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Still can't think of clever RMT titles


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Gengar @ focus sash
Nature: modest
252 speed / 252 sp atk

Shadow Ball
Dream Eater

Starmie @ focus sash
Nature: modest
252 speed / sp atk

Ice Beam

Weavile @ choice band
Nature: Jolly
252 speed / 252 atk

Night Slash
Ice Punch
Brick Break

These next three I'm still debating about who to use

Ninjask @ leftovers
Nature: Jolly
252 speed / 100 def / 152 sp def

Swords Dance
Baton Pass

Metagross @ focus sash (he gets baton passed to in most cases)
252 atk / 100 def / 152 sp def

Skarmory @ leftovers
Nature: Bold
252 health / 100 def / 152 sp def


Suicune @ leftovers
Nature bold
Not sure about EVs


Garchomp @ anti confuse berry
Nature: adamant
252 speed / 252 atk

Fire Fang

And maybe a snorlax as a wall he needs nature moveset and EVs though

Help me!


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Skarmory @ leftovers
Nature: Impish
252 health / 100 def / 152 sp def

Drill Peck
Roar/Stealth Rock


STalking is a hobby.
You wanna try deleting like a thousand of the Threads you just made through the server problem? You don't need to repeatedly click the button, it will most likely go through the first time and if not, copy/paste and wait for the server to upload again. You spammed so much it's not even sad anymore, it's annoying.

Dream Eater sucks on Gar and on any other Pokemon for that matter, you should use Thunderbolt to cover better or even Explosion is better off than Dream eater.

Starmie won't be hit in one turn most of the time, Focus Sash is not needed. Life Orb or Choice Specs. I advise Life Orb since you have Recover to help, or even Leftovers.

Ninjask should be your lead so you can set up for the rest of your Team. It saddens me to see AGILITY on a Pokemon that not only is fast but has a Speed Boost. If you want to pass of Speed just get rid of Agility and add Protect, you have Substitute and Protect to send it off with, and it is really depressing to see Leftovers on a Pokemon that should be utilizing Focus Sash and then see a Pokemon like Metagross is won't get OHKO with a bulky Defense, resistances and good HP who should be the one holding Leftovers.

Get your game in gear man, you're doing it all wrong.

Max Def on Skarm, use Roost and Aerial Ace.

Suicune is outclassed by Cresselia who also has an immunity to Ground type attacks.

Anti Confuse Berry made me laugh. Swords Dance over Crunch if you're gonna use Fire Fang so you can hit Skarm for some damage.


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Yah, I didn't make a thousand it was two, and I didn't hit itmroe than once, I had to refresh the page a few times becasue I kept getting erros.


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What would be a good moveset for cresselia, and I may then switch starmie to kingdra for raindance and moonlight....