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Storm Kings

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The Point of Origin
Storm Kings~Accepting members

Not leader anymore Kthnx
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We are accepting members! Apply now while you can!

The Storm Kings


Banner made by Storm Kings member PokeN3rd

Greetings and welcome to The Storm Kings.
I am Blade Knight the Storm King.

This clan is devoted to reaching new heights, bringing new people to a fun and social clan that makes them feel at home and to prepare them to storm the battlefield of the infamous clan wars.
It is also for veteran battlers to hone their skills and become terrors in the battles they fight in.


To join one must understand the rules and regulations that our host, the Serebii forums, has set to keep the peace.
For the full line-up of what these rules are look no further than this convenient link ---> RULES

How to become a King:

To join one must show an amount of reading skill so that they know to post answers to these questions:

~Do you have Wi-Fi?
~New or Experienced:
~Activity on Serebii:

If you do not have Wi-Fi you have no business joining.

After filling out this form, you will be tested by one of our skilled members in a battle. Do well enough in the first and you will be asked to a second battle. the purpose of these battles is to determine an applicant's skill. Each battle will be rated by the tester according to the following system.

-Strategy & Tactics:? /10
This refers to how well the applicant made their decisions during the battle, and their overall execution of his strategy.

-Team:? /10
This is a basic team rate. Was it well put together, any critical flaws/weaknesses etc.

Applicants achieving the pass marks of 15 (first battle) and 10 (second battle) will be ranked as Knights, while an applicant who fails either test will be ranked as a squire. (Note to testers: YOU MUST PROVIDE JUSTIFICATION FOR YOUR GRADES.)

Upon joining you will receive a PM from me, my co-leader or the Membership Supervisor with extra details.

~Storm King

HRH King Blade Knight – FC

The Leader of the clan. The Storm King is responsible for approving all appointments, applications and decisions made by the Nobles. It is in the power of the Storm King to declare war and forge alliances.


LordCaedus – FC

The Regent is the second-in-command of the clan. It is his job to act as an advisor to the King. In the King’s absence he can also approve any appointments, applications or decisions made by the Nobles, however such decisions can be vetoed by the King.


Lady xLilith – FC *Membership Manager*
Lord Ima_Penguin_95 – FC *Ambassador*
Lord Flamethrowa55 – FC *War Lord*
Lord L.A.W – 0989-0473-7205 *League and Tourney Supervisor*

The Nobles are trusted members of the Storm Kings. Each Noble is responsible for the everyday running of a specific subsection of the clan. If you have a question about an area of the clan, contact the Noble in charge.


Storm Kings that possess top-notch battling skills are crowned Paladins. To achieve this honor, regular members must fulfill certain criteria based on their combat abilities. Further details on this are the post below.

~List of Paladins:




Loyal troops of the Storm Kings; each Knight is a full member of the clan. Knights participate in the Storm Kings Seasonal Championship in an effort to hone their skills and earn respect (and bragging rights) from their peers.

~List of Knights:

~OMN's SkyNet18 - FC

~Mastadi – FC

~pokewiz7o8 – 3995-9252-6765

~Hydration - 0388 7412 6922

(~FireTrainer92 – 1418-4681-9445)

~Silent Storm - FC

~Lucario Dragon – 1590-4569-1491

~Thombom – 2578-7070-0582

~PokeN3rd – FC (Self probation)

~shadowice1234 - FC



This class is for those members who are new to the competitive battling scene. Each Squire will be apprenticed to a Knight, who will act as a tutor to the squire. Squires can become Knights by beating the 'Trials'. Squires cannot participate in the Storm Kings Seasonal Championship, and any Squire not making an effort to become a Knight can be booted from the clan.

~List of Squires:

~Rdx K1LL K1NG – N/A – FC *Tutored by: LordCaedus*

~Acreus89 - Richie - 1419 3338 0833 *Tutored by: Ima_Penguin_95*

~shadowphantom2 - FC *Tutored by: BTD*


To rank up from a Squire to a Knight, a Squire must pass 'The Trials', while any Knight wishing to become a Paladin must earn a certain amount of Honor Points. Details on this can be found in the post below.

WARNING: If you are dishonorable you might be kicked out at the discretion of the leaders. To show honor you must be active, loyal and a good King.

To be active is a clear thing.
To be loyal one must follow the actions this clan takes.
To be a good King is to show respect to your fellow members, to bring peace to the clan in times of discord, and to give advice to other members in need and to the clan in general.

General notes:

For those who care to know our mascot is the great Storm Bird Lugia.

All class userbars, including the Storm King, Regent and Nobles userbars, were done by -Gengar- YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT


~Storm Kings have been revamped as of 24 / 7 / 2009!
~The Storm Kings have been remade as of [date to be determined]!


If you have any questions don’t be afraid to PM me, my co-leader or one of my admins.

That is all for now.​
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Wandering Trainer
For those who have just joined and for those who are current members this is the post for you read!

Ranking Up

The Trials
To rank up from Squire to Knight, a Squire must pass the 'Trials.' With the blessing of their tutor, a Squire will face off against 4 Storm Kings members; 2 Knights, a Paladin and a Noble. At the end of each battle, the Squire will be graded according to the testing criteria. To rank up he must achieve a pass mark of 10 for each test, a win grants an automatic pass. Grades from each member will be kept secret until the Squire has completed all 4 of their battles.

A Squire cannot appeal a decision, though his/her tutor may appeal on the Squire's behalf. It is expected (though not required) that the test battles are recorded and posted so that a tutor can observe their Squire's performance.

