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Steamboat Willies! (507)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl' started by Serebii, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Pikachu's In Charge!

    Heading to the next town on a boat, Ash & Co. decide to let their Pokémon free to have a little fun. However, Team Rocket hatch a plan in order to take all of Ash & Co.s Pokémon and to make things worse, the boat ends up heading for a Waterfall. Can the Pokémon be saved?

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  2. Mythic Mist

    Mythic Mist Indecent Exposure

    Most incredibly cute episode EVER. I absolutely adored Pachirisu and it's little ambition to fly. I swear, if Pachirisu had a flying squirrel evo, that would have been the perfect set up for its evolution. And Aipom and Buneary in Dresses were incredibly cute. And yes, Piplup and Pikachu were very admirable, having Staravia transport the youngins off the boat first. And lol at Croagunk. It was just staring at itself in a mirror the entire episode.
  3. scissorX

    scissorX Well-Known Member

    Croagunk made this episode. I honestly don't understand it, but that thing is amazing.
  4. cassius335

    cassius335 Aura Trainer

    So that's Buneary confirmed as a girl then (and hopefully any further Aipom inquiries silenced). Whether this means anything for Pikachu, only time will tell.

    Nice to see all the gang getting screen time. But Pikachu needs Thunder back; Thunderbolt clearly isn't enough to deal with giant rocks.
  5. Eerie Fuwante

    Eerie Fuwante Wasting my time

    The Muku.Bus appeared!

    Transporting Pachirisu and Happiny.

    Croagunk stole the spotlight with his vague stare.
  6. Kabuto

    Kabuto little punks!

    People will always argue that Buneary is a lesbian >___>.

    Well this was a typical filler episode. Entertaining, but nothing really happened.
  7. Firemaker

    Firemaker Mammoth Master!

    Does the fact that Buneary loves Pikachu, Buneary being a girl, mean nothing?
  8. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    So did this episode have subtitles, human voices for the pokemon, or did it pull a "Turning over a nuzleaf"?
  9. Sparkleo

    Sparkleo Low on power...

    Extremely cute episode; especially the parts when Pachirisu wanted to fly.
    ~I always thought Aipom was a male, but I guess I was wrong... Aipom, Buneary, and Happiny look good in those dresses, though...
    ~Brock could get away with flirting with the ladies w/o Crogunk keeping him in line.
    ~Pikachu and co. would make the perfect music band.
    ~Piplup makes the cutest Magician.
    ~And Crogunk... it thinks there's another Crogunk on the ship
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2007
  10. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    No subtitles, no narration, just typical Pokemon interaction.

    As I stated in the speculation thread, while this episode was completely meaningless and irrelevant to the main saga, I was entertained by it nevertheless. Lots of great humor including everything involving Croagunk and everyone's favorite birdbrained birdbrain. It's great to see Tamagawa back on board also.
  11. Miss Rarity

    Miss Rarity A rarity to come by

    Pachirisu wants to be a mukkubird when he grows up! O:

    Pochama was cool as a magician he should have hit some pokemanz with that cane though

    Mukkubird saves the babies! O:

    So Aipom, Pinpuku, and Mimiroru are the only girls on the team??? ?__? Probably, lol at pinpuku wearing the dress the wrong way

    And of course the best that came out of this was:
  12. pikablue

    pikablue ooh, pretty colors!

    i havent seen this episode yet because its not on youtube yet:( but ive seen a clip. im just wondering, when are they going to solve this pikachu/buneary situation?
  13. pikablue

    pikablue ooh, pretty colors!

    i only saw a small clip of this episode, cause youtube doesnt have the full one yet. im just wondering, when the heck is the whole Pikachu/Buneary situation gonna be solved? they cant just beat around the bush forever!
  14. pikablue

    pikablue ooh, pretty colors!

    i only saw a small clip of this episode, cause youtube doesnt have the full one yet. im just wondering, when the heck is the whole Pikachu/Buneary situation gonna be solved? they cant just beat around the bush forever!
  15. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    Sudowoodo copying Buizel made me laugh. It's the poser gangster variety...

    This episode was friggen adorable, it melted even my cold heart.
  16. CoolTrainerTerry

    CoolTrainerTerry Rising Trainer

    Probably the funniest episode I have ever seen. Happiny copying Pachirisu with the ring at the beginning was so cute.
    Croagunk doing nothing the whole episode and being dragged away from the mirror by Pikachu was the best.

    I vote for the PokeBand making regular appearances, especially Saxophone Buizel.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2007
  17. Dax

    Dax R.I.P Dax

    Pachirisu needed spotlight and he got it, in an amazing way. The cutest thing was that he wanted to fly and that at the end Mukku.BIRD carried him and the freakishly strong Happiny in his back.

    Croagunk is so weird, so extremely weird that I enjoyed every minute of him/her. Now his a metrosexual looking at him/her self in the mirror. He/She is so...funny.

    The bad thing about it is that when you have the whole gang together you can see that Ash's pokemons lack of a personality power than the other ones have.

    I can describe how much Sudowoode owned. Eyeing Buizel was awesome.

    Anyway, it was a great filler episode and now we will see the gang go to Hearthrome to then go to the next gym. This is going to be a long wait...
  18. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    All of Ash's Pokemon showed personality to me...0.o
  19. scissorX

    scissorX Well-Known Member

    Yeah all of them did. Infact every Pokémon on the protagonists teams in Sinnoh have. Even though I can't quite work out what Staravias personality is, nor why it is so awesome; it has a cracking one. :/
  20. R_N

    R_N Better Name GET

    The epi pics make this look awsome.

    Pachi seems sofriggen ADOWABLE. Flying Pachirisu FTW.
    Totally needs an evolution in the next gen so it ca-oh. Right. Dawn gets replaced. Darnit.

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