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Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts


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Oddish has a scientific name Oddium Wanderus, I found this out yesterday by playing FR again XD


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Dawn's Piplup learned Whirlpool at a low level during a contest. Not only is battle and experience-earning never part of a contest, Piplup would have to be at level 38 to have learned that move at all.

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I don't know if this counts but.
The creator of the Pokemon games (can't remember his name right now) has a minor form of autism that helps him be very creative but can hinder him in social situations.


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Chimchar is able to turn it's tail flame off and survive, like Cyndaquil and Blaziken but unlike the Charmander line


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OMFG!!! The celebi shrine pic just reased with the pichus for HG & SS has the exact same sprite as that one shrine in celestic town!!! maybe in an upcomeing event, celebi in DPPT?!?!?

nah :p


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If you return to Celestic town after visiting the battle frontier and check the panting of Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf, Cynthia will appear and will say the following...

"Cynthia: This cave painting...
It's always been described this way.
The light in the center represents
either DIALGA or PALKIA appearing
at the Spear Pillar.
The three lights around it were thought
May I continue? [Yes/No]
Cynthia: But, then, I realized that
there may be another way of
interpreting this.
Could this triangle of lights actually
represent a different trio?
Could they be DIALGA, PALKIA, and
GIRATINA instead?
And the large light in the center.
Does it represent something else?
Could it be what created this world of
May I continue for a little bit longer? [Yes/No]
Cynthia: Thank you for listening to
my theory.
Do you know about the ancient Plates they
find all over Sinnoh?
One of them had this engraved on it.
"Two beings of time and space set
free from the Original One."
I think this quote, too, points to the
presence of another Pokémon.
A Pokémon even more powerful than
Does that sound plausible to you?
(Cynthia faces the stairs)
I'm not quite sure how GIRATINA fits
into this scheme of things, but...
It's said that in the Distortion World,
neither time nor space were stable.
I think that tells us something about
GIRATINA, the only pokémon there.
It must have been as powerful as
DIALGA and PALKIA, the rulers of time
and space.
In some way, though, GIRATINA has to
have a power opposite of theirs.
(She walks back to the painting) I'm sorry this is so long.
May I say one last bit? [Yes/No]
A long time ago, I wondered what sort of
person painted this?
DIALGA's Roar of Time...
PALKIA's Spacial Rend...
To the people back then, those Pokémon
really must have appeared to rule
over time and space.
Seeing them must have shaken the
people to their very core.
This painting represents those feelings
of awe, wonder, and everything else.
It passed that memory to countless
people, eventually becoming a myth...
That's what I believe as a researcher
of myths.
I think I let myself get carried away
and talked for far too long.
I'm sorry, and thank you.
Let's meet again." (She then walks away.)
This hints at arceus, who is above Dialga, Palkia and Giratina (when in front of Cyrus) at spear pillar.
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this is a great thread over 340 pages

In pokemon Coluseum 4 the game cube their is only one single battle All others are double battles
Also u dont even play in this battle u just watch
This battle is a lv.50 pikachu vs. a lv.38 hitmontop
hitmontop always wins


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4 sum reason, Jynx and Banette do not get evolutions in 4th gen. They should've because Jynx was part of the trio (Magmar, Electabuzz and Jynx) which got evolutions. Banette was said to be in a duo with Dusclops which also evolved into that weird genie: Dusknoir.

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Pokemon kinda says arceus is god
Thats not politicly correct at all
Next thing you know there will be a religion called "Pokemonology"
Hardly. In fact, the Cynthia quote Superlugia3 so kindly posted seems to imply Arceus and the other 'deities' are just scary powerful Pokemon that ancient people thought were gods.


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I don't know if this counts but.
The creator of the Pokemon games (can't remember his name right now) has a minor form of autism that helps him be very creative but can hinder him in social situations.
Gonna ask for a source on this because it sounds like some kid with Aspergers made it up, frankly.