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Stupid, Funny, Interesting, Weird, Uncommon and Unobvious Pokemon Facts

~Magic Thunderbolt~

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That's because nearly anything that can learn an Electric or Water-type move can also learn Rain Dance.

Honchkrow can learn Thunder Wave, but not Thunderbolt or Thunder.
^ But neither can learn any Water moves. Ho-Oh can learn some Electric TMs, but Moltres can't.

Similarly, Articuno can learn Sunny Day. The only explanation I can think of is to cut Thunder's accuracy, but surely the boosted Fire moves can't be worth that?


Flareon cant learn Flare Blitz.
Dusclops cant learn Hypnosis>_>

Slowbro,Machamp,Skuntank and Manectric can learn Flamethrower.


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(I Apologize if anyone else said this)

The Legendary Birds are named after Spanish Numbers (also know they are in order by the sp. number and poke num.) and Themed Places

#144 (Bird 1) Articuno > Artic (Ice) & Uno (1)
#145 (Bird 2) Zapdos > Zap (Shock) & Dos (2)
#146 (Bird 3) Moltres > Molt (Magma) & Thres (3)

Fact: If anyone posts this one again, I'm going to go on a murder rampage then frame the Blue Badger.

Oh, this one seems classic from the Abra family:


Wrong. Magicians happen to say "Abracadabra, Alakazam". As in, they use two word, rather than three.


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Even though Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu and some other Pokémon are mouse Pokémon nobody has ever seen them eating cheese. (Oh, and I know that Pichu is actually a "little mouse" Pokémon.) Now that I think about it, I can't remember ever seeing cheese in the Pokémon world. :\


Brains for brawn
Bulbapedia has a lot of beta names for the 1st Generation Pokémon.
Not sure how many of them I believe, though.

Rayquaza Master777

#1 May Fanboy
Bidoof and Bibarel both can learn Shock Wave, Thunder, Thunder Bolt, and Thunder Wave. That's why I made up Beavolt, Bibarel's evo.


Rev up those fryers
For some reason, Trapinch's smilie in pink, even in the games. ;328; o_o


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Plenty of the miniature sprites are off-color; a good one is Spiritomb.


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In the 2nd and 3rd gen of games, A Giant Snorlax would come out of an small egg, defying the laws of physics.


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It still can, and will, in most cases.
The same with Onix and the like, but they have never been changed.


(ノ@皿@)ノ ~ lolwut?
^Don't forget Kanghaskhan and her baby.


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Only a few of the Pokémon knows how to speak human language even though they have lived with people for tens of years. And when they don't know human language, how an earth they can know what the trainer means if s/he for example says: "Use Hyper Beam!"? So they don't know human language, but they still do know what the trainer means? I'm so confused... '-_-

May's brother

Now to the Maxtreme!
I think what they mean is is that pokemon who can understand human speech can understand complecated human speech and human conversations, while others are only able to understand attack orders and thanks from their trainer.

Dragonair and Pupitar evolve on level 55, higher than any other pokemon.


burning it down
Dragonair is 11 feet but even completely outstretched, it doesn't look that tall!
Shuckle has the second lowest base Attack at 10; however, after using Power Trick, it has the highest base Attack of any Pokemon in the game, at 230. But it doesn't look like something with that much power at all...