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Stealing A Conversation (583)

The Episode is Funny.
"you don't have any balls left"
lol at the chatot!
"Jessie is Messy"
"James Is Lame" also, meoth already tells about that chatot giving to there boss anyway.
This Jenny is really kickin A**! :D


More Filler, and it wasn't even fun :(

I only liked Officer Jenny because she was different than the others. I mean a chatty Chatot and tossing bowling balls around? Come on.



I loved this filler, it was funny.
And it was cool to see a Chatot again in the anime.


Team Awesome
Man, two episodes heavily featuring a chatot ("Strategy Tomorrow Comedy Tonight") and I don't like either one of them. That's not a good thing, especially when chatot can be so funny in the anime. Officer Jenny takes the blame this time around. I think her voice was a little too off for this episode, and she just didn't interest me. An Officer Jenny that we may have seen back in season one or eight/nine should have been interesting, but it ended up falling flat. The only thing I really liked in the episode was where chatot kept messing up Team Rocket's names. At least that was funny.


Man of Mystery
I really enjoyed this episode. I really liked the Wild Jenny with her Chatot and Bowling Balls, she was pretty cool.
For anyone who doesn't know, Jenny's scene with the crook who said she was out of balls was an obvious reference to the movie Dirty Harry.

I knew this!
And I haven't even seen any of those movies, either!

I was thinking: "Yes, I'm not the only one who found this out!"


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was cool to see Chatot again. Officer Jenny in this episode was the most Unique and Cool Jenny ever. It was cool how she actually uses bowling balls to take down bad guys and troublemakers. Her fake-out of pretending to have a ball when she didn't was very clever. It was funny when for a change, Chatot was attacking Brock when he went love-crazy over Jenny.



Officer Jenny was so quirky here; I especially liked how she grabbed Pikachu and ended up getting zapped. I felt bad for Jenny when Chatot got taken by TR; her flashback was really touching. Seeing Team Rocket struggle with Chatot and then seeing their bowling pin mecha made me holler. At least we finally saw a somewhat competent Jenny here.


This so called "wild" Jenny was honestly more annoying than entertaining and so was her Chatot partner. This was DP's worst filler to me. 3/10

Mrs. Oreo

Wow I liked how the officer Jenny here had sunglasses and used a bowling ball and Chatot to stop criminals ha ha. Team Rocket's bowling pin mecha seemed like a creative idea even tho it still failed. ^^;

Mrs. Oreo

This episode's Chatot was more useful than the AG one

I kind of felt that Ada's Chatot from back then was cuter and even funnier than Jenny's Chatot here for some reason, maybe cuz the first one seemed more charming given its debut while this one wasn't such a novelty. ^^
I liked how the Officer Jenny here was different from the others. The encounter with the chief was hilarious lol, as was literally bowling people down. Overall, I liked the episode, but it probably won't go down as one of my all-time favorites. :/


I really like this Officer Jenny, except for the excessive and unexplained bowling motif. It's a shame they wrote her off the show immediately after her sole appearance. It's nice seeing someone actually trying to catch Team Rocket for once.
Ugh, thinking back, Chatot's dub voice was cringy. The Japanese version wasn't as bad, but whoever did the English Chatot voice made Sarah sound good by comparison.


Well-Known Member
Good episode. Officer Jenny (Wild Jenny) was pretty awesome here, she really stands out from all the other officer Jenny. Her bowling is ace, I bet she can score 300 points in a round of bowling with ease. Her buddy Chatot was cool, but a bit annoying, since it mimics vocabulary.