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Stewie's Journey- PG13, Family Guy/Pokemon Crossover

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LizardonX, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Stewie's Journey- A Pokemon/Family Guy crossover.

    A/N This is a crossover of Pokemon season 1 and Family Guy, also a sort of parody about pokemon hope you enjoy.
    PM list
    Missingno. Master
    ansem the wise


    It was a peaceful saturday morning in the town of Quahog, Rhode Island. The birds were singing, people were slowly waking up, and all was quiet in the world when suddenly.....


    "Stewie what are you doing?"


    "Stewie, please keep it down, I've got a project to do!"


    At this moment a white bipedal talking dog with a rather large nose came by and shut off the TV. At this time, an ugly girl wearing glasses, a red shirt and a cap came down the stairs, visibly incensed at the disturbance of her staturday morning peace.

    "Brian, what's going on here?" Said the girl, whose name was Meg.

    Brian the dog shook his head in exasperation and said, "It all began a few days ago when Peter decided to upgrade our cable service. It was all fine and Dandy especially when it came with free cinemax, oh those girls, I loved them so-"

    "Brian get to the point!"

    "Alright!, So Peter decided to upgrade our cable service to include more channels and one of them turned out to include Japanese Anime with one of the shows being Pokemon. All it took was one episode for stewie to get addicted to the show worse than when Peter got addicted to Crack. He bought the games, the merchandise, note his and Rupert's matching hats, and even the trading cards. I can't believe you didn't notice it sooner Meg. Stewie is completely-OW!, why'd you hit me with a onix figurine?"

    "Because Brian, you have the remote, NOW TIME FOR POKEMON!!"

    "Hehehe Ash, you will never be able to beat my ground type Rhydon with your Electric type Pikachu, prepare to lose!"

    "Never!, So long as I believe in my Pokemon I shall win no matter what!, PIKACHU, AIM FOR THE HORN!!"

    "You did it Ash, your friendship with your Pikachu has allowed you to by bypass the laws of Physics, congratulations, here is the Volcano badge!"


    Brian facepalmed, " Stewie, how can you stand to watch this garbage? it makes no sense and its only purpose is to drain the pockets of millions of gullible children by immersing them in a fantasy socialist utopia where money has no relevance, criminals are jokes, and 10 year old kids can travel the country with no parental supervision!, It's completely unrealistic and should not be getting all the ratings that it gets!"



    "Kindly get that Charizard doll and bring it to me please"

    "Ughh, alright"


    The baby Stewie was very odd in many ways. For one, he was only one year old but could talk like a 40 year old, he also had no sense of conscience and had a head shaped like a football. At the moment he was currently chasing Brian around house wielding the charizard doll that also doubles as a real flamethrower. Meg simply shook her head and went back upstairs. Eventually Brian ducked behind the TV and Stewiw blew it up with the last bit of fuel in the flamethrower. While Stewie had the intelligence of a 40 year old, he was still a baby at heart and all babies did one thing when they broke their favorite toy.

    "WAHH!, WAAH!, I can't take it, Pokemon is my life! I won't be able to live without Ash, Pikachu, Misty, I don't like Brock, Gary, and Charizard among others, WAHHH!!!"

    Now Brian was many things, drunkard, promiscous, and a terrible author being the most prevalent, but he didn't have the heart to punish a crying baby.

    "Hey Stewie is there anything I can do for you?"

    "NO!, You're a meanie and I never want to see your face again!"

    At that Stewie ran upstairs to his room and locked the doors. Then he tossed a voltorb figurine into a Venusaur plushie, unlocking the doors to his secret pokecave. Once inside Stewie ran in and started working, he worked for days without coming out, sending in Robo-Stewie to take care of ordinary things as he built his greatest accomplishment. A device designed to fuse together his world and the world of Pokemon so since he can't watch pokemon, Stewie can now live pokemon. there was only one catch though.

    "So using the memonukemometer 3000 to power this machine seems to work perfectly, except for one thing, mine and everybody in Quahog will have their memories deleted in order for this device to work. Should I do it? Oh yes, now I can convince everyone that Pokemon is awesome, Meg, Peter, Chris, and especially Brian. Alright time to do this! POWER ON!"

    At this point Stewie pressed the button and the two worlds fused with a massive burst of light.

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2013
  2. Princess Raspberyl

    Princess Raspberyl ~Shining One~

    My favorite part was this :3:


    "Kindly get that Charizard doll and bring it to me please"

    "Ughh, alright"

  3. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    A/N Because the ideas keep flowing here's chapter one. Also the two unnamed enemy pokemon technically does not have dex numbers in the story at the time period this is set in.

