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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid


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Hey this thread is basically about you guys writing about things that you thought or did relating to pokemon that when you think about it now is pretty stupid.
It could be you thinking that something did something if you pressed it or listening to something on the internet that turned out to be fake. Or maybe you thought a certain character in the show was a girl instead of a guy or a guy instead of a girl. Share your stories!

I'll start us off by saying this...
When i was young i used to hate getting my stats lowered by an opponent because i thought it actually took away your stats forever, not just lowering it during the battle.
If you dont understand, if you have an attack of 183 for example, and an opponent used growl and lowered your attack. I thought it went down to 182.

So share your stories on things that you did that you think weren't exactly smart.


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In pokemon red, I though that when my pikachu fainted from poisoning while walking with it in my party in viridian forrest, it meant that it fainted and I had to go find it in the forrest or else I would lose my pikachu forever... ya it's really stupid but I was young so :D


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Man, this brings back to mind rumors of Pikablu, Oak's secret garden of catchable starters and Mew under the truck in Red and Blue. So nostalgic!

~ Latios and Latias, when put in the daycare, made baby Lugias
I heard something like that once. They do look sort of similar, don't they?

~ Gastly was a split-evolution that tied in with Cloyster.
And these look similar also. I believe I just noticed the similarity and thought, "A water and Ghost type would be cool."

~ The Ho-oh that flew over Ash in the first episode of the anime was not a Ho-oh, but rather a Fearow evolution named Leerow.

... ...I am frightened by that.

Man, this brings back to mind rumors of Pikablu, Oak's secret garden of catchable starters and Mew under the truck in Red and Blue. So nostalgic!
Believe it or not, the Topps Pokémon First Movie trading cards called Marill "Pikablu" (since the cards also featured Pikachu's Vacation).

And I actually tried out the truck thing, fully expecting to see no truck! When I saw the truck, I got my hopes up for nothing.


As for something stupid I once did, I used to struggle with training more than just my starter. So, I'd be running around with a level 48 starter and...what? Maybe about level 12 for the other five.

Then I'd come up against somebody with Pokémon strong against my starter. It was so bad, I was using Blastoise's Bubblebeam against Erika's Grass types. So my brother tells me, "Water moves aren't good against Grass types." I actually responded, "It's a beam--it will burn plants!"



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Actually using rare candy thinking it was a good idea.


This is pretty recent.
I know I'm not the only one who tried to use the Sprayduck on the flopping Magikarp in Lake Valor...
or am I?


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^No, but that's one of the cutest things I've heard on here (no offence). "Don't die, Magicarp!"

Anyway...the Truck thing. I just KNEW it had something under it. Imagine how happy I was to find the actual Mew glitch. My old friend, Naomi taught it to me...then they had to go back to Korea. I still miss Naomi. She was my best friend, and didn't treat me like I was a freak because I can't get in the sunlight, but I digress.

Not knowing how to get into Saffron City comes to mind. Thinking I could catch a Togepi in the grass between Pallet and Cinnabar. You know the one. I also used to get Ground and Rock types mixed up.



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I used to think Slowbro evolved into Slowking ^.^'

yes! i used to think that too...then when i realised it didnt i thought it was stupid that slowpoke evolved into two different pokemon.

another thing i unfortunately believed was the way to get deoxys and jirachi on r/s.
i remember reading on the internet that if the space tower in mosdeep city reached 50 successful launches you could go into space and catch jirachi. and then if it got to 100 you could go into space again to catch deoxys. unless it was the other way around. so there i was playing for ages catching more and more pokemon to try and get the count up hoping i could go into space and catch them
...now that i look on it...i can't believe i thought it was true.

oh yer and i thought that if you got to go to mirage island you could find deoxys there as well...another lie...even though ive never actually been to that island.


The Ghost of Tsushima
I used to think Slowbro evolved into Slowking ^.^'


I used to believe that catching Kyogre would end you game. :L
I used to believe that evolved starters were unbeatable. XD
I used to believe that you would lose the game if you didn't beat it within 80 hours. :p


^No, but that's one of the cutest things I've heard on here (no offence). "Don't die, Magicarp!"
No, I'm not offended by that. :p (You can bet I no longer felt sorry for them upon meeting a gazillion wild magikarp while surfing.)

As for the Slowking thing...-not trying to be funny here, but- you mean Slowbro doesn't evolve into it??
I really need to brush up on my Pokemon.


Know it,Respect it..
-i thought that there were levels past 100
-you could fly to the moon in r/s >.>
-thought for r/s you had to get BRAWLEE'S help, not BRAILLE.
-thought that gust was a flying type move :/
-thought mirage island was worthwhile
-i thought back in the days of blue that if you played forever, your character would die.(he does have a bed!)
-thought your mom slept in your bed on adventures V.V
-used to feed my pokemon pokeblocks in r/s..thought they needed to eat
-also i thought that flying on pokemon like swellow was cruel...I MEAN THEYRE TINY.

^^This is all from forever ago :D

Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
Where to begin, where to begin.

