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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Ferrari94, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. TikTok13

    TikTok13 Oh, I have a title?

    That's understandable, what with the surprising appearance change in the Dratini Evolution Chain, and the meld of regions in Generation 2.

    I remembered another thing I used to do after playing SoulSilver again. I always used to phone up Jasmine and Brock hoping they'd say something nice!
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  2. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    If you want to get technical, they are. Kanto and Johto are both available in the same game in Gen II
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  3. Ninja Bulbasaur

    Ninja Bulbasaur Well-Known Member

    I used to never evolve my Pokemon and just over-level like crazy to get over that. You can imagine how quickly that faded out. Trying to beat Cynthia with a Chimchar, Shinx, and whatever else I had was a nightmarish experience...and yet I repeated this in Gen 5 with Oshawott, Purrloin (which is already garbage to begin with), Lillipup, etc. and when Clay kicked me to the curve I finally stopped.

    Oh, and the nicknames were always variations of the Pokemon name i.e. Oshawott was Wotty, Chimchar was Chimpy, Bidoof was Biddie, Lillipup was Lilli, etc. It was ridiculous. To be fair, I was around nine or ten but it doesn't make it any less cringey.
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  4. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Explorer

    The funny thing was that I never played the Gold/Silver/Crystal games and only watched Johto from the anime when I was a little kid and even then I didn't realized that Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile were starters. Also I had the tendency to forget some dialogues as well(I think I was like 5-6 years old back then) and only realized that when I heard that GenIII started and I was like "which was the GenII?" :p
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  5. EmeraldLeafBlade

    EmeraldLeafBlade Well-Known Member

    When I was very little (like five or six), it was during gen I, and I remember thinking that every Pokémon eventually evolved into the next in Pokédex order. So Bulbasaur would evolve into Ivysaur and Venusaur, then Charmander, and Charizard would evolve into Squirtle, and so on down the line until they eventually became Mewtwo.

    For a long time I thought that Vaporeon was Eevee's only evo.

    When I was ten (gen III), I didn't have Ruby or Sapphire yet, but I did have some older games like Crystal. I thought that because Kanto was in G/S/C, R/S must have Kanto and Johto in addition to Hoenn.

    When I was older, I developed a bad habit of restarting my games way too much. Because of this, I've actually deleted save files with things like shinies and event legendaries on them.
  6. Ascended Dialga

    Ascended Dialga Nothing special

    When I was a kid, I thought the only purpose of natures was to indicate which PokéBlock flavors the Pokémon likes and dislikes; I didn't know natures actually had an effect on a Pokémon's stats.
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  7. Scherzando

    Scherzando scare-TZAN-doe

    My first Pokemon game was Colosseum. Back then, I used to think temporary stat changes were permanent. During one battle (all doubles in that game) when the opponent only had a weak Shroomish left and couldn't do much to me, I actually spent a good while having my Espeon use Calm Mind and then having my Umbreon use Snatch every other turn in an effort to permanently raise their stats. There was also another battle where some CPU trainer kept using Icy Wind, which lowers speed, and I got really mad at him using it over and over, not realizing that the speed drop would wear off after the battle (or if you switched out).

    Edit: OH, just thought of something else! Before Colosseum, I had played a bit of Pokemon Stadium 2, using rental pokemon because I didn't have the GameBoy games. I didn't understand type matchups yet, much less type immunities, and I kept using Thunder on a Geodude, wondering why it wouldn't work. I thought it would work eventually and kept trying lol.

    Edit #2: Another dumb thing, also about Colosseum! First of all, I didn't realize poison would still hurt your pokemon outside of battle. the way they showed it in that game was by having the screen flash red and a weird electrical/static-type SFX would play and it really confused me. there's some building that's important to the story... can't remember exactly but it was like some power-generating room and I thought maybe they were having issues and went to go check it out :p of course, my pokemon being poisoned eventually led me to heal it so I never saw the "[pokemon] fainted..." message outside of battle. I never knew what triggered that until I played Ruby and the screen did that jiggly thing to indicate poison wearing your pokemon down. I'm sooo glad poison doesn't do that anymore.

