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StriatonRadio, a Pokemon Podcast!


hey trainer
Hey guys! A couple of friends and I decided we wanted to start a podcast together, and we've come up with it! Here's some of our info:

So the main selling point of our podcast, as opposed to Pokemon Podcast's It's Super Effective or the Bouncing Wailords, is that we are the more competitive Pokemon oriented podcast, whereas ISE focuses a lot on general Pokemon and the TCG, while BW focuses on the anime. StriatonRadio also has elements of the anime, and general Pokemon topics, but two of our most popular segments, Random Encounter and Battle Subway, have heavy Competitive influences.

The Podcast was originally started up by Justin (me), David (Tala-) and Robert (pokeotaku). However, we eventually got on some guests who became permanent members. Ren (Renasaur), Kristina, and Omen (SilentOmen). Omen has become StriatonRadio's unofficial Public Relations Officer.

A normale épisode of StriatonRadio generally looks like this.

1. Intro - Basically we introduce the podcast, and the people on the episode.
2. Pokemon Jokes - Tell a quick, "punny," joke related to Pokemon.
3. News - Cover some recent news, both to keep listeners updated in case they missed something and to provoke any conversation that may spur from the news.
4. Random Encounter - We talk about a randomly selected Pokemon. Usually we cover basic facts on the Pokemon (most of it useless) and then we start the Competitive breakdown.
5. Break - Play some cool music. Nice break from the talking.
6. Lab Report - We as a podcast talk about some random topic on Pokemon, ranging from Competitive Pokemon stuff to just general Pokemon stuff.
7. PokeNav - We randomly select a city in the games, and we talk about it.
8. Teachy TV - We talk about the latest episode of the anime in America. That way, for those who want to watch the anime, the episode will already be out and they'll have seen it, so they won't get it spoiled, and at the same time, if someone doesn't want to watch the oddities that some people have problems with in the anime, they can at least know what's going on.
9. Author's Cafe - An old segment that we don't usually cover anymore, but it's still there in the event that we have a cool fan fic to talk about.
10. Passerby Analytics - The cast asks a weekly question that the listeners will hopefully answer, to be read on the next episode.
11. Trainer Journals - The people on the podcast tell stories about their current Pokemon adventures. Basically just what are people up to Pokemon-wise.
12. Plugs - The people on the podcast plug themselves, letting listeners know where they can get into contact with the podcasters.
13. Podcast Plugging - Brief talk on site stuff, mostly where to find the site on the various social networks.

We also do Battle Subway episodes, where the listeners submit their teams to the podcast, and we go over them on the podcast, making suggestions or giving praises.

The episodes do tend to be somewhat lengthy, but that's the beauty of modern day technology. There's a pause button.

So let's say you would like to listen to the podcast. Let's say you want to support the podcast. How do you go about doing that?

Well, first you can like us on our Facebook page!
You can also follow us on our Twitter! @ mention us, we promise, we reply!
Tumblr's pretty big too, so you can follow us on our Tumblr as well!
We do have a website as well, so give it a quick look over! It's nowhere near as awesome as Serebii's website, but it's still something. We usually have our Random Encounter and Battle Subway teams of the week up as well, so you can see those. CLICK FOR WEBSITE.
If you want to listen to us, you can listen to us online at our Podomatic website.
You can also listen to us on iTunes. You can also a big help that you could do for us is to leave us a review on iTunes!
And finally, if you want to email us, we have an email address. This is also where you send in your teams. striatonradio@hotmail.com

So yeah, hopefully you enjoy the podcast! Hopefully we're not breaking any rules by posting it here.

Episode List
So, in case you wanted direct links to each individual episodes, here it is!​

