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Storm Kings

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The Point of Origin
Storm Kings-Still Recruiting!!!!

Welcome to the Storm Kings

"We are the Storm Kings. We will rule the competitive battling field with an Iron fist. Everyone wants to touch the sky. We are the only ones who can do it. Like a Storm, we'll sweep up everything in our path to reach the Sky. We will not stay grounded."

Hello I am FireTrainer92 aka The Flame King. This is a clan where competitive battlers new and experienced can come together as one to be the best Serebii based clans ever. We do hope to expand beyond Serebii but that is the future. To let you know now I am not the most experienced battler but I hope to learn from some of the best. We plan on having a lot of inner clan events aswell as clan wars.

Just following the basic rules and clan rules can get you far. You must be active and must compete in clan wars if selected. If you are going to be in-active for a while, please let me or any of the admins know that you'll be gone. You can only be in this clan. I don't want the members to have to decide which team to stay with. As far battling rules go, we play by standard clause unless other wise specified. No hacking or we will report you in the blacklist thread.

To register you'll need to fill this out:
  • Username
  • In-game name
  • FC
  • New or Experienced
  • Activity on Serebii
After you fill this out you will be tested with the testers main team. Your battle will determine your rank in the clan. You'll be graded in this format

Strategy 50/50
Movesets 25/25
Team 25/25​

If you get a total score of 59 or below you are in D-class. A score of 60 through 70 are in C-class. Anything above 71 is B-class. If you beat the tester, you are automatically placed in B-class. Note to testers: DO NOT be biased towards the person your testing. Be objective and be as honest as possible.

Ranking System
This clan uses a ranking system see whether members are able to compete in clan wars. There are four classes:

D-class: Trainers that are learning to become better
C-class: These members are mostly to participate in Clan Wars.
B-class: These members test for those who want to be apart of this clan.
A-class:This where the best battlers and admins reside.
S-class: This class will rarely be spoken of until we start to broadening our horizons to different forums.

To rank up you must be the best in your rank and request to be tested by the admins. To reach A-class you must be a loyal member of the Storm Kings. Meaning you must follow the rules, be helpful to other members and win a lot of clan battles. If one of the admins see that you meet these requirements, they will give you a test battle. If you win, welcome to A-class. S-class coming soon....


-FireTrainer92/Mickey/1418 4681 9445/Leader
-Aura-/Will/1332 9864 7093/Leader
-OMN's Skynet18/3007 6590 5751/Admin

-fireson360/Kelly /3265 2623 2267/Shop Clerk: 1st
-Darkhonchcrow/Guy/1118 2306 4890: 2nd
-Blade Knight/XALTAGO/1847 8470 0703: 3rd
-TheFinalDarkness/Plasma/3008 1139 8251: 4th
-mimefan/Timothy/1891 2344 3667: 5th
-LordCaedus/Matthew/4725 4939 4487: 6th
-shadowice1234/CJ/3781-1208-8952: 7th
-I ma_peng-uin_95/Connor/3738-1556-2371: 8th

-superluis5/dawn/4854 7846 9701: 1st

-Mysterous64/Mitch/3523-0838-4720: 1st
-GymLeaderJP/0860-4397-8383: 2nd

This are the various jobs that members can apply for:


Clan Artists:


OMN's Skynet18

Cloners: (personally I'm kinda effy with this on but it has to be done.)
OMN's Skynet18
Darkhonchcrow(Only on Emerald.)

Point System:
This system is used to buy things for the store. Winning clan tournaments, completing missions, donating to the shop, recruiting members, participating in Clan War can yield points called Storm Points or SP's.

Clan Tournament:
1st place: 50 SP's
2nd place: 25 SP's
3rd place: 15 SP's

10 Sp's

5 SP's

Will vary between missions.

Inner Clan Battles:
5 SPs

Clan Wars:
Win your clan battle: 20 SP's
Lose your clan battle: 10 SP's

Clan News
10/15/08: Umm our first mews update. We have a new member: Dark Knight. We also have Userbars. We are constantly growing which is great. More people need to apply for jobs as we grow.

10/16/08: fireson now runs the shop.

10/17/08: We now have a point system, missions, and we have two new members: TheFinalDarkness and lkelder0511. The Shop is now OPEN.

10/19/08: We have a clan Website now and a chat Thanks to everyone who have donated so far.

10/25/08: We have gotten alot more members since the 19th and now I think there will be a Clan tournament and eventual Clan war in the works. Aura and I will see how the Tounament will work and look for the Storm Kings first oppenent. In the meantime you all should prepare for your battles to come. Our journey to the Sky is a difficult one.

10/29/08: We now have Class standings. It works as a ladder to see who is the top member in your class. Whoever is in 1st gets a chance to rank up so battle battle batle.
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The Point of Origin
Banners, userbars,etc: These are for the use of members only.



Made by superluis5.

Multi-purpose One Stop Shop
For those members who need a certain Item, Pokemon, or TM can come here. Members use your SP's to buy these things.

