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Stupid Things You Did: Serebii Forums Noob


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I don't think I ever did anything really stupid. The one thread of mine that got deleted was about move animations in 6th gen. The mod deleted it and pointed to the X and Y graphics thread. I was kind of upset because I thought they were sufficiently different. -.-


Lordy, Lordy, lets see....

- Terrible TERRIBLE grammar
- I used to get angry at people really easily
- Spamming the word n00b over and over again, as is that isn't "n00bish" in itself
- I used to send people pictures when the conversation started to die down, in hopes that it would make the conversation... I don't know, last longer
- I used to insult people for the Pokemon/characters they liked
- I used to just be a huge jerk in general, really

I'm sorry to those that knew me when I first joined, haha


I used to constantly reply to spambots and pretend to hit on them.

Don't ask.
Most of my mistakes as a noob happened in the Fan Fics section. Not only did i comment on several fics with very little feedback, but the biggest one was my own attemps at fics. I really did make a mess regarding the rules. No fic I posted was within the rules and were closed down within minutes. But the biggest problem was that they were all horrendous.


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Oh Gawd my grammar was really horrendous back when I joined in 2009. Scrolling down old posts and VM's make me wonder if I was really annoying the other people reading my post. I really took for granted the fact that English is my second language and not my first, that was a mistake that I regret. I also used to constantly spam so much in the old Pealrshipping thread and would generally spam in some other threads in the anime section. Another mistake was trolling a member just because I found him/her annoying, some of the jokes definitely crossed the line.


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Back in 06, wrote some crappy fanfics and tried to pass off another user's sig banner as my own. Oh and I used to leave Espeon icons at the end of every post.

Those were the good days... :)


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I would try for days on end to start a Trade Shop for X and Y, and it never worked. I spent at least 4 days until I saw the thing on the bottom of the site saying "you can't post new threads"...boy did I feel like a dumb noob.

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I forgot something really stupid I did as a noob: I posted a rather suggestive picture in the picture thread (probably because I was bored) and got a positive rep, an infraction, and a ban for it.


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It took me two bans to get the signature-rules into my thick skull.