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Stupid YouTube Comments

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These "Does this virus come in [insert color here]?" comments are getting stale. But that doesn't mean they're more annoying than these spambots who get other spambots to upvote their comments.

Actually, it's Guerrilla Warfare. not Gorilla.

Hence why I put the misspelled phrases in quotes.
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I was just watching part 6 of the dub of Lucky Star and people decided to talk about when they had their periods ಠ_ಠ A. Why is this here? B. I DON'T CARE! C. NO-ONE CARES!

All those comments saying "X is the 9/11 of Y"
"Thumbs up if so-and-so sent you here"
"Thumbs up if you're watching this in *insert year here*"
"Go to *"insert fake website filled to the brim with viruses and Trojans here"* to make lots of money with little to no effort"
and the comments recycling old RWJ jokes, They may have (but probably not) been funny 3-4 years ago when the video was uploaded but they aren't funny now.
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Wishmaker Latias

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What annoys me the most is...
<Insert a name of a character> X <Insert a name of another character> , Still a better love story than Twilight.
Its annoying especially if the its completely not in place.
Other than that...
FIRST!(This always gets flagged as Spam in about 5 minutes)
Someone give this man a medal. , Your parents must be proud of you. , Want a cookie. (These comments get lots of likes if they reply to those ,,FIRST" Comments and that is stupid and pointless).
And people who get involved in some flame wars on YouTube and are losing an argument , and then start correcting the other person's grammar.
Like Ok , its always nice to spell properly but this goes out of place.


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I find it incredibly amusing that most Youtube videos now have the comments hidden in 'safety mode'. Even Youtube knows that the comments are incredibly dumb.


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I really hate the extremely religious comments on space documentaries. I mean really, just don't watch the documentary if your going to criticize about it.


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In the same vein as those "make money from home! Click here to go to this unsafe website!" comments, the other ones are the "I was a loser, but I went to unsafe website, and now I am a ladies man!"

Especially when they have an insane amount of thumbs ups.

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Like if your watching this in 2013.
Saw that on a Run DMC video the other day :(.
A few that really annoy me are these. I'm only listing a few though.

*Insert character here* is just like Shadow the Hedghog! I fail to see how Lucario is like Shadow the Hedgehog, or any other Pokemon for that matter. I mean, it's not even just Pokemon, I let my sister watch a My Little Pony video and someone said Rainbow Dash was like Shadow the Hedgehog. Just... Why and how?

Sad comments on most songs... I'm not trying to be rude, but he majority of the time I'm thinking they're just ways to get attention, and it is annoying.

Also stupidity. Just. Plain. Stupidity.


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I hate the:

'I am but a young and unloved [insert random hobby here].

I have hopes, ambitions, dreams of becoming a recognized figure and to be in the public eye - just to be appreciated and loved.
But those dreams are fading away fast, I am not being recognized by anyone in the world.
YOU could be the difference, YOU could change my life for the better, You are the key!
So, please, could you take 2 minutes of your time and visit my humble channel?

Thank You for Reading'

Comments on YT. They just get on my nerves.

(I thought my made-up comment was actually pretty good LOL)


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I once saw a comment that contained a few grammatical errors, and then was followed by a chain of comments in which people cursed out the commenter for their poor grammar. Then there were people who defended the commenter and a lengthy argument ensued.


Just the ones where people asking if you listening,watching or playing it in 201X.

Why does it matter??? Even people say that when something is only 1 little year old.
People on BrainScratchComms videos complaining about Amanda and people telling other people to stop complaining about a girl on the Internet.


Type A:

Someone quotes the video and reacts, thus getting thumbs up for putting in minimal effort.

Type B:

Someone mocks Type A by typing something like "Quote from video?" Reaction! and gets thumbs up for putting in even less effort.

Type C:

When someone points out an easter egg in the background that everyone in the world can see. Sorta' rare to come by.

Wishmaker Latias

All Bridges Burned, All Lessons Learned
Watching some Retro game reviews and then some kid posts something like this:
"wtf is this geim get cod ya fa***ts"

Also this:
"Shh! I think it is trying to communicate. (This got top comment after replying to that one)
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