    Chapter one-Rupert, I choose you!

    "Hah, the machine can't trick me!" Said Stewie as he put on a protecting helmet, "My Memories will remain intact!"

    Suddenly the warp shuddered as a gigantic being over 10 feet tall, with a huge curved head, purple markings, and 2 massive pearls set in its Arms showed up. Stewie screamed " AHH!, WHAT THE DEUCE ARE YOU?! The being raised an emormous claw and slashed downward in a purple arc, smashing the helmet and sending Stewie into oblivion. Then a sinister looking black creature with a mane of white hair and a single blue eye tossed a black orb at Stewie, causing him to fall asleep. Cackling, the two creatures flew out the other way and Stewie fell into a deep sleep.

    As the two beings escaped the world Stewie had unknowingly created, Stewie fell into a deep sleep. Dreaming of course as any normal 10 year old kid would of his very first Pokemon. First up was Bulbasaur. Stewie carefully considered the advantages of having a bulbasaur, it could learn many status moves, it was good against water and yet weak to fire, it was a dependable pokemon. However it was ugly and not badass enough to cover it. So Stewie's dreams turned next to the turtle Squirtle. The little blue pokemon Stewie thought was amazing, especially for the turtle's ability to spin and defend with its shell, as a blastoise it will even get acess to the powerful move hydro pump. Squirtle will also be good against fire types but bad against grass types. However Stewie remebered that Blastoise could learn ice beam. Finally, Stewie imagine getting a charmander,having fun with the little lizard, burning things up with its flamethrower attack, and once it evolves into charizard, to go flying and to scare little kids and to burn even more stuff. Stewie contented himself by dreaming of all the adventures he will have with Charizard. However due to the effects of the mysterious dark spirit, Stewie did ot wake cup when the alarm rang for him to wake up. He did not wake cup to the smell of Pancakes, and finally, his mother Lois had to rush upstairs and shake Stewie away as he murmured "oooh Charizard, your flame is so BIG, please fit it-AHH, what is it mother!" Stewie did not know why, but he suddenly had an urge to kill her, although he didn't know why.

    "Stewie dear, you overslept and on your 10th birthday too. Don't you want to have some pancakes and get your first pokemon sweetie? You'll be a great pokemon trainer, just like your old man who dissapeared before you were born to be a master and left me alone with a baby coming with no income or support of any kind or even any paper towels but who cares about the details?"

    "Mother what time is it?"

    "Honey it's almost noon!"

    "NOOO! I need to get to the lab right now or elese my pokemon will be all gone!!!"

    At this Stewie rushed out of the house in his PJs and quickly ran toward Professor Hartman's lab, not realizing his pants had fallen down or that he was wearing dirty underwear. Stewie ran and ran and ran towards Hartman's lab until he reached the steps and tripped. Stewie then curled into a fetal position hugging his knee and going 'AHHHH.SSSSSS...AHHHHH...SSSSSS...AHHHH' for quite a while as many trainers walked out each holding a pokeball. As Stewie got up a third trainer came out with a sneer on his face. He also had a football shaped head, but he had hair.

    "The name's Bertram, I saw your theatrics on the steps and I am sorry to say that the pokemon in Hartman's lab are all gone, I got the last one right now, sucks to be you he won't be getting any more pokemon until next year"

    Stewie gasped, " No!, please tell me it isn't true, I've been waiting ages for my first pokemon, wahhh!!!!"

    Bertram pushed Stewie away in disgust."Ugh, such a baby, in fact that's your new name, BABY. Good bye, I've got better things to do than this, and you peed your pants dumbass"

    "Hey hey what's wrong?", came the voice of a rather portly man wearing a lab coat, a nametag read Professor Hartman.

    Stewie cried "I overslept and missed out on pancakes and I fell and scraped my knee and I didn't get a pokemon and I was called a baby and I peed my pants and I WANT MY MOM!!"

    "Stewie I don't know how to tell you this, but you're out of luck, we have no more starter pokemon to give away and we won't be getting any more for another year. However I recently found a brand new species of pokemon eating away at a jug of honey I left out in my backyard. Come to the back and check it out!"

    And so Stewie, with renewed hopes followed Hartman into the lab and saw the pokemon. It was a small brown bear pokemon, it was eating from a bowl of honey and looking very content.

