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[SU] Alternate: The Uprising [Pokémon] (PG13)


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Thanks. I made the character at 2 in the morning, so the lackluster parts are being corrected in word.


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I've had this idea, and it seems like there needs to be more activity on the gijinka side anyways.

Name: Alexandrea (Alex) Hampton/Silicon “Sil”
Sex: Female
Age: 24
Side: Gijinka Alliance
Race: Luxray Gijinka

Description: Physically, Alex is white, with skin that isn’t especially tan nor pale. She stands a bit over the average woman, being about 5’ 7’’ in height. She is muscular, revealing her healthy diet and exercise. However, it isn’t really exaggerated. Unless she wasn’t wearing very much you wouldn’t even notice. She has brown freckles spread across her cheeks and nose, the freckles also go along that rest of her body, as you can leave to imagination. She has light blue hair, which is about the shade of the blue on a Luxray. Her hair is very thick and fluffy, and it goes down to her shoulders. Whenever she ties her hair back, two clumps of hair pop out, revealing the strange black stripe she has across both of them. In most cases, Alex never lets her hair get into her eyes. She has a tail that is exactly like a Luxray’s; long and black with a yellow star at the end.

Since Alex has two identities, I will spend my time describing both of them.

Alex has bright blue eyes due to the contacts she wears. However, she never tells anyone this due to reasons to be explained on a later date. In fact, to even further hide the evidence, she wears thick-rimmed yellow glasses. According to the public, she has always had “very poor eyesight”. Because of her family line she is never out of money, and thus she tends to have and wear very nice things. She walks around in brand name jeans with the newest styles in fashion. Because she has so much I can’t really describe it, but to sum it up she has a sort of “cute and classy” sort of style. She’s the kind of girl that would wear cardigans or pretty flats. She often let’s her hair down or keeps it pigtails. On special occasions Alex never ceases to impress with her array of dresses. She has the prettiest fabrics, shoes, and accessories, so you can only imagine what she would wear to a party.

Her alter-ego, Silicon, however, is an entirely different story. Silicon reveals her natural eyes, which to be honest, are kind of scary. They have dark, black pupils, contrasted with the yellow of the inner iris. Then, the iris slowly fades into a blood red at the edges. This is what people identify her with. She doesn’t wear glasses, since she doesn’t need them. She wears things more practical for her work, which are tank-tops, t-shirts, and jeans. Then, the rest of it is rather simple. She has a jacket that she always wears as symbolism for her gijinka heritage. It’s black, with three yellow stripes on each of the forearms. It ties with a zipper and stops at the waist, closing in on her waist with elastic. Then, she wears black boots with a small heal. She also has a utility belt. The belt includes patches for poke-balls, a water bottle, four smoke pellets or other small explosives, and two longer pouches in the front two hold her favorite weapons, the dual metal rods. She ties her hair back on the job. Her usual cute look disappears, and enters with intimidation. She keeps a playful smile on her face, but it only adds to the fear from her eyes.

Personality: Again, since Alex has two identities, I will spend time to explain both.

To the public, Alex is quiet, yet kind. She is the proud daughter of two highly ranked military soldiers. And although they have long been retired, they have always been respected. Thus, Alex gains many friends simply through her parent’s connections. She works as a fashion designer, creating cute skirts and blouses. She lives in a fancy condo not so far from her parent’s mansion. She goes out to lunches with friends, makes jokes, and just haves fun. Most people have gotten to know her, and they think that she’s pretty nice. But that’s all. She gets invited to parties and other things mainly due to her parents, but she doesn’t seem to mind. People often come to her for fashion suggestions, however, and she is always happy to help. She travels often for the fun of it, but due to recent events she has been unable to visit Unova and Sinnoh. Every once in a while she will bring a boy home, and for that while they will be together, but it never really lasts. She believes she is too young to be looking for a serious relationship, and her parents oblige. Neither of them are too excited about handing down their wealth, since Alex is an only child.

Her parent’s do know about her secret identity and job, and they keep hush about just as well as she does. Unless you were looking for something like this, you would never notice.

Little do most people know, Alex is actually a hired assassin for the Gijinka Alliance. Whenever she gets the call, she leaves for her mission, giving an excuse for the public to buy, whether it’s her grandmother’s health or just to take a break. She works very hard to keep her two identities a secret. Since she takes these “vacations” so often, hardly anyone really notices. Plus, gijinka’s often take more vacations just too waste money. No one really cares.

On the job, she is actually a lot more social. She talks to her team members if she has any and jokes about how useless humans are. In fact, she’ll often make conversation with her prey. She’ll do anything it takes to get the job done and to cleanse the world of humans. She often plays with her food, making conversation with her target as if it were a usual day before killing them. It’s not like they really have a choice, might as well let them suffer. Often she’ll injure them in a way in order to slow them down. Then, she lets them just sit that way until she feels it’s time to finish the job.

Fighting is one of her favorite parts. She uses two metal rods that are about one and a half feet long. She has the option to connect them to create a sort of staff, or to use them individually. She uses the latter more often than the former. She fights by channeling electricity through the rods, then trusting them into her opponents. If for some reason this doesn’t work, such as if she ever faced a rock Pokemorph, she could always make do with her pokemon. She could also use a few other moves is she ever really needed to. She is very good at fighting, since she is always training. She has never been beaten yet, unless you count her first day in training. Most of the time she is assigned to deadly members of the other side. If they’re causing too much trouble, then she’s sent to take care of it.

