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[SU] Broken Sun - Season of Evil [PG-13]

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven


Season of Evil

"They say that the world's gonna end with a whimper, but that's just the sound it always makes anyway." ~Mark Eitzel


It began with the breaking of the True Soul Pact, the agreement between Utopia and the Abyss, not to interfere with the worlds of the living. Originally, it was decided that living Pokémon should be in charge of their own fates and have free will, which in turn would decide their final judgment upon death. For countless centuries, the pact was honored until one day, in dark secret, the Abyss breached the promise. The one and only thing the Abyss and Utopia could agree upon was shattered.

The Abyss, the hellish underworld of damned Pokémon and other monstrosities, struck like a thief in the night, spreading like an underground plague to the worlds of Pokémon through dark portals, snaring them in agony as their battalions of horrors ravaged the worlds of the living. The fires of The Schism War have been lit, and now rage with destructive, soul-consuming flames.

The Pokémon world of Talandra was one of the first to suffer at the hands of the Abyss. It was here that the Black Doom Prophecy was made, one that foretold that all living worlds would be devoured by the Abyss's nightmare legions. Meanwhile, the Abyss blocked the heavenly realm of Utopia from intercepting their infernal onslaught by means of the Cathedral to Corruption and their dark Altar of Pain.

The few natives of Talandra, a clan known as the Indigo Seers, managed to stop the Abyss's plots by breaking the Black Doom Prophecy and destroying the Altar of Pain, freeing Utopia's battalions from the shackles of the Abyss. However, the cost and sacrifice was dire. Talandra had become far too infested by the Abyss's horrific abominations, leaving no choice but for the entire world to be destroyed in one final act of mercy on behalf of Utopia.

Now, the Abyss has set its deathly gaze upon Kokoro, another Pokémon world, just one of many already targeted by these infernal marauders. The Schism War now goes beyond the worlds of the living, and even into the realms of the Abyss and Utopia themselves. The Abyss not only hopes to pillage and plunder the worlds of the living, but in time, grasp the heart of Utopia and send it screaming into the foul pits of the nightmare underworld as the laughing face of madness devours every last sliver of sanity and virtue.

What happened to Talandra must not happen again...


As a powerful and uniquely gifted native Pokémon of Kokoro or as a high-ranking member of Utopia's divine battalions, you have the power to stop the Abyss from laying waste to yet another world. While hope may have died for Talandra and already the losses have been tragic, there is still time to save this world, but it is rapidly running out. The Schism War has come to Kokoro, and the lives of many depend on you.

The Abyss, now forced to fight Utopia on even ground, has unleashed total war upon Kokoro, sending their darkest lieutenants and captains to the fields of Kokoro as a ripe new world to infest. You are blessed with the power to fight their legions in ways other Pokémon cannot, and even travel into their dark underworld by means of their infernal portals, the same gateway they're using to send their legions of infernal doom into Kokoro. But you, for some unknown reason, are seemingly resistant against some of the dark influences that ensnare the damned in the hellish realm many fear as the Abyss. There, the battle must be taken against their key commanders, and perhaps eradicate the dark underworld forevermore so that no one ever has to suffer this way ever again.




Kokoro is a world of many forests and deserts, as well as rugged mountains and boundless seas. To many Pokémon, it is home, where Pokémon have built entire cities from the ground up, creating their own unique civilizations and cultures.

Now targeted for eradication and steeling itself for the worst, Kokoro is just one of several victim worlds that has become the battlegrounds for horrific conflicts. While there was a time when Kokoro had its own disagreements and conflicts between different clans and factions, those differences have been cast aside. Now, struggling for survival, former enemies have united, hoping to save their world before it is dragged into the bowels of madness.

City locations with red names on the map while covered with a reddish-black blotch are areas that have become overrun and renamed or created by the Abyss's legions, and are quickly spreading like cancer. Many of these defiled and corrupted cities across the bleeding planet cannot be saved, and must be destroyed and eradicated like a vile, festering tumor.

Many years ago, Kokoro was visited by human researchers and military specialists, who established settlements and research facilities. In time, some of the aggressive native tribes of Pokémon forced them to retreat and leave their settlements behind. Many years later, these facilities were opened, and power, human technology was discovered by Pokémon. However, while some Pokémon sought to make excellent use of this technology, others opposed it. Locations marked in blue are once-human facilities that contain powerful human technology and weaponry, and what could be the key to fighting back the Abyss. Meanwhile, locations in green are Pokémon allied locations still holding on to their defense. Small dots resemble small towns and establishments while large white dots resemble large cities.


Your character may be in any of these six factions at any rank, except for the leader ranks.

LIBERTY'S CRUSADE - Lead by Azmarax the Dragonite, Liberty's Crusade consists of Pokémon that have made use of human technology throughout Kokoro, with many of their members assuming the roles of scientists, technicians, and engineers, using and even adding onto the long-lost technology. Many of the once human bases are now operated by their members. And with the dark coming of the Abyss's legions, they stand firm and vigilant against the incoming tide of darkness.

RANKS OF LIBERTY'S CRUSADE - High Commander (Azmarax), Paladin, Knight, Squire, Initiate

FOLLOWERS OF KHASHAN - Neutral in terms of using human technology, the Followers of Khashan are lead by Khashan the Zoroark. This team of ninja-like bandits and rogues used to be thieves, highwaymen, and smugglers, using bladed weapons, bows, and the few human weapons they were able to get their hands on. Meanwhile, they specialized in mounted air combat, using a variety of flying Pokémon for swift, aerial strikes and quick getaways. Now, realizing how much is at stake, they've set aside their crooked ways and have joined the fight for Kokoro's defense.

RANKS OF FOLLOWERS OF KHASHAN - Leader (Khashan), Viper, Razor, Grunt

THE JADE ALLIANCE - Once the enemy of Liberty's Crusade, the Jade Alliance, led by Syritina the Lilligant, is a band of Pokémon mostly consisting of Grass-types that tries to preserve the sanctity of nature. Their powers and abilities are unusual, being able to conjure forests out of the ground, command plant life, and even have the capability to convert any Pokémon into a grass type if it isn't one already by means of unusual magic and ceremonies. In the war against the Abyss, they have the power to bring life back to the infected areas that the Abyss has corrupted, and heal the damage that was done. However, as long as the Abyss continues to sink its dark teeth into the world of Kokoro with more incoming legions of abominations, performing such critical miracles is extremely risky.

RANKS OF THE JADE ALLIANCE - Queen (Syritina), Eden, Branch, Thorn, Seed

AERIAL BRIGADE MERCENARIES – Founded and lead by Lilan the Flygon, the Aerial Brigade Mercenaries (ABM) consists of mostly flying type pokemon who are for hire for various tasks. The ABM is exceptional at scouting, message relays, and supply drops. Although the ABM claims to be a competent aerial combatists, they’re not often hired to do combat as often as most of the members would like. They roam from area to area, offering their services to the various towns. While not as powerful or as influential as the other factions, the ABM is very friendly with the natives, often getting discounts in supplies.

RANKS OF AERIAL BRIGADE MERCENARIES - Flock Leader (Lilan), Ace Pilots, Ace, Pilot, Fledgling

JOY VITALITY COMMITTEE - Founded and lead by Kassy Joy, its mission is to improve the lives of all Kokoronians, no matter which faction they belong (or not belong). They follow their commitment by protecting the weak and defenseless, healing the wounded, rebuilding destroyed cities and towns, improve Kokoronian life in general and researching ways to upgrade anything that can aid with their cause. Officially, the faction accepts the use of human technology with open arms but also accepts the old ways equally, however since the faction accepts anyone whom are willing to help, the individual JVC member may have a different opinion (but they're not judgmental with others). The only thing they all truly agree on is the use of weapons: it is only acceptable within the faction to use them in self-defense. Speaking of members, most of them consist of doctors, nurses, builders, scientists, but there is also a few soldiers for protection, engineers for machine construction and maintenance, and delivery Pokémon to move medical supplies and equipment. Although ranks are existent within the faction, which can be identified by how dark the pink hue of a member's Full Revive on their pendant/bracelet is (the lighter it is, the higher it is in rank), it only uses them for organization purposes because of their equality philosophy (everyone can ask someone to do something, no matter the rank). And as you have probably have guessed, the faction's symbol is a pink Full Revive crystal.

RANKS OF JOY VITALITY COMMITTEE - President (Kassy), Vice-President, Director, Specialist, Member

THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN - The Circle of Seven is a sort of mercenary group. Their primary focus is on dealing with crime, although they perform other jobs as well. Members work in groups of three or four, with each person specializing in something. Some Pokémon in this group learn about medicine, others about the legal system, some can battle, while others still can work as spies. The group is lead by a group of seven Pokémon (Hence the name), one for each evolution of Eevee.

RANKS OF THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN - Chosen (Emily), Blessed, Gifted, Neophyte

OTHERS - While these six factions are the most prominent, there are many others that don't affiliate with these six. You're free to have your character choose to be part of their own faction, or be unaffiliated at all.



In truth, the Abyss goes on forever as an endless realm of torture, but these areas will be the main focus of the RP.

