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Stealing A Conversation (583)


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The Wild Jenny & Her Partner Chatot!

On their way to the next town, Ash & Co. meet up with an Officer Jenny. This Jenny takes a more hands-on approach to crime solving. Partnered with a Chatot, she can help stop any crime. Coming from Kanto, this Officer Jenny has come specifically to find Team Rocket, who she had a report was following Ash around. However, Team Rocket soon have their eyes set on Jenny's Chatot...

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T.C.R. Admin
My first impressions of the episode was of a wacky filler but without any memorable moments but I was pleasantly surprised:

- The cost of a cookie - 45p...the look on Jenny's face when she gets shocked by Pikachu - priceless!
- Chatot attacking Brock when he flirted with Jenny was certainly unexpected but nothing too hilarious
- Now who on earth thought of a police officer who takes down bad guys with bowling balls?! And they say D/p has no originality!
- And then just when I think it cant get any better, this officer can throw bowling balls around corners!
- Then the ol' trip on a minute object small enough to fit onto your palm gag - o that never gets old.
- For all those who wanted Chatot in team rocket so it could be in the motto, your dreams have come true and I particularly liked it.

It was nice to see Pikachu mimicking the technique of the ball by spinning and using iron tail but I was really disappointed that Staravia was only used again for searching. I feel its getting the Pidgeotto treatment in the latter half of this saga but I suppose they never completely manage to keep the development of all the team up in one saga. Jenny was definitely unique but the episode as a whole was the same thing as always.

And did they have a new ending? I never listen to it but it sounds different to the one i know?

Korobooshi Kojiro

We saw real criminals in this too. They had ski masks and track suits on!!!

But, uh, no guns. Or Pokemon. What a bunch of lame criminals. I guess they got the asthetic right atleast...

...also apparently Jenny had been following Ash because she heard Team Rocket (not Jessie and James irc) had been following him...

...foreshadowing? 0.0


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Hello. My name is Al Gore. While traveling the world in my private jet and parachuting those hideous energy-efficient lightbulbs from the emergency exit on poor third-world communities, I am also a closet Pokemon viewer. I think I like Brock the best, because he reminds me of myself. People just want him to go away, but he still has some persistent fans that like his caretaking.

While there were no noteworthy events or original stories in this episode, it was still slightly more entertaining than watching a replay of one of my monologues or slide shows. A classic romp about fighting the forces of evil, and I can only assume that "Team Rocket" is a clever metaphor for "greenhouse gases". And there was some fun wackiness to be found. For instance, having Chatot beat Croagunk to the abuse of Brock gave me a chuckle. And believe me, when you have a face as dull as mine, chuckling is very difficult.

I wholly approve of the use of a bowling ball to conquer criminals. It's so much cleaner than gun violence, although the Pokemon world should probably instate a 5-day cooling-off period at all bowling alleys. In the end, though, this episode was merely par for the course, with its greatest accomplishment being that it wasn't as wretched as Chatot's previous episode. That doesn't say much about an episode.

On a grading scale, I would give this episode a 'D+'. It's certainly no 'An Inconvenient Truth' (FYI, please don't buy the DVD; it actually isn't carbon neutral), but at wasn't as environmentally unfriendly as 'Fern Gully' (burning down rain forests). Rumor has it that next week's episode is about snow Pokemon; clearly outdated in this age of global meltdown. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to wax my Prius with a leaf.

[Author's note: Was originally intended to be reviewed in voice of Shakespeare. But that was just too ridiculously annoying.]


100% Rebel Time Lord
Meh, this episode was pretty good. But they could of done so much more.

-Epic motorcycle entrance
-What's the chief's problem?
-The bank robber part was neat. It's nice to see Jenny be useful, and with a bowling ball!
-Aw, Chatot's called "My Buddy".
-Bowling Pin Mecha: Surprisingly sturdy...
-...Except to a Steel Wing.
-The day is saved.

Overall: 7/10. Could of been better.


R.I.P Dax
It was a wacky filler but I don't know what to say... it was nothing special. I didn't enjoy it.


Well-Known Member
I watched this without any high hopes, but the first real interesting Jenny ( Rocky, if you are speak German :p ) in the anime ( in my Teddish opinion) made this episode funny and entertaining.

Not much to say about this one.

-TR´s plans were reaaaaal uninspired this time. I guess they steal Pikachu like this several times a day and only the "special" times are shown regularly in the anime :p

-This Perap was much more entertaining than any other Perap in the anime thus far, which isn´t saying much, but...eh...it was cute and funny. I especially liked the boss fantasy scene and its "dialog" with TR.

-The bowling part was rather violent of Jenny...o_O The poor criminals weren´t even armed or had any pokemon...OUCH! The next shop they´ll raid needs a ramp...

-I really liked how TR was using missiles again...like in the old times...*sob*

Suikun? Can we request other "voices" for your next reviews?


Thank you, SPPf! :)
I've truly never understood how a Steel Wing or a Iron Tail from a petite creature is supposed to slice the entirety of a giant robot. Then again, this is the same show where creating a pyramid of bubbles causes an explosion of fire, so I shouldn't be questioning such ludicrous matters.
Suikun? Can we request other "voices" for your next reviews?
As long as it's not Helen Keller. Blind and deaf? How the hell would I be able to make mindless tangents b*tching about BGM and animation?


Well-Known Member
I enjoyed the episode, nice to see an old Jenny from the past. LOLz Team Rocket, how many times did they try to steal Pikachu?