It’s tough to say which part of Alex is her real self. If anything, she’s really an equal part of both, and it’s hard to really determine who she really is, since she’s so used to being both.

Background: Alex was born into a very rich family. As a child they were often away for war, but by the time she was ten years old, they had retired and spent most of their time with her. They didn’t teach her typical things, to be honest. From a very young age she took martial arts classes and studied in warfare. But she also learned to keep all this private. From the very start, all anyone assumed she was talented in was playing the cello. And although she is, her instrumental talent was simply a cover. She lived with two identities, wearing the blue contacts and glasses to school, making it so that she had the perfect cover. It didn’t help that her family moved very often, making it so that nobody remembered anything about her. By the time she was a teenager, it was accepted in her family that she was going to continue the tradition and become a soldier. By then her mind was so twisted that to have myself configure it would ruin all the fun.

When she received the proper preparation, she enlisted herself in the army. She began working her way up the ranks. However, by the time she reached the level she is now, the Stalwart Brotherhood had already defeated Unova, and she would have to wait some time before she really got to do anything. Which is why she has been particularly happy these days. Sitting in her quiet condo on the cliff-sides of Lavaridge Town, with a view of the beautiful hot springs, waiting for the call.

Hits: Fighting, war, clothes, gijinkas, and parties
Misses: Humans, peacetime, fast food, and rebels


Species: Swampert
Gender: Male
Personality and History: Alex received Kevin as a gift for her fourth birthday. She has trained him to where he is now ever since, and their bond has grown with time. He grew to be sort of a brother, both of them feeling obligated to protect each other. In a way this is Alex’s closest friend. They understand each other and talk about war and pokemon battles. That’s what they have in common, anyways.

Name: Margret
Species: Roserade
Gender: Female
Personality and History: She caught this for an assignment in fourth grade, and has kept it ever since. Like Kevin they have become close friends, although Margret has become more of the kind of person to talk to about personal problems. Throughout time they would talk about boys and clothes, just having fun and being girls.

Name: Theodore (Theo)
Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male
Personality and History: Whenever she was in the war, she defeated her first foe with ease. She picked up the pokeball left from his remains, and took it for herself. The relationship between the two of them is complicated to say the least. Theo obliges to Alex’s orders because he has to, but he hates it there and despises working for the other side. He argues with her almost every chance he gets, but he can’t fight his way out against the other two and Alex.
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Just one bitty error. Gijinkas are born as the same species as the mother is (Mespirit in this case). Other than that, everything checks out. Since that's not a big deal, I'm accepting it anyway.

Enjoy and have fun!

I've had this idea, and it seems like there needs to be more activity on the gijinka side anyways.

Yup, definitely need more badass characters like this! You're good to go, enjoy. :D



Malack Harvey - Played by Floorman
Daray Orfeo - Played by Kintio
Vosok Gilt - Played by lawmaster
Laufeia Khruschev - Played by Miss Manipulation
Flamara Volcanis - Played by Jason-Kun
Tesla "Tessa" Isya - Played by Kintio
Melissa "Mimi" Shannon - Played by Mon1010
Michelle "Jonah" Matthews - Played by Wile E. Coyote
Albert "The Trickster" Rommel - Played by LokiTheGengar
Kenton Garner - Played by The Lord 67
Felix Lindel (Lucky Se7en) - Played by Niihyl
Kodai No Tsu “Gaado” - Played by Zalck
Olivia Irvine - Played by Purplepassion
Wes Strider - Played by Billy Mays
Blake Elric - Played by Eeveeon8
Charles "Ux" Wilson - Played by Winterbreezesrule
Alexandrea Hampton/Silicon "Sil" - Played by aggiegwyn


Brian Stone - Played by Neo Pikachu
Marx (Shadow) Gordon - Played by Tasslehoff
Theresa Lynette - Played by Miss Manipulation
Alex "Moon" Miller - Played by Winterbreezesrule
Derek "Powerhouse" Feyr - Played by Wile E. Coyote
Kristofer "Kris" Riveraid - Played by GoldenHouou
Aiko Yamada - Played by aggiegwyn
Emilise Stone - Played by Winterbreezesrule
George Ramsley Porter - Played by Septic Scepti1e
Lyuba Volkova - Played by *Jean Grey*
Karkat - Played by Kintio
Karen Hills - Played by Neo Pikachu
Theo Doraino - Played by Pokefan0234
Joe Liono - Played by Soaring Pikachu
Xaiver "X" Owens & Sally Summers - Played by Billy Mays
Jocelyn Desmarais - Played by Purplepassion


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Hey, I've been stalking this page for a while and I'm pretty sure I'll be joining this RPG once I'm bothered to write a sign-up, it seems like the best around at the moment, it's just a bit awkward as my computer is broken. Anyway, I don't mind too much which side I join, I'll take whichever has the fewest members I suppose, although I'm tempted towards a Gijinka at the moment. I'll probably be using Gardevoir, and may consider multiple characters. Thanks ^.^