Land of the forsaken and the screaming damned, the Abyss is the shattered land of the evil dead. As the feared hellish afterlife of wailing and abysmal pain and suffering, this underworld is laden with oceans of blood, fields of burnt ground, pits of boiling lava and many other devices of torture and misery. Many dark forces are at work here in these twisted lands of evil.

Those that gaze upon this foul realm are made well aware of the horror that is in store should the mission to stop the Abyss fails. If unstopped, all living worlds will be twisted and be in the Abyss's own dark, macabre image. You character is resistant to a few Abyss's horrors, which means you will be FREE AND IMMUNE from being afflicted by some of the curses, plagues, and horrors that each area usually bestows upon its victims (descriptions marked in red). However, the nightmare of seeing it done to the damned is a horror that cannot be avoided. Also, any NPC companions you may have will also be subject to these curses and afflictions as well. They do not have the resistance that you do...

Covenant to the Scourge - As a twisted and shattered archipelago of cracked, burning deserts, this broken land is where most guilty ground type Pokémon live only to make the suffering less worse than in the rest of the Abyss, despite how bitter it is anyway with its deadly heat and hideous smell. Pokémon that spend an extended amount of time here usually end up drying permanently, forced to look like wrinkled elders from the endless dehydration. In the north, the massive city of Korvockt is the hub of this dry and twisted land.

Silpominen - The blackened lands of Silpominen are literally a cesspool of intense radiation, fallout, and violent deterioration. Few Pokémon risk saying here, and those that do usually end up growing additional appendages in wrong and unusual areas, turning them into freakish monsters. Meanwhile, endless screams and wailing never cease howling in this twisted land. Even the pleas have been mutated.

Manifestation of Cancer - This rotting series of islands is an area of hideously large and repulsive mushrooms, blackened and blighted land, as well as intense, mental corruption. Pokémon that live here appear to be ghouls, which is very painful at first, and then levels off to simply result in a permanent state of morbid apparitions. Meanwhile, the massive city of Leprosy is the city of fallen limbs, with blood-crusted streets and scattered appendages. Arriving in Manifestation of Cancer results in immediately taking the ghoul appearance that every citizen here experiences.

The Deathlands (Eastern and Western) - Seemingly endless plains of burnt ground and fiery hellholes, not even fire Pokémon even remotely enjoy the burning smell of brunt flesh and brimstone. Few locations of any possible interest are here, but usually involve excessive amounts of pain and suffering. Meanwhile, southeast of the Western Deathlands lies the twisted city of Necropolis, seemingly floating on a plate in a hideous pool of boiling vomit and excrement.

The City of Dis - Horrendously massive, dark, and intimidating, The City of Dis is a twisted, multi-level metropolis of ruin in reality, but a disgusting and perverted city of sadism in illusion. Those who dare walk in this nightmare see a city that is always against them, defiling their name in every way possible in its dark streets. For everyone, the City of Dis is different for them. Here will you find your personal grudges glamorized, your name and essence defiled on the neon signs and billboards that fill the city with a hellish glow, and every citizen there will be your worst enemies and nightmares, filling anyone who walks the streets with warped paranoia. The City of Dis remains as the most feared element of the Abyss, always customized and tailored for each soul to inflict maximum misery and pain upon those who enter it. To you, the city seems very much alive and in deep hatred of you and only you.

The Schism - As a disheveled land of twisting bones, ribs, and sharp marrow shards, The Schism is desolate and hard to navigate. No one is really sure if anything of importance exists here, but much of it has gone unseen as well, so great, dark power may be here just waiting to be found by the bravest of warriors. However, be warned that walking along these lands is as painful as walking on broken glass. Sharp and serrated bones are jutting out and protruding in every direction and fashion, making it very easy to be cut, stabbed, and impaled in this deserted derelict of bone.

Vou Hast - The intimidating region of Vou Hast is a land of gratuitous violence, gore, and gluttony. The very land itself is smothered with brains, vital organs, skin, soiled flesh, and intestines, as well as massive pits filled with even more flesh and vitals. Meanwhile, the shambling city of Kammo in the northwest is nicknamed the “Bloodbath of the Abyss.” The city itself literally bleeds. Entering Vou Hast causes gradual girth that has a cumulative growth rate, filling souls with layers and layers of fat that is impossible to burn off. Meanwhile, they are struck with ravenous hunger to eat anything, gorging themselves on the vitals and gore that layer this damned place. Pokémon that stay here too long find themselves becoming too fat to maintain mobility. Once they reach a certain size (a few millions of pounds), they explode, bursting in a violent, bloody mess of massive gore. Shortly after, however, they are regenerated to woefully start the whole morbid process over again.

The Thorndike - As a dark and shadowy land, the Thorndike remains as a realm of violent lacerations, stabbing, slicing, and bleeding. Much of the ground is layered and caked with many blades, knives, thorns, and razors jutting out of the ground, all soaked in the blood of those who have stepped on them. Many rivers pass through here, but they are all blood.

The Xov Ensign - This sigil-shaped landmass is the beating heart of the Followers of Xov. Only those that have pledged full, adamant loyalty to the clan of Xov are welcome here, while others are strictly shunned and will be tortured on sight. For the most exalted of Followers of Kov, the dark clan offers their strongest and darkest secrets… some that even some of the other ruling powers of the Abyss shun for their extreme wickedness.

Raiskata - Clearly, the most appalling element of Raiskata is the fact the series of islands is nothing more than floating masses of clumped together manure and fecal matter that never stops smelling horrifically. Though many would never suspect it, Pokémon that live here and tolerate it are usually the ones mindful of the pain and torturous elements of the other lands in the Abyss. While several towns have been created upon the floating feces, cleaning them has become impossible, and most Pokémon accept their homes and lofts being smothered with the endless amount of fecal matter.


The undead horrors of the Abyss come in many forms, and in most cases, resemble undead and twisted Pokémon as the howling, hollow souls of the evil dead. The legions of anarchy must be stopped and destroyed, for if they remain unchallenged, more of these abominations will be spawned upon the worlds of the living, and soon enough, the once pristine and peaceful world of Utopia...

THE WRETCHED - The Wretched resemble the grunt, skeletal Pokémon fully animated and sentient with glowing fires for eyes. Relentless, they show no fear, and continue to fight at all costs. Only by smashing their skulls will they be forever put down. Even so, all of them are capable of using the same Pokémon attacks they were capable of in life, along with using grizzly bone weapons while having shrieking screams of deranged anguish cry out for miles.

THE INFERNAL SCOURGE - Adding to the hordes of abominations, these fetid, ghoul and zombie-like Pokémon are the souls of the wicked. Those that murdered others and enjoyed it. Those that acted as fiends even in life, and now continue to seek that same, murderous desire, all while reeking of the ripe stench of decay. Others have been so corrupted by sin that they know nothing but slaughter and mindless mayhem. Like many other horrors of the Abyss, they bleed black, thick and sticky like putrid oil. All they want is to see you die, and inevitably join their ranks of the mad and the damned.

UNHOLY MECHANISTS - Empowered by some unknown, enigmatic, dark and unholy science, these half-demon, half-machine Pokémon have been rewired and half-gutted to become a diabolic cyborg of unspeakable horrors. Many of them now have wicked machines for hands, such as bloody chainsaws, drills, flamethrowers, wicked claws, and a variety of other sinful, mechanical weapons. Meanwhile, many other twisted and jagged implants surround them, all serving some horrendous, macabre purpose.

Whatever dark madness used to create them must be destroyed for the sake of sanity.

THE COHORTS OF CHAOS - These blackened, shadow-colored Pokémon are the main workhorse of the Abyss's legion, often covered in wicked armor and wielding twisted, jagged weapons. These foul but strong warriors of doom never breathed life, and have always been savage combatants of the Abyss's army since their grotesque creation. While many of them still reside in the Abyss, many of them have set foot upon the living worlds of Pokémon, infecting the living and the environment with their pestilence and plagues of sin and vice.

Unlike the legions of the Infernal Scourge, the Cohorts have the power to wound souls, but not kill them. Wounds inflicted by the Cohorts and their jagged weapons of darkness will not heal on their own, and must be healed by Utopia's clerics or by their heavenly salves.

The Cohorts of Chaos are commanded by Meiun and Banjin, the Brothers of Despair and the twisted renditions and rejected legendaries that are the Fallen of Lugia and Ho-oh. They too, must be executed for their vile sins.

THE FALLEN - Every living and deceased Pokémon has a Fallen, a powerful, evil rendition of themselves made of all the sins that Pokémon has committed in their lives. Yes, even you have your own Fallen lurking in the shadows as it tries to hunt you down. The more sins a Pokémon commits, the more powerful their Fallen is. But in contrast, a righteous and honorable Pokémon is mirrored by only a weak and frail Fallen. While Fallen are rare to see outside of the Abyss, there are a few that have surfaced in the world of the living, often serving as captains and commanding officers of the Wretched, the Infernal Scourge, and/or the Cohorts of Chaos.

Fallen can also wound souls, but seeking the soul of their counterpart to infest them with an overwhelming darkness is their highest priority. However, they will not hesitate to corrupt those that seek to stop them or hinder the efforts of their dark allies. A soul that is defeated by their Fallen becomes forever corrupted, lost in mind, body, and soul into a never-ending whirlwind of sin and malice. These Fallen become "The Defilers," and are stronger and harder to kill as they are the living embodiments of sin and insanity.

Defeating and destroying a Fallen is extremely difficult, although possible (groups of Fallen are too deadly to approach). Upon destroying a Fallen, the counterpart soul undergoes a divine, angelic transformation, a state of such infinite white purity that they become Utopian Paladins, resistant to the temptation of sin and influence of corruption, and possess powers of holy purity and righteousness. These Paladins are very rare, and make up some of the strongest warriors Utopia has for this very reason...

Legendary Pokémon also have Fallen renditions (such as the case of Meiun and Banjin, and other Abyssal commanders). Meanwhile, The Fallen are commanded by Zaiaku, the Overlord of Sin, the twisted, dark travesty of Arceus himself. It is believed that he is the head commander in chief of all of the Abyss's legions.

NOTE: It is impossible to kill your own Fallen alone. Seeing your own Fallen generates a feeling of paralyzing and unfathomable fear, and the fact any wounds your Fallen rendition receives, you will receive as well with an excruciating level of pain, making it impossible for you to fight them without support. As the Fallen begins dying and bleeds out of control, you suffer the same, and only until they are completely destroyed will you undergo the holy rebirth.

THE LEGION OF XOV - The Legion of Xov is made up of dark, shadowy, blob like enigmas that are living entities of the void, vaguely resembling black, oily Pokémon with glowing red eyes.

Xov's minions of despair are infamous for their ability to vaporize souls upon consumption, and erase their existence from history and memory of all. Meanwhile, Xov has many lieutenants, sub-commanders, and captains that have lost almost all resemblance to Pokémon. As for Xov himself, he resembles a massive, shifting mass of voids and nothingness, constantly shaping itself into intimidation, resembling skulls, unholy symbols, clawed hands, and other infernal forms.

Even just touching Xov or any of his underlings results in full and total erasure. But even worse, the means to destroy them still remains a mystery. Thankfully, these abominations remain exclusively in the Abyss, although those that would venture into its depths would need to beware...

OTHERS - There are many other types of enemies and Abyssal threats you may find in your travels, such as dark war machines and siege engines only crafted by the most diabolical minds of the Abyss. These are but a few of the followers of infernal evil.



In truth, Utopia goes on forever, but this area will be the main focus of the RP.

As an eternal realm of happiness, pleasure, and delight of dreams and freedom for Pokémon that have led honest and good-willed lives, Utopia is a powerful source of both holy and light energy. Utopia is in fact the dream world of every Pokémon, where desires and wishes come true forever. While it is possible to leave Utopia, most Pokémon don’t for the simple reason of being surrounded by endless comfort and happiness forever more. However, in this dire time of darkness, many Pokémon of Utopia pick up their weapons of righteousness to defend the holy realm.

As your allies in dealing the blow of justice against the Abyss, it was unfortunate that the heavenly battalions of Utopia were only able to come into The Schism War late, and not in time to save Talandra from total corruption. However, with their arrival, there is now hope.

Everglade Isles - Peaceful and serine, the tranquil combination of water and land flats is ideal for both water and grass Pokémon, though many others still enjoy the area regardless. The Everglade Isles are most appreciated for their quiet surroundings, and are enjoyed mostly by Pokémon that prefer rural, quiet lands as opposed to busy cities.

The Indigo Plains - The purple/pinkish Indigo Plains are the remedy for the lonely, the single Pokémon that have lost their families or faced unfair abandonment in their previous lives. Here, love, friendship, and compassion await for them to experience every joy of companionship they never had the chance to really live in their previous lives. Aurora City is also the city of love, where single Pokémon that were never able to find friends or mates in previous lives are presented with the bountiful opportunity.

The Dovewing Isles - The gentle and peaceful Dovewing Isles are the home of the docile and the serene. Here, the land grows soft and white with unfreezing, dry snow, turning the area into a delightful, comfortable, and warm winter wonderland. Toward the outskirts of the lower islands, the snow turns a slight pink color, which then becomes magenta toward the tips. Meanwhile, the upper islands take on a snowy shade of blue. The high city of Innocence, capital of Utopia is highly urbanized, but always clean, peaceful, and quiet. It is here where Arceus himself resides and carries out his divine command over all righteous Pokémon.

Emerald Eternity Islands - Blissfully tropical with sunny shores and soft, sandy beaches, succulent and luscious fruit and welcoming palm trees and tropical foliage, the Emerald Eternity Islands is what many would call the “ultimate vacation and holiday spot.” Never too hot and always “just right” for everyone, the Emerald Eternity Islands also has a gentle breeze flowing through its shores as the Pokémon residing here lay in eternal relaxation.

Nightsky - Nightsky continues to be the new world for dreamers, imagination, and is a bustling sea of creativity and wonder. As a land of pleasant and peaceful sleep with inspiring good dreams, magic hours, and stargazing, this area continues to be a heaven for lovers of the night. Here, the stars are always out in the sky with comets and shooting stars, and auroras that spark new imagination.

Fields of Paradise - Pleasant, relaxing, and refreshing, the Fields of Paradise offers a fresh and homely feeling for those that have passed away. The center area is a combination of spring and winter, offering the comforts of both with blossoming white flowers and trees while the ground is covered with a soft snow that never melts and never feels icy, cold, and wet. Toward the outskirts, the landscape becomes more like the new life of spring with flowers that never wilt or vanish. Meanwhile, the majestic and massive City of the Horizon is always emanating with cheer within its reflective mirror walls and its golden streets.

The Twilight Plateau - As a beautiful range of soothing blue and violet plains with majestic mountains and ranges, the Twilight Plateau appears to be a landscape made with a peaceful watercolor painting appearance. As an area of healing, the comfortable landscape radiates with an aura that calms and relieves souls of the hardships that were faced in the life before, as well as offering transition into happiness for those that led very difficult and challenged lives.

The Sunrise Plains - Colorful, always brimming with new life and refreshment, the Sunrise Plains easily brings back the remembered and cherished memories of youth and glorifies those moments in living color. Within the Sunrise Plains is the setting of a beautiful summer day splashed with the colors of the sunrise, vibrant and fresh with energy. Also, the Sunrise Plains especially caters to young Pokémon that had passed away early in their lives, and allows them to forget and move on from whatever tragedy befell them. Meanwhile, Awewind in the north with its very clean and peaceful urban streets serves as a very loving family oriented city, and is the main location for loved ones to reunite.

Angelwing Islands - Celebrating the gift of flight, many flying Pokémon gather here, as well as those that have earned their Seraphim Wings, a reward for selflessly entering the Abyss during missions to challenge their dark legions. However, those that never had that chance to soar the skies are faced with a test of pure, faithful patience. In time, those that pray the most diligently and keep the faith of flight in their hearts find themselves growing their own wings… little by little. The massive metropolis of Feathersong is a city of flight up in the clouds, where those that have earned their wings consolidate. It is here where the Celestial Starchasers make their home and train new arrivals.

Sunlight Islands - The vibrant and brilliant Sunlight Islands are the home of pure, unending light. As an everlasting spring of cheer, compassion, kindness, benevolence, and purity, those that seek pure fidelity for both themselves and others unite here. Many Pokémon that seek to grow even stronger in kindness and in character come here, and easily find what they were looking for.

Valley of Shooting Stars - As an endless and awe-inspiring fireworks display of vibrant, colorful lights and inspiration, many Pokémon come to this location for inspiration, artistry, and to foster their ability to create and share. Also, as a land of peaceful, harmless, and warming fires, many fire type Pokémon especially enjoy this area, appealing to all of their senses at once.


United in arms under the command of Arceus, these brave and angelic Pokémon stand strong and firm against the infernal waves of the dark legions. To these holy warriors, the Abyss's foul and sacrilegious hordes are past redemption, and must be vanquished for the benefit of all that is good and honorable. As the guardians and sentinels of the Pokémon worlds, they will righteously fight to the end by your side.

Divisions and battalions that are marked with "***" marks are ones your character may belong to at the role play's start, should you decide to play as a Utopia soldier. Those that are not can be joined by fulfilling certain conditions later in the RP, however.

***THE STALWART SKYSTRIDERS*** - Adorning golden and silver armor, armed with powerful weapons, and fighting strong with an unbreakable will, the Stalwart Skystriders make up the powerful and heroic ground forces of the Abyss, having protected Utopia from the Abyss's abominations since the beginning of time. Armed with the finest holy weapons, these brave warriors will stop at nothing to ensure the wicked and evil are obliterated forever.

***THE CELESTIAL STARCHASERS*** - Born to fly and strike with speed, fury, and agility, these angelic, feather-winged Pokémon may only wear light armor, if any at all, but they rely on speed, evasion, and swift flying and striking techniques to deal holy punishment to the Abyss. All members of this aerial division are given wings along with holy weapons such as powerful bows and arrows of light along with swords and scimitars made for fast and furious combat. Meanwhile, they are exceptional at stealth and sneak attacks upon the Abyss.

***THE DIVINE SAGES*** - As the holy clerics of Utopia, these honorable souls have the power to use the forces of light and holy to both cure and heal the wounds and afflictions of their comrades and the innocent, as well as use the power of holy light as a powerful weapon in the forms of holy spells and enchantments to use against the Abyss's vile hordes of deranged abominations.