    Edit #3: Oh boy, another one. I always assumed every pokemon got STAB on normal-type moves.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
  8. JAKnighton

    JAKnighton Cartoonist

    I used to think that moves had a secondary "effectiveness" based on what the action was. For example, Cut would be super-effective against Grass types despite being a Normal move because it was used to cut down grass and bushes in the overworld. I also thought that Dig was good against psychic types because it would always one-hit KO them. I now realise it did that because it was a 100 BP physical move at the time (RBY) and most Psychics had low Defence.
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  9. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    It took me until Emerald to realize that Bug was no longer to Poison attacks. I kept wondering why moves like Sludge Bomb wasn't being super effective on Beautifly. I thought it was an error for awhile.
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  10. alexterri

    alexterri Well-Known Member

    When I first played Pokémon X, it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to change my clothes at the very beginning.

    .....Then I replayed it a few months ago and it took me five minutes to remember how to change again.
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  11. Scherzando

    Scherzando scare-TZAN-doe

    OMG THIS IS THE ULTIMATE STUPID KID BELIEF. I have no idea why I thought this, but when I saw all the shiny pokemon sprites next to their original sprites in Serebii's pokedex, I thought that that was how all pokemon looked in Sapphire and that Ruby had all the original colorations. That's why I bought Ruby despite liking Kyogre more than Groudon, not realizing that those sprites were shinies and only had a small chance to appear in either game. I wanted all the originally-colored pokemon that I had grown up with. xD What can I say, it was my first experience with any series that had two similar games released at the same time and I didn't understand what might've made them so different from each other. Had to be something dramatic like that.

    I, like most people it seems, used to mash A when catching a pokemon. it always seemed to help, and whenever I didn't buttonmash, the pokemon would always break out so I was convinced it worked. after reading that it doesn't do anything, I stopped that habit and I don't miss it. xD

    I thought, when catching a pokemon, that they'd get "tired" of trying to break out after a while and your chances of catching it would actually get better the more balls you threw. didn't know it was a set chance that just has to work eventually.

    I thought Psychic was still supereffective against Ghost in 3rd gen because I saw some psychic-type move supereffective against my Haunter and I didn't know it was part poison. I noticed a lot of people thought psychic was supereffective against grass because of Venusaur and Vileplume and such, but at least I knew that was wrong lol.

    Used to pronounce Suicune as "SOO-ih-sine." Some other post here mentioned the exact same thing. xD

    In Colosseum, I always used an Altaria and it knew the move Fly. I relied on that move a LOT and it was the attack I used the most out of all my pokemon. Then when it came time to learn Sky Attack, I tried to have it forget Fly, but Colosseum's message was something like "that move is too well-learned to have it forget the move right now" and I thought that meant it was because I had used it too many times and it was drilled into my Altaria's brain. HMs aren't even used in that game so why can't we forget them??

    This one may be a little confusing but I thought Rare Candies gave pokemon the experience they needed to level up and it would overflow to the next level. As a result, I gave my Absol a rare candy when it was reeeaaally close to leveling up, thinking that it would be put at the next level, still being close to leveling up. Nope, all that experience AND the rare candy were wasted lol.
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  12. Espmaster

    Espmaster Active Member

    An isolated case of this happened to me, too. I used to think that Sharpedo evolved into Wailmer because Wailmer followed Sharpedo in the Pokedex, and I hadn't seen Wailord yet. So, I caught a Sharpedo and started leveling it up even though I already had a Wailmer just to test my theory, and I discovered I was wrong.
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  13. Kaija

    Kaija Member

    On the subject of Sharpedo > Wailmer, I continued thinking that until Megas got released, at which point I thought it was weird that it wasn't for Wailord :/

    And on another note, I had real difficulties deciphering what some of the sprites were when I was little - I can't quite remember the one that took me ages to see properly, but I do remember thinking that Pinsir had its butt sticking up in the air instead of just having pincers on its head.
  14. burninator59

    burninator59 Well-Known Member

    One time, my brother had a really good Pidgeot on his team. One day when he turned on the game, it had vanished! He was convinced that it had fainted so many times that it had died.
    Ever since then, I've had a fear in my heart of my Pokemon fainting too often, else they perish.
    I think that incident is the reason I save my game so often and still have trouble letting my Pokemon faint to this day...
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  15. Fayh

    Fayh Well-Known Member

    Ah, Gen 1 had so many "stupid kid moments" for me. I was 10 when I first played Red and there were a lot of dumb rumours I believed.

