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Stealing A Conversation (583)


This Officer Jenny is probably one of the coolest ones I've seen to date, not bad PUSA. And her Chatot is just the coolest looking bird Pokemon that can talk.


Junsa almost never receives screen-time, so I was ecstatic that we got to see such a unique member of the Junsa family in this episode. I was fond of her Perap as well, because he had so much personality and charm, unlike a typical police Guardie for instance.


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This was probably the worst DP filler ever, also what was the deal with the robbers in this episode, what were they stealing if they never use money in this show. I wasn't a big Chatot fan before, but Jenny giving him a cute nickname has converted me.


In hindsight, I do wonder why Perap was selected as Junsa's partner here given its passive personality, which kind of clashed with Junsa's career.
This episode was shocking kind of enjoyable with pretty good music selection as well as maybe one of the best fillers of the whole DP series. Ash and co. actually saw through Team Rocket's disguises, which surprised me since they are always too oblivious recognize them in the most obvious disguises. I wonder how the people of Sinnoh feel that Jenny is so obsessed with catching Team Rocket, with Team Galactic running around.


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Chatot had already gotten his own episode in the Advanced series so I didn't think this episode was needed since the Chatot here wasn't any better than the other one.

One thing that did stand out was how this Officer Jenny was cooler than the others and more relaxed.