UTOPIAN PALADINS - These pure, sinless souls are those who have faced their Fallen and with the support of their comrades, destroyed them and became free from the shackles of sin. These valiant warriors often serve as the commanding officers of Utopia's battalions, commanding power and aspects from the Skystriders, the wings and power of flight of the Starchasers, and the powerful holy magic of the Divine Sages. These magnificent warriors are few in number, however, as the task of destroying one's own Fallen is a difficult task indeed.

DREAM SUMMONERS - Exceedingly rare, these few but powerful Pokémon have the power to make the dreams and hopes of both the living and the deceased into powerful realities, breaking realty by making the impossible suddenly a miracle. These summoned creatures that resemble the dreams and imagination of all the living and the dead have powerful abilities, called forward from the realm of dreams to do battle against the wicked scourge of the Abyss. It is said that one must find the path to the world of dreams, called Unikuva, wherever it may be...


I, the GM, will be taking command of the Abyss's head commanders and overlords. As for everyone else, you take the role of Utopia's warriors or native-born defenders of Kokoro. Your goal is to stop the Abyss's invasion of Kokoro, and hopefully take the fight to the Abyss to shut down their warmongering warlords and their sadistic high commanders.

The powers and possible weapons you select for your character should be related to whatever faction or division they're a part of. These powers go beyond what your character can normally have as a Pokémon. Also, consider your character to be highly influential and charismatic, meaning you are free to have many NPC allies and followers at your command. Yes, potentially thousands.


  • Follow all standard Serebii and RPG rules.
  • No godmodding outside the scope of what your character is capable of. I'm okay with a few rules being bent, but don't do it excessively or do something that would spoil the RP for others.
  • Bunnying should only be done with permission.
  • You're free to make as many characters as you like, but please give them equal attention. Also, each character should get their own sign up. Characters that are only acquaintances of your character mentioned in their history are still only considered NPCs.
  • Try to be active if and when you can. Kokoro and Utopia are depending on you!


It all depends on you, hero...

Name: Your character's name
Gender: Male, female, or genderless
Age: Your character's age in years. Assume Pokémon and humans age at the same rate.
Species: What Pokémon species your character is. Can be evolved or non-evolved. No legendaries please.
Affiliation: Whether you're a member of Utopia or a native-born member of Kokoro. Also include what faction or division they're in, if any.
Description: How your character differs from other Pokémon of their same species. Note any visual differences, such as scars, cleanliness, birthmarks, or even body art tattoos. Also, some Kokoro Pokémon do wear loose and small articles of clothing and jewelry, such as cloaks, bandanas, pendants, and so on.
Personality: Your character's attitude, emotions, and perception. At least one paragraph.
History: Your character's background and past. At least two paragraphs.
Weapons: What kinds of weapons your character carries.
Powers: What kinds of supernatural powers your character has. Note that they should be related to what division and faction they're in, if they are in one.




Serron Star-Gazer The Serperior (Divine Sage) - Played by Tasslehoff
Zix Dawnbringer the Typhlosion (Stalwart Skystrider, Brigadier General) - Played by Agent Tectonic
Kraxel the Bisharp (Celestial Starchasers) - Played by Tasslehoff
Fantasia the Gardevoir & Etude the Gallad (General and Colonel of the Celestial Starchasers) - Played by Requiem's Eclipse


Ian the Hydriegon (Liberty's Crusade, Paladin) - Played by SoulMuse
Jack Ciron the Charizard (Followers of Khashan, Razor) - Played by Charizardfan900
Alec "Rush" Garadian the Floatzel (Liberty's Crusade, Knight) - Played by Billy Mays
Kyra Sol the Pikachu (Liberty's Crusade, Initiate) - Played by Cometstarlight
Electra the Ampharos (Followers of Khashan, Razor) - Played by GalactaKnightisawesome
Lilan the Flygon (Aerial Brigade Mercenaries, Flock Leader) - Played by Slipomatic
Forest Shadow the Sceptile (Roaring Thunder, Leader) - Played by Agent Tectonic
Kassy Joy the Meganium (Joy Vitality Committee, President and Founder) - Played by OkikuMew
Melody the Jigglypuff (Liberty's Crusade, Knight) - Played by GalactaKnightisawesome
Lisa the Roserade (The Jade Alliance, Thorn) - Played by synthetica
Emily the Glaceon (Circle of Seven: Chosen) - Played by SoulMuse

RESERVE: <strategiser24>
RESERVE: <Aura of Twilight>
RESERVE: <Fireray>
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Still pondering whether to join or not (this looks really interesting, but time. I haz none), but I just gotta ask...

Were you by any chance reading a Finnish dictionary when naming Silpominen and Raiskata ("mutilation" and "to rape" in Finnish, respectively)? I couldn't help but notice those words jumping at me the moment I looked at the map, and it just seems too fitting to be a coincidence 8P

Either way, I won't throw a reserve in just yet, but might make a Sign Up anyway later on if my schedule clears up a bit.
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Still pondering whether to join or not (this looks really interesting, but time. I haz none), but I just gotta ask...

Were you by any chance reading a Finnish dictionary when naming Silpominen and Raiskata ("mutilation" and "to rape" in Finnish, respectively)? I couldn't help but notice those words jumping at me the moment I looked at the map, and it just seems too fitting to be a coincidence 8P

Either way, I won't throw a reserve in just yet, but might make a Sign Up anyway later on if my schedule clears up a bit.

Actually I did, you've got a good eye. I don't know Finnish, but it does seem like a cool-sounding language.

But yeah, would be great to have you if you're interested. Thanks for checking the RP out.


Shadow of nothing
Well....this looks really intriguing.

I am not going to reserve, only becuase I am probably going to do a sign up for this later tonight, so I don't see a reason to reserve for that short a time. However, what kind of technology did human' leave behind, and how advanced was it?

On a side note, for some reason this has given me a mental image of Mewtwo wearing Power Armor that I just can't shake....first time in a while that I haven't fully agreed with the no Legendaires rule.
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I have a few questions.

What happens if a character from Kokoro defeats their fallen? They can't exactly become a paladin, can they? Would they become a paladin once they die? Do living characters even have a fallen?

Due to the invasion of the Abyss, would it be assured that all characters who die would join the Abyss, or even if they died at the hands of the Abyss would good natured characters still join Utopia?

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Well....this looks really intriguing.

I am not going to reserve, only becuase I am probably going to do a sign up for this later tonight, so I don't see a reason to reserve for that short a time. However, what kind of technology did human' leave behind, and how advanced was it?

On a side note, for some reason this has given me a mental image of Mewtwo wearing Power Armor that I just can't shake....first time in a while that I haven't fully agreed with the no Legendaires rule.

The human technology is pretty advanced. Stuff like laser rifles, cybernetic implants, high-tech computers and hologram screens, and yeah, power armor would be possible. Just bear in mind that not every Pokemon has the hands to operate a firearm, and making armor for Pokemon when they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes may be difficult. It would make sense for high-ranking officers and commandos to get one, but not everyone.

But since RPers are taking roles of high-ranking officers and that kind of thing, I would be okay with them having that kind of armor, just not all the NPCs that may be accompanying them.

I have a few questions.

What happens if a character from Kokoro defeats their fallen? They can't exactly become a paladin, can they? Would they become a paladin once they die? Do living characters even have a fallen?

Due to the invasion of the Abyss, would it be assured that all characters who die would join the Abyss, or even if they died at the hands of the Abyss would good natured characters still join Utopia?

Living characters do have a Fallen, and they would still become a Utopia Paladin, because in the process of killing their Fallen, they need to die.

As for the second question, that depends on the nature of the character's death. A good-aligned character who is killed by normal means of the Abyss's weapons would still go to Utopia. However, a lot of what the Abyss tries to do is infest the souls of all with wickedness and evil, which corrupts their souls and makes them one of their own. As the corruption of the planet spreads, so does the effect on it's citizens. But if a native-born warrior of Kokoro is killed before they are corrupted, they could still be sent to Utopia.
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This looks like it could be entertaining. Its nice to see another one of your rps. :)

I haven't really decided if I should join yet, considering the amounts of other rps I'm currently in and RL, but I have to admit I'm intrested. How many supernatural powers can a single character have?

Avenger Angel

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This looks like it could be entertaining. Its nice to see another one of your rps. :)

I haven't really decided if I should join yet, considering the amounts of other rps I'm currently in and RL, but I have to admit I'm intrested. How many supernatural powers can a single character have?

Something around 2-3 sounds good. Yeah, in this RP, the characters are special in ways that the NPCs they would be fighting alongside aren't.

And hey, thanks for the complements. Hope you decide to join in, it would be great to have you.


Name: Serron Star-Gazer

Gender: Male

Age: 2786, appears 58

Species: Serperior

Affiliation: Divine Sage

Description: Serron eyes are a light blue with much of the iris taking up most of the room on his eye itself. The part of his scaly skin that plumes off his neck are curled inward more than a normal Serperior. He is roughly 12 feet long, just a little larger than the average size, with golden bands curling all along his “torso” in various places. Also, instead of the typical dark shade of green scales followed with light green, it is more of a dark cyan with a medium shade of green. Along Serron’s neck, he wears a medallion of Arceus, when using the power of holy light, the medallion will radiate like the sun, channeling the power of the light through Utopia and Serron into friend or foe.