- In Red and Blue, I used my Master Ball on a Grimer because I thought that I could get another one.
- After seeing my cousin evolve his Kadabra and Graveler by trading, I tried to evolve my Lv. 20 Wartortle by Trading as well.
- I believed that Missingno. was actually a super rare pokemon that only my friends and I knew about.
- That I could take on a Lv. 100 Blastoise with my Lv. 36 one, granted I gave it a lot of Proteins, Calcium, amongst other things, but still.
- The truck glitch was completely impossible to pull off, due to me not having access to trade at the time, still never saw the thing though.
- That Sudowoodo was a Grass-type Pokemon, talk about deceiving.
- That you could breed Legendaries and Ditto after doing various things.
- That EV training actually meant using Eevee to upgrade your Pokemon's stats.
- Beating on Psyduck makes it stronger
- Teaching my Starter all HM moves
- Only training my Starter believing that he would be invincible
- The last pokemon we left at Oak's would die/be obtained by me later on.
- Brock and Misty would travel with you after you beat them.
- Legendary Pokemon would come back after you beat them.
- Legendary Pokemon could not be captured at all.

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
My turn:

- I used to only train my starter
- I thought Ho-oh in the first episode was a weird Fearow
- Having a level 100 Machamp use strength on the truck while a link cable connects RBY to GSC would create a hole that takes you to Johto (my cousin tried that one)
- Catching an Articuno and releasing it will cause three baby Articunos to appear in Seafoam Island
- Thanks to the Anime, I thought Macargo was a 3rd gen. Pokemon and Keckleon was a 2nd gen Pokemon (I never beat GSC because of the 'only traing my starter' thing, so I never saw caught Slugma)
-Aerodactyl w/Metal Coat-->Skarmory
-Ghastly-->Cloyster(split evo)
-Charvana-Sharpedo-Wailmer(I haven't seen Wailord yet and it seemed logical since their were listed after each other)
-You could use fly from Depratements Stores' roofs
-Gengar was pure Ghost
-A long time ago I thought only the attacks base power was the thing that calculated its strenght, needless to say, all my pokemon had hyper beam
-Also I though that it was randomly selected which pokemon that attacked first( speed stat?)
-Recently, the first time I saw the covers of Diamond and Pearl, this is so stupid, I thought Palkia and Dialga was evolved "android" forms of Groudon and Suicune-.-( Then I believed pokemon had gone too far when legendaries evolved, luckily this was not true)

~ The Ho-oh that flew over Ash in the first episode of the anime was not a Ho-oh, but rather a Fearow evolution named Leerow.
To me it was a little different, the bird was still the evolution of Fearow.. Even when Ho-oh where revealed, I still thoug the line went Spearow-Fearow-Ho-oh-
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Smart Cookie
Oh my, the stuff I've done...

Before I even played the games, I thought every Pokémon was unique, and of course that meant no evolutions. For example, the first time I saw Chronicles with Ritchie in, I thought that he was just looking after Ash's Pikachu. XD

I also didn't think the Regis and Jirachi were legendary. Weird, I know. For some reason, I thought ABSOL was...

I too fell ffor the 'only train your starter' thing. I beat the Elite Four with only Empoleon and Palkia. XP Tried to give it up in Sapphire (Pearl was my first game) with a Lombre, but ultimately failed. Cue Kyogre and Blaziken. Just used Venusaur for FireRed then. Finally, in SoulSilver, I BEAT THE ELITE FOUR WITH MEGANIUM, FURRET, PIKACHU (no Thunderstone, not because of Ash - barely watch the show now), PIDGEOT, SEAKING AND TOGETIC!!! ALL LEVEL 52!! =] In fact, grinding is pretty fun IMO, so I'm gonna train MORE THAN SIX when Black comes out. (In case you're curious, Snivy).

Keeping Pound, Bubble and Peck on my Empoleon because the anime made me think they were strong. Changed them to Metal Claw, Brine and Drill Peck later.

Thinking the egg that contained Happiny (<3) in Pearl contained a Bonsly because of the pattern. Blame the anime. Again.

Yeah, I've done stupid things (most due to the show). But they don't matter, all that matters is that I've learned from them.


Kanbei <3 _ <3
I used to think Slowbro evolved into Slowking ^.^'

This. ;]

I always thought Flash was a very useful move, so I always replaced my brother's Kadabra's Psychic with Flash. And I always taught Flash to any pokemon that could learn it.

Then I tried to catch the Marowak's ghost, then I tried to catch those "regular" ghosts. I thought they were some sort of super-rare and powerful pokemon. xD


Why yes, it exists
I also used to think that some types were strong or weak to each other depending on practicality and real-world application. As in, Ice was weak to water because water melts ice in real life. Yeahhh...


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My 6 year old self had some strange theories about the pokemon centre in pokemon yellow:

-healing your pokemon at the pokemon centre gave them exp
-you had to go into the pokemon centre to heal your pokemon if you got beat by a trainer
-the guy sitting on the couch had no legs whatsoever, and couldnt move:/