    My favourite "dumb kid" moments:

    1. When I first started Red, I could not figure out how to LEAVE MY HOUSE. I was stuck in my house for about half an hour because I was new to RPGs and did not interpret the little dark rectangle as a "door mat". Aaahaha.

    2. One time shortly after starting Red, I let my sister play the game for a little while. She ended up getting one of my Pokémon poisoned. When I resumed playing, the weird noise/graphic indicating the loss of HP freaked me out. I thought my sister had broken my game and I was very mad - until I hit the Pokémon Center. lol

    3. Holding down A when trying to catch a Pokémon. OF COURSE.

    4. Trying to find Mew under the truck. OF COURSE.
  16. Using rare candies... thought it would be cool. Hahaha
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  17. KaleeyJ

    KaleeyJ Member

    I started playing in 1998 or 1999. My little brother got Pokemon Red, and I started playing it. I was in high school.

    I freely admit that I checked out the truck in red version. I guess it was a little bit of leftover from a plot line that was dropped.

    As many of us probably did, I didn't realize why the screen was flickering when a pokemon was poisoned.
    And as many of us probably did, I saved over a game file on Red Version not realizing that you could only have one save file per cart.
    Using my water gun TM on Rattata.
    For anyone who remembers when the game manufacturers included a "playing guide" with the cartridge, you might remember that Red and Blue came with a large booklet that included a partially filled pokedex. It also specifically mentioned some "rare pokemon" that you could only encounter once in each game. For a while, I thought Abra was one of them, because I saw one on route 24, and didn't see one for a long time afterward. Then I got a game guide (still have that bad boy too, I tore the pages apart and put them in plastic sleeves in a binder. Yeah, I'm *that* person.) Since that time, I have always bought a player's guide. It really ticked me off when Nintendo Power stopped making them. And not releasing the guide at the same time as the game. Ugh.
    In Gen 2, I was trying to get Togepi to evolve - kept battling with him, and he'd faint. Took till level 20 something to get him to evolve.
    Putting Magikarp in daycare, then waiting for it to evolve.
    Doing the old man glitch to duplicate items, but having an HM in position 6. I wound up with 128 Flashes.
    Thinking the "type" hold items (like soft sand) were really cool.
    Buying water stones hoping to evolve some of my water pokemon. I was trying to get slowpoke to evolve before level 30 whatever.

    Of course, I still have my moments. I found out literally just this spring that you trade a slowPOKE holding a king's rock to get Slowking. I always thought that SlowBRO would evolve to Slowking, not Slowpoke.
    And I accidentally wasted my master ball in OR on a Horsea not too long ago. That's more of a fat finger mistake, but man, I kicked myself for it.
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  18. AmethystLeslie

    AmethystLeslie Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of Budew in Platinum, took it until it was in the early 30s to evolve.
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  19. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    I don't really know how I thought this, but I actually just remembered this...

    Back in Generation 2, I thought Misdreavus was some kind of one-time only legendary Pokemon. I don't really know how I thought this, but I believe it was a combination of it being the only Gen 2 Ghost-type, being found in the game's final area, and being a rare encounter. I was actually kind of afraid of going into Mount Silver because I'd fear that I'd run into it randomly and not be prepared to capture it.

    Then I found Red, and because I didn't find one on my way to Red, I assumed that it only spawned after he was defeated. Never did find that Misdreavus, so later on, I thought that it was actually unavailable in Crystal.

    I don't know how I ever learnt that Misdreavus wasn't a legendary, actually. I'm inclined to say it would have been Pokemon Colosseum, actually- no early game trainer would have a legendary available for capture, by my reasoning. Either that, or with it being available in Pearl and not Diamond. Might have figured it out that way both thanks to Mismagius or through the fact that its equivalent, Murkrow, certainly isn't a legendary.
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  20. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    I was told that holding UP+B would capture Pokémon easily. That was the rumor that went around in my area.

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