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Stealing A Conversation (583)


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Of course Meowth wants to send Chatot to the boss. There's nothing Giovanni likes better than talking pokemon!


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The worst DP filler IMO it was just horribly boring and i am one of those fans who like every single episode but this one was one of very few i will never watch again. 2/10


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It was funny how Ash thought they took pikachu when it was really chatot. This wouldn't be the first time he thought TR took pikachu when it was someone else. Meowth can have sick fantasies about Giovanni...
okay since the two already listed what I thought about the episode (Ash you're under arrest or whirl islands) I would like to pinpoint out a cameo I saw. During the scene with Jenny being interviewed, a character from another show was there!

Izzy the interviewer?

Oh ho and Brock went a little innuendo on Jenny saying he go wild for her and Chatot thrashes on him. Chatot was a little bit of a joker also. I liked today's episode (or tonight since I just recently watched it on television on Direct TV) consisting some plot points that were well executed. Jenny sure knows how to bowl her way out of the alley!


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To me this was the best filler episode of this series, there were just so many LOL moments.


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Jenny is transfered to the whirl islands..could this be foreshadowing headed to joh- *SHOT*

Other then the joke.. it was standard filler which was absolutly odd. lol Not seen a really odd episode of pokemon is a long time lol. Makes me wonder what chatot said to jessie and ajems's names in the japanese version.


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A decent episode! It didn't knock your socks off, but it was entertaining nevertheless.

There was only one motif which bothered me a bit, because it keeps turning up again and again: By now, Team Rocket's cheapest traps like plastic hands or simple nets shouldn't pose a threat to Pikachu anymore. I mean, we're expected to consider Pikachu one of Ash's strongest Pokemon, aren't we? How can it be that it is still helpless when it's caught in said plastic hands or nets? What about simply destroying the rubber hand with Iron Tail (because it doesn't conduct electricity) and the nets with Iron Tail or Thunderbolt? Writers, please stop making Ash or his Pokemon look like newbies every once in a while. That's inconsistent.

But what I really liked and enjoyed were Jenny's great and almost heroic lines, for example when she swore to rescue her best buddy Chatot even if it were the last thing in her life or when she tricked the criminal and Team Rocket in believing that she had another ball. Great! Man, that sounded so damn cool. Once again a character who reminds me of my "Queen of Coolness and Epicness" Cynthia!:cool:

Did you notice those short two scenes in which Team Rocket philosophized about the "life" and the unfair treatment of bowling pins? Those lines were just hilarious and the icing on the cake! I particularly like those moments when it shows through that Pokemon wants to convey profound thoughts as well.:)

All in all, a standard episode (I prefer "standard ep." to "filler" because it sounds less pejorative) with several awesome moments.

6.5 out of 10 points


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Makes me wonder what chatot said to jessie and ajems's names in the japanese version.

I haven't seen the dub version yet, but in the Japanese version at one point Chatot called Kojiro (James) Kosanji, which is the Japanese equivalent of Botch. XD It also said Socketto-Dan and Pocketto-Dan instead of Rocketto-Dan.
I thought Stealing the Conversation was one of the better filler episodes in Sinnoh. ^^
Here are my thoughts on it:

I cracked up laughing when Jenny said she was "Wild Jenny". I don't know why. o.o

A cop that catches criminals using bowling balls. Classic.

Jenny examining Pikachu was funny. Lol, she was holding him awkwardly and lifting up his ears and everything. xD

Not the smartest Team Rocket machine. They could have at least made it into a shape that was less likely to unbalance.

That whole police chief scene was good. The trio just looked so awkward standing there... xD

Just my two cents.


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I haven't seen the dub version yet, but in the Japanese version at one point Chatot called Kojiro (James) Kosanji, which is the Japanese equivalent of Botch. XD It also said Socketto-Dan and Pocketto-Dan instead of Rocketto-Dan.

yeah in the Dub chatot calls Jessie, Messy, and James, Lame.
It also said Team Socket and Team Pocket so that was pretty much kept the same lol


So, the police actually give a damn about Ash's Pokemon getting stolen! That's a shocker, even though Jenny is actually the only one that fits that bill.

