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Strike a Fully Powered Pose for a Sleepover! (991)

Victorian Rush

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Finally got around to watching this episode and I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

It was nice to see everyone just having a good time at the sleepover and I was happy that Professor Burnet stayed. I’m really hoping that at some point during the anime, Kukui and Burnet will get married like they are in the games and that would make me so happy.

Poor Lillie. Getting teleported right to Gladion and Type:Null left her traumatized and unable to touch Pokemon again. I gotta be honest, I feel even worse for Shiron than I do for Lillie. Shiron has been raised by Lillie ever since it was an egg and you can see that it really cares for Lillie. For Lillie to push it away like that, my heart breaks for Shiron. Hopefully in the next episode, Lillie will be able to touch Shiron again.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10.

Satomine Night

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The Silvally who attacked Lillie probably wasn't Gladion's.
Lillie probably got some UB energy in her.
As for Nebby, you're a troll.
Gladion stated in SM 47 that his Silvally was the one who saved him and Lillie from Nihilego when they were younger. So, yes, it's the same Silvally.


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This was a good episode. Like, a really good episode. I've gotten used to the fact that Sun and Moon is more of a Slice of Life show and I honestly think that the Filler moments in this season are the best filler moments in the series. I was very much entertained by the first 3/4ths of this episode. The hide and seek game was cute, the accidental Z move is the funniest non-face related moment in the season to date. I was a bit weirded out by the random Munchlax (If it appeared in an earlier episode, I didn't see it) but I was laughing when it ate all the food and the training bit was actually really interesting.

The last 3/4ths of the episode though.......... unexpected but welcome. I like the way Lillie and Lusamine's relationship is in the anime. I honestly don't think Lusamine is evil or at the very least she's doing a very good job hiding it. She's simple more the "workaholic slightly neglectful" type of parent. Putting everything they have into their job at the expense of the relationship they have with their children. It's an honest to goodness relatable relationship between the two and I honestly didn't expect Pokemon of all shows to take this route. I really like it though. It's really good stuff. Then the last few minutes..... such intrigue very wow. I loved it. The preview looks to be far more serious in tone. Silvally is breaking off its mask but I honestly wonder who its for. I honestly think it'd make more sense if it's for Lillie. Sense she was the one Silvally had protected from the ultra beasts and even when they first met in the cave, Silvally was only hostile up until it got close enough to see Lillie then it got mysteriously calm. This may just be me fantheorizing but I think Silvally is gonna be very protective of Lillie in the next episode. To the point where it breaks it's own mask.

9/10 I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. IMO it's one of the best in the season.

Unseen Umpire

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You know, despited Lusamine being shown to be a caring mother and Faba acting like a main anatgonist, I'm starting to question if Lusamine is the antagonist in the anime like in the game.


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You know, despited Lusamine being shown to be a caring mother and Faba acting like a main anatgonist, I'm starting to question if Lusamine is the antagonist in the anime like in the game.

If she is, it won't be willingly for sure, she loves Lillie and Gladion too much. Gladion also seems to still respect her highly which says a lot in itself.


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10/10 for me what a great episode
I love the training scene they even show how the classmates now interested about battling and wanna train together cause of the kanto arc , really nice continuity there , kinda hope it set up something in future


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Finally got around to watching the episode. Sure, Burnet, I believe your schedule just happened to be open for a sleepover at Kukui's. Also, the part with Inferno Overdrive accidentally activating was funny.


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This was a fun episode (yes I know I'm pretty much saying that about most episodes lately, I guess I'm just really enjoying the series). We got to know Burnet a lot better, she's cool, confident, and considerate, she's great. A little bit of teasing for her relationship with Kukui, which I hope they'll develop further into the series. Also liked the concepts they had in the episode. Nebby hide-and-seek is neat, and Rotom's game of the Z-poses was also creative and ended hilariously with Turtonator blowing up the room. Kukui's look after Turtonator did that was priceless, really showing that "Really dude?" response. Also liked the attention to detail here, especially Togedemaru still being Sophocles's night light. A lot of the events might seem a bit disjointed, but there was a lot of natural flow to the episode that didn't feel forced. Munchlax ate all of the food, which is what a Munchlax does, which caused Kukui and Burnet to have to go and shop for more food and get them some alone time to develop and tease that. The atmosphere being very fun and homelike felt natural and reminded Lillie of the times with her own mother and brother, which in turn caused the development for her in this episode. I liee how they're doing these things, having a proper setup for Lillie being reminded of her problems with her mother and wishing to talk to her brother again, instead of that coming out of nowhere. The writing is just so good lately, and I love it.

