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Structure Deck Alt.

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What would you suggest to change about the Dragon's Roar Structure Deck.I was thinking about adding the Horus dragon family and a few Level Up!'s to make it easier to summon them.Thats all I can currently come up with(I would really appreciate the help).

P.S. By the way I'm planning on going to regionals with this.
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Nooo! I'm too young!
darkness dragon, the "theme" card, isn't very strong. i really dont like this deck at all. but i would suggest adding lord of d, horn of summoning dragon, rivalry or warlords, and definitely a few buster bladers.
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OK, PGWA, that was just spam. say something meaningful next time, OK?
if you will ad in L of D, add in a polymerization, and a couple (or just one! lol) of divine dragon ragnaroks . and in the fusion deck, King Dragun! much better than L of D in so many ways (sorta obvious!), the only reason that L of D can be better in some cases is that it can be summoned w/o Polly, or tributes.
just a suggestion.
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