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Stupid things that people have done in real life.


Buggy down.
But man he's lucky, those original DS's are resilient little things.

Definitely. Once when I was at Wendys with my cousin, I was standing in line, and my DS slipped out of my shallow pocket and fell onto the tile. Not a soft landing whatsoever. Oh and the time I was standing at the top of the stairs, I was saying something to my cousin and I waved my hand, the one that held my DS, and it fell down the stairs and landed right on the edge, over the tile floor.

Theres a lot of incidents where i'll drop it out of sheer stupidity, but it still works fine.
Sounds like my old cell phone.
That thing went through the washing machine AT LEAST 4 times and still worked just fine.

Its only 9 AM, but myself and my dad have already done a few stupid things:
-My dad wanted some coffee, so he went into the kitchen. Being tired, instead of using sugar and creamer, he put in salt and some of my Monster I left in the fridge next to his creamer. I'm guessing it wasn't very good.
-I got into my friend's car and got my hoodie caught in the door. I was wondering why my arm was stuck to the door until we got to school.
-While walking INTO the school, I slipped in a puddle and fell on my ***...right in the puddle. Good thing I'm wearing a long hoodie.
Everyone who has seen the movie A Christmas Story remembes the whole "I triple dog dare you" thing.

My friend did that in real life. Funniest thing i've ever seen.


Sounds like my old cell phone.
That thing went through the washing machine AT LEAST 4 times and still worked just fine.
from that I remembered what I did, putting my cell phone in my pants and forgetting about it all through the wash, mine wasn't as good as yours

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I was going to flesche someone while fencing and tripped off the trip and and on my face.


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My friend had one of those little Lego Racer cars you find in the cereal boxes. He was playing with it in Art and we had a sub, who is also my Japanese teacher and the past Art teacher. Our teacher did not notice the car until like 25 minutes into class.


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This was on the news:

This lady with a baby in a stroller was going to rob a TJMaxx. So she went in and grabbed a couple things, and ran out the store. SHE FORGOT SOMETHING. Do you know what it was? THE BABY IN THE STROLLER. The lady got caught (didnt come back for the baby) and arrested, and the baby was taken to a foster home.

(That's a little bit of a sad story too. ;_; )


Group of kids were smoking weed in class while we had a sub. How the sub didn't notice, I don't know. o_O

"What's that smell?"
"Um... The janitor... Yeah, man, it's the janitor..."

Way to pay attention.

I dared my friend to jump a neighbors fence without help. It was around 5 feet high, and he made it halfway over, but snapped part of it off with his foot.

It was funny though.

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I got drunk on my 18th Birthday and went out to the shop with my auntie to get some more alcohol and nearly dragged her in front of a car.

I walked into a glass door and nearly smashed it with my head, luckily i have a hard head so it didn't hurt much.

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I think the dumbest thing I've done so far was losing my Flash Drive....
The stupidest thing I have ever done, happened about an hour ago.
I somehow managed to bang my ear on my television, really hard, and my ear got cut and started bleeding. o_o

I have the worst of luck.


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A girl in my class was drawing a diagram explaing some war tactic during her presentation on WWI. She drew two circles, as armies, with an arrow pointing in the direction they were going, coming from them... It looked like this...


Just imagine the line of lines is a few spaces over. >_>

She didn't notice that we were laughing at it for five minutes. She then realized and was like "OH! I'm sorry!". She was so embaressed. xDXD

Funniest day of my life.


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Oh ive done ALOT of stupid things,but i can only remember the most recent now...Some weeks ago...I was on the phone with my fwen..its was like 11:30 and i was kinda getting bored...so...I see this clothesclip,and...well I put it on my tounge!!!!!I started to scream and yell!!!!!I then slipped and fell still trying to pull the thing off!!!!his time my fwen shes wonderin WTF is wrong with me....shes like OMG YOU OK!!!!?????Yer...after that,well I couldnt really tlk....I just barely managed to say,"See you tomorrow BYE..."
I was surfing a forum, and some guy thought it'd be funny to replace all his punctuation with ellipses. Some people just don't get how aggravating poor writing can be.


Trying to jump a hurdle :p
At a birthday party while my friend was in the washroom, a few people put chips, candy, and chocolate cake in his Coke. He comes back. He drinks it, while the rest of us are trying not to die of laughter.

He looks at the cup, shrugs, and continues to drink it, ignoring our words of advice not to drink it, that it will make him sick. He was probably trying to proove a point, I don't know.
He had to go home early because he had an upset stomach. Oh well, he brought it upon himself.
Here's one. These morons tried to rob a bank, and they put all the money in milk crate thigies. They hauled butt back to their hideout, and all the coins fell out the holes in the crates. All the cops had to do was follow the penny path...


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Putting stickers on my eyelids.

Oww D: