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Sticking with Who You Know (617)


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Slightly better than its predecessor episode, DP148. I liked how it was where only Electric and Water Type Pokemon got affected.


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was a filler episode but nothing really happened in it not even really agood team rocket battle. But the next episode should make up for the last 2 episodes I think
WELL, that was a complete gay if you ask me! Emagen the machine works with humens. X)


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I didn't like this episode very much. It was pretty pointless and nothing really important happened. Bad episode...
Because Ash didn't let it out of it's ball. I'd much rather have seen BuizelXPachirisu then PikachuXPiplup

I would've loved to have seen this along with PikachuXPiplup.

Think about it:

Ash and Dawn are doing double-battle training with Pikachu/Buizel, Piplup/Pachirisu and then... well, you know what would happen next.

That probably would've made me like Buizel and this episode a lot more!

But, yeah, kind of a boring episode when you get right down to it.

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A few attraction episodes in this series
While the explanation they put at the end was vague and probably sufficient for the young viewers and the ones that didn't care, I'm pretty sure the reason the machine didn't work on Quagsire and Magnemite is because the professor explained that the machine to operated by releasing digitized waves of energy equivalent to the move 'Attract'.
This wouldn't work on those two assuming that Quagsire had the ability 'Oblivious' and Magnemite obviously being genderless; both being immune to attract in the first place.

If this episode had included Buizel and Pachirisu, it would've become instant success.
For a filler.


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This was 1 really weird episode... A machine that made Water+Electric Pokemon fall in love was really odd... It was creepy/freaky to see Piplup and Pikachu in love with each other. The gang's reactions were really unexpected. Buizel getting involved and attracting to Pikachu to make a love triangle was really weird. I'm surprised they were even allowed to do this form of episode...


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It wasn't that great and kinda odd, although I did think Piplup and Pikachu couple was kinda funny. It was already made clear Pikachu and Piplup were both guys especially in particular the last Togepi episode when Togepi attracts the Pokemon and all but Yanmega falls for the attract.

So they added a gay Pokemon couple which makes it funny because it's something you think the writers would be way too scared to do something like that (But then again Harley seemed like he may have been gay so it's not the first time).

G50- What about when Phione liked Buneary in the other episode? He's genderless and fell for her (I know it's a different thing, since Attract is pretty much forcing them to like the Pokemon that uses it).
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Hah, definitely one of the stranger episodes of the season, like the Mystery Tour episode. :) Pikachu and Piplup are so cute in this episode, the way they get so soft-voiced and lovey-dovey when they get stuck together. LOL Amazing that the scientist didn't get a clue about his pokemon being dual-types earlier, though I couldn't help wondering if magnemite also being genderless might have something to do with it (probably not, but all the other pokemon in love weren't genderless). I liked Jessie calling her teammates strange too. LOL



TM87? I got TM32 :]
I actually thought this was alright, not good though.


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I found this episode weird :\
It had some funny bits but overall this episode was boring, in my opinion...


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Sticking with Who You Know!

Oh Man, what a weird episode! When I saw this episode for the first time, I was like 'wth is going on'.
Because of a weird machine (which makes Electric-type and Water-type Pokemon fall in love with each other)Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Piplup fell in love with each other, Despite both of them being male Pokemon! Then they were hugging each other with hearts on their eyes, and cheesy romantic music was playing!! Ash and Dawn tried to seperate them, but their attempts didn't work.
I'm glad everything was back to normal at the end ..... but it was still a terrible filler episode in my opinion.


At first I thought that this episode was implying that Pika & Piplup were homosexuals which would've been progressive but the true culprit of their attraction was kind of lame.

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Wow Pikachu and Piplup hugging each other was kind of awkward since it seemed like they were in love ha ha. I liked how other pokemon were also affected by that guy's malfunctioning experiment as well. :3


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At first I thought that this episode was implying that Pika & Piplup were homosexuals which would've been progressive but the true culprit of their attraction was kind of lame.

I wouldn't have said it's progressive at all. In fact it's borderline homophobic. The episode uses Pikachu and Piplups brief infatuation to generate humour implying that it's somehow funny, weird or unusual for a boy to be attracted to, display affection for or love another boy. This is compounded by the fact it was involuntary infatuation created by a machine. That, unconsciously perhaps, reinforces notions of Heterosexism, suggesting that the only valid forms of attraction and desire are between people (or Pokémon) of the opposite sex and that everyone else should be treated as a joke.

That being said I'm not totally opposed to this idea behind this episode. The affinity enabler is a interesting device and plot line involving it could work under different circumstances. Certainly it would not come across is such a problematic manner if the anime actually made a fair attempt at LGBTQIA+ representation, though sadly it does not.

Also, everything reeked of wasted opportunities to spice up the craziness even more. Buizel somehow getting involved and throwing itself at Pikachu as well, creating an awkward triangle; war ensues. Buneary appearing and being mortified at the indecent display of a not-so-endearing Pikachu.

It certainly could have been funnier and part of me would desperately have like to see Buizel being influenced by the affinity enabler to. But I still have to ask the question as to who the joke would be on. Having three males fight over each other while an appalled Buneary watches on would only further have cemented the idea that same sex attractions and relationships are somehow improper or lesser compared with heterosexual ones and therefore to be treated like a joke.

Personally instead of being a wasted opportunity, I'd say this episode is an opportunity that never should have been taken. The question really is, not how can we make a group of male Pokémon hugging each other funny, but should we.

Anyway, as a result, everything and everyone in this episode was way too matter-of-fact and insistent on giving explanations. Who on earth cares about the why? This is crack. Crack doesn't need justifications. Crack should plow its way through the plot with its buddies, screwball comedy and meaningless hurly-burly, without giving a damn about boring things like reason.

I see what your saying but I disagree. Crack as a concept seems to be something more reserved to Fanfiction. Most episodes of the anime don't leave unexpected events unanswered so giving technical explanations was appropriate. The writers could probably have added more comedic elements such as Buizel getting mixed in the fray and still arrived at the same ending. In any case, resigning the anime's only same sex relationship(ish) to being 'crack' only furthers the problem I raised in the first place.
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