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Storm of Ragnarok new info


Knight of RPGs
Well, I suppose in part I always suspected we weren't going to have DIVINE Divine-Beast Polar Gods, as disappointing as it is. They're still powerful cards I guess, but even with their new support, they just aren't the same. And I'm still wondering exactly what the idiot who decided that EARTH Beast-Warrior-Type is fitting for the God of Thunder was on at the time. WIND Thunder-Type would probably have been better, but I guess they're trying to tie him into the Polar Star Beasts.

Aside from that little screw-up... it's a decent set so far. New Polar Star and Polar God support is good, even if the Polar Gods just lost quite a bit of steam, and I can see the Polar Star Beasts having some use in the Beast Synchro Deck I'm planning now I've lost Rescue Cat. I'm wondering how they'll proceed to nerf Polar Star Angel Valkyria at this point, but that's me.

The True Six Samurai look interesting judging by Kizan, and hopefully they'll have some good stuff so I can mentally justify using the Six Samurai in fics for once. I'm hoping the new Scrap and Karakuri stuff is good too... though imagining an expansion on Scraps is admittedly interesting.