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Stealth Rock


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doesnt sound to good.a few(like 2)would be fine but if there were more there would be too many walls.ther would be no balnce in the pokemon.

When was there balance in pokemon?


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sr users are just pathetic.
they can't win whitout it

This is so nonsensical it isn't funny.
They use the same Smogon strategydex sets as you, so if you can win without them so can they.
There isn't even ANY logic to back this up, it's just bashing on the MOST used move in the entire metagame.
Stealth Rock has been implemented in the metagame for about 3 years now give or take. It is here to stay. Period. People whinging, deal with it. Use measures to counter it. Those saying that it's "over-powered" or whatever, it just adds more depth and fun to the battle. What accomplishment do you get out of it if winning was simple and easy? My guess is not much.
So, in conclusion, get over it.
My 2 cents.

Lolno. Stealth Rock in no-way increases depth and fun in a battle. If anything it increases awareness for the opponent. And just how would winning be simple and easy for any of the opposing team WITHOUT Stealth Rock? Charizard/Vespiquen turn from potential 2HKO's to OHKO's because of the poor game mechanic called Stealth Rock. It's only fun for the person that set it up and frankly I'd see it as a sad day when someone can deem it enjoyable to win because of a set up.

Some may argue that it adds suspense and is a great strategy. Uh, no. Does Stealth Rock benefit any of your moves (Sunny Day), does it benefit the life of your Pokemon, maybe so (sweeping potential). But it is not a strategy. Any thing that isn't Rock, Steel, or Poison is vulnerable to Toxic. Does that make it a strategy? No, it's just an increasingly lethal ailment that once again, needs no strategy to be used. There is no reason there should have to be a Rapid Spinner on a Offensive Rush team because his opponent believes in 3-50% damage at the start of a battle before a move is made. You are right about one thing, it's here to stay, but by all means everyone, complain.


They best be trollin
Any thing that isn't Rock, Steel, or Poison is vulnerable to Toxic.
lolwut. Try again.

Stealth Rock is fine the way it is. We have three sets of entry hazards, and you rarely see a team that is based on phasing.
We don't need more, but I'm sure we'll get more eventually.
SR can be beat w/o spinners. You could always KO the opponent, or a more viable and useful technique of just Taunting them.


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This right here destroyed any credibility you might have had.

lolno? he's saying don't listen to the douchebag saying don't whine and have a conversation while adding a bit of sarcasm and just a smidgen of payback.
Recipe for fun.


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I didn't really use it, it was more of a move which wasn't much good in a ingame situation for me its like the move theif ect they didn't really have place in my movesets


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i dont think there should be a stealth ice(ice type of stealth rocks) or stealth water( water type of stealth rock) or something. It would ruin screw up alot of comnpetitive battling team. Say if a pokemon sets up stealth ice and stealth grass, and a rhyperior switches in, boom, dead. So that's why there should be one and one only type of that move.
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This is so nonsensical it isn't funny.
They use the same Smogon strategydex sets as you, so if you can win without them so can they.
There isn't even ANY logic to back this up, it's just bashing on the MOST used move in the entire metagame.

If it is the most used move on the metagame that could be a sign that it is overpowered.

When was there balance in pokemon?

Never. Despite what people seem to think the creators don't design the games around competetive battling. There is a reason why the power gaps between some (non-legendary) pokemon are so big. I seriously doubt the creators seriously examined what effect stealth rock would have on the metagame before making it.
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Theres also the fact that only certain rock and steel types can learn this move and I have a hard time finding a pokemon fit in on my team that uses this move. QUOTE]

It's actually quite a well distributed move. Granted, the bulk of the pokemon that learn it are rock, steel or ground, but most of these have secondary typings that make it quite easy to fit into a team. And even then there are a few fire types that learn it (Torkoal, Chimchar Line) a fair few normal types and even Pinsir can learn it!


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No way.
Stealth Rock is fine as it is in competitive playing along with all the other entry hazards.
Any more addition of hazards would make the game more silly and painful for competitive players.


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I kinda agree and disagree with the original post. I like stealth rock as it helps your pokemon team but i hate it in the sense that it almost rules the tiers. Any pokemon that is very weak against it and is not outright strong or cannot attack well the next turn it is usually in a low tier. I can kinda see where the OP is coming from, i wouldn't mind seeing a move like fire rock etc. etc. but it would make specialised teams way to easy to win with, e.g. a rain dance team would really only need lightning rock to stay safe and as long as they have a pokemon like ludicolo they would be very hard to beat. Another reason i hate stealth rock is the fixed damage! Because of that any flying pokemon will lose at least 25% of its health regardless of its health and HP and it pisses me off. I wish they would remove it as well as spikes. IMO when you use spikes and stealth rock a scizor with max attack EV's and a life orb could almost beat every pokemon with bullet punch



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anyway do you guys think they should give us more stealth rock type moves with different types such as an ice or a fire version?

Well I think we have enough of these damage-upon-entry moves at the moment.

I would like some variations of these moves in the future though, like maybe a move that causes paralysis on the foe upon entering, similar to Toxic Spikes which is like a variation of Stealth Rock and Spikes.


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Stealth Rock sucks anyway. I think they should delete moves like stealht rock , spikes and stuff.


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Stealth Rock is too powerful they need to weaken it in Gen V. And if I see a new entry hazard in Gen V I will never do competitive again.

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Definitely weaken Stealth Rock a bit.

My suggestion: Have its damage unmodified by weaknesses.


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So Byron, the gym Leader in Sinnoh, is a coward?

Yeah pretty much. Glad your catching up fast . I mean if someone doesn't think that his Idonotknowwhat can beat my whateveritscalled without the help of SR. I'm sorry but that's just getting scared that my pokemon will beat his and it's to prevent it. Scared = Coward. Yes it is a tactic. But a cowardly one it is. Even running around to find the right time to strike is better because it's not getting any help and can outspeed the enemy and strike back by his own strenghts.