    "We have no idea what kind of pokemon this is, however based on the fact that pokemon apparently can only say their names and nothing else for some reason, we have dubbed this pokemon Teddiursa, but if you want to you can nickname it"

    Stewie had a small flashback, leaving him with only one thing.

    "Rupert, his name shall be Rupert, come here rupert!"

    "Tedi!", Rupert squealed as he jumped into Stewie's arms.

    "And here are your pokeballs, unfortunately as Rupert is not registered in the pokedex system, he cannot be placed into a pokeball, which means you will have to make do without one. We also ran out of pokedexes, but Mr.Pewterschmidt of Pewterschmidt Co located in Saffron city has sent us a fancy new pokedex AI that calls itself Peter. Apparently Peter was a trainer who saw the fabled Porygon Video and had his soul sucked into the screen, causing his soul to be trapped within this pokedex, it should be harmless, now off you go!"

    As Stewie received his pokedexes, pokeballs and Rupert he walked down the steps from the lab and ran into Lois who had prepared him fresh clothes, a week's supply of fresh underwear, some laundry detergent, travel supplies and some paper towels. Stewie walked proudly away from Pallet town with his Rupert in tow as his pokemon Journey began.
  4. Princess Raspberyl

    Princess Raspberyl ~Shining One~

    I am so lazy, commenting on this just now. D8
    Stewie with a Teddiursa...oh my god...JUST IMAGINE HIM WITH A URSARING! O+O ...The thought of that breaks my mind D8 Good chapter. :)
  5. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    OMG... This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!
    The idea, plot, characters and dialog are all brilliant!!
    There are some grammar issues, like not using two commas for subordinate clauses, but that can be easily overlooked.
    Tediursa was a perfect idea, Bertram was a nice suprise and i can't wait to see how what i will now call 'Peter-dex' will get involved. Hopefully you can involve Peter's random flashbacks somehow, as this could be terrific. Loving this, please add me to PM list if you are doing one.
  6. Rotomknight


    Brian, peter, and ketchup flavored mustard must unite in this fic.
    It's nearly perfect.
    Make sure this is 2+ pages in word long, just in case a mod wanders by.
    If it is, sorry.
  7. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    This was hilarious. I don't watch Family Guy very much, but I heard a lot a thing a things about it and seen it a few times. But this was really funny anf very creative. :)
  8. Sorry Pokemonsquared, but...

    It's review time!

    This story is not good, not even a good crossover in general. It's sounds like a bash fic of the anime by just the first chapter alone.

    The characterization, the bashing, bad humor, and uneeded capitalization makes this story stale as bread.

    But if you improve, I won't bother you.
  9. Rotomknight


    Hero of Ideals, this is the sort of humor family guy has, bashing, bashing, swamp monsters, bashing did I mention Bashing.
    This has the sort of humor family guy has, so it's dead on. seriously 10 times in 15 minuetes in one episode the two characters bash each others voice actors. sometimes the humor is in the stupidity, or even it's own bad humor, or bashing.

    Also, does stewie have his old memories or not. Or are we not supposed to know.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  10. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned


    I think it is but I'll make extra sure future chaps are longer.
    Notes, but as said before family guy humor is just like that. If you don't like the specific brand of humor there's not much I can do. But about the characterization I thought most people coming in would have seen both so they have ageneral picture but I'll see about future characters.

    He tried to get around it, but the process failed, so they are there, but buried deep in his subconscious.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  11. I was immideately interested in reading this as soon as Hero Of Ideals said he didn't like it. Good job!
  12. Brownie

    Brownie Anti Drew & paul fan

    So I read this, and while it's not as bad as I expected, I do have one complaint: Try and make Stewie's journey less of a rehash of Ash's, in general, someone waking up late and getting a "special" starter is overdone.

  13. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    I had to click it. I saw Pokemon/Family Guy crossover in the title, how could I not click it?

    I have to say, I'm liking this a lot. You're nailing the Family Guy humor perfectly, and even now I'm trying to not laugh due to imagining a Pokedex with Peter's voice. Keep it up!

    EDIT: The PM list. There is a PM list. I want on the PM list.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012
  14. Rotomknight


    Instead of stewie going Ssssss hhhhh, for a few minutes, have him do it a couple times then say
    *1 hour later* or whatever the length and have a couple more times.

    Also take a paragraph to just describe stewie from a picture, adds a lot of length real fast.
    Like this: He was wearing his favorite red overalls with a yellow shirt. Underneath those he wore a diaper of him taking over the world,.