Knight's Honor
To rank up from Knight to Paladin, you must gain 8 Honor Points. Honor Points are gained by completing parts of the criteria below. Points from tasks within a set topic do not stack. Also Points from Champion do not stack with Gladiator or Minor Premier

Storm Kings A-league
-Minor Premier: 2 Points
-Top 4 Finish: 1 Point
Storm Kings Tournaments
-Gladiator: 2 points
-Top 4 Finish: 1 point
Seasonal Championship
-Champion: 3 Points (+1 each for Gladiator and Minor Premier)
-Top 4 Finish: 1 Point
-War Hero: 1 Point
-War Hero (Bronze): 2 Points
-War Hero (Silver): 3 Points
-War Hero (Gold): 4 Points
-War Veteran: +1 point
-Rising Star Winner: 2 points
-Successfully Training a Squire to Knighthood: 2 Points

War Team Policy

A Standard war team will consist of 5 members. Two spots are reserved for the King and the War Lord. The remaining spots will be filled at the discretion of the King based on the War Lord's recommendations. If neither the king nor the War Lord wish to battle, the Regent will be receive their spot.

The Storm Kings understand that members may be part of one or more clans in addition to here. We will never ask a member to war a clan that they are part of, likewise we request that no Storm King member war against us on behalf of another clan.
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the war has ended. 14th November was the deadline. I'm srry i didnt get to battle blade knight. I was tired busy and depressed.

BTW wat happened to the previous thread

and BTW again -.-

BTW agains (XD) let me guess was the clan closed cuz of spam (no offense srry)


Wandering Trainer
6. Tiering

6a. League Tiering
(1) Any Pokemon not deemed Uber by Smogon University will be permitted in league matches.
(ii) Any Uber Pokemon deemed a 'Suspect' by Smogon University before the begining of each season will not be permitted in league battles. If said
suspect is declared 'OU' by Smogon before Round 8, then it will be allowed in league matches from Round 8-14
(iii) Any OU Pokemon deemed a 'Suspect' by Smogon University before the start of the league will be permitted in league battles. If said suspect is
declared Uber before Round 8, then it will be banned
from any league matches for Round 8-14

6b. Tournament Tiering
(i) Tournament Tiering will be announced prior to the beginning of the tournament signup period

7. League Format

7a. The league will consist of one primary league known as the A-League, and multiple secondary leagues known as the B-leagues.

7b. The A-league will consist of the top 8 Storm Kings battlers. For the inaugural season, this will be determined by the exec. In subsequent seasons this will be determined by member placings and stats from the previous season.

7c. The A-league roster cannot be changed for the duration of the season. There are no byes in A-league

7d. B-leagues will be formed from remaining members. B-leagues will consist of 8 members, with byes. The existance of byes allows for the introduction of new members mid-season. The rosters of B-leagues are determined by the tribunal and are subject to change throughout the season.

7e. The league consists of 14 rounds that will take place over 16 weeks. This corresponds with one round a week, with a week break between Rounds 7 & 8, and after Round 14. These breaks allow for the completion of delayed or postponed matches.

7f. During each round, each member will face another member according to the league fixture.

7g. A round takes place over a time period of ~1 week. A round commences at 6am Monday (GMT + 10) and finishes the next week at 6pm Monday (GMT + 10). The 12-hour overlap is a result of varying timezones between members.

7h. Results from all matches are to be PMed to LordCaedus AND posted on the thread by 6pm Monday (GMT + 11). Failure to do so will result in the match being declared unplayed.

7i. If a member in unable to fulfil his/her league commitments they can apply to the Tribunal to have the match delayed or postponed. They must provide adequate reasons to the tribunal.

8. Tournament Format

8a. The tournament will consist of 16 members in an elimination style.

8b. Places will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis

8c. The tournament will consist of 4 rounds played over 4 weeks.

8d. The timing of tournament rounds corresponds with the timing of league rounds as stated in Rule 7g

8e. The posting of results is to be undertaken in the manner laid out in Rule 7h.

8f. Tournament matches cannot be delayed or postponed.
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may i ask but how am I 6th in the ranks of b-class :(
well done caedus and shadow for being promoted ;) hopefully won't be long before I join you ( well might be a VERRRYYY long time) but you get it :p

EDIT: firetrainer it seems caedus forgot to mention this ( i wonder why :p ) but i also siad i would help be a tutor :p
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Nice to see this thread back, just to let you guys knows I will be in-active for 2 weeks from Monday as I'm going away.


Well-Known Member
I am back and ready to help this clan in whatever way it needs. By the way I might be inactive until the 21st of November because I have an exam. Thanks for understanding.
I just lost my clan war battle with the Davinator, my team of NFE pokes did great and was about to win when he pulled outs he's lucario who know BP. O well

hello everyone we need to rebuild (more post(not spam), the store back, all of the members knowing that we are back) and ready to crush our foes and rise to the sky we will not stay grounded thank you for coming back


The Point of Origin
Hey everyone. I really need someone to get some userbars done. You'll get 10SP's. Also I need to get the Shop running again. I need fireson to quickly get on his job and tell me all the pokemon that were donated. If you are part of this clan please post stating whter or not your still in this clan. If we plan on having a inner clan tournament we need to know that all members are accountable. That is all.



Well firetrainer you can count on me to be active and never leave this clan :p
MangoMan16 you need to fill out the sign-up form in the 1st post


BL/UU Trainer
* Username:MangoMan16
* In-game name:Miles
* FC:1074 9871 5986
* New or Experienced:not new but not experienced
Whatever you classify me as
* Activity on Serebii: Depends on the week
I could be on all week or not

so when am I gonna get tested?
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