So she's wild, & she has a Chatot with her... TBH, I actually find her Chatot rather amusing, like in the time that it double teamed with Croagunk to keep Brock in check.

It's also been god knows how long that I've seen criminals other than TR, but they're here just so that Jenny can show off her mad bowling skillz. She has three of them: one of which is the wild tornado, which is just your run of the mill bowling roll, then the one in which Jupiter thinks...

-WILD RETOUUUU BEEAAAM! ...did she just use bowling pin ice beam? Because it sure sounded like that's what she was saying(if not, then I've just heard people order Ice Beam so much that my brain assumes that any moonspeak that sounds like it is, in fact, Ice Beam)

...is actually called The Wild Laser Beam, in which the ball is actually tossed like a Softball, in the Fast ball sort. So, no Icy Bowling Ball for you, Jupiter. Then, the final one, the Wild Curve Ball, "if" I remember correctly, the ball is rolled in a fashion that it changes direction on the fly, which is very creative. Oh, did I also mention that she is the mistress of bluffing?

Then out comes TR to steal Pikachu, but they instead get Jenny's Chatot. OHOHOHOH!!! They've done it now... Jenny is going to give them a serious reckoning... cause her Chatot has been a big help in her career with its FeatherDance.

Once TR got a hold of Chatot, which they thought was Pikachu, the part in which Chatot made fools out of them was a serious LOL moment for me, & it also help them find out where TR is. Unfortunately, they have a Mecha on them, which comes in the form of a giant bowling pin, that "supposedly" can't be toppled down, & to insure that, it can grow legs. It didn't count on getting tripped over by one of Jenny's balls. That managed to set her Chatot free, & with the utilization of Chatot's Steel Wing, the move which every flying Pokemon knows, the mecha is destroyed, & they get sent flying to the Stone Age & back.

Jenny's dissapointed that she let them get away. The reason why they got away is if someone uses an excessive amount of force on TR, they take to the skies.

How they always survive being flung all over the place, I haven't a clue...

*continues to linger around*


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Episode was good. I liked Wild Jenny's voice. Like every COTD she said that's her fault because TR stole her Pokemon, nothing new... :p
But, Chatot was funny Pokemon...


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Wild Jenny was pretty good and I loved her Chatot espically when it kept annoying Team Rocket hehe. It was quite weak for a filler though and if it wasnt for Chatot amusing me it could have fallen pretty flat. Still it was ok i guess


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This episode was okay. Jenny using a bowling ball to pawn criminals was nice and the criminals were actually criminals! Masks and all except no gun or weapon of course. But one thing, how did everyone know Jenny had only 3 balls in her bag ( even before the criminals were arrested b/c the bad guy even said it himself ) when she never said it or showed what was in her bag at all? That bothered me.


Oh dear, Team Rocket's doing that thing they do!

The difference between you and me, Ash? I make this LOOK GOOD.

"I'm a wild Jenny"

He's been charged with 2nd degree EAT IT, ASH!

Extraordinary Jenny or the bad guy from Terminator 2? You decide!

...somebody..kill Chatot..

Even the Chief knows Ash's full name? What is he, the Sultan of Swing?

You picked a bad night to mess with Jenny. Bowling Night.

I know my gutterballs, and THAT, sir, was a gutterball.

Do you feel propitious, miscreant? Well, do you?!

Heh. Team Rocket gave Jenny the ol' slip. (ok i couldn't resist)

The boss man with low self-esteem? And Chatot's the antidepressant?!

I NEED to see Chatot vs Mime Jr. right about now.

But of course this Jenny is too wild to knock on a door before bowling it down.

Hey Pikachu, how about a note for ripping off Pachirisu's trick from the previous episode? NOT COOL.

Round two! The pin's last stand! This time it's the clown shoes!

Whirl Islands? Will we get to see you in a future Johto filler again wild Jenny?

7/10 I would pour syrup all over that script and eat it. Oh yeah, this is one of those instances where dub > original. And here I thought their work with Sho was their limit.