Selfdestruct Togepi

Fangirls Beware!
It's actually been a while since we last saw chatot. For the episode I'm giving it a 8/10
I can't seem to help thinking of a Men in Black reference.


Harley-san Fanboy
Both in a good and bad way, this episode reminds me a lot of the Jhoto Saga. In this case, its refreshing since we don't see too many of these.

I got bored of it, seems like one of those episodes where you need to see the dub to truly enjoy it.

Agreed. This episode has a lot potential when it hits its dub form. I'll be marking this one on my Calender.


-Yes Hikari, you got a ribbon. Good for you!
-At this rate the Generic City of Woe is going to join the ranks of the Generic Forest of Woe. Not that I'm complaining about there being more episodes in places that aren't the middle of nowhere.
-You'd think that by now AshNCo wouldn't trust random reporters looking to interview them for...anything, really. Except for Whatserface and Boom Mike, I guess.
-Enter Action Hero Jenny!
-Oh yeah, Brock just loves wild ladies.
-Perap & Croagunk double whammy!
-I like this perap better than the last one already.
-How convenient that a Jenny followed JJ&M allll the way from Kanto based on reports of them pursuing a kid with a Pikachu. As opposed to, you know, staying in Kanto and not trying to desperately catch up with a group of people who can move across Shinou in a few days.
-THAT'S what this show's been needing! More people getting electrocuted by Pikachu!
-What's with this beyotch? She's goin on 'bout bowling pins and stuff, man!
-More police officers! And they're male! And recongize Ash! Funny how just now we're seeing the police being concerned with AshnCo getting their Pokemon stolen.
-Yup, definitely one of those episodes where you can't fully appreciate it unless you understand the dialogue. Or have other people to post what's going on for you.
-Ordinary criminals? In MY Pokemon World? Surely there's a mistake and what they're stealing is actually connected to summoning some legendary Pokemon with control over one of the forces of nature.
-Those are some epic...uh..."mountain" shouts every time Jenny throws that bowling ball. Whoever animated that must have been...bored.
-Team Rocket stole MAI BUDDI! This cannot stand!
-And neither can Jenny.
-I love how Pokemon partners just fall from the sky unless you're in the main group.
-At this point, I would support and endorse a series focusing on Wild Jenny and My Buddy.
-I'm sorry, I mean My BEST Buddy.
-That was the most logical Boss Fantasy in ages(not that that's saying much). Needless to say, I am very disappointed in it.
-And Perap's getting everything wrong on purpose. Konsanji! Musai(is that a reference to anything or just it generically getting Jessie's name wrong?)! Socket-dan! Pocket-dan!
-You know...I've been wondering...just WHO is building all these houses around the various regions and leaving them empty and unlocked? Not that this specific one is much of a house(more of a hallway, really), but still.
-Still waiting for the producers to get back to me about that My Buddy & Jenny show.
-WILD RETOUUUU BEEAAAM! ...did she just use bowling pin ice beam? Because it sure sounded like that's what she was saying(if not, then I've just heard people order Ice Beam so much that my brain assumes that any moonspeak that sounds like it is, in fact, Ice Beam)
-Oops! You forgot to arrest the criminals! Ha ha!

Pretty fun episode overall. It's not Claydol episode or Jun episode hilarious, but considering that Shinou has very few fillers I can't whine about getting a less than top-of-the-line-in-everything episode every once in a while.
Imma do a list! :'D

-Another miserable Team Rocket disguise-then-kidnap plot! It's getting old, imho. :/
-James and his rose. I haven't paid attention to whether or not he's had it lately, but I noticed now and it made me happy :3.
-Pochama frees Pikachu with a Bubblebeam and soon Team Rocket is sent flying. Pikachu plummets to the ground.
-Jenny shows up and is all fshhhawwww in her rescuing of Pikachu. Ash shows up and Chatot's voice startled both him and me (I haven't seen Chatot raw until this episode).
-Although Chatot attacking Brock instead of Croagunk was predictable, it was still funny. I wish I could've heard the Croagunk cackle. D:
-Pikachu shocking Jenny was humorous. I liked how her composure went from "asdfawepht" to "calm and collected" again.
-I didn't quite understand the park scene, but it's nice to see a non multi-cloned officer. Lawl, Jenny had earplugs in.
-Real robbers! They look better than past robbers/bandits have.
-I guess the alternative to shooting robbers is pretending that they're human bowling pins. Loving the creativity, but I would've gone for dartboards. :<
-Team Rocket shows up again and Pikachu dodges a series of net attacks on it. Chatot is stolen instead and Jenny breaks down. I love this bg music. It's so dramatic. =)))
-And our favorite bird slowly turns into Pidgeotto as it's used to search. Again. Ah well, I can wait three more episodes.
-Flashbacks and yadayada, now to the hideout. Team Rocket fails at getting Chatot to repeat what they say. "Mu-sa-shi!" "Kuh-sa-hee!" Hehe, I think that was one of them.
-Ash and co. get there and pop in from three sides of the hideout. Nice idea, but they still ultimately end in a hole/the underground (I guess). Oh how I miss the early season holes. ;]
-A Bowling Pin! How fitting. Bazooka pins are shot and Jenny finds herself running this time, with Dawn being saved too.
-Not one of the bowling ball/Pokemon attacks do anything. Chatot finds itself the hero as it attacks with what looks like a Steel Wing. The pin is sliced into pieces and explodes. Yayyy conflict solved.
-And the episode ends with a goodbye in the sunset.

Finally done! So yeah, it was an ok episode. There were some humorous aspects of it, but it wasn't my favorite DP episode. I give it a 7/10.