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Strongest legendary Pokémon?

Strongest legendary Pokémon?

I did a thread on the weakest, but to add more discussion, who is the strongest legendary Pokemon in your opinion? Or ones?

oh and a Pokemon besides Arceus. He's GOD! Of course, he's going to be the strongest. Pretend that Arceus doesn't count.

That said, Dialga. He's bulky, steel, has like so many resistances and has a signature power that is the strongest of all Dragon type attacks; Roar of Time (150 power). Also he had two weaknesses but put Magnet Rise on him and he only has one, Fighting.

can be from both anime and games.
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Lee Sin

Formerly MegaLeaf
As of now, anime-wise, Arceus. For the games I would say Deoxys.


Oh jeez.
Arceus As the strongest obviously, followed by Mewtwo, Darkrai, & Kyogre. BTW I'm basing this on brokenness rather than strength. As for the anime, I couldn't care less. Also are all deoxys forms counted as 1 Pokemon?
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Use Razor Shell!
..... Isn't Arceus the strongest since, technically, he's GOD?


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Anime: Mewtwo
Game: Arceus


Is Eatin' Yo Picnic!
No doubt Arceus. After that I would say Kyurem. I guess Mewto would be next.

The Red Thunder

Backwards thinking?
I can't say for sure which one is the absolute strongest (they all have their own weaknesses). Arceus has awesome BST and a great selection of moves. Mewtwo is a monster sweeper, and can even catch people off guard with a Physical moveset (110 Phys. Attack is not bad at all). Palkia's typing makes for a great combination, and even gets several moves that work well off it's stats. Kyogre is nice, and pairs very well with Palkia.

All in all, it's a tough choice to say for sure which one is the strongest.


Game Corner Addict
I'd say Mewtwo's the strongest to me, because I'm keeping the Kanto dream alive!
I think its cool they've given it a signature move four generations on.
In the games, I'd say Deoxys.
In the anime, I'd say Arceus.


Not a tool
Arceus is the obvious answer, with great dual offensive stats and incredible bulk to top if off, plus whatever STAB it wants. Deoxys in its individual formes isn't necessarily the best. Attack forme is destroyed by priority. Defense forme has poor offenses and bad defensive type plus bad HP to counteract the good defenses. Speed forme has respectable offenses but subpar defenses. Neutral: see Attack.

I also like Mewtwo. It's like Deoxys except with bulk.