Magby lvl 1 (ut)= 5 SP's

Magby lvl 3(used Rare Candies)(ut)
Egg moves: Psychic, Flamethower, Hp= 25 Sp's

Elekid lvl 1 (ut)
Egg moves, CrCoss, IceP, TP= 25 Sp's

Horsea lvl 1(ut)
Adament= 5 Sp's

Horsea lvl 1(ut)
Naughty= 10 Sp's

Riolu lvl 1 (ut)
timid=20 SP's

riolu lvl 1 (ut)
modest=20 Sp's

Gligar lvl 1 (ut) J
jolly= 20 Sp's

Scyther lvl 1 (ut)
Adament= 20 Sp's

Shiny Farfetch'd
Adament with 20 iv in att and 28 in hp=30 SP's

Lugia Lv 52
Bashful Nature
moves:psycho Boost,FeatherDance,EQ,Hydro Pump= 30 SP's

Jolly Nature
30 IVs in att, and spe=25 SP's

Shiny Chimchar
Egg moves: Thunderpunch and Firepunch= 25 SP's

Metang - Lvl20
30/30/28/12/7/19 (No EVs)
Comes with Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Metal Claw and Explosion= 35 SP's

Lv 100 Meganium got off GTS
Gentle nature
moves:Sunny Day,Solarbeam,Razor leaf, Synthesis= 20 SP's

Up-Grade= 20 Sp's

Potector= 20 SP's

Dawn stones= 15 SP's

Dusk stones= 15 SP's

Shiny stones= 15 SP's

Dragon Scale= 20 SP's

Electirizer= 25 SP's

Expert belt= 30 SP's

Leftovers= 30 SP's

Choice band=30 SP's

Focus Sash=30 SP's

TMs Note all Tm's are worth 10 SP's
Tm. 01
Tm. 04
Tm. 05
Tm. 06
Tm. 10
Tm. 11
Tm. 12
Tm. 13
Tm. 17
Tm. 24
Tm. 26
Tm. 29
Tm. 30
Tm. 35
Tm. 40
Tm. 42
Tm. 44
Tm. 51
Tm. 52
Tm. 53
Tm. 59
Tm. 61
Tm. 64
Tm. 66
Tm. 69
Tm. 71
Tm. 72
Tm. 73
Tm. 74
Tm. 76
Tm. 79
Tm. 81
Tm. 86
Tm. 89
Tm. 90

Clan Missions
Missions are used to get SP's. Once you ask for a mission you cannot ask for another. These are the Missions that are available:
Defeat a member of any other clan=10 SP's
Get intel from other clans=10 Sp's
Get a Clan banner made=15 SP's
Get new userbars!!!=20 SP's​
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The Point of Origin
Okay everything checks out. See you on Wifi.

Edit: Wow that took a long time but you made it. You are in B-class and can test those who are willing join us. Congrats
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Well-Known Member
I'll Join:
Username: Darkhonchcrow
Name & FC: In Sig
Experience: Have only battled once on Wi-Fi
Serebii activity: On almost everyday.


The Point of Origin
I'll Join:
Username: Darkhonchcrow
Name & FC: In Sig
Experience: Have only battled once on Wi-Fi
Serebii activity: On almost everyday.

Okay everything is filled out. Either I or fireson will test you.
* Username: ^^^^
* In-game name: doesn't matter
* FC: in banner
* New or Experienced: Brand new
* Activity on Serebii: On almost everyday


The Point of Origin
* Username: ^^^^
* In-game name: doesn't matter
* FC: in banner
* New or Experienced: Brand new
* Activity on Serebii: On almost everyday

Ummm okay everything is filled out. I won't be able to battle until about 8:00 est. Is that okay or do we need to schedule another battle?


The Point of Origin
Umm what about tomarrow 4:00 est?
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Fear My Tyranigatr!
Hey FireTrainer
Can I join and apply as a breeder?
I don't have a very good team at the moment (rubbish IV's and not EV trained) but I'm currently nature/IV breeding my newest team and have time to breed more pokémon while waiting for IV battles.
I recently got My Pokémon Ranch so storage won't be an issue.
I live in England (gmt+1) and own Fire Red which I am going through on a fortnightly basis so I can obtain good natured (maybe even IV'd) birds for competitions etc.
IGN: POURP(smiley face)
My FC: 0989 4537 9415
Experience: New to EV's & IV's but can hold my own in a battle so moderate
Serebii: At least once a day even on busy schooldays
I'm also a member of The Super Elites and will NOT fight in a war against them nor will i fight against this clan although if I do become a breeder for this clan I will still be a breeder.
Username death runner
In-game name jasmine
FC 0903 1453 3781
New or Experienced i film battles and put them on youtube im experienced enought i only do UU/BL battles
Activity on Serebii once or twice a day


mid trainer
Username pokedude 001
In game name saif
fc in sig
a bit experienced
activity on serebii 2 times a day
my time is gmt + 3


The Point of Origin
Anyone who applied can battle me now. This clan is NOT dead. Im very busy during the week.
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