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Stupidest Pokemon Thread

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Copygoo, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Anaya

    Anaya Synthesis

    There is no stupid Pokemon. Some are ugly some are not. Some are strong some are not. Just like humans....So I say no Pokemon are stupid.
  2. Drkecho

    Drkecho Retired

    Cause it only learns 1 move. And that move is almost pointless. I hate Bidoof cause he always breaks my chain >= O and hes a less effective HM slave than Bibarel
  3. Mr.saturn

    Mr.saturn Chicken Tamer

    Unown, they are the most worthless Pokemon.
  4. angrycaterpie

    angrycaterpie Gaze upon the slayer

    Bidoof or Bibarel...

    The 4th gen Rattata and Raticates, the best HM slave ever. Which is t say the worst. At least Magikarp can learn Flail. It's true people.
  5. Prio

    Prio Well-Known Member

    Saying that they are just like humans contradicts there being no stupid Pokemon.
  6. Princess Reina

    Princess Reina lalala....

    Yes, it is a fun toy - it is everywhere, even in the Safarii Zone and plays on my nerves.

    I vote for Aipom. i hate this little thing. It is annoying; weak and stupid looking, but almost all love it - I dont know why.
  7. Arbok

    Arbok aka Arbok

    Caterpie, ah it's so weak and stupid. It's sóó annoying. >_>

    Yay For Sarcasm.

    None is stupid. Some are annoying, but not stupid. =/
  8. Saorio

    Saorio Mario+Sonic=Saorio

    Arceus and Shaymin....

  9. Euphoria

    Euphoria Soul Salsa

    I'm gonna go with the majority and say .. Bibarel. I was going to say Bidoof but 'arel's cry's way more obnoxious and his facial expression far more dim and "kill me plz.. take me out of my misery".
  10. Copygoo

    Copygoo Page of Heart

    Wow... a lot of people in 1 and a half days....
  11. chorusco

    chorusco Well-Known Member

    Magicarp Lol
  12. Black Hawk

    Black Hawk ready to strike


    honestly, what is the point in the 10 character limit?
  13. Ridley

    Ridley Rawr

    To prevent you from just saying Honchkrow and not giving an explanation why you think it's stupid.

    I agree that there aren't stupid pokemon. You can disagree with their designs, their stats, their moves, their cries, and how common they are...but someone out there has some appreciation for it. Just call it annoying then.
  14. Koriinku

    Koriinku Shinx <3

    I hate Shroomish in R/S/E. I'm pretty much annoyed by it. As for D/P, Bibarel looks weird enough.
  15. Black_Winged_Angel

    Black_Winged_Angel Poringloater

    SHUT UP!!! *foams at the mouth angrily*

    ...Sorry. But Honchkrow isn't bad. I mean, appearance wise, its just... eww, but for battle, it's not horribly bad. I use one myself. Plus it can learn Haze.

    Unown can help you get certain Seals in D/P. It's also fun to try to spell words with them.

    Bibarel's expression is kind of vacant-looking, but if you were to compare that to Quagsire's, the HM using beaver is easily outmatched.
  16. Tyranidos

    Tyranidos Well-Known Member

    pokemon aren't stupid, but i hate venonat's cry. it is probably the most annoying cry ever for me.
  17. EMike

    EMike Windchime Guy

    To me, it's not that Bibarel looks braindead. I like Quagsire and Slowpoke, after all, and they do easily beat Bibarel for "actually stupid". Unlike Slowpoke or Quagsire, Bibarel's entire design just doesn't sit right with me at all. It's just ugly. I think Quagsire's vacancy is it's appeal, and Quaquire has Wooper going for it. Bidoof definitely isn't Wooper.

    To the rest of the people in this thread, the "in my opinion" of everyone's posts should go without saying. There's no globally stupid Pokemon? Of course there isn't! It's just the stupidest Pokemon in someone's personal viewpoint.
  18. Dokichan

    Dokichan Well-Known Member

    bibarel is quite terrible. he's very ugly...and i suppose you could say he's stupid as well...
  19. DaMike52

    DaMike52 Banned

    k dont care
  20. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa


    Ooh, controversial!

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