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strangest eating expierence


Well-Known Member
As for the strangest thing I've ever eaten, I'm not sure. I might've tried fried kalamari once (we got some, don't remember if I had any). I guess I don't eat much I'd consider weird.

Oh, I know a strange thing. I came home from school late. We were having tacos, so I grabbed a plate from the dishwasher and started getting my stuff together (I have a taco salad kind of thing first). After that I made this other thing. There's no name for it, I think; it's like a soft taco, but bigger and with all the stuff folded up in one corner. Alway, before I make it I wipe the plate with the tortilla so leftover taco sauce won't get on the outside. So I made that and was done, so I started putting everything away. It was then that I noticed someone had started the dishwasher- the plate I'd eaten off off hadn't been cleaned yet. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!
There are worse delicacies out there, like Balut for one
I've seen Andrew Zimmern (tv show Bizarre Foods) eat all kind of crazy things, including Balut, but the most disgusting thing was probably the sea squirt. I can't find a picture of it or I'd link it. He said it looks like the huerta (sp?) from Star Trek- I think it looks like a bunch of nasty boils in one big glob.
I've found that whenever I eat a tuna sandwich, my pee always smells of it (about an hour or so after consuming). I find it quite fascinating (I love to see what comes out of my body).
I find that the same thing occurs with me when I eat sugar puffs cereal.

CMD Calcio

L'Amore per Sempre
I found half a Nut Roll in a McFlurry I had once. If you don't get why this was bad...I'm allergic to peanuts. Yeah.

On a more positive note. There's an Ethiopian restaurant where I'm from where you literally eat with your hands. There's this bread stuff (I'd liken it to a sour and tastier layer of Angel Food) that you use to pick up everything like the meats and vegetables and eat it just like that. Definitely one of the more interesting eating experiences I've had.


♥ Ace ♥
I was just just looking for this when I found it!

I am currently eating.....a caramel and toffee yogurt :s


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The only thing I can think of is when I was really young we found a piece of plastic in my chicken tenders from Burger King, I'm lucky I didn't choke on it.


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When I was about to chow down on my rice, I suddenly saw a boiled egg and almost freaked out. man that was a real surprise.


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I found some spiders in my McGrill and I went to throw up in the bathroom.

Never went back to that McDonalds every again.


shiny hunter
i once found a dead fly in my cereal,it put me off that cereal for life,i also found dandilion weed in my salad before too out of one of the mixed salad bags,it had flowers on and everything *ergghh*


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I was at Friendlys yesterday, (Cousins are young and Mom dragged me with them) and it took more than an hour to get our food. And it was crappy how the put it on the plate, too. Our waitress was so dull, and not friendly really. Now that I think about it, I don't think we left a tip...


to see you smile
I was at the much dance last night, and my friend Nolan was eati some candy, and he found a maggot in it, and ate it O_O


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I wish all of you fatties would just shove a Big Mac down your throats already and stop posting these stupid and annoying-as-fuck food topics.

LOL somebody needs some midol.


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Found a bone in my cold cuts chicken. Can't eat those sandwiches now *shudders*
and my friend was eating mozerella (lol, I can't spell) sticks and she pulls out an identical bone to the one I found in my sandwich a while ago :/
And my brother chased me with a piece of cow tounge. Didn't eat it, though.


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I was having some cereal once, had a spoonfull, bit something strange and found that it was a staple. I think someone stapled the bag shut after opening it, then when I opened it the staple fell in.
i once found a dead fly in my cereal,it put me off that cereal for life,i also found dandilion weed in my salad before too out of one of the mixed salad bags,it had flowers on and everything *ergghh*
Before the flowers part, I was going to point out that dandelion greens aren't totally out of place. I saw this commercial on HLN talking about travel tips- they mentioned eating a salad with dandelion greens to calm you down or something. No flowers though.
Found a thick piece of rope in my flatbread in Egypt.

So I just pulled it out and ate the rest.


Green Eyed Girl
I had a chicken burger at McDonalds once and it tasted like sausage. Food poisoning quickly followed, but because I wasn't in America at the time I didn't have the opportunity to successfully sue them.