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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid


Hiding in the grass
-Used to think Ghost and Grass were weak to Psychic xP (even during gen V)
-Spent a lot of time trying to get the Emerald Rocket to fly me to the moon
-Wasted an entire Tuesday trying to SR for a shiny Rayquaza in Emerald... then found out the broken RNG and dead internal battery wouldnt allow me to catch one.
-I thought that Zygarde, Xerneas, Yveltal and Mewtwo together could open a new entrance in Zygarde's mountain, the upper entrance, but nothing happened...
-Magcargo and Slugma are gen III pokes :p
-In Blue, I didn't speak English yet, so instead of putting Butterfree in my box I accidentally released it and I was so sad when I couldn't find it in my box anymore ;-;
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1.Stat lowering moves only lowered them by 1 (Ex: 200 attack, opponent used growl, now 199 attack) and my stat remained lower forever.
2.I thought that eggs hatched by using the Pokemon center over and over.
3.After I found out that eggs didn't hatch using the Pokemon center, I thought they hatched over time, not by how many steps I took (I left my game on, and plugged into a charger waiting days for the egg to hatch).
4.I swore pikablu was real.
5.I thought I was the only one that knew about missingno. and I thought I was the only one that knew how to get mew.
6.Back in ruby/saphire, since trading a level 15 pokemon in-game the pokemon you get will be the same level, I traded my shiny slakoth thinking I would get a shiny makuhita.
7.I pounded the A button while catching Pokemon on my DS thinking it would help catch it, my DS's A button is so pressed in it hardly works anymore.
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I thought Jigglypuff was the strongest Pokemon in existence because she could put everyone to sleep in the anime.

I used to spam things like Defense Curl and Swords Dance because I thought they permanently increased your stats. After it said "Pokemon's attack can't go any higher" I thought that meant it's base stats were maxed out and the moves were completely useless after that.

Rock and Ground had the same strengths/weaknesses.

Ice was SE against Rock/Ground and Water.


Lost in Translation
Confirmation bias about mashing a when throwing a pokeball increasing chances of capture.
Killed a Charmander in Blue in the Cinnabar Island mansion. (never saw another one obviously)

Armored Mewtwo

Unrepentant Pokefan
Up until gen 3, I took NPCs saying that trained Pokemon were stronger than caught ones very literally. I believed that any caught Pokemon grew its stats faster at every level up than any wild Pokemon. So, naturally, only Pokemon caught at low levels could EVER become strong. And legendaries caught at high levels sucked and were a slap in the face!

Oh how I lamented that my butterfrees and nidokings and raticates weren't as tough as Lance's dragons.
Cheaters, I assumed.


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You know how you can occasionally hear faint Pokémon cries in the background in FireRed/LeafGreen?

I was surfing and thought I heard a Jolteon cry. So I surfed and fished for about 30 minutes before realizing

1.) It was just a higher-pitched Tentacool cry, and
2.) Why would Jolteon live in or on the water anyway?


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I thought it would be cool to be a mono-type card collector; that is until I kept getting beaten in card battles


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When I first played Ruby, I encountered a Shiny Ralts. I guess I wasn't paying attention to the sparkly thing at the beginning, because I just assumed it was the normal color of Ralts and knocked it out, since it was a brand new Pokemon and I had no idea the color.
Then later when you show Wally how to catch a Ralts, for a second I thought that a green Ralts was shiny, before I realized it was normal.
I raged for a few seconds, but, being only 9, I forgot what I was mad about and moved on with the game.


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Before I had even played any of the games, a friend got me a poster of the first 150 Pokemon for my 10th birthday. Looking at it, I thought Cloyster evolved into Gastly because they are right next to each other and both are a round black head surrounded by purple/grey stuff.

I had a legitimate event Mew and I started my game over without trading it to a friend thinking "Oh, I'll get another one someday"... nope.

Exported the Therian Form Tornadus to my Black2 version, which is a brand-new file, forgetting that I won't be able to trade it to White2 version until I go through the entire game and get the Reveal Glass from the abundant shrine.


The Sealed Weapon
I used to call Sapphire "Sunfire".
And I thought it was Groudon's version before the games were released. And Ruby was Kyogre's.


blimpu ●ω●
I traded one of my Pokemon to my friend temporarily and they got rid of one of my favorite moves on them for some HM move. So...I taught his Honchkrow Hyper Beam in place of a bad move (forgot what it was) thinking he's hate it. He didn't care!
When I was little, I use to only use a few of my Pokemon on my team (like, 2-4) because they were the strongest and eventually became very over leveled.
Sometimes I use to keep certain Pokemon on my team unevolved because they're cuter unevolved...
...Probably some other things too, but I cannot remember any more!


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Just remembered that when I was around 10 or so, I came up with an idea for an entirely new Pokemon game. New region, new TM list, new Gym Leaders, the works. If I remember correctly I made a map of the region and everything, and plotted the storyline a bit too. And then...I sent it to Nintendo. I clearly remember being excited and thinking it was probably good enough for them to develop. *facepalm* Of course, they answered me with a kind form letter about how they couldn't accept fans' ideas. And being 10 or so, I ended up feeling embarrassed and annoyed so I deleted the information regarding the new region from my computer. Still can't remember half of my ideas to this day, and I really wish I could, because it would probably make for an interesting project at least......

I also used to constantly have Togeblimp's problems with over-leveling. Usually I'd get my starter leveled up enough to beat Trainers, and then I'd neglect whatever other Pokemon I caught, so that I'd have a lv.10 whatever and two or three lv.3~5s. To be honest, though, that problem continued through the years, up until the day I got the Exp. Share in X. :p


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-I too was on the "hold down the B button to catch pokemon better" bandwagon
-I once thought that fainted pokemon can never fight again...was relieved that wasn't the case (all the more reason to despise nuzlockes [and Fire Emblem]!)
-I was silly enough to teach one of my pokemon all attack moves...of the same type!
-Thought no gym leader could stop me and my pokemon; then along comes a chick named Whitney...
-Thought normal types had no weaknesses
-Also thought whatever pokemon trainers had, I could find in the wild.


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Had absolutely NO clue about move types while running through Red. Used Double Kick against my cousin's Gengar with Nidoking. (Hey, it worked well against all of the Gravelers I'd fought against when Earthquake ran out of PP). I also thought that Growl and Leer permanently lowered your stats, I see I'm not the only one though.

In our defense, RBY had NO in-game explanations for anything, and most information on the net was grandiose rumor mill poppycock! The guides were even more misleading with made-up values and estimations for stats. It wasn't until Kevin started his site in 1999 called Pokémasters that we started having correct standardizations of stats and moves with proper explanations available to us.


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I used to think that Attack and Defense boosts encompassed both physical and special stats, while things like calm mind only affected the special stats. (They never specified physical). So I thought calm mind was just a waste of time.


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When I was little, I use to only use a few of my Pokemon on my team (like, 2-4) because they were the strongest and eventually became very over leveled.
I still do that, a lot actually, though I've been trying to beat it.

I used to think Dialga evolved into "Diamond" and Palkia into "Pearl." -_-


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Something I thought about Pokemon that was stupid was that Attack and Special attack didn't affect Pokemon battles.

For example, my Crawdaunt uses crabhammer on a Kingler and it does exactly 90 damage. Obviously it doesn't deal 90 damage so I thought my Crawdaunt was weak so I released him right after that match.

I'm so smart.