Since you brought up the attention to details in the scene after Kukui's place has been clean with Pikachu rolling around in that same scene you can also spot Popplio swimming in Kukui's aquarium.

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Since you brought up the attention to details in the scene after Kukui's place has been clean with Pikachu rolling around in that same scene you can also spot Popplio swimming in Kukui's aquarium.

Wow, I didn't notice that at first. That's pretty neat as well.

Red Tiger 12

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I couldn't give my opinion of last week's episode, so I guess I'll make up for it by giving my own for this one.

I like the beginning of the episode where it showed the kind of tense relationship Lillie and Lusamine are currently having. To me, I'll be real for a brief moment here. It's really understandable why Lillie would be that mad at Lusamine; being away from your daughter for Arceus knows how long, only then being interested to start bonding with her just then would be really frustrating. Plus with the fact that Lusamine is choosing her work over her own daughter, it's really rough for a child to even go through something like that, even if it is for something big. If you're a kid, and your parents are away and despite having contact with them, they choose their work over you, that has got to be really painful to have. Then later Lillie remembering the times she had with her brother and mother just really cemented how much she just wants Lusamine to start paying more attention to her and her brother again like they used to.

I loved Burnet in this episode. Like Ash said, she's a really fun person to be around. Those little moments between her and Kukui though, special mention goes to those. I am gonna agree with everyone else, there has to be an episode somewhere near the end where both Professors are gonna get married. I want Ash to be Kukui's best man, and Lillie as Burnet's best girl. Speaking of Burnet and Lillie, I did love the interactions and bonding the two have over Lusamine. Also the two of them talking near the beach, kind of a mythology gag over the fact that Burnet found Lillie washed up in the beach in the games (though I think that's just me). Regarding Lusamine, when Burnet told Lillie about how each time she would come into her office she would find Lusamine looking at the framed pictures of her and her children back then was amazing, it shows that, despite her being unable to really go to properly bond with her kids and enjoy some family time with them, she does cherish the times they had and if her work were to suddenly calm down for a while, she will go to them and spend as much with them as possible, but her work and her own inability to consider her children's feelings (sometimes) are blocking that from happening.

After Burnet told Lillie that, I was happy to see that Lillie was now having a change of perspective towards her mother and decide to be properly talk to her next time (boy, did that raise a red flag).

The last half of the episode though, was really something interesting. It looks like Lillie is back to square one with her fear (aw man!), all because Nebby unintentionally brought her before Gladion and Type: Null/Silvally, with the latter's presence causing a fragment of Lillie's buried memory to come back and traumatize her again, making her regress. That really creates a set-up for this upcoming Thursday's episode, and with that being the 1,000th milestone nonetheless, so I'm expecting something amazing at least to come out. In regards to the whole sleepover parts, I found them fun. Just seeing the rest of the characters interact like that over something as fun as a sleepover, games and even cooking was cool. We rarely get those kinds of things where everyone just chills, hang out and be together in one place to just have fun without too much trouble driving it, but that one moment of Training and presumably battling before Kukui and Burnet came back was good, since it shows that the Alola group and Ash have done things other than just goof off and it wasn't random, to me at least.

I did love the mix of comedic, slice of life element on the first half with the serious tone on the second half. This is one of the episodes in the series, in my opinion, that has been able to combine both of those contrasting aspects without creating too much inconvenience. This is why I like Sun and Moon the way it is: it may be a comedic, slice of life, school formula now with less of the seriousness compared to XY, but this series just being its own is really something worth mentioning.


Just seen the dub - when Kiawe did his Z-Move did the Japanese text come up for anyone else?

EDIT: Snorlax's too
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I loved Lillie in this episode as it explored a bit more into her relationship with her mother. Also loved most of the scenes of the sleepover as well including Kiawe getting carried away and accidentally using inferno overdrive. Poor Lillie becoming traumatized of touching Pokemon again after encountering Silvally again at the end.

