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Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts


And Quagsire has arms...

Yes, I know Quaqsire does, but Wooper doesn't. As said by GokuRikaku, it apparently uses its tail in place of an actual fist.

Random Fact:Sharpedo could not learn any Water-type moves by leveling up in Generation III, and in Generation IV, it only learns Aqua Jet.


Hell Crasher
Another thing with the arms, quite a few Pokemon who do not have arms know Sucker Punch.

Sucker punches Japanese name is something along the lines of "Ambush", so that explains it.

And, really, a "sucker punch" is just anytime you lure someone in, they try to attack you, and you catch them off-guard and hit them. It doesn't necessarily have to require arms.


Rev up those fryers
Fire Fang is super effective against Shedinja, breaking the wonder guard. Any shadow ball or bite or ember could do the same.

BUT it breaks through ANY wonderguard. If Spiritomb had Wonder Guard, Fire Fang would still hit.

~Magic Thunderbolt~

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Oddly, Flamethrower won't hit through Wonder Guard, if given to another pokemon.

Substitute produces a doll that resembles a Kangakid.

Got to Olivine...


Former NSider
In the 1st generation, a decent number of Pokemon have similar cries, despite having different pitch levels. A few examples include:

  • Charizard and Rhyhorn
  • Pidgeot and Chansey
  • Gloom and Marowak
  • Vileplume and Aerodactyl
  • Poliwag and Ditto
  • Machamp and Slowbro
  • Fearow and Cloyster
  • Caterpie and Goldeen
  • Machop and Omanyte
  • Persian and Horsea

Oddly enough, the newer generations have a few similar cries too.

  • Nidoking and Skarmory
  • Tauros and Crobat
  • Quagsire and Donphan (also similar to Gloom and Marowak)
  • Dunsparce and Lucario
  • Teddiursa and Delibird
  • Swinub and Houndour
  • Metagross and Rampardos


Well-Known Member
in all pokemon types.. flying is the most unique..

cuz it has combinations with all other types...

only a fighting-flying pokemon is there.. who knows in the future gen creators may do like that also..


Well-Known Member
That's because Wonder Guard is programmed only to resist the moves that aren't super effective against Shedinja.
That's not true. It does exactly what it obviously does, which is to take any attacks that aren't super effective against the pokémon with Wonder Guard, and make the damage zero.

That's why hackers love to give Spiritomb Wonder Guard (the so-called Wondertomb), because it has no weaknesses, and therefore cannot take damage from any attack. Do you think they'd do that if it would make Spiritomb vulnerable to all the types a Bug/Ghost type is weak to?


Speak No Evil
Smeargle has both the smallest movepool (only learns Sketch, though others know only one attack) and the largest movepool (since it can learn almost any move due to Sketch).


~Dark Trainer~
Feraligatr has these super powerful jaws that can crush many things but has a base attack of only 105...it should've been like 120

Mew Supporter!

Thunder Trainer
Chatter is the only move that cannot be sketched.

As such, Sketch and Chatter are the only TRULY signature moves (due to all the others being able to be metronomed or sketched)


Speak No Evil
Grovyle and Sceptile have a larger Physical movepool than Special yet their Special attack is higher than their Attack.

~Magic Thunderbolt~

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Treecko is the only Grass-type starter to have no plant parts on its body (though its evolutions do). Also, it is the only starter line to not be in the Plant egg group.

The Composer

The Composer
I know this isn't interesting, but I always found it funny that Tangela had those tiny red shoes. Also, Dragon Rage only doing 40 is really weird. Anyone else think that the rage of a dragon should be a little more effective? Just a thought.