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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

Ooh, I like this topic! My old beliefs generally deal with evolutions. I used to think that Raikou>Entei>Suicune was an evolutionary line, and when I was really little, I thought that the Eeveelutions were a straight line rather than branched. I also thought that Skarmory evolved into Lugia and that Dragonair, Lapras and Gyarados were somehow related. This was back before I played the games and only watched the anime.

Back when I first started out with the games, I thought that the legendary birds and Snorlax in FireRed were literally impossible to catch and were just there to battle. Oh, and I also thought that ALL Pokemon evolved by level alone, which resulted in me having a level 80 Graveler. I still have it, in fact (but of course it's a Golem now).

~ Magcargo evolved into Torkoal
I never believed this, but I've always thought it should be true.
~ The Ho-oh that flew over Ash in the first episode of the anime was not a Ho-oh, but rather a Fearow evolution named Leerow.
I used to think that the Ho-Oh was Fearow itself.

Catching a Fearow with a Master Ball and years later I discovered that you cannot get another Master Ball.
Similarly, I wasted my Sapphire and FireRed Master Balls on Relicanth and Onix, respectively.
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Pokemon Diamond was my first game. I got it when I was ten. But later that year, I bought Fire red, and didn't get that there were big differences between the two games.
For example, when I went into to Mewtwo's cave, I wondered why Giovanni and Team Rocket weren't there to summon Mewtwo. :p


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-Teach the Pokemon on my team HM moves which would take up movespace.
-Have a Pokemon with multiple attacking moves of the same type.
-Use up TMs without thinking.
-Making sure the Pokemon only had attacking moves and maybe Protect.


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thinking Stat decresing moves were for ever...
Using Noctowl...


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OKay this wasn't me but one of my friends. Two of my friends were battleing and one had out a Giratina and the other had Noctowl. Friend A (with the Giratina) had Giratina use Shadow Force because he thought Noctowl was part Psychic. Friend B's Noctowl was actually able to beat Giratina, but then Friend B got swiped after that.


I thought that Budew never evolved.

I thought that Dialga was catchable in Pearl.

I KO'd my rival's Ponyta when you battle Mars and Jupiter right before Cyrus. I KO'd the thing on purpose because it was being annoying.


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I used to give away my legendary(s) to my friends, for cute pokemon


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2 or 3 years ago i traded over my first shiny ever, (charizard) to a boy for his birthday


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Hey guys a stupid thing I did in the past was run away from a shiny because when I was young I thought it was a glitch. I never new that shiny pokemon exist so I just thought it was a glitch in the game. After when I grew up and read about the shiny rare pokemon I learned that it wasn't. I felt really stupid from running away from shiny pokemon.


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I used to hold down A button when I threw pokeballs.
I do something different now (I know it doesn't help though)

When the ball hits the pokemon and makes a pinging noise, I hold down L. When the ball opens up I release L. When the ball flashes in mid-air I tap A. Silly, isn't it?
Omg i still do that.


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I used to think a Pokemon wouldn't hurt itself in confusion if you pressed A once when the confusion animation was playing.

And holding down right and tapping A to reduce the amount of damage done to my Pokemon (and vice versa).
I thought Hypno's pendulum was a yo-yo
I thout it was a weight... A year or two ago I beleved if you completed the nat.dex in diamoned/pearl and talked two the man who's in the house where lucaus/dawns sister is he would give you a darkrai fosle..yep