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Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts


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Those 3 are immunities.
You could consider them resistances too though.


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Leaf Green and Fire Red are the only advance-up games that have windows on their Pokemon Centres.


i'm not dead...srsly
apparently there are 256 programmed in the game
really? Well, all the different spindas combined amount is the same as the chance of someone having the same id number, secret id number and same name as you. In that case that someone else has all your statistics exactly the same, they could rename your pokemon. That ratio is 1 in (the amount of spindas there is). Which is as i said, OVER FOOOOOOOOOUR BIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIIIONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!


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Charizard could not learn fly in Red/blue, but I think he could in yellow.

Also did you know Jessy & James are supposed to be 17 as of 1th gen? :p

I know they act all mature and all that but hey :p

So they are more like two older bullies rather than grown-ups who are picking on those childs.


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Tropius and Meganium are both of the Monster/Grass breeding groups, while Grovyle/Sceptile is of the Monster/Dragon groups. This may be why Meganium preferred Tropius to Grovyle/Sceptile, in "Odd Pokemon Out".

In a game sense, this is faulty logic; breeding group matches only factor in once (to determine whether breeding can happen, period). How compatible they are depends on ID and species. As they are different IDs and different species, they would all be purely of the 'they get along' preference, thus Meganium would like them equally.

Of course, it is just a cartoon...
Sex education today for you guys... and girls, here goes:

-Why does female Mr.Mime aren't called Mrs.Mime?
-I just can't imagine a Machamp being female...
-Why male Misdreavus aren't called Misterdreavus?... X'D

'nuff said for today, sleep well....mortals....


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I don't believe there are female Mr. Mimes. Same with male Jynx's.


Ekans is Snake backwards and Arbok is K[C]obra backwards. <:


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There are female Mr. Mimes.
The problem is completely nonexistant in the Japanese name, where it's called "Barriered" (or just Barrier?).
The translators (and, more then likely, the developers) had no idea there'd be genders introduced in later games (or, in fact, if there'd even be later games).
mew learns every move becuase like ditto it can transform. transforming us temporarily learning a move becuase you cant attack with a move you havent learned.

somebody go ahead and disagree