    THEIRONDONUT Strongest of pastrys

    Epic. Doesn't feel like family guy, nor its usual trademarked humour, seems as if you took one aspect of its type of humour (of which there is about 3 different types) , but i enjoy the unpredictability of stewie's character, and i ESPECIALLY enjoyed the amazing interpretation of Lois' character. I was thinking the EXACT same thing as her, minus the paper towels part. I'm subbing this thread, please make more, as it will keep me amused. ;) Nice Job

    XD Luuurrrvvvveeee the thought of Ursaring, nice one XD

    You should call it a peterdex or sumthin :)
  16. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    Chapter 2-What do you mean it's not in the pokedex?

    "Pokemon master Stewie moving in on the target. Pokeball Check. Rupert check. A drink of water, all set. Now let's go catch me my very first pokemon!" Excited, Stewie put on his brand new pokemon trainer cap and dived into a patch of tall grass. Almost instantly a small bird pokemon jumped out. It was small, had beady black eyes and had brown and white feathers. Stewie jumped up and down in excitement as he quickly pulled out his pokedex and scanned the pokemon. What he didn't expect was the pokedex to talk.

    "Howdy! My name is Peter, Peter Griffen. I am mentally retarded, love KISS, and I'm here to help you on all your pokedexing needs"

    Stewie was shocked to say the least. "Ah! what the bloody hell are you?!"

    "I told you my name is Peter, and I don't appreciate being called a what. I tell you this is almost as bad as that one time I had to chase down some Farfetched for a piece of Charcoal"

    Cue cutaway
    "Peter by the time I get back I want those Farfetch'd caught do you hear me?"

    "Aye aye sir! I'll get right to it"

    Peter was wearing a lumberjack uniform and ran out into the forest swinging his imagainary axe wildly. The farfetched just kept running deeper and deeper into the forest until Peter finally gave up and just started shaking his hand at the birds angrily while yelling at them. Then the farfetched moved over Peter's head and pooped all over him.

    end cutaway

    "Ahh good times good times"

    Stewie and Rupert just stared incredulously..."So what exactly does this have to do with what I just said or the pidgey that just ran away because of it!"

    "Oh wait there was a pidgey? Oh I am so sorry, tell you what the next time you see a pokemon I'll make sure to help you catch it okay?"

    "I guess"

    And so Stewie continued his pokemon journey by walking up north through route one. He passed through a den of Ratata but he couldn't catch any because there was a rather ferocious raticate watching his every move. Stewie tried to capture another Pidgey but this one turned out to be stronger than the last and knocked out Rupert with a devastating aerial ace. Stewie instinctively and seemingly automatically reached into his pockets and threw some money in the pidgey's face before running away.

    Discouraged, Stewie walked over by a river and decided to have some lunch. As he was eating a psyduck floated up by the river and dismebarked near Stewie. The psyduck simply stared at Stewie eating his sandwich with a blank look on its face. Stewie tried to shoo the psyduck away but it just stood there. Deciding he may have a chance, Stewie took out his pokedex and scanned it.

    Peter's voice came out "Psyduck the duck pokemon. Overwhelmed by enigmatic abilities, it suffers a constant headache. It sometimes uses mysterious powers. Wow that was a mouthful, who even writes all this stuff? I mean OMG who the hell cares?"

    All this time Psyduck just sat there staring at Stewie.

    Finally Stewie lost it. "alright Psyduck I am going to catch you!, Rupert use headbutt!" Rupert tackled Psyduck with a heavy thud and the Psyduck quacked in pain. Then is released a stream of water from its mouth in a water gun attack which hit Rupert in the face and sent it packing. Stewie screamed " Rupert get up and HEADBUTT!!!!" Rupert got up and slammed Psyduck with all his might..only for Psyduck to fall back into the river and get swept away.

    Things were a little tense after that.

    Peter then chimed in "You know this reminds me of the cartoon that I made you should check it out!"

    Suddenly very cheerful piano music began plyaing as Peter started to sing.

    One day 3 ducks were crossing the road
    Going to get some soda
    But they weren't looking where they were going
    and a bus came along and hit them all

    Now they're handicapped and

    Well thats pretty much it


    And they never got their sodaaaa!!!

    Stewie was now angry "Shut up OLD MAN!, Why can't you be a normal pokedex like everyone else's?! In fact GO AWAY!"

    Stewie threw the Pokedex into a tree only to hear it hit something which fell down and hit its head on the ground.