Personality: Serron is a heavy “racist” towards the denizens of the Abyss and practically loses control when fighting them, more of a good thing than bad. The war that has been played out onto the pokeverse he enjoys, for he sees that the creatures of the Abyss are blight among the living and Utopians. Serron was born a Utopian and has “lived” for millennia in Utopia. He has never ventured of Utopia before the war on Kokoro; for he saw the destruction the Abyss released on Talandra and will not allow the same fate to happen to another world. As much as Serron would enjoy seeing Abyssal denizens perish, he presumes of slightly more pacifist role and stays in cities enchanting weapons for the living or healing those that have been corrupted or hurt in battle.

History: Serron was born in Utopia on the Sunlight Islands in the town of Morninglove. Becoming bored with an eternal happiness without a sense of legacy, Serron started out at a young age to make his legacy in Utopia, however that may be. During the beginning part of his journey, he decided to join the Stalwart Skystriders and remain part of the Utopia Army for hundreds of years. The century in Utopia turned and the ritual of the Celestial Starchasers was given to the Stalwart Skystriders; the mission was to travel the Covenant of the Scourge and go to Korvockt, battling the dry curse set upon the land and to convert damned souls into righteousness; this mission was given to Serron’s unit. The operations went terribly wrong when Meuin and Banjin felt the disturbance of Utopian warriors and sent a squad of Fallens, Meuin included, to attack and destroy (or corrupt) the warriors. Many of Serron’s unit was killed in the battle while they ran for the portal back to Utopia, a couple transformed into a Fallen’s eternal slaves. After returning back to Utopia, they arrived in Innocence, waiting for their arrival were officials from the Celestial Starchasers, allowing the survivors to join their ranks, Serron declined the opportunity because he felt the mission was a failure.

Serron travelled back home when he encountered a Divine Sage in Ivory Garden, after meeting him, Serron devoted the rest of his life to becoming a Divine Sage. Finally arriving home to Morninglove, Serron was welcomed home in open arms and was named a hero of his town for being the first person there to go to the Abyss and return home. After the celebration ended, Serron told his parents of his plan of leaving again to do a pilgrimage to become a Diving Sage. After going to all of Utopia’s altars and temples, Serron was named a Divine Sage and was given his medallion of Arceus.

During the times of the Schism War, Serron and the other Divine Sages were working frantically to destroy the Infernal Barrier in order to save Talandra, when they arrived too late, the ultimate choice was made, to destroy Talandra. Doing this event awakened the hatred he had for the Abyss that he had forgotten a millennia ago. When given the option to attack the Abyss from Utopia or Kokoro, Serron chose Kokoro in order for him to first hand witness the Abyss’ destruction and to put a stop to it.

Weapons: Holy Medallion of Arceus and his snake body

Powers: Heal Soul (washes away the corruption from Cohorts of Chaos and Fallen upon the wounded subject). Enchanting weapons with the power of Utopia, giving the weapon better effectiveness against Abyssal creatures. Purge (destroys lesser Abyssal creatures and only wounds the stronger Abyssal creatures).
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Shadow of nothing
This should be everything. if something is missing or needs fixed, just let me know.

Name: Ian
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Species: Hydriegon.
Affiliation: Kokoro: Liberty Crusade, Rank: Paladin

Description: At first glance, Ian appears like most other Hydreigon. The first major difference between him and other members of his species is that his wings, necks, and collar area are completely black, as opposed to the sort of blackish grey color found on other Hydreigon. His body is a several shades darker than normal. On the back of each of his secondary heads and his “legs” is a socket which allows him to control his Power Armor.

The thing that most obliviously sets Ian apart from any other Pokémon is the fact that he wears Powered Armor. That Armor gives his a human stature and appearance, although he looks to be roughly seven and a half feet tall. The armor is painted non reflective black, except for the shoulder guards, which have a silver etching of Ian on them, denoting that the suit is his.

Personality: Ian, at first thought, might be defined almost as a textbook knight in shining armor. He applies his formidable talents in combat to the cause of helping others, which allows him to vent the natural aggressions of his species safely. Ian views this as a fair trade off, he gets to vent and kill things, while others can leave peacefully. This is somewhat reflective of Ian's morals, which are seems logical at first, but after some thought don't make whole lot of sense.

Outside of combat, Ian is a man (Dragon?) of his word. He enjoys anything related to firearms, along with debating philosophy. He is fiercely loyal to those who deserve his loyalty, a list that is rather short. Ian is willing to help others with whatever they need help with, as long as helping fits in his schedule. However, for all those reasons to sing Ian’s praises, there are just as many more to run in terror from him.

Stubborn almost to a fault, Ian will often refuse to back down when proven incorrect, which can result in unneeded death. More terrifying however, is the somewhat unsettling fact that in combat, Ian tends to lose himself in the fighting, and lacks the ability to discriminate friend from foe. These berseker tendencies have caused nearlly as much death as they have prevented, however, Ian is unwilling to control himself better.

With the recent invasion by the Abyss Ian made himself at home on the fields of battle, taking great pleasure in the destruction of the foul creatures who seek to defile and destroy his home.

History: Ian was born in Kokoro, near Janus Station. His parents were both members of the Liberty Crusade, which meant that Ian was exposed to the various human technologies from day one. It didn’t take long for Ian to start to display tendencies towards the violence often seen in the Hydreigon evolution line. After several incidents in which Ian caused quite a bit of damage after flyign into a violent rage, his parent started soliciting help. One of his parent superiors came up with the idea of Ian becoming a soldier, thus allowing him to vent his violent urges, while doing something good.

Understandably, Ian jumped on the chance. Not long later, the forces of the Abyss began to pour forth, and Ian was one of the first to encounter them. His comrades were ambushed by hundreds of The Wretched, and despite fighting bravely, most of the force, including the commander, where killed. Ian however, seeing his friends die horribly, fell into a near berserker rage, killing everything nearby. The few members of the group watched in horrified awe as Ian slaughtered their remaining foes. When the survivors returned to Janus Station, rumors of Ian’s feat spread quickly, and after several more similar events, in which Ian demonstrated his ability to fight, and also command others, he was assigned a squad.

In the following time, Ian proved himself in battle time and time again, leading his soldiers against the monstrous forces of the Abyss. Because he was often out, thwarting the efforts of the Abyss, Ian missed his parent’s deaths, a fact that he was saddened by, however he also knew they would rather him help others than grieve over their deaths. When he returned to the city, Ian was given the rank of Paladin, and also his suite of Power Armor, the rank giving him command over a fairly large group, both engineers, and soldiers. He was tasked taking command of Liberty Station and from there, destroying the Abyssal settlement of Veragh.

Weapons: Power Armor*, When Armored: High Powered Laser Pistols, Energy Blade, Without Armor: Secondary Heads

Powers: Heart of Rage: Ian enters a near blind rage, which increases his reflexes, and physical strength. This works best in conjunction with his armor.

*Ian’s Armor is designed to allow him maximum mobility, since carrying himself and 2000lbs of armor is a little outlandish. So that suit has a human shape, encasing Ian completely. The arms are human, with human hands. To control them, Ian uses his secondary heads, which are inserted into the arms, allowing for movement. Sockets on the back of each head allow him to mentally control the hands and fingers. His wings are encased in a thin layer of armor, allowing for movement, but preventing flight. His tail is wrapped around his torso, and two more sockets on his legs allow him to mechanically control the suits legs. Removing the armor is simply a matter of removing the helmet and chest piece, which allows Ian to exit the suit. He typically has others assist him in doing this, because he does not have fine motor control with the suit as of yet. The armor grants increased strength, and with the helmet senses, however, makes it difficult to use Pokémon moves. To aid this, the palms of the hands have holes that can open up, allowing moves to be used by Ian’s secondary heads.
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Charizard King!
Name: Jack Ciron
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Species: Charizard
Affliction: Folllowers of Khashan - Razor

Appearance: Jack looks like your average Charizard for the most part. However, his face is badly scarred due to fights both before and during the invasion of the abyss. Also his hands and arms a slightly longer and more flexible than the normal Charizard, allowing for more manouvers in combat. He has a large wingspan, but those few features are all that really sets him apart from the rest of his species. He is somewhat unclean but he doesn't care.

Jack is quite muscular but also rather agile and very fast, making him ideal for hit and run attacks. His armour consists of a chain-mail coat forged in lava and can camouflage with the surrondings. He also wears a light helmet with a visor that cover up his top jaw. Installed is a scanner on his right eye. This is pretty much all he wears in combat. Out of combat he wears a dark red bandanna round his neck he can pull up to cover his jaws.

Personality: Jack is an open guy. He tries to get a conversation up with everyone. He can be a bit immature at times, but he is a nice pokemon for the majority of the time. But he is contantly eyeing people up, seeing if he can pickpocket them or not. He can be sly, devious and sneaky when he wants to, manipulating people to do things. He also has a rather savage side. If enraged he can go into a strange focused berserk mode, aiming all his anger into those who upset him, while holding back against those who have done nothing wrong.

He is somewhat of a flirt, but really often fails at some point. He can laugh well at a joke, but is rather poor at making one himself. Always trying to show off and always trying to make a competition of something. But he is a bit of a sore loser. Also, he loves stealing. he loves the rush it gives him and the rewards it gives him.

