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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

Picture this...
Yellow version.
Walking down Victory and what do I see?
So i go into battle.
I'm paralyzin him, gettin his HP down to the slightest sliver of red. Ultra balls galore! But nothing.
then the unthinkable happens. Moltres struggled. and Fainted. I was like, "Oh my god...hea gone for good."
This was before i knew to save before a legendary battle. never could get over that.


Used to think male pokémon were better than female ones.
I, among other people, held down buttons when trying to catch my 'mons. Although I had a different strategy for each ball. I dont remember exactly what they all were but I remember Ultra ball was a+b and down and Pokeball was just down. Obviously they didnt work but it was helpful when I was a kid.


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I used to deliberately knock Pokemon I wanted catch out since I figured they'd be easier to catch if they were unconscious. :/ Thankfully I figured out this was a bad idea fairly quickly and didn't KO any rare/single appearance Pokemon.


Dropping Bloom Dooms
In Pokemon black, I traded my Tornadus for a Basculin...


When I was a kid I never evolved my Charmander in Pokemon Red, because I thought if I evolved it, it would stop listening to me. Just like what happened to Ash in the anime


Way back on my blue version, I trained my magikarp by using all the PP from splash, then using struggle to do all my damage for me, using a plethora of potions in the process. Did this from level 5 all the way up to level 15 for that Karp...

My friend who first got Red, and introduced us to it, brought the game round to my house one day. Three of us took turns playing it, just attacking and fainting rattattas and pidgeys with his Charmander, because we could not figured out how to get past the cranky old man with the catching tutorial (we had forgotten about being given Oaks parcel). We carried this on for roughly three hours.

I thought that poke'dex numbers were all stages of the same poke'mon, so you would get a Bulbasaur, who evolved into Ivysaur, then Venusaur, then Squirtle etc etc...

Due to the specific timings of my battles, I spent an embarrassingly long time believing that your starter evolved once when you beat Brock, then again when you beat Lt. Surge. Was not until I got poke'mon Silver version that I realised this was wrong (Due to playing Yellow, and Pikachu not evolving at all I didn;t realise my mistake on my second game).

As you can likely tell from the above, I did only train my starter for a long time.

I also was guilty of many of the classic mistakes. Psychic being super effective against grass, B+Down to catch, Poke'mon only being taught moves that fit heir typing, etc.
One time when I played Silver, I released my starter and caught six Pidgeys. I went through the entire game with those, only switching some of them out occasionally for HM slaves.

I did this because I felt like it.


Some guy gave me a cheat to clone Pokémon in Emerald. Tried it with a Pelliper and it worked, except I corrupted the data.

Also, another stupid thing I did was when I went through an "Anti Pokémon cause it's TAKING OVER MY LIFE" stage so I sold Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Diamond, Platinum, and Soul Silver to purge myself. That was back in February 2011. Two months later, I was like w/e I bought White. x_x

Do I win a stupidity award now?


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I was trying to evolve my Chingling in Pokemon Pearl when I was about 11, so I practically had it in my party for ages and ages holding the soothe bell, but it would never evolve. My friend had a hacked game where you could get 999 Rare Candies and all that, so I traded my Chingling over, thinking leveling it up would make it evolve eventually..
Haha, it got to about Level 90 and still didn't evolve. I was really confused, so I traded it back to my Pearl version and manually (going through the Elite 4 several times) leveled it to 100 (because child logic= thinking that it should evolve at 100).

Guess what? Never got my Chimecho. xD

It wasn't until I used the internet to find out that trading Pokemon across games resets the friendship.


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I called Ho-Oh Ho-Ho for a crazy long time (>.<)


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When I was about 8, I was playing through Red (I'd not been playing Pokémon for long) and desperately wanted an Alakazam. I did not know at this point you needed to trade Kadabra to evolve it, so I fought every single trainer and Pokémon possible with this Kadabra so it could evolve. I think I got it into its early 80's before I finally gave up.

Everytime I think about that now it makes me feel like a wally :p haha


Fire Pokemon Trainer
there are two things for me that i'm a bit embarrassed to admit. When i first got Blue version it took me some time to figure out how to leave the bedroom. The second is that for some reason i thought that i could only have 6 pokemon total, so i ended up with a team consisting of only Charizard, Butterfree, Pikachu, and i think Pidgeot, wanting to keep spaces open for Vulpix and Eevee ^^;
I'm sure I said this already, but I wasn't a huge player of the games when i was younger.

Saying that, I almost did something stupid recently: I almost forgot how to cancel evolution.

A Kirlia I had in OR was going to evolve, and I was like "No! I don't want you to evolve in to Gardevoir!" At that moment I remembered you had to press B to cancel it.
Oh boy. One stupid thing I did was that I would wind up focusing on one Pokemon on my team, and totally neglect leveling the others. This has ended especially badly in Emerald, with my Blaziken in the high 80's while the rest of my team is in the 40's.

Another stupid thing I did was that I would always use water-types against electricity, thinking that they could somehow "put out" the electricity like water puts out a fire.

I'm too embarrassed to go any further >.>


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OK, here are two kind of sad/funny stories from when I was a kid.

My first game ever was Sapphire, as I played it when I was 5 years old at my summer camp. I had this awesome counselor who taught me how to play Pokemon, what was going on (Couldn't read yet), and where to go. Without him I would have never beat it. There was only one problem. He forgot to tell me what the Master Ball was. By the time I got to Kyogre I had no idea why I didn't have one and had to use about 70 great balls to catch it. I didn't know about lowering the health because he told me to mash the a and b buttons to catch Pokemon. So, I probably used the Master Ball on a Pidgey.
I got my Blaziken from Sapphire to level 100 and it was one of my best Pokemon. Then when Diamond and Pearl came out I wanted my old Pokemon in the newer games. I didn't want to wait until I beat the games so this older kid at the YMCA after school program told me he would trade them into his game. He did. Then he left. He Never Seemed To Remember his DS Again After That. R.I.P My Original Pokemon on some dusty cartridge that hasn't been used in years.