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Steel Gym team final retirement

Let me just say that 76 speed EVs on Gliscor makes JesusFreak sad. It seems that every Jolly Tyranitar nowadays runs Scarf or (lol) DD, so either way, the chances of Gliscor being up against a +0 Jolly T-Tar are slim. I personally tend to drop the speed EVs to outspeed Adamant Breloom and Cloyster (before Shell Smash) and put those leftovers in Def. You lose the speed tie to other Gliscor, but you're not beating them any time soon with just Earthquake. Same deal with Rachi, who's usually EV'd the same way. (while we're on the topic of plagerism, epic_eevee was one of the first to suggest that to me a while back)

Anyhow, I thought I had found from a calc earlier today that you were a little weak to Sand offense (namely Landorus and Excadrill) if you drop Bronzong, but I can't remember what I came up with. I guess it would be worth consideration.

EDIT: Oh, and you could also lower those speed EVs enough to outspeed Timid Magnezone. This will allow Jirachi to troll the crud outta non-Charge Beam Zone before it dies, and it might let Gliscor kill it off with Earthquake before it gets hit by HP Ice or something. Just an afterthought.
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I'm a f***** Ponyta

Toxic / Seismic Toss / Wish / Softboiled Chansey over Jirachi.
Toxic > Haze on Politoed (stops Taunt Jellient)
Gyro Ball > Toxic on Bronzong (Sub CM Roar Latias)
Taunt > Toxic on Gliscor (lets me PP stall Reuniclus if it HAS to, and ****s Ferrothorn)

I think that improves the way the team does against most things except maybe Reuniclus. In theory Politoed can stall some PP and force it out a few times and in a pinch Gliscor can beat it with substall + Taunt.

Don't use Chansey. Just don't do it.