History: Jack was born in the slums of what is now Mortis (Is there a slum here? was it called Mortis before? Can someone help me with this?). He lived a tough life, fighting it out on the streets as a kid. It was as a young Charmander he first developed his love for stealing. It was his way of bringing food to the table. It was here he learned how to fight, how he got strong.

At the age of 16, now a Charmeleon, he joined the Followers of Khashan. He fought and stole with them for many years, and earned the rank of Razor at 24. he made three vital friends along the way. The leader of the group, a Machamp named Arnold who was ranked viper. A Infernape who was called Flamer, who was a grunt and a Scizor called Mark who was also a grunt. Together they pillaged and stole for years... Until the invasion of the abyss. They were in Mortis when it was attacked. One minute the four were relaxing in their safehouse, Flamer messing about with his forge (he made Jack's weapons and armour.) when a hole blasted throught the wall, the monsters of the abyss coming through. The foru grabbed their weapons and go out as the building collapsed.

All around him, Jack's home city crumbled and fell. Jack and his friends armed themselves and tried to fight their way out of the city. Flamer was snuck up on from behind by a Sableye who was part of Cohort of Chaos. It stabbed him right in the heart and Blazer fell. The others knew it was hopeless to try and save him. They got to a collapsing alleyway which was their only way out, but the wretched were hot on their tails. They were about to be caught when arnold sacrificed himself to let the overs get away. Jack and Mark got out of the city and fled to the north-east, to Junater. jack decided to stay there, while Mark went out into the land, looking for revenge. Jack has the same wish, revenge, but doesn't thing he would be ready.

Weapons: jack carries an energy longsword which can be used in one hand and two. Also he carries two pistols shaped of the idea of flintlock pistols, each one carry one shot at a time but being very powerful. he also carries 6 throwing knives

Powers: Fire storm: Jack roars out and fire falls from the sky. Wing-sheild: Jack's wings turn strong and steel-like, allowing him to use them like a shield.
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Can I reserve a spot for a Razor that's with the Followers of Khashan?


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I'm joining and I was about to something like this so can you please reserve Meinfoo.Is a pokemon also allowed to use Magic or only weapons.

EDIT:Forget what I wrote I didn't read the hole post,Sorry.
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O_O Wow. This is my longest sign-up yet resting at nearly four pages. I tried abridging the events of my old history and RP history, but it still was page long in itself. I also have included a "Note" section in the Description and Weapon subtitles for his appearance and his weapons as both change upon switching alignments; that is if you or myself decide for him to fall to his Fallen. So here is Zix again. My other SU should be a little shorter and up at some point.

Name: Zix Dawnbringer

Gender: Male

Age: 50 and ageless

Species: Typhlosion

Affiliation: Utopian Stalwart Skystrider – Brig. General

Description: A staggering two abnormal traits dominate Zix's frame: his fur and his height. Unsure whether it was hereditary or a defect, his fur is not unkept, long hair but is rather short and finely groomed without much effort. In addition to this, his fur is also much darker making the contrast between his midnight blue backside and darkened yellow front much more pronounced. His height is also rather interesting as he towers over many of his own kind at a whopping six foot figure. The rest of his features are a bit more normal. His eye color is the standard crimson red of his kind and ears naturally cropped.

When he was once mortal, he did wear various jewelry on his body; however, after death, he did lose some of these features. Of the rings and piercings and other objects, only two accessories stuck with him after death. The first being the ebony wood ring with a diamond center (hand crafted by himself). The second accessory was his dragon-head belt that he also crafted after holding off a dragon raid in his earlier mortal years. For whatever reasons, this moved with him to Utopia and actually improved itself. Now, each of the nine heads radiate a shining light out of their eyes and have transformed from bone to stainless steel. Outlandish yes, but Zix suspects that some untapped energy of being a Seer had something to do with it.

Finally, his last trait worth mentioning is his ability to manipulate fire. He cannot move it at will, but he, when alive, mastered the trait of spewing the hottest fires possible, the ultra-bright white and blue kind. The downside when he was alive was that it if used excessively, he could very well kill himself and on top of that, he mastered it to the point where that was the only flame he could produce. After death however, his ability to control has greatly improved. It isn't perfect though. He can maintain much longer than he once could. He does however still get very tired from prolonged use of it, so he can't breathe it all the time.

Note: Should Zix's Fallen slay him, the skulls will radiate three colors in a set of three. Three of the skulls will twist their faces to resemble crying face and radiate a black light out of the eyes, three will twist into demonic grins and radiate an orange light, while the last set, which includes the Dragonite skull, will twist their expressions into what looks like a cry of pain and have eyes filled with blood (it doesn't cry or leek tears of blood though). Also, the insignia of the Abyss will be imprinted on Zix's front side and his eyes glowing orange.

Personality: In death, he has found great peace that he could not achieve in life. He meditates often still, but in the short time of peace he attained, he was reunited with both of his families with an exception of his mate. He got to see his parents again and his children, but for reasons he fears, Zix is lead to believe that she was still sent to the Abyss for not truly repenting from her crime of murdering her father, even if he was abusive to her. This has left him with a burning vengeance to relieve her from the Abyss grasps, but at the same time, he fears that he may meet her on the battlefield and never be united again. Again, this leaves him with rare but brutal fits of rage that is reminiscent of his once darker self now long gone.

All around though, he is very much a teddy bear. He looks out for those he holds dear and protects as many Pokemon as he can. He is always putting his own self on the back burner until he absolutely has to contend with any of his current problems. On the flip side though, he is very blunt with situations as well and is never afraid to voice his opinion, derogatory or not, helpful or not. He feels that no matter what, the truth should be upfront and never hidden and acting blindly stupid is a sin.

History: In life, his early years was devoted to thievery and murdering. The career started right after a dragon killed his parents on the plains of Azmarax, so a young, troubled Zix lived the life of a thief. Quite the opposite of his later years after he was imprisoned for twenty years after twenty years of that lowly life. From the age of three to twenty-three, Zix was regionally and worldly known as the The Bandit, terrorizing all of the continent of Azmarax. Once imprisoned, he took up the hobby of smithing as there was little else he could do in jail. Well, except fall in love with a Mienshao as well who name was Ilixses. While both should have been jailed longer, than twenty years, they were released unintentionally after a dragon clan attacked Yantacan. In the confusion, many inmates fled for their lives and freedom, but Zix stayed to defend the little hamlet. With the aid of the guards, he and the rest slayed thirteen of the thirty dragons, including their leader, the same Dragonite from Zix's past. Zix himself killed him and in memory of the success, crafted a belt of nine of dragon skulls with the Dragonite's being the centerpiece of it.

Both being granted their freedom for Zix's bravery, he and Ilixses stayed and lived their lives I n peace. Zix perfected his craft and became of father of two children: the younger being a Mienfoo by the name of Josh and the elder a Cyndaquil named Catrianna. Years past, their daughter evolved, and Zix was invited by the royal court of Sartaras to become a royal blacksmith with access to a much more selection of materials to work with. He planned on agreeing to it so long as his family could come, but he set off alone to make sure the arrangements could be made. Upon arriving to Sartaras, he saw in lying in ruins as it became apparent that their was an unknown enemy striking the world. Hurrying back to Yantacan, Zix tried to relay the news but was too late. Yantacan was already under attack as what was now discovered to be the legions of the Abyss. He tried to evacuate as many Pokemon as he could but could only do so much. He also watched in horror as a Houndoom, Dusclops, and Sneasal killed his entire family. In a rage unseen in years, he dispatched all three of them and many more, but eventually, even in his rage state, he was forced to flee.

Six months passed and Zix traveled in grief. He passed most of his time crafting an odd dagger like weapon. With a hilt in the middle of it, he fashioned what others would say an S dagger: a small curved blade on each end of the hilt that faintly resembles the letter S; later added, he placed a leather gauntlet in the hilt for easier gripping and a less self-damaging punch application. He intended on making two, but time was not on his side.

The Schism War was in full swing, and Zix was busy throughout it. He at first traveled to his parents grave to pay homage to it and ended up battling an Abyss squad on the outskirts of it. Mildly injured, Zix left the area after finishing his pilgrimage and headed towards Minacen. Before reaching it, he was ambushed again by another squad which led to even more injuries that nearly cost him his life. Finally arriving and on the verge of unconsciousness, Zix's life got even worse. In joining the Peacekeepers, average citizens trying to become warriors, he found out that the leader, Gradius; a Serperior, was previously corrupted and driving the group to the ground and selling the city to the Abyss. Challenging him to the death for control of the Peacekeepers, Zix actually lost but was saved by an Arcanine named Blitz he met earlier that day.

Now leading them, Zix evacuated the city as the Abyss army was nearing them. This was successful and was able to get the entire city to Scarwell. Upon arrival, he started planning the defense of the city as it was only a matter of before the Abyss attacked, but he left after a telepathic message from another Seer mentioned the need to bring down one of the Abyss Prophets. Feeling the need to answer the call, Zix set off for the continent Synamax where he assisted the Grovyle Seer Seng in taking down the Prophet. This was accomplished, but his Fallen also revealed himself. Just barely fleeing with their lives, they returned to Scarwell where they parted ways. Zix was focused on reclaiming Minacen as he found out the Parchment of Fate was moved there.

