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Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid


Ocarina of Calm
Tapping the A button in a specific speed for each different type of pokeball; for pokeballs to work, I thought I had to tap quickly, and for ultra balls to work I had to tap slightly slower.


Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
I never put two Nidokings or queens in the same party of one of the other gender. I always thought that the two Nidokings or queens would not work in a battle.


Shiny Data Collector
-that the Ho-oh in the beginning was a Ferow (just learned this 3 years ago)
-every legendary Pokemon was super strong and could defeat anything
-finding a shiny Pokemon was near impossible unless you had an action replay
-action replay was the only way to get a completed pokedex
-when I turned 10 a magical thing would happen and I could become a Pokemon trainer
-and I just learned recently DIAlga was for DIAmond and Palkia was for Pearl


Fear Me, If You Dare
I used to go into my mom in game to say hi because i thought she would get lonely go to another reigon! XD I also thought the only way to get a starter was at the beginning.

Wild Dragonite

Ralts Evo Tree Fan
I thought that if you put a Pikachu and an Electabuzz in the day care in Silver version, you'd get a Pokemon called "Pikakid."

Yeah, right.


Well-Known Member
According to the Pearl/Diamond official strategy guide, it said three phrases work with the mike:

"Gotcha!"- Increases catch rate
"Wake Up!"- Immediately awakens your Pokemon
"Snap!"- Snaps Pokemon out of confusion.

And by gosh darn I believed them.
Yea I heard this some where! I have the stragedy guide that shows the pokedex entry for all the pokemon for diamand and pearl and that thing is ridiculous lol. It made me believe Gengar was grass type for a sec lol


Shiny Data Collector


not bad
I have the official Diamond Pearl guide and I do not recall seeing this..

It's in one of the two. If I find it I'll take a picture.

Oh yes, I used to think catching shadow Pokemon was 'immoral', so I didn't do it.


Perky Goth
I used to think that holding down the A button made attacks stronger.


The Devil Dragon
only have three.
my first was that i used to think silver in GSC was a chick.
my second was down+b gives a better chance to catch a pokemon. i still do, but its more of a force of habit now.
my third was i sold my original gold version when i saw a shiny golbat. i thought it was broken. curse my child like mind.


What did you say...?
When I was little, I remember 'thinking' I saw a shooting star and wished Pokemon were real. Shortly after, I remember running through my room looking for any Poke Balls. Then when I couldn't find any, I went into the living room and lied down and looked out the window and thought I saw a Jigglypuff sitting on a tree branch. XD
Well, let's start off by...

-Just trained my Charizard, tought every wild pokemon was an enemy, and just captured a water pokemon for surf and other one for cut...
-Never finished the game lol
-Didn't know how to use items

I didn't play g/s/c..

-Thought that after you completed the game and defeated the E4, the story of the game wasn't complete, and that you could still find some magma guys out there, that there was a secret cave...
-Mossdeep city secrets. (Spaseship center, the white stone)
-Thought that after defeating the E4 20 times in a row, they'll give you a masterball lol


New Member
I thought that special attack raised a pokemons stab instead of powering special attack moves. I went throughout johto with an ampharos using thunder punch the entire game

Breeder Drew

Well-Known Member
-That Mew was under the truck.
-Pretty much every other lie.
-That you could raise a Pokemon past level 100. (Cut me some slack, I had never raised one to 100 before and thought you could go higher. :p)