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"Stewmaker" Dissolves About 300 People In Acid For Drug Lord

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by SlipKnoT, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member


    Santiago Meza Lopez​
  2. pocketmunster

    pocketmunster munster in my pocket

    Stop the prohibition to end these drug lords once and for all.
  3. Just another day in the life for misc., unfortunately.

    This is truly messed up.
  4. Mawile XD

    Mawile XD ello thar

    o_O Stewmaker, huh? What a freak...
  5. Atari

    Atari Did it on 'em

    Something juicer than the angry white man, unbelievable.

    "'To the families, please forgive me,' he said in the video."

    What the hell.
  6. These kinds of stories are all around, if you know where to look.
  7. Atari

    Atari Did it on 'em

    I was making an attempt at sarcasm.

    Anyway, I wonder if that stew he was making had any more ingredients besides bodies. LOL
  8. fierylord

    fierylord Charmander! Yay!

    That guy looks like a terrorist.
    This is normal for this world.
    So many people want to do this so it's bound to happen...
  9. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    "Macabre" is a bit of an understatement, though at least he dissolved corpses, not living beings. If this one man has been doing such things to please this so-called "el Teo," then I'm sure that this "el Teo" has enough money to get someone else to do this kind of work. This is why the police should focus on "el Teo" quickly, before he has the chance to replace Lopez.

    Of course, Teo probably replaced Lopez within 24 hours of his "stewmaker"'s arrest. Alas, thus is the network power of a drug lord.
  10. Fenix

    Fenix Tremulant

    How's a terrorist supposed to look, may I ask?
  11. Mr. Mudkip

    Mr. Mudkip Banned

    lol? While he obviously dissolved them in acid, probably hydrochloric. Anyway, that was really not funny.

    Money makes people do some messed up shit.
  12. Theres a lot of sick people in this world..
  13. woot21

    woot21 super noob

    Sounds like something out of a horror movie. I wonder if anyone had to eat the stew.

    woot21 out dawgs
  14. The stereotypical definition is a middle eastern guy in a turban, but that is subject to change.
  15. 600$ bucks a week to throw people into a vat of acid?

    maybe i should jump the fence...
  16. shadowkami

    shadowkami Internet Hustla'

    That's just gross. First burning balls, and now human stew. You misc. news posters are sick.
  17. Rave

    Rave Banned

    It seems the Mexican's are giving the people of the middle east a run for their money for being the new stereotype for terrorism.
  18. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    Tyler, are all these news threads really necessary? Yes you make them I guess but damn...
  19. S31R31

    S31R31 The 90's

    Wait his asking forgiveness? Who would give him that?
  20. m190049

    m190049 Local psychopath

    I wonder how the stew tastes?

    ...He dissolved dead bodies, right?
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