He returned to see the city nearly ransacked, but he was able to rally the city army and the Peacekeepers to retake the continent of Azmarax. Objective one was to take Packtha which was a quick battle. From there, the battle of Minacen was bloody but successful. Zix encountered another Fallen, Seng's Fallen, who fled. Retrieving the Parchment, Zix traveled as fast as he could to Sartaras where the rest of the Seer's were taking down the Cathedral. There both the Alter of Pain and the Prophesy was shattered, but Utopia quickly saw the reality of the situation and terminated all life on the planet to save as many souls as possible.

This worked fine with Zix as he was able to see both of his families again. His parents were proud of what he became and his son and daughter were happy to see him again. Ilixses however was not present which troubled him and awkwardly through off both his parents and kids. His daughter spoke up saying she never showed, and that she could only be in the Abyss. None of them knew though if she was sent there for being too evil or if she was imprisoned there. When news of the Abyss striking Kokoro, Zix took up arms again as a upper ranking Starchaser with his daughter in tow, much against his wishes, but she was as stubborn as he could be. He met Blitz within the army as well and appointed him as his second in command. His daughter wasn't that privileged, and Zix assertively told her that she wasn't going to get in any special treatment while under his command to which she expected none other. Now, Zix prepares the battle strategy with the other officers and Arceus himself to insure Kokoro doesn't end up like Talandra. But amongst all of this, Zix still feels his Fallen's presence. Since he was once exposed to him in fleeing Delath the Prophet's castle, he knows that his Fallen, Ixdroxis, is out there waiting for him.

Weapons: Two “S” swords: Both are recreated from his original design. Now they are sword length, but both are differently crafted. One is created out of diamond and colored midnight black to symbolize and remind himself of his old life. The other is also made out of diamond and enchanted to radiate a pure white to symbolize his redemption.

Note: Should for whatever reason he die from his Fallen slay him, his swords will switch in radiance. The black diamond will radiate black while the other dulls to a normal diamond white.

Powers: As a once mortal Indigo Seer, Zix once had mild control of various mystic abilities, mainly world projection and moderate life detection. After ascending to Utopia, his abilities have warped to that of a more warrior like approach:

Blink: If he so desires, Zix can fade in and out of reality to avoid being struck. Mainly used as a defensive, repositioning purpose, he enjoys throwing his enemies off their guard when there attacks fail to ever touch him even though their aim was true. Continued use of the skill however quickly drains him of his endurance. (Let's say the cap right now is 15.)

Preemptive foresight: A much more wild and erratic ability, Zix can foresee attacks before his foes execute them. The downside is that this ability is rather unreliable as it comes and goes randomly.

Weightless armor: An ability discovered early in death, Zix found out that he can create a barrier of sorts that acts very much like armor. The downside to this is that he often has to decide whether or not to use this power as body armor or a shield as it doesn't work both ways. He does however get to mentally decide the coloring of it should he feel flamboyant about it.

Non-combat: Deep Meditation: One ability that did stay with him that wasn't combative is his ability to reach into the feelings of other mortal Pokemon and feel there thoughts and project his own feelings into others when in this state. Zix still meditates often and uses this in every session. Most of the time he does this at night, and only soothes others that struggle to sleep peacefully.

NPC Squad Member:

Name: Blitz

Species: Arcanine

Affiliation: Utopian Stalwart Skystrider- Colonel

History: Blitz met up with Zix when he arrived at the Peacekeepers HQ and saved Zix's life during the fight between him and Gradius. In Scarwell, he had the unfortunate meeting with another Seer, Kraxel, in preparing defenses, but that was only a minor occurrence. Blitz fought well both at Scarwell and Minacen and had the best body count in the entire army, surpassing both Zix and the other generals. This caught everyone's eye, so he was appointed as Zix's second in command. This still holds true as even Utopia's generals know this as well, so he still is in the same proud position.

Description/Personality: Because of his mortal actions, Blitz earned his wings well, literally. In recognition of his efforts, he was allowed the privilege of wings across the middle of his back which extend eight feet in each direction. He tends not to use them often, as it is rather awkward for him, but he still uses them for transportation.

He is also a rather gentle Pokemon and makes sure that others are comforted as best as possible. He tends to be well liked by others who know of him. He also grooms himself quite a bit as he tends to be the one who makes speeches to comfort the public or update them on recent events, so he is slightly obsessed with his appearance.
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Hm....Just a heads up, I am making another character, probably from the Jade Alliance.


Name: Kraxel of Victakan

Gender: Male

Age: 32/ immortal

Species: Bisharp

Affiliation: Indigo Seer of Talandra/ Celestial Starchasers of Utopia

Description: He has a scar across his abdomen and a cauterized scar from where he had one of his followers burn it to stop the bleeding. The blades attached to his arms are noticeably smaller and sharpened to the equivalent of a butterfly knife; in addition to this, the blades were also twisted forward, it is assumed to be a recessive trait among the Bisharp gene pool. His eyes are a light grayish color. When going to Utopia, Kraxel took advantage of the realms armory and replaced his shoulder pads with a golden set that comes to a collar around his neck. The axe on top of Kraxel’s helmet is also colored red, compared to the normal yellow.

When Kraxel was alive, he wore a black bandana around his mouth and a long black cape with the hood always up, when sent to Utopia, those garments were gone and instead, he wore a white cape with the insignia of Utopia on it. He also wears a ring that he had found on the battlefield of Sartaras, its origin is unknown. The ring appears to be made of obsidian and has an onyx stone embedded into it. On the back side of the ring, eight strands come out of it, resembling spider legs, and wrap around to go around the finger; on each of the eight tendons of the ring, sharp barbs embed into the finger, making it only possible to remove the ring by severing off the finer that it is attached to. To hide the ring, he wears the typical iron gloves that are seen on most Bisharp’s. When given the option of joining the Celestial Starchasers, Kraxel accepted and they gave him his wings.

Personality: When Kraxel was alive, he was a renegade and because of his criminal nature, he did not enjoy the company of followers; however, he did see the values of a companion and occasionally kept them for a time; that is, until their usefulness as a companion was over, so was his/her life. Also, when he was alive, his emotions were dead, he did not feel compassion or love; he was heartless, and did not care for anything or anyone except himself. When the Schism Was started, he stayed as close to “good” as he could because he was at Sartaras on the day of its corruption, witnessed the power of the Abyss, and decided that the world would need him – more or less.

As the was continued on Talandra, Kraxel began formulating a plan; if he could win the hearts and minds of others, he could perhaps rule over all of Talandra, a hard feat, but Kraxel was not afraid of making goals like these reality. His first step to achieving this goal was to help the citizens of Scarwell against an invading Abyss army, led by his Fallen and self proclaimed king of Minacen, Zoroki. When Zoroki horribly crippled Kraxel in battle, Kraxel eagerly wanted vengeance on his fallen. With the help of Zix and Tariq, the trio led Scarwell’s army and the Peacekeepers across Azmarax and eventually to Minacen; however, the crafty Zoroki fled, and disappeared for weeks. This put a true burning rage into Kraxel, and the killer in him released itself again, and the chase was on.

Now in death though, Kraxel has calmed himself, he has let his criminal life in the past, with the destruction of Talandra. He is still opportunistic though, if a welcoming chance presents itself, he will take it, despite the outcome. He for the most part though is welcoming, abrupt at times, but overall nice – as best as he knows how. He still wishes that he was back on Talandra, ruling as its dictator, but since in Utopia, the ruler is Arceus, he has now left the dream of conquest to die.

History: Kraxel was born in Sartaras as a lower-class citizen. Sartaras was the capital trade center of Talandra, mostly due to it being a city on the border of Victakan and Azmarax, it saw many caravans from land and man ships from the further out two continents. As a lower-class citizen and a large city, Kraxel as a pawniard took in the life of thievery. He stole from the rich and gave it to his parents and no questions were ever asked. When Kraxel was 17, he murdered his parents and fled Sartaras to join a criminal gang that had welcomed him in.

After years of running with them and growing a name of Victakan, he became friends with many of the other criminals and they all trusted and respected him as a brother. When planning a large heist to steal from a bank in Sartaras, Kraxel was to help his ringleader get the money while everyone else was to distract the city guard. When all of the money from the vault was secured and on the outskirts of town, Kraxel murdered the ringleader and threw him into the ocean, removing all evidence and no witnesses, when everyone else came to the designated spot, Kraxel said that some of the guards were waiting for them in the vault and killed their master, after relaying the story, the group named Kraxel as the bands to leader.

Many weeks later, Kraxel decided that all of their usefulness had ran out and he decided to kill them all and run to the northern city of Snowpoint where he made a home for himself beneath the snow riffs.

Until the age of 27, Kraxel had become the most notorious criminal Victakan and Talandra had ever seen. He had murdered many city officials and senators and even destroyed a treaty that was going to be made between the continent of Victakan and Kanat. Whenever a lead of where Kraxel might be, he quickly discovered it and ran away before officials and police officers would show up.

