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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid


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I used to think that all Pokémon who evolve by leveling up will evolve faster if you use a stone on them (example: Charmander evolves at level 16, but using a Fire Stone, I could make him evolve instantly, regardless of the level he was). I became pretty disappointed when I realized thta this don't work.


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Pretty much relying exclusively on my starter Pokemon because I wasn't smart enough to rotate my lead Pokemon outside of battle. This pretty much playing Pokemon Gold my only Pokemon that were any good were Meganium, Lugia, and Ho-Oh (the latter two only because they were already at high levels to begin with)

Naming the rival in Gold/Silver as ??? because I took the whole ??? wants to battle literally and thought that was his actual name (I was 8)


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I used to really think Lance had a crush on me back when I was playing crystal XD......even if I may of been old enough to know better o_O;;;

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I'm not a kid and I left the text speed on normal for the entire time I've been playing Moon up until yesterday. I CANNOT believe I forgot to change that. It's like a whole new game, LOL! I probably racked up a few hours of play time with just the text alone.


Pretty much relying exclusively on my starter Pokemon because I wasn't smart enough to rotate my lead Pokemon outside of battle.

I did that as well when I first played Red and Blue, although even in hindsight I don't know if I'd consider that to be a bad decision on my part. While my Starter Pokemon in each of those games struggled due to me relying on them so much, at least the bright side was that they reached Level 100 quickly, which was all I cared about when I was a kid.


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
Here's some 'stupid' stuff i thought this year;

Now I know they are, thanks to bulbapedia, and every other 'creature' in pokemon games just HAS to be a pokemon XD


When I first heard of breeding in GSC, like how parent Pokemon don't have to be same species and how one gets baby Pokemon such as Elekid, Magby etc,. I thought I could get any Pokemon if I just put right parent combo into day care such as Dragonite + Aerodactyl = maybe Charmander, or Seadra + Dragonair = alternative way to obtain Kingdra. Obviously learning the mechanics was disappointing news.

Another failed attempt was trying to breed Kadabra with Hypno thinking I'd get Abra with Hypnosis as long as it's in Hypno's movepool... :p


I remember I never understood how silcoon and cascoon evolved, I would get to furious whenever my wurmple would evolve into the one I didn't want. I also pronounced arcanine "ar-kay-nine" for years until my best friend laughed at me, but I blame pokemon stadium for all of my incorrect pronunciations back when I was a kid. I also pronounced evolution "e-volve-tion". I also thought that gameboys were only made for pokemon games, it didn't occur to me that other games even existed.


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For some reason, I used to think Bagon had a tail. I guess I just assumed as most other dragons do and Salamence does. It was quite a surprise when I noticed.
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My first game (I was about 6/7) was Blue and I for some reason thought that you were "supposed" to choose the starter of your version so I got squirtle even though bulbasaur was my favorite of the three. I was also that person who only used the starter so my blastoise was like lv 78 by the league. I almost managed to beat it too, but Blue/Green/Gary's venasaur was too tough at that point...

I also didn't understand the purpose of some items. Never used potions/status healers. I distinctly remember facing my rival with only 3 hp, OHKO'ing the pidgeot, and then dying to the venasaur. I probably had some items on me at the time that could've helped.


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I was about 3-5 when I first played Gen I, and I only really remember two dumb things I thought.

Firstly, there is a man in Pewter City standing in a garden with a rock who tells you that Ethers restore PP. I thought the Ether he was talking about was the rock, and for the longest time I always pictured rocks whenever I saw the word Ether.

Also, as a kid I saw a comic book for the first movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back. I was just reading back then and often mistranslated words, so I read it as 'Mewtwo's Sticker Pack.' I loved sticker albums back then so I remember begging my mum to buy it for me.


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I released my Raichu in Blue and replaced him with a crappy high level one with terrible moves...

I loitered in Vermillion City for months in Blue before deciding to play Red and THEN discovering that I didn't need to wait a whole real life year for the St. Anne to return, I just needed to go through Rock Tunnel!

I tried to evolve Raichu into the legendary Pikablue by leveling it all the way up to 100 with Rare Candy and also tradng.


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I didn't really make any mistakes like these ones. But my kid brother used to always tell me he caught a Pinsir, and when I finally saw the "Pinsir" it was just a Spewpa! He's an idiot and couldn't even read the name!


When I was seven, I thought that Eievui could evolve if a Leaf Stone was used on it in Red and Blue version until I tried doing it myself, which yielded nothing.

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When I was seven, I thought that Eievui could evolve if a Leaf Stone was used on it in Red and Blue version until I tried doing it myself, which yielded nothing.

I thought the same thing, except with a Moon Stone in Silver. My older brother somehow convinced me that applying a Moon Stone to an Eevee at exactly midnight was the only way to get an Umbreon. I don't know how many nights I stayed awake to try it before I finally gave up. xD


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When I was young, my older brother told me that your Game Boy Advance could sense this environment it was in so that if you wanted to catch water pokemon you should go out in the rain etc, so I tried to get more electric pokemon for Wallace's gym by taking the insides of batteries and using them to charge your game boy


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So I have no idea whether I already wrote in this thread, because with 226 pages it's difficult to tell.
But with Pokemon being my first video game all (and I wasn't that good at reading yet), I actually thought moves that raise or lower stats had a permanent effect, as in lasting for the rest of the game.


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I’m sure I’ve shared all this before but I’m not digging through 200+ pages.
Gen I:
  • I didn’t know how to get a Flash so I walked through the Rock Tunnel in the dark wondering why this game was so hard.
  • I thought it was impossible to catch Mewtwo without a master ball.
  • I didn’t understand that Staryu and Starmie were starfish. I thought they were ninja stars.
  • I bought the Magikarp because I thought it was the only way to get one.
  • Somebody told me that if you loose the Elite Four 100 times, all the Pokémon in your computer will disappear.
  • I thought in Yellow Misty and Brock would follow you around. I also thought you could go to Orange Islands.
Gen II:
  • When I first heard that genders were a thing, I imagined that Mr. Mime was male only.
  • I thought they would make Pokémon like Meowth and Zubat Dark types.
  • I thought they were going to put new evos/babies in the Pokedex next to other family members.
The rest of the generations later.