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Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 1) (720)


Oh wow, I loved this episode!

Not only was it action-packed but it had this feeling of tension to it. Yes, the first part was a bit rushed but the second part definitely made up for it. Iris was so adorable and I loved seeing her in a miko. I especially loved her reaction when Yuto chose her to pray for Landorus. First she was all pumped for it and then she actually realized what she was going to do, lol.

Looking forward to the second part! Much better than the Subway two-parter, I have to say. :D


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This episode was a good way to start off the 2-parter. It was cool to see Gochimiru, Doredia, Tornelos, Voltolos (my favorite of the 3), and a glimpse of Landlos for the 1st time. There was definitely a lot of tension in this episode. Their attacks looked great. Iris' face when she was told that she was the one who had to help summon Landlos was priceless. Every one of Dent, Ash and Iris' Pokemon had trouble just battling the strong Pokemon. Ash was smart to have Tsutarja Vine Whip grab his arm to get to safety from attacks. Gochimiru was adorable around Kibago. The ritual lookd really cool.



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Gothorita is still ugly to me...

Anyway nice episode. I like the combinations they did, Thunderbolt and Thundershock, and Leaf Storm and Drill Run.


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Just finished watching the video version. I enjoyed it, Legendary Pokemon battling it out is pretty entertaining.


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Just saw the episode myself. The beginning was honestly kind of random but the rest of it was pretty good. My favorite is definetly the battling parts and like someone else said, the attack combos some of the BWtrio used. Mostly because we don't get to see them and there's only been one tag battle in the whole series so far. Drill Run and Leaf Storm was brilliant.

Gothorita is the first COTD of the Gothita line which isn't either spoiled or annoying. I guess that gets some points. Pansage's epic battling by himself was awesome as well.

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so epic any way on white version i got the kami trio exilend got landouros about a min ago

man i watched this in jappanese i wish it was out in english
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It's definitely a nice change of pace having an episode really flesh out legendaries as opposed to that terrible Cresselia and Darkrai episode we got.

Plus, in regards to other little tidbits of remake hints here and there in the anime... black+white+dark red+dark blue stones? Or am I looking too much into this.


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Tornadus and Thundurus have been unleashed as part of Team Rocket's evil plot. Can Ash and Friends stop them? I would like to see what happens next.

Strange there was no Who's That Pokemon today. And who voices Thundurus and Tornadus?
This episode was definitely really good and holds your attention the whole time for sure. It was probably one of the best episodes I have ever seen in BW so far (I haven't seen much episodes though to be honest of BW). But I am definitely looking forward to the second part. I thought the whole legend was very interesting. And I am really loving Team Rocket this season. They are just great villains this season and I love seeing that.


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Was anyone else surprised Charles appeared in this episode, however briefly? As everyone knows, COTDs don't usually appear after the episode they star in. Anyways, I thought this episode was pretty good, even though it's obvious Team Rocket will lose in the end with no long-term consequences. If only this show did have long-term consequences, but Pokémon isn't deep enough for that stuff.


Been waiting to see this ep. Loved that the designers had this kind of animation in it. The kind i love alot. Does anyone even know if this episode's animation even has a name?

Only flaw about this ep is that Thundurus and Tornadus sound the same. Was hoping they would have different unique voices.


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What an episode! seriously this is easily one of the best episodes of pokemon that i have seen in years, and omg the music! it was breathetaking

anyone knows the piece that played during the 5 minute mark when everyone was looking at the history of the milo islands legends, it was such an emotional soundtrack and tcpi did a great job with it, i honestly thought it wasn't even dub created it was that good.

10/10 the animation the soundtrack the voice actors the plot

absolutely amazing

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Now this was the episode I was waiting for and it didn't fail to disappoint. I liked every moment of this episode and look forward to seeing Part 2.


I thought I was gonna hate this episode, but I didn't. Don't get me wrong, I don't love it either, but it was a lot better than I thought it would be; I think the battle against the Kami Pokemon is what won me over. I thought it was going to be an easy victory for the Kami Pokemon, but Ash and the others put up a great fight, so I was really pleased. I didn't like the fact that Gothorita was so important, though. It just didn't seem to fit since we were dealing with legendary Pokemon.
I was surprised they missed the Who's that Pokemon again. I hope its fixed in later episodes. But great episode overall.


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I like the episode in all ways but one.

Iris' jumping was completely unnecessary. Walking would have been just as fast, considering she didn't beat anyone anywhere.