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Stupid Mistake's For PMD

Chrono Mew

Okay the title says it ALL. Just post mistakes that are stupd here.

1: Eating a sleeping seed when trying to throw it at Latios
2: Press no to the question of recruiting Latias... (Had to reset)
3: Walking around and stepping on the same trap OVER and OVER again! Stupid TV!​
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1) Instead of swapping out for an escape orb I used it and left the dungeon .
2) Not paying attention to stats and wasting a protein on Mew because her attack is maxed .
3) Entering a dungeon and then realizing I forgot to pack an escape orb .

Chrono Mew

LocoUser yeah thats happened to me it was really annoying, stupid Shelgon...

As for MarcoPolo
1) nah havnt done that....
2) *noddes* Raichu's attack
3) I have done that but with other items like reviver seeds....

As For Me
1: keep hitting the wall when trying to hit a jigglypuff
2: Same thing but with dig ^


1.) Using dig while as a Pikachu ( i got OHKOed in Buried Relic and Magma Cavern that way)
2.) Teleporting your partner cause i forgot i was a fire and i was walking on lava thus giving my partner a burn and warpping it far away


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I was on like floor 60 something in western cave and used an escape orb.
1.Thought your game broke because castfrom changed. (I for one am not that dumb!)


The new tuxedo look!
I once stepped on a warp trap, then sent my new regice on it. *oops*

Arena Tycoon Slaking

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I once restarted my game cos i was bored just after I got a Charizard to lvl 60, Dragonair to lvl 55 and evolving it and a Shelgon to lvl 50 and evolved it


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2: Press no to the question of recruiting Latias... (Had to reset)

Even if you had said no, they will not go. Alakazam would have simply mentioned something about their rarity, and hence ask the same question to you again.

In Buried Relic, my newly recruited Regice had fallen in a Pitfall Trap. Also, for my Regirock, I forgot to de-select its Explosion attack once, thus it blew itself up.

Weavile lover23

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1. Befriending Jirachi when wanting to make a wish
2. Saying no to Kyogre first time


- Giving your last Reviver seed to a Shuppet in the Sky Tower. I had to restart from the first floor and I was about, 5 floors away from Rayquaza.. ;.;

- No matter how you walk, your teammates just keep on stepping on the booby traps again and again and again! D:

- When the Ledyba you're escorting just doesn't seem to get it and loves stepping over the lava and getting burned. Same goes for your partner.

Shiny Trapinch

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Here are some of my mistakes:

~Accidently stepping on Lava in Magma Cavern and had to warp my Escortee away.

~Saying no to Mewtwo

~Taking Surf into Wish Cave when i already had a Feraligatr with me that knew Surf!

~Eating a Blinder Seed(i think thats what it's called) whilst facing a Rayquaza!


Eating a Blast Seed instead of throwing it.

that's actually good not bad since a Blast Seed does +20 more damage if eaten plus it fills your belly
Also i forgot forgetting to bring alink box when your fighting a boss who you have a type disadvantage to.


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I forgot to save and shut down my game (responded no )after finishing Western Cave .
That was a couple hours of my life wasted because of stupidity !