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Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 2) (721)


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I enjoyed the dub version. I was fine with Landorus and Lilligant's dub voices.

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I enjoyed the dub version. I was fine with Landorus and Lilligant's dub voices.
I agree. However, on the flip side, Dr. Zager sounded like the only member of Team Rocket whose dub voice wasn't completely off in these two episodes.


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Considering how exciting and well-animated the previous episode was, this one was pretty disappointing. The animation seemed iffy pretty often.

The battles just weren’t as exciting as they could have been. It was annoying how Thundurus and Tornadus would just stay still with shocked looks on their faces whenever Landarus used Hyper Beam. C’mon, they’re legendaries, they should be smart enough to dodge attacks. I just thought the battles could have been choreographed much better.

And Team Rocket... Geez, we’ve been waiting episodes and episodes for this plan to come to fruition, but it took only a few minutes to defeat them. And it was so simple too: attack the helicopter? Well, duh! That was a letdown too, especially considering they seemed so much more adept in the railroad episodes.

So, unfortunately, I just can’t say much for this episode. Loved part one, though.


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Well, I'm finally nearly all caught up on new episodes after a 12-episode marathon (I just have ep 740 to go), so I can keep going on catching up on reviews. I've got to stop going ten weeks between episodes. I can't even keep straight what happened in what part of the Clubsplosion arc. But, back to this review...

I wasn't that thrilled by the three pokemon's two-part episode, but I was just glad to see more of Team Rocket. :D The accelgor guy was great too. I'm hoping the upcoming Team Rocket arc with the pokemon in their alternate formes will be a lot better. It's already looking promising with the return of Giovanni. This two-parter wasn't that memorable, though.



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This episode was the one I missed earlier. Now that I was able to watch it, it was true that it wasn't as good as the first part, but the only good thing was that they all calmed down.


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I enjoyed this episode. I loved seeing Team Rocket catch the three legends in cages and attempt to leave. I also loved seding Landorus in action.
I'm just going to assume that that piece of Revival Herb Louis did have wasn't quite enough to cure Lilligant, which was why he didn't use it on it in the first place.

Mrs. Oreo

So Landorus was finally summoned to help stop the battle of Tornadus and Thundurus and I was surprised that Team Rocket's traps actually managed to contain them. Lewis' Gothorita helping out was cool.


So here we got to see the debut of Landlos, and even though it was the trio leader, it seemed to struggle against Voltolos and Tornelos. The Rocket-dan of course had to be involved in trying to steal the three Kami Pokemon, although they failed. This would've been a good time to see the Therian Forms.
Ugh, my complaint about this episode was how short Team Rocket was in it. Dr. Zager himself literally had just forty seconds of screen time. The TRio was defeated quickly. :/


I wonder what the purpose of the TRio catching the trio was. It's amazing how they got them, and I like their serious ways. Nice to hear their awesome motto again. During the capture scene, I disliked the fact that they didn't think up of destroying the helicopter earlier.


I wonder if the Rocket-dan trio's plan to attain Landlos, Voltolos, and Tornelos for Seger-hakase in this episode was supposed to be foreshadowing for Sakaki's future scheme with the Reflecting Mirror, or if that was just a spontaneous decision on behalf of the writers.
Whoa this episode's plot kinda reminded me of the of the Lugia movie. Ugh, Team Rocket you were so close, but you have got to stop underestimating Ash and co. They've always done this and it always blows up in their faces. The reason they failed was because they simply forgot about their Pokemon. They could have easily countered those attacks on the helicopter and possibly succeeded.


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That was insanely boring. I'm of the belief that the TRio are NOT good villains. They are amazing characters, but just not compelling antagonists unless they're participating in competitions like contests.

There was literally no reason for their involvement here, just the standard "lol lets get that pokemon" that's in 700 other episodes. I honestly would've preferred a CotD villain that was actually somehow related to the island, maybe had something to gain from destroying its fertility. Or in an ideal world, they could set up a menacing villain for the saga a la Hunter J (A girl can dream. :p)

A 2 parter featuring legends and it still managed to be one of the most boring BW episodes I've seen. What a total letdown. At least the scene of them restoring the island was kinda cute.


Vulpicks said:
That was insanely boring. I'm of the belief that the TRio are NOT good villains. They are amazing characters, but just not compelling antagonists unless they're participating in competitions like contests.
I did feel that this episode would've benefited from having a different set of villains, or perhaps no villains at all since the Kami Pokemon were threatening enough on their own. The Rocket-dan wanting to go after the Kami Pokemon here only served as foreshadowing for Sakaki's arrival in Isshu later in the saga.