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Story Writing in Limbo

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Jnmisty, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Jnmisty

    Jnmisty Well-Known Member

    Hey, I have been a lurker on this part of the forum but have been more of a huge presence in the episode discussion recently after taking a huge of absence from the forums for a few years before reactivating. Also lately, I have been writing some one shot Pokemon stories on a Fan fiction site, but I got this really weird spam like review that states. I will not reveal the user name who left it because the last thing I want anyone to do is to find the user on the other site and bash on the user for leaving a review like that. Plus I also removed user id numbers and list of users for that same reason as well.

    Hey, welcome. So look a warning given you are writing a Pokemon story. There are some bullies on this site who review only to destroy stories and promote drama.

    They will push their believes down your throat, demand you redo your story to fit their wants and no, they are the super minority and hated by the fandom. They also tend to post pms publicly so responding to them is ill advised.

    They start off with a disclaimer about honestly thinking it would help. It doesn't they want you to be screwed over as they complain about trival nonsense that got their panties in a twist.

    They think Pokemon is slavery. That you should capitalize the way they want, fyi Pokemon names are not species names (but actual names according to game freak) and that's been officially recongized in modern English. So yes it's correct to capitalize Pikachu for instance. Oh, and they give out false dialogue formatting (It's "Hello," She said dialogue is a seperate sentence). Spend time putting out a text block of non issues that are not going to help you. Don't get me started on Arceus.

    What's worse is they all try to pass it off as them being critics in their reviews. Any review with it in the begining should be ignored if you get it.

    Oh and if they say that they are being bullied. Know that they are lying as they been doing it too this fandom for years now and are just pissed that a group are working to stop it. The admins told them to knock it off.

    If that's not enough on my profile is proof its utter nonsense. oh and if there is a guest reviewer titled "Take Down Hybrid" know that is's actually Handle Criticism Maturely the biggest of all of Farla's supporters and an utter troll who only doing this **** because Hybrid gave her criticism. The girls gone off the deep end and into complete insanity.

    Best to remove it.

    Speaking of them they had twice agreed to stop but don't. Even after being told to stop by the admins, their friends, and even random strangers. Right now they are somehow convinced that Hybrid, a woman, is a man.

    If they claim they have proof don't. Its all utter nonsense land they been told by the admins to take it down.

    As for the users you need to block and how, you block by heading to heading too the toolbar were you posted a story. Click on account and you should see the option to block users.

    Anyways mean less to say, I have been putting all of my Pokemon stories that I have been working on my phone on hold until this user has been removed from the other site or until I get a suggestion of a place to put my pokémon stories to be read and enjoyed.

    The List of Stories that I have been trying to work on.

    The Adventures in the Bentaka Region. (fake region name and a complex multi chapter story)

    Special Talk with the Breeder: (It is a one shot that has been completed on the other Site and thinking about making more featuring Brock and a traveling companion of Ash’s about various things)

    Journey to be a Master: (An Serious AU female Ash and some more darker tones

    An AU story where Ash gets kidnapped by Faba during the Nebby arc currently untitled

    There are other pokémon stories that has been on my mind for a while.
  2. Venia Silente

    Venia Silente [](int x){return x;}

    Oh man you got Farla'd. Or anti-Farla'd as it is the case. You must have published something right off the bat in January wich is when these groups get out of the bunker.

    You say you have been off the forums for a while? Perhaps out of most of the fandom as well? Grab some popcorn you are in for a fun month. Since some years ago there's been quite some Discourse on the internets about stuff like if, how and when to / not to Capitalize Pokémon names, what counts as a True Pokémon Story and that kind of stuff. The faction of the Farlas, the followers of the first reviewer who started leaving such kinds of reviews lambasting the capitalization and other aspects of writing, started spamming reviews regularly every Monday January. A counterfaction, the anti-Farlas, grew as well lambasting the lambasting, speaking up of the abusive behaviour of the Farla faction, etc., and at some point this counterfaction became something similar to the Nigerian Prince mail scams of the Pokémon fandom.

    I'd say just sit back, sip on a chaipiriña or some mint lemonade, and enjoy the little fame. It's too damn hard to get attention in the fandom nowadays, every extra eye helps and the little burst of popularity means you might as well get other, actually serious, reviews. Enjoy the show while it lasts, this is supposed to be for fun. All in all like most of those "Serious Business" fandom discourses, nowadays it's more hilarious than anything else. There's even now the sport of writing specifically crafted stories during January precisely to induce a response from either faction (or even both!); first story to get a review "wins".

    More importantly, don't let the Discourse dissuade you from writing or publishing. Best case scenario you can always just wait the month out.

    As for where to post stories, well, here's this forum after all! But there's also AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) as a more fandom-general content portal, which should also help keep your stories archived for prosperity since it's much less likelier to die than any other fandom site, even this one.
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  3. Jnmisty

    Jnmisty Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind. I mean this spammish thing was on two of my pokemon one shot stories. I mean the true nature of them has that special reflection and or talk between two or three trainers. It has that feel good moments that lift the spirit of the character who needs cheering up.
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  4. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Yeah, January is "Farla Copypasta Review" month in the fandom, but every new Pokémon story that shows up throughout the year, whether from newbies or seasoned authors, gets spammed with "WATCH OUT FOR FARLA AND HER GOONS". It's annoying, and it's being done by someone/a group of people who used to be part of Farla's mob gone rogue, but it's best to ignore it. If she or St. Elmo leaves a review, also ignore it, don't even reply to her. Read up on her instead, the drama's pretty funny. If you go back far enough on the forums here, too, you'll find her on her sock account "icemew" where she even came out in person calling out reviewers for her Mary Sue fic. That's good for a laugh.

    I've kinda noticed one of the best ways to repel Farla reviews is to write long-ass chapters. She's "too busy" to spare a single pwecious moment out of her time to read those for a "review".
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