When the Schism War started, Kraxel ended up going to Centratel, tracking down three Indigo Seers and one of the Brothers of Despair. After an attempt of displaying dominance, the three Seers decided that leaving him was a good idea and if he followed, they’d kill him. Kraxel decided that it would be best to go to Azmarax next as his next course of action, before leaving Centratel; he was visited by an Archeops named Tariq, after some conversation, Tariq and Kraxel parted ways for a short time and then met again in Scarwell a few weeks later. When they met up, Zix spoke with the two of them leaving them in charge of Scarwell until he returned. While Zix was gone, Scarwell was invaded by a large Abyss army led by Kraxel’s Fallen, and self proclaime king of Minacen, Zoroki. The battle waged for almost a week and Tariq and Kraxel led Scarwell’s defenses and after sometime, gained a foothold and pushed the invaders out, however, casualties were high, and the Abyss were not on the run until Zix had returned from Synamax. They then purged the Abyss from the outlying towns and eventually attacked Minacen weeks later. Zoroki was no where to be found, although the Parchments of Fate were recovered.

Tariq and Kraxel said goodbye to Zix, for he intended to go to Sartaras to destroy the Infernal Barrier while Kraxel and Tariq travelled to the northern most lands of Victakan to hunt for a Utopian fort on Talandra that may or may not have been there. After weeks of searching, the finally discovered the fort, and the ritual required the blood of two different seers to open the gates. After the ritual was completed, they entered the great hall of the fort and on his throne Zoroki sat, waiting for them with a squadron of Chorots of Chaos and two Fallens. After a long battle, the Chorots were destroyed and Zoroki and his Fallen allies fled. Celebrating their victory, Tariq and Kraxel rejoiced in the courtyard of the fort, then gazing up into the sky, the witnessed the Cataclysm of Utopia rain upon Talandra and then their bodies disintegrated and they woke up in Utopia.

Upon waking up in Innocence along with the other Indigo Seers, a recruiter gave him the option to join the Celestial Starchasers and Kraxel accepted. They travelled to the city of Feathersong and gave him the indoctrination procedure. After the ceremony was completed, Kraxel was now fully named a Celestial Starchaser; after a long discussion with the general of the Celestial Starchasers, Kraxel was given a Colonel position and was given command over a battalion of soldiers.

Weapons: Kraxel carries a traditional bow and arrows of Utopia, enchanted with holy powers that do extra damage to the Abyssal demonoids. He also carries one long sword with similar enchantments as his bow. If his weapons are somehow taken from him, he has his axed-head and bladed hands that can stab and jab and hack enemies to death.

Powers: Blaze: Kraxel can make his body burn with a holy light that will burn all nearby enemies to him; the holy fire can also travel to his weapons, increasing their enchantments.

Indigo Seer powers: Kraxel is able to locate and sent telepathic to selected Indigo Seers anywhere in the world or across dimensions.

Supernatural reflexes: If Kraxel focuses his mental energy hard enough, his nerves and instincts will overpower though process making him move faster than most things around him; however, it drains him to the point of near exhaustion and thus, can not use for extended periods of time or frequently.


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dang, I planned on using my good old victini sign-up in this rpg, but no legendaries. :p

I'll think of something soon.

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Name: Alec "Rush" Garadian

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Species: Floatzel

Affiliation: Kokoro: Liberty's Crusade, Knight Rank

Description: Alec is noticiblely diffrent compared to most Floatzel. First off, the fin shaped hair on Alec's head is matted down, mostly due to him wearing armor alot of the time. The white spot on his head and on his back are also V shaped instead of oval shaped (I can't remember which gender of Floatzel was the one with two spots on it's back. If it's the male ones, then both spots are V shaped, but are close enough together that it instead looks like a W shape on his back.)

The armor Alec commonly wears is white, with two blue stripes running down both is front and backside. The helmet is mostly human shaped, however the lower front part of it is extended to commandate for a Floatzel's snout, and the the part above that is a large black vizor which Alec sees out of.

Personality: Alec generally tries his hardest to do the right thing, although this can backfire on him, and sometimes due exactly the opposite of what most people think is, "the right thing". Alec isn't very prideful, and will often beat himself up (not literally of course) over any mistakes he thinks he made. He wants to trust other Pokemon, but he often can't get himself to do so. Because of this, he finds it hard to be trustworthy or loyal to others, because if he can't trust other people, why should they trust him? He sometimes comes off as and occasionally even tries to be a loner, but in truth he is lonely without others by his side, even with his tendancies to not trust others. Because of this Alec ends of drifting from place to place, not leaving a very big footprint, but enough of one that he leaves an impact, even if it's only a small one.

One last thing: Alec fears death, and fears any sort of divine higher power. Even if he isn't the worst of Pokemon, the only thing he fears more than someone betraying him is dying. This makes him generally want to avoid confrontation, but when it comes to life or death situations he'll do whatever it takes for survival.

History: Alec never knew his parents. Who they were, what they did, or even whether or not they are alive was something Alec never figured out, nor did he ever try too hard to uncover the truth. He spent his early years in an orphanage in Southwatch. Many of the kids there had issues that were far worse than anything Alec ever had, regardless Alec couldn't ever put himself to trusting the Pokemon who ran the orphanage or any of the other children. After all, if he didn't even get a chance to rely on his parents to take care of him, why should he let anyone else try? It didn't help when he discovered that the Swampert who ran the orphanage was arrested for illegal trafficking and smuggling. The only person that could even come close to being a parent to him was just a petty criminal, so what was the purpose on trying with anyone else?

Alec, now a young teenager, through one bad influence on the street to another, ended up joining the Followers of Khashan in order to get food on the table for himself and earn some money. At the time, he didn't care about the petty crimes he committed. Why should he? Anyone he knew sure wasn't above stealing. But over time, he began to realize that what he was doing was wrong.

He finally fully realized how bad his actions were when one faitful night in the city of Sunmar, Alec broke into a house to find what he could and steal it in hope for trading it for some food. As he made his way to the Living Room, he came face to face with a tall and proud looking Mienshao. Before Alec could attempt to run (which by the way he's pretty good at), the Mienshao knocked Alec on the ground and forced him to explain himself. The Mienshao, who could sence the look of desperation in his eyes, took what he stole back and gave him a few choice words. To this day Alec never even found out the Mienshao's name, but he'll never forget what she said (No, I'm not going to go through everything she said in the sign up. I might do it at one point or another in the RP though.)

From that point on Alec left the Followers and began to wander Kokoro, taken miscellanious jobs here and there, just enough to keep him moving from place to place. Eventually, due to desperation and lack of other choices Alec joined the Liberty's Crusade in order to earn some money. He didn't bet on the invasion of the monsters from Abyss, or what would happen shortly after his recruitment though...

It was just a week from the present day. Alec was currently stationed in Bravo Station on an island off the coast of Hyand. There had been reports and rumors about some of the demons of Abyss being spotted around the island, but no one was sure whether or not it was true of just paranoia kicking in. But then, the base was attacked in the middle of the night my a whole army of demons. The station, which was merely an outpost for the Crusaders, prepared for the worst and hoped to Arceus that there were reinforcements close enough to hear their distress signal. Many of the soldiers wrote letters to their loved ones in hopes that Pokemon that would find the ruined base later would find them and give them to their loved ones. Alec, on the other hand, had other plans. Alec, despite only being a Squire at the time, quickly carried out a counter-attack against the onslaught of demons that was so devestating, that a third of their force was wiped out within a minute.

The battle was harsh and long, and lasted throughout the night, but in the end the Crusaders managed to repel the army of demons. Many men had died, but the amount would have been several times higher had it not been for Alec's heroic act. The Paladin in charge of the Station (who is an Ursarang by the way), immediately promoted Alec to a Knight and awarded him the Liberty Sigil (which is basically the Liberty Crusader's version of the Medal of Honor, you don't mind if I put this in, right Avenger?)

It felt weird to Alec, being referred to as "The Savior of Bravo Station". No one had ever praised him for what he did before. And in truth, Alec acted out of fear, not bravery. But some people say that bravery isn't being fearless, it's being able to stand up to your fears... Regardless, Alec now finds himself in a battle he never thought he'd had to fight, nor would he ever want to...

Weapons: Power Armor: Alec wears human power armor reverse-engineered to fit the body of a Floatzel. This armor works to protect Alec against any outside forces, and is overall very sturdy. It is also equipped with several weapons. Unfortunately however the suit blocks him from using most of his moves. The suit itself can be recharged with electricity, but also can recharge itself via solar power. The suit will still work without power, Alec just won't be able to use his weapons.

Arm Blades: Alec's body his covered head to toe in armor, varying in thickness at some points to help with mobility. The edges of the armor covering the fins on his wrists have small wires on them that, when activated by Alec, generate super heated plasma meant to burn through objects (you know, like lightsabers). When turned on, the blades also extend a couple inches to give them more range. If the suit runs out of power, he can still use these as blades, just without the plasma.

Plasma Cannon: On the back of Alec's right arm (not the side, where his fins are) is a mounted plasma cannon that runs on power from the suit. It fires a high energy plasma shot that can melt through most armors. It's powerful, so it has alot of kickback and uses alot of power. His vizor has a built in scope to make it easier for him to shoot with the cannon.

Powers: Will to Survive: When Alec is put in a dangerous situation, Alec becomes a much bigger threat. He attacks more ferociously, dodges attacks more quickly, thinks through plans faster, and overall becomes much harder to kill.
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