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Strategy With a Smile (547)


I wouldn't call Glaceon winning for using Ice Beam. Also, like HoennMaster said, we don't know the genders so don't say a specific gender unless you have proof that the gender was revealed. Can you maybe show me a pic of Glaceon using Ice Beam in this episode?
He used ice beam in episode 544.
What I'm saying, is that if Glaceon was using ice beam on Piplup's whirlpull he was frozen it, and Piplup can't win with a frozen whirlpull.


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Ok. Use proper grammar and stop saying he. We don't know Glaceon's gender. But anyways, it wouldn't have been beating Piplup just for using Ice Beam. Sure, it is a beautiful move and great for contests but Piplup has good moves too. Actually, Piplup could use a frozen whirlpool to its advantage because if it explodes like when Piplup battled that Empoleon in Movie 10, it could counter with a move like Peck or Bubblebeam.


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The pink sparkle that surrounds glaceon was probably secret power. Its power depends on where the pokemon is right now i think. when i looked at the score of Dawn and May, it seems like a draw to me instead of Dawn winning.


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This episode was nice but when i watched it scenes were cut out. May vs. Zoe was cool but i swear that May should have won the match against Dawn. Ahwell.

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The may and Dawn match was pretty epic. i think the Wallace Cup gave Dawn a chance to feel better and win more ribbons.
Hmm. The first time I watched this, I didn't really pay attention to much, because at that point I was a May fan and heard Dawn won. I couldn't remember any of the battles, as I was fuming over Dawn's win. Now, however, I rewatched it, (and in a less biased way, since I'm starting to warm towards Dawn) and I have a few things to say:

1. I LOVE the music used in the battles between May and Zoey, and Dawn and May. I don't know the titles of any of them, but I've now made it a personal mission to find out.

2. Glaceon's first appearance on stage, and it's at the finals for the Wallace Cup? I think she should've used Beautifly. She would sweep the floor with Dawn.

3. Mirror Coat, gah. I know she only used it like twice, but to me Mirror Coat isn't really a great appealing move.

4. Rewatching it, I realised it's pretty obvious Dawn was going to win this. No way would the writers make Dawn lose three times in a row. Best way to restore her confidence: Have her win against May, and at a big event too.

5. Why didn't Piplup spin around in circles while riding the Whirlpool? o.o

That's just my two cents.


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i really wish may won it.


Wow so the battle between Dawn and Kyle ends with Dawn's victory. I didn't think Piplup would be able to counter that huge overpowering Crawdaunt though. Funny to see Jessie interviewing Dawn after her victory lol, at least she got to do something.

Zoey versus May was also "shocking" and not just because of Glameow's cool water ShockWave move either. I didn't think the almost unbeatable Zoey would lose to May's Beautifly. Nice to see Wallace praise the performance though :S

The final battle was stunning, almost worthy of being a Grand Festival finale lol. Piplup was able to counter May's Glaceon's beautiful Shadow Ball and Ice combos perfectly despite it being generally weak in battle. Dawn's victory really surprised me, but good for her. 10/10


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Glaceon is my favorite Eeveevolution so I was very happy to see it in action. This battle was great just for the sheer fact that it was May vs Dawn. I thought May was going to win but I wasn't disappointed that she lost and I was happy for Dawn. I think that win will give Dawn just enough drive and inspiration to make it to the Grand Festival. Excellent episode.


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I think that we were all surprised that Dawn beat May, but it was still a sweet victory nonetheless. Piplup battles pretty good even though it has a size disadvantage with Crawdaunt and Glaceon.

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Good episode, the battle between May and Zoey was good and she is definitely a tough one (Zoey) but May probably been training just as much as Zoey has, Beautifly is probably alot more stronger then the last we saw of it, although if time hadn't run out just then something tells me Zoey would have won

May VS Dawn, I liked it and it was interesting to see the two battle against each other (Pity we didn't see a Misty VS May episode lol). I think Glaceon and Piplup battled well. It does look like a tie but I am pretty sure May lost by a few inches, any closer and she would have won.

This was a good end to the Wallace Cup, pity May left but who knows if we will see her again. By the way some of the episodes I was distracted, where was May's Venasaur? I remember we saw it but I didn't see it, must have missed it this time, I think Venasaur was on the screen for a few seconds. Also wanted to say I liked May's costume, it was a pretty one and seem to fit this whole Princess of Hoenn nickname she apparently got down the road.


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I think I can fit what I want to from the previous episode in a couple of sentences in this review. Ash saw one of the legendary lake trio, mastered Ice Aqua Jet (with Paul watching on tv), but still lost his contest battle. So that leaves May, Dawn, and Zoey as the three left from our group of four heroes/friends of heroes who entered this contest. Dawn reaches the final from her side of the draw, and May and Zoey battle in the semis of the other half of the draw.

