back, and failed, hitting the roof instead.

    “We need a different plan,” James told him. “You would be able to hit the camera if you moved out of the camera’s blind spot and let it see you. It would only see you for the time it takes you to charge and fire the Dark Pulse, though, so you’d be quite safe.”

    Shade nodded, and said, “I’ll do it. Otherwise we’ll just get captured again.”

    He moved out of the blind spot, turned around, and quickly shot a weak Dark Pulse at it. While it didn’t destroy it as they hoped, it did knock it down so that it was only looking into the blind spot, directly at James, who realised this and ran over to Shade.

    “Good work,” James congratulated him. “Follow me the other way.”

    They kept going down corridors, James guessing which way to go and Shade shooting any security cameras that they saw, until eventually James stopped.

    “I think we’re lost,” he told Shade.

    They both heard footsteps and ran through the first open door that they saw without thinking, which slammed shut behind them. Inside the room was a desk with an Espeon on it, which looked somewhat familiar to James, and the leader of Delta Corporation, sitting behind it.

    “Hello, James,” he spoke, as a tranquiliser dart shot out from a gun he was holding, knocking out Shade. “Do you like my new pet?”

    James moved to attack the leader with a Double Kick, but the Espeon jumped off the desk and blocked it. He tried again with a Pin Missile, but to his surprise, the Espeon had become a Flareon, and destroyed the pins with an Ember. It changed back to an Espeon and grabbed him in a psychic hold. The Delta leader tied James’ legs together with a rope he was holding.

    “You didn’t answer my question,” he continued, in all pretence of pleasantry. “If you’re worried about me not being able to understand you, don’t worry, I have a device here on my desk that translates Pokéspeak. By the way, we could just follow the trail of destroyed cameras to see where you were going.”

    “What is that thing?” James asked through gritted teeth.

    “Now James, you disappoint me, I thought you’d recognise them,” the Delta leader spoke in mock disappointment. “But perhaps you’ll know them better in this form.”

    The Espeon switched to a Jolteon form and James saw the similarities.

    “Dad?” he gasped out.


    A.N. Thanks for reading this new chapter. The schedule of updating is back on track now.
    Until next time, this is Wizpig1231, signing out.
    ^ Thunderbolt wouldn’t have the full power of a lightning bolt.

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