Ryu Taylor

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It's weird that a dub episode with "thousand" in the title is the episode Japan counts as episode 999.

At first, I wasn't thrilled that the training took place offscreen. But the development between Professors Kukui and Burnet that replaced the training scene could be building up to something. And apparently Lillie's gone back to being fully Pokephobic.

If the pose game was where "Pose" played in JP, it's gone in the dub. I had hoped a new cue would be placed there, but no such luck. Oh well, the scene was still fun. But man, that cue when Lillie saw Silvally was intense.

Even though this episode had important developments, it's a pity that I had to sit through a snoozefest to get to it.


Bonnie stan
Alright, what am I missing? Who tf's Munchlax is it?


Bonnie stan
I liked that after Kiawe's Inferno Overdrive, there was still actual cleaning to be done. Too many times in this show something disastrous happens only for it to be magically restored.

I'm sensing a motherly figure bond with Lillie and Prof Burnet. :)

She needs it!

Also Mao chan looks super cute with her hair down.


She was just too amazing in this episode. It isn't even dedicated to her, but:


Mao with hair down is pretty kawaii I'll admit.

Mallow did look real cute with her hair not tied up,

SO gorgeous, stunning, beautiful.... I need her to leave her hair down and look this beautiful all the time!!! <3
Some notable stuff is Ash thinking he cooks by shredding some lettuce lmao,

I appreciate it, not just in cooking but in anything, when someone wants to help out but knows his or her own limits, so does something simple. That way, he's still able to help out, but doesn't try too much and end up messing things up since he's not an actual cook. I thought it was sweet.

though I found the whole sequence too random and short to really feel it.

But I think that was part of the point actually. The fact that it was such a short encounter but it still impacted her this much just goes to show how deep her PTSD is.

an example of how previews can spoil the experience of watching.

In my case, it was the dub episode description (on my TV guide) which made it sound like the whole episode was going to deal with this final incident lol, so I was confused for most of the episode waiting for the part that happened in the description to happen lol.
Some funny gags like the kids fighting over the TV
As a huge baseball fan, seeing the baseball made me so happy, it was a perfect episode to air on the day before the actual baseball season (in North America) begins.

I was very much entertained by the first 3/4ths of this episode.
The last 3/4ths of the episode though..........

I guess we just watched an episode-and-a-half then, huh? :p

Lillie as Burnet's best girl.

I want them to go much further than that lol.. I want the Professors to somehow win custody of her!!!


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Worst part of this episode was being reminded of the third worst episode of this saga, dub doesn't have the first two yet so that's all I'll say. Baseball in Pokemon sucks. If you wanted to show off sports, Unova was the time you should have done it. Castelia had all those stadiums made for baseball, football, and basketball. I hope we never see what's his name again. Baseball's the absolute worst sport of all, at least football is somewhat entertaining with people tackling each other.

Lillie is so annoying compared to her perfect game counterpart. The dub VA certainly doesn't help with that....
Best moments of this episode go to Kiawe and Mallow, it's a shame how Mallow can shine in episodes that don't belong to her but when a episode comes along she's supposed to be the star of.... they have others like Ash and the TRio outshine her. :/
Kiawe using Inferno Overdrive was just hilarious.

3.5/10 - only saving grace was Mallow and Kiawe, Nebby and the Litten/Lycanroc moment


Bonnie stan
Castelia had all those stadiums made for baseball, football, and basketball.

It was Nimbasa. Also, Ash and Iris did play tennis at Small Court while Cilan was participating in the Stamp Rally. So it's not like they didn't show sports in Unova. Also, if you're going to say it was such a small part of the episode that you don't even remember, or something like that, well guess what, that's exactly what the baseball in this episode was. It was far from the focus of the episode, so I'm really confused at your complaining.
Baseball's the absolute worst sport of all, at least football is somewhat entertaining with people tackling each other.

While I do like football more, baseball is my second-favorite sport. Perhaps you don't understand all the strategy and tactics if you find it a boring sport. I will say though, either way, I'm surprised you truly find it the most boring. Sports like golf and curling are even slower sports.