01 - The Introduction (David, Justin, and Robert)
02 - Everything Starts from Something (David, Justin, and Robert)
03 - Episode 3 ft. Coke Can (David and Justin)
04 - Episode Four: And Halloween Month Begins! (David, Justin, and Robert)
05 - WAILMER! And Flying Snorlax (David, Justin, and Kristina)
06 - MooMoo Milk and Ruffians (David, Justin, Robert, Kristina, and Ren)
07 - Super Late Ending to Halloween (+Bronies and Shuppets) (David, Justin, and Ren)
08 - SUBWAY TIME! (David, Justin, and Kristina)
09 - The Video Game Championships: Regionals (David, Justin, and Ren)
10 - I'm Giving You a Podcast for Christmas (David, Justin, Robert, and Kristina)
11 - StriatonCafe: The Christmas Gift (David, Justin, Robert, Kristina, and Ren)
12 - Palkia is Inappropriate, Apparently
13 - Coming a Little Late to the Party (And a Little Inappropriate) (David, Justin, Robert, Angela, and Ren)
14 - In the Shadows of Omen (Justin, Robert, and Omen)
15 - The Under the Bus Episode (Justin, Ren, and Omen)
16 - The Slowpoke Named Soup (Justin, Ren, and Omen)
17 - Episode Within an Episode #sick (Justin, Robert, Kristina, and Omen)
18 - Professor Omen and Youngster Justin (Justin and Omen)
19 - It's Battle Time! (David, Justin, and Ren)
20 - Renee the Ursaring (Justin, Ren, and Omen)
21 - StriatonCity Freezes Over! (Happy Birthday) (Justin, Robert, Ren, and Omen)
22 - We Looked Like Snorlax (Justin, Ren, and Omen)
23 - We're So Starving (David, Justin, and Robert)
23 - Battle Subway: zerocielX (David and Justin)
24 - Kelly's a Guy!? (David, Justin, Robert, Ren, Omen, and Kelly)
24 - Battle Subway: ShinyShinx (David and Justin)
25 - Psychic Kid's a Cheater (Justin, Robert, and Omen)
25 - Battle Subway: Kristina (Justin, Kristina, Omen, and Tyson)
26 - Whygon (Justin, Ren, and Kristina)
27 - WAILMERS Love C-Gears & Justin is in the Closet (Robert, David, Kristina, and Omen)
27 - Battle Subway: Spoonysage (Zelda Theme Team) (Robert, David, Omen and Kelly)
28 - Run papi (David, Robert, Ren and Omen)
29 - SexyBack (Justin and Robert)
30 - The Dawn of a New Era (BW2) (Justin, Robert, and David)
31 - The Journey Begins 2 (Again) (Justin, David, Robert, Ryan and Savannah)
32 - Black (Robert, David, Kristina, and Omen)
33 - White (Justin and Ren)
34 - Garbodor Holidays (Justin, Robert, Omen, and Kelly)
35 - Togepi, We'll Ring in the New Year (Justin, Robert, and David)
36 - Battle Subway: State of the Nation (Justin, Omen, Kelly, and Stephen)
37 - JKK XY (6th Generation) (Justin, Kristina, and Kelly)
38 - 2023 Internrational Challenge (No Tears) (Justin, Kelly, and Stephen)
39 - Battle Subway: Pokelefi (Justin, Omen, and Stephen)
40 - That Is the Right Sound (Justin and David)\
41 - Battle Subway: Silfeed (Justin and Kelly)
42 - Newtwo (Justin and Robert)
43 - People Like Talking About Their Masterballs (Justin, Omen, Stephen)
44 - The E.N.D. (Justin, Omen, and Kelly)
45 - StriatonRadio Goes to E3 (Justin, Kelly, and Stephen)

*You can still find these episodes on iTunes as well!
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please wake up...
I just listened to your first podcast and am moving on to the second. I must say, I'm pretty intrigued, so I added the podcast Tumblr, and I'll hopefully be listening in to future recordings.

So yeah, you've captured my interest thus far. Keep it up. :3


hey trainer
Wow! Thanks! Hopefully Episode 2 doesn't turn you off. It's a little rough, I've realized, but we're still learning!

so yeah. Hopefully you like it and stick with us! We like interacting with our listeners, so if you ever want to talk to us, you can talk to us via Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook. Or here, David (Tala-) and I are on serebii too. ^___^
Again, thanks!


please wake up...
It does sound a bit all over the place at times (I'm around the 50 minute mark), but yeah, it'll probably take a few episodes to get into a pattern that works best. I'm forgiving about that, at least.

So far so good, anyway! Like I said, I added you guys on Tumblr, and I checked Facebook too, though I can't seem to find you there, oddly. Still, I'll stick around for a bit and see what comes of this.


hey trainer
Hahaha. Yeah, definitely need to work on the cohesiveness of the group. Skype's lag doesn't help a whole lot @___@

But anyways, thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it. We are http://www.facebook.com/pages/StriatonRadio/112988328804027 on Facebook. We don't have anyone following us, so we kind of haven't done too much with it, but we probably will once we get more of a following there. Tumblr's the main place to be right now, it seems. Thanks for the chance!
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hey trainer
Hmm, Might have to have a little listen. ;)

I like free things! :D

Hahah, hope you liked it!

Anyways, Episode 6 is on it's way, just gotta do some editing. For now, I just finished fixing up the website for the podcast, so if you want, you can check it. ^__^



hey trainer
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hey trainer
Episodes 8-11 are now out!!!

"Merry Christmas from StriatonRadio! As a gift, we present the new episodes; http://www.wix.com/striatonradio/striatonradio#!__podcast"

- StriatonRadio


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Wow! I didn't know you guys had your own thread!


hey trainer
Hahah, yeah. I'm thinking of going back, making it more organized so that it can be more useful and convenient to use, but basically, yes.

BTW, expect a PM/wall post on FB sometime soon. :)


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Thats cool. Is this considered "off-topic?"


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Everytime I see that banner here, I think I really have to check out that podcast, but I just keep forgetting xD

It looks good, so hopefully I'll get to it eventually


hey trainer
Everytime I see that banner here, I think I really have to check out that podcast, but I just keep forgetting xD

It looks good, so hopefully I'll get to it eventually

Thanks! Hopefully you do; although I understand not doing it ASAP. We generally have 2 hour long episodes, so setting some time aside is generally a good idea. XD

Anyways, thanks, and hopefully you get around to it! :)

Osha Say What?

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Well, since I've got my computer back to where I can actually add music on my Zune, I guess I'll give this podcast a listen tomorrow.