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Sticking with Who You Know (617)


Good episode, it was great to see more water type pokemon, especially Squirtle, i loved to see it.

Pika and Piplup were paralyzed most of the episode, so i can't talk about tham so much.


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Aaannd back to widescreen again..after what several months being fullscreen? I hope Cartoonnetwork finally get the problems they were having fixed as i enjoy them in widescreen...buuutt now onto the episode.

I thought it was a pretty decent episode.

the professor's name..now I'm not sure if it was the same as the japanese version but it seems likely... if not I'm glad it was not one of those typical dub names.

I laughed at one scene Ash, Dawn and Brock had their eyes closed at the same time for a few seconds LOL

and last.. man that was a huge lookin Quagsire


Loved that the Prof's name was the same as in the Japanese version, at least PUSA keeps things consistent. Wow, it was better in the dubbed version, since the professor said that the machine's waves worked on Pokemon of the same gender lol. It was just silly, even the romantic music in the background. I thought that the reason Quagsire and Magnemite didn't like each other was because Quagsire was animalistic and Magnemite wasn't. But it turns out type had to do with it :S


At first I thought this episode was going to be really strange as I predict a lot of anti-gay people going against this episode for having Pikachu and Piplup, who are both confirmed to be male in the Togepi episode, loving each other. Turns out this is all a crazy experiment of a professor trying to make electric and water type Pokemon more friendly to each other. I suspected Quagsire and Magnemite's secondary types to be the reason why the machine had no effect on them, and it turns out I was right all along.


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The episode was pretty good. I thought it was pretty silly seeing the Water/Electric Pokemon falling in love with eachother, and returning to normal, and going back to falling in love. xD

The Professor's name was pretty cool too imo. Didnt know it was the same as the Japanese version, so yeah, cool name Professor! xp

I was surprised to see the episode set to widescreen again, I hope it stays that way. However, I was alittle baffled on why the opening was going pretty fast.

Now I can't wait for next weekend, the epic Galactic arc begins :D

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This episode was just ok. Definitely not one of the better ones. I thought Brock jumping to the conclusion as to why the pokemon were behaving as they were happened too fast.


It was an alright episode but the only parts I really enjoyed were when Pikachu and Piplup were hugging each other while Ash & Dawn tried to get them to separate.


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This episode was kind of boring. It took place mostly in the Pokemon center and there wasn't even any battling.

I thought the reason that the machine wasn't working on Quagsire and Magnemite was because Magnemite is genderless. Guess I was wrong.
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This episode was mediocre at best.

These are the stuff I wished happened.

1). Buizel and Pachirisu falling in love.
2). Buneary getting that Pikachu is now in love with Piplup.
3). Croagunk trying to poison jab them in the butts in order to try to stop them from hugging.

The one thing that made me laugh was the cheesy love music they put everytime those two were hugging each other.

BTW for a minute I thought that Meowth was getting turned on seeing both male pokemon hugging and carressing each other. Well that would explain his sick obsession with Giovanni.


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Interesting episode. Water and Electric Pokemon hugging each other from a machine, really strange. And the episode was in widescreen, I hope they keep it that way.


Well I just saw the english version of this episode, at least the professor's name is the same as the japanese version. And the music background pretty matched the strange episode. I'd say 5/10