    It was a pokemon. But it was unlike any other pokemon Stewie had ever seen. It was gray, white and red with a white plume surrounding its head with a rather large yellow beak attacked to a gray body. The bird got up, visibly enraged at the loss of his sleep and attacked Stewie who screamed "AHH! What the deuce are you supposed to be!, I've never seen a pokemon like you before!"

    Stewie quickly ran over to his pokedex, which had struck the weird bird like pokemon on the head, which left a nasty red bump and a very angry pokemon. Stewie cried "Ahh what is this pokemon?"

    Peter replied "Pokemon not in database no information available....Or that's what you would get with a regular pokedex. However I am the Peterdex and I shall be able to-"


    Rupert sweatdropped as he saw Stewie being chased by an angry bird trying to peck his brains out. Walking over to the Peterdex Rupert held it up.

    "Hold on let me find this stupid DLC packet on here...please hold for one minute *plays elevator music while Stewie is being chased by an enraged pokemon* Ah got it! I tell you this was almost as annoying as when game developers put DLC on to the CD. I mean what the hell developers! Can't you at least have the decency of not selling us an incomplete game-"

    "AHH!!!! GET OFF YOU YOU DAMNED BIRD" The pokemon had just jumped Stewie and was pelting him with a flurry of fury attacks, causing a lot of pain to the young trainer.

    "Ahh okay here we go, #627 Rufflet The eaglet pokemon It stands up to massive opponents, not out of courage, but out of recklessness. But that is how it gets stronger." So its trying to kill you in an attempt to get stronger Stewie. Let nature take its course and just relax and stare into the light at the end-"


    Rupert dropped the Peterdex and rammed into the Rufflet with headbutt, sending it back. Rufflet screeched and then bounded forward with his beak pointed straight in a peck attack. The attack was a solid hit and sent Rupert flying. Growling in rage, Rupert charged forward with his claws extended and started slashing furiously with fury swipes, getting in some scratches, then taking some more attacks from peck. The standoff continued as Stewie crawled over to his bag, took out some medicine and sprayed himself with disinfectant before bandaging himself up. Then Stewie took out Peterdex and scanned for moves. As of now Rupert has:

    Fury swipes

    Rufflet has :

    Fury attack

    Stewie found his opening, " Rupert use leer!"

    Rupert's face suddenly contorted in a grotesque manner as the leer took effect. Rufflet squawked in horror and lept back. Stewie took the chance "Now Rupert finish it off with HEADBUTT!!" Rupert slammed into the stunned Rufflet with all of his might and the bird collapsed. Stewie quickly tossed a pokeball at it. It wiggled 3 times and then stopped with a resolute beep.

    Stewie shrieked with happiness at catching his very first pokemon, "Yes Rupert we did it! We caught a RUFFLET!"

    Peter interrupted with "Ahh good times this reminds me of when-"

    Stewie reached over and shut the Peterdex off as he continued to celebrate with Rupert when suddenly. "Why do I suddenly have the urge to throw a sexy party?"

    Anyways after catching his first pokemon Stewie walked through the remainder of route one and arrive in Viridian city. As he walked up to the pokemon center a giant shadow erupted from the ground knocking Stewie back and causing him to scream.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2012
  17. Rotomknight


    Good Job!
    One error!
    Anyways after catching his first pokemon Stewie walked through the remainder of route one and arrived in Viridian city. As he walked up to the pokemon center a giant shadow erupted from the ground knocking Stewie back and causing him to scream.
  18. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    PM list!
    this is awesome!
    i was thinking of making a crossover with pokemon to some show (i had a list of possible shows i could do it with, time to cross off family guy)
    just thinking of stewies voice in a pokemon world makes me crack up XD
  19. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Guys, be sure to comment on the fic itself than going 'yay family guy crossover', and especially posts I deleted like 'I haven't read this yet but this is awesome!'. If you haven't read it yet then save your posting until you have please as it's not really offering anything useful to the author.

    As a very quick relevant comment, you have a misformatting with italic tags there in the last chapter, and you're missing some punctuation at the end of sentences (mostly full stops in dialogue and throwing commas after exclaimation marks). Make sure to use spell/grammar checkers before posting as it should pick up on those things.
  20. infernape100

    infernape100 Well-Known Member

    An excellent installment! I love how stewie didn't just catch the first pokemon he found and we had to wait for Rufflet. Plus, i love the use of words such as grotesque. Can't wait for the next chapter after the cliffhanger, too.

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