May is a much nicer person than I am. She's really gone out of her way to praise Dawn. Now, I could imagine myself doing that to help someone, and I have done something like that before. But I would have been pretty angry if I had heard Brock's reason for why Dawn is nervous heading into the final: Dawn has to face the girl who beat Zoey. May doesn't hear this either, but I think she would have been okay with this. I wouldn't have, though. As accomplished an coordinator as May is, I think she deserves a bit more respect than that. Come to think of it, though, in a later contest that I should get to this summer, Dawn faces another experienced coordinator (not of May's level, but still pretty good), and she's not too intimidated heading into that final. Maybe those sort of things don't bother her, since her mom is such an amazing coordinator-it's hard to be overly impressed by what she hears about other coordinators. Still, May has treated Dawn so well (especially compared to the way Zoey has, for the most part, treated Dawn), I think May deserves a little more respect than that. As for the battle itself b/w May and Zoey, May does a really good job of turning the momentum around after Zoey gets off to a good lead using mis-direction attacks. May counters with her own mis-direction attacks, leading to a narrow victory. As Brock says when May falls behind in the match, May has been in so many contest matches, and her experience shows in the way she keeps her cool and thinks of a way to win.

Before the final, May tells Dawn there won't be any hard feelings after the match, but May doesn't enter the match with full 100% intention to win no matter what. She decides to use Glaceon in what will be it's first match, so this is somewhat of a practice session for her (and she has 3 ribbons, so this isn't an unrealistic decidion). Dawn goes with Piplup, her best pokemon; she needs to win. The battle is pretty good, and Dawn shows a great deal of confidence in the match. Things come down to the final move; May actually predicts correctly what Dawn is going to do, and has Glaceon counter with Mirror Coat. But when time is up, Dawn is the one with a few more pts, according to the judges anyway. May congratulates Dawn as Dawn tears up and hugs Piplup (w/o saying anything back to May; May is definitely a nicer person than I am).

You know, maybe I shouldn't blame Dawn so much for the way she acts. I'm sure she sees that May is being extremely supportive b/c of her contest troubles recently. It's hard to be overly receptive to something like that. I think there was one scene last episode where this is sort of shown. It's right after Ash pulls off the Ice Aqua Jet. While Zoey is quite impressed with Ash, Brock sees this as a chance to give Dawn more confidence. He tells May Ice Aqua Jet was originally Dawn's move, and May, getting the hint, quickly tells Dawn that she's amazing, too. But Dawn doesn't really accept the compliment, saying thanks, but Ash is the one who made it work.

Zoey, May, and Dawn make a pretty nice group. If Dawn isn't over-awed by May, Zoey seems to be a little. She does a good deal more nodding and saying yes instead of some of the wisecracks and bossiness she's prone to. Again, I think Ash started the change, but May sets a good example, as well. (Laughing) Come to think of it, I can't believe Zoey was able to resist saying something witty to Ash after he fell off his bed last episode. That has to be a first.

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This episode had two of the most entertaining contest battles ever seen.... Dawn's Piplup riding that whirlpool and appearing from the curtain of water was really special....Brilliant from both sides


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This episode was really cool. It was interesting to see Zoey lose against May. The Piplup vs Glaceon battle was really cool. I'm glad Dawn finally got off her slump and finally won her 2nd Contest Ribbon. Piplup's Bind move while being attacked with Dark Pulse was really cool, not to mention how the attack was released afterwards on Crawdaunt. It was cool to see that Glaceon could use Ice Shard, Mirror Coat and Iron Tail attack. Even though May anticipated Piplup's final move and used Mirror Coat, time ran out, and Dawn had more points.



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This episode staged two of the best contest battles ever shown in the Sinnoh saga. May vs Zoey was quite entertaining, but I can't remember the details of it. I would have liked Zoey to win, as Zoey really has helped Dawn to aspire to her standards. If that happened, Dawn would have had more glory, due to what I just stated. Tutor vs Learner would have been epic. The final battle was awesome, but Dawn won unfortunately as I prefer May more. Her appearance in this mini-arc of episodes was really pleasing as well!

Overall 96/100

Edit: Rank Up.


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Watched this one online several times (though I have still yet to see it on TV, Network Ten are currently airing reruns of Battle Dimension) and the Dawn VS May battle was awesome!

It was a tie, but Dawn won on judges' decision. Well done Dawn on your second Ribbon!
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May is the peoples winner. Dawn winning will go down as one of the most darkest days in pokemon history

the judges probably favored dawn cause she's from sinnoh
^Actually, Dawn had more points.