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Stopped in the Name of Love (590)


It was disappointing to see Piplup refuse to evolve. I'd like to see him change his mind someday and Dawn to return with an Empoleon.

Seeing as Satoshi's Fushigidane never changed his own mind, I doubt that Hikari's Pochama would either since he's even more obstinate.


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Barry was cool as usual, but every time there's a new appearance by him he gets stuck doing insane things. Barry with his arm around Kenny's shoulder made it look like a bromance was going on which is cute.
One of the reasons I like this episode is Barry. He is just too hilarious, like how he tried to force Ash, Brock, and Kenny to train for the Ping Pong tourney. And yeah, basically this episode was about Piplup not wanting to evolve which was nice to see the Dawn/Piplup connection throughout the episode. Also, we get to see all of the Piplup evo line here too.


FullmetalJackie said:
One of the reasons I like this episode is Barry. He is just too hilarious, like how he tried to force Ash, Brock, and Kenny to train for the Ping Pong tourney.

Jun's antics in this episode made him seem rather pushy, however. The fact that he was even so passionate about ping-pong made me appreciate his athleticism, though.


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What was really cool was watching Piplup, Prinplup and Empoleon all together in one episode. Piplup not wanting to evolve was dumb because by evolving he would get stronger so it was like he was sabotaging himself by refusing to evolve into Prinplup.


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Yet another Pokémon that won't evolve. I'm getting really tired of this. One more reason to hate Piplup.

I've now officialy lost interest in the anime, Japan can you stop being nazis and do the right ****in thing, I say potato, you say potato, I say evolve, you say **** off, I mean if it says Piplup evolves, then shock horror evolve the nazi, but no, the huuuuuuuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee demographic viewership are nazis, right? Do you know that you should evolve the damn thing and not glorify Hitler, yet one more one thing to hate the japanese by. I'm too old for this ****, seriously, is this some kind of late april fools joke, because it's fu-ck-in-hi-la-ri-ous right? Wrong. Screw Japan, screw hitler and most of all screw the anime.

Oh, why did you did that writers? Why?:( Dawn could have a strong and powerful Empoleon, but now she will have forever a weak little... Ah... It's still not clearly in my brain why does near EVERY Pokemon must refuse to evolove... I mean, like evolution is something bad... Nah, whatever...

Hope the piplup lovers are happy now....
i hate the fact that the little pinguin wont evolve....the time has
come that i will stop watching the anime *sigh*

Oh yeah, because I love piplup and I'm jokingly calling him hitlup right? Because that's what people do to their friends right, refer them to a hypocritical bas-tard, right? THINK MUCH. You're an eejit, it isn't a joke, so next time, think, right? But 10 points for thinking like a mental retard. It's not a joke, I'm dead fu-ckin serious? That b-itch should've evolved and I hate the Japanese for pulling a mean, mean, joke on me. Next time, call it Pochama's kopout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not, what you originally called it.
/End Rant.
Edit: I feel sorry for you, for actually thinking that Hitler's funny, seriously get medical attention, you psycho.

See this is why Piplups like a wanna be mascot. It gets its own episode for it, its own ending theme, wont evolve, and wont stay in its pokeball.Why oh why... Cant stand the penguin and hate it. A whole episode about it ........and then it doesnt evolve and beats TR easily like it got stronger somehow......arg. But I loved how they showed the trainers with the evolved forms and a piplup before everyone got mad that it wasnt going to evolve.
Main thing I hated is that Dawn picked it up with backround and all going "your my special pokemon you're my piplup!" .......agr.....

I liked how they showed Kenny FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLY and barry I seem to like more and more. I wanna see how they do in ping pong in the english version, I already watched a japanese dub. This might sound random but, I'd love to see empoleon with a ping pong pattle (thing you hold forgot the name) and wobble walking to hit the ball. That'd be cute for some reason.

Not impressed by the stupid penguin. Whining like a btch... I hate it.
The episode was only good for the impressive shadow TR's mecha made. Also, Jun's comment of TR being the Missile Team or something. That was good.

Surely now Dawn is carrying around that Everstone, doesn't that mean that Buneary won't be able to evolve too?

Oh god, why did it not evolve? i mean people loved Torchic and it evolve and than the combusion issue began.

I think Pilpup won't evolve because of its huge fanbase in Japan, us people outside of Japan say, "Evolve Pilpup already. we are getting sick of tried of getting its own ending, staying out of its pokemon and becomeing a new mascot and replacing pikachu and his Ketchup!"

But soon the kids in Japan will grow up and saw enough is enough, evolve Pilpup already. but if Pilpup doesn't evolve by Johto Bf then im just sticking to my fanfics and the game.

Piplup should have evolved here instead of suddenly developing a phobia of evolving which had no implications before. 4/10

Wow I know these are old posts but uh... Wow were people that mad about Piplup not evolving?

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Oh is this the episode where Piplup learned hydro pump as well or am I thinking of a different episode? Either way Team Rocket and Piplup probably made this episode unbearable to watch especially in the English dub imo. 3/10
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Can’t stress enough how much better the modern aspect ratio and hi-def visuals make the show look. Late DP still looks amazing to this day and better than what we have 13 years later but I digress

The dreaded ping-pong competition came on screen for a second and I already had to pause the ep to heavily sigh. Barry and Kenny suddenly being besties distracted me from thinking about it much though….

But speaking on the meat of the episode itself, it was quite touching. Piplup is just That Guy like I love him and his relationship with Dawn! It was so sweet hearing Meowth translate everything Piplup wanted to say to her, like?? So cute. The evolution storyline made sense and was handled well, just a great episode. Made me nostalgic for the beginning of DP and I just started my rewatch like a month ago

Spiky-eared Pichu is a banger btw