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[SU] Dark Secrets: Regions Divided Sign Up (PG-13)

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven

Regions Divided
Created by Billy Mays, support provided by Neo Pikachu​


Kanto and Johto no longer are the same, nor will they ever be again. The old beginning has died, and a new one has begun. One that has made the world a darker place.

Throughout the last century, anomalies have broken out, and people were born with features similar to Pokémon, sharing their likenesses, physical traits, and abilities to conjure up the elements like their animalistic companions could. They were called the Gijinkas, known as the humans that had the tails, ears, hair color, and other similar features of a single Pokémon, but still remained mostly human. At first, they were regarded as bewildering, strange, and some felt it was a miracle while others foretold they would bring disaster. But as more and more were born throughout the generation, they went from being novelty to being commonplace. Though it took some time, legislature gave them the same rights as humans, and they were integrated into society, though the occasional hate crime against them still mixed with the rest of mankind's vices.

And now their numbers have been diminishing in the past few years. Questions have arisen to the strange disappearance of these Gijinkas, but there are some that believe it is the work of the recently created Tohjo Anomaly Initiative government agency, referred to often by its abbreviation, TAI. No one knows who or what authorized their existence, but the agency is always shrouded in silence, never mentioned in the media or publications, always kept as the most secret of intelligence agencies. They work in silence, waiting like predators, breaking the rules, dragging their victims away without a trace, and no one knows what becomes of them, although a library of dark conspiracy theories exists and changes day to day as macabre inspiration continues.

While there are many that believe the TAI isn't the problem and others refuse to believe it even exists, The Protectors were founded to protect the Gijinkas from the TAI and anyone else seeking to hunt them because of their powers or as a result of hate crimes. And The Protectors accepted anyone they could. Trainers, professors, business owners, neighbors, friends, anyone, just so as long as they remain committed to the mission. They worked in secrecy just as much as the TAI, watching from the shadows, serving as the Gijinkas very own guardian angels.

And on a different front, another conflict has arisen. The Trainer's Federation, in charge of overseeing the Indigo League, including its gyms and its Pokémon Centers, has been locked against the criminal organization known as The Syndicate. Corrupt CEOs, smugglers, thieves, assassins, mercenaries, and spies operate within the Syndicate, suppressing others with oppression, duress, and control, or simply carrying out a deed that no one else can do as well as they can. The TAI makes underhanded deals with the Syndicate, along with even the Protectors, hiring an extra hand, or offering the Syndicate money or equipment that overrules their loyalty to certain TAI members. They control the playing field, keeping the war between the TAI and the Protectors going as if the fight for the Gijinkas' welfare is their own dark circus. The Trainer's Federation, however, wants to put an end to the Syndicate's games and puppet shows, and the only way they can do that is to dismantle the entire network before the war between the TAI and the Protectors gets even more dangerous and costly.

The bloody hours have already done a tremendous amount of damage. But as the body count rises, there are many who live in fear or want liberation. And there are many that see the dark violence as a banquet to feast on.


Times have changed. A hundred years have passed, and innovation has advanced, in some ways miraculous and wondrous, and in other ways, dark and foreboding.

Cybernetic Technology

A recently new innovation only perfected during the past decade, this technology was originally created to rectify handicaps and physical challenged people and Pokémon. Basic Cyber Tech (BCT), was created and legalized to serve as replacements for prosthetics, offering humans and Pokémon a means to replace missing appendages, or correct their blindness, deafness, and other physical handicaps.

But there were others that took it one dark step further than they should have. Shortly after the creation of BCT, Advanced Cyber Tech (ACT) was made not only to replace missing appendages, but also advanced their capabilities, such as a hearing implant that allowed a user to hear a pin drop a mile away, or even a grafted firearm cannon to replace a missing arm, turning people into living weapons. Unlike BCT, the government refused to endorse and legalize ACT to the public, but that did not stop it from being created. Eventually, as criminals refused to surrender ACT implants, government agents, military personnel, and even a few members of the TAI adopted the use of ACT weaponry and enhancements, but were all kept under the cloak of the government. That, however, did not stop those that disregard the government's laws from using them.

ACT and BCT, however, were found to be incompatible with the complex nervous system and DNA of Gijinkas.


What was originally initiated as Project SYNTH is now alive and well, thanks to the TAI. And it's the fuel of nightmares destined to make any sane Pokémon shake their head in disbelief or stare and gawk in unfathomable bewilderment.

It started only a few years ago as the creation of fast-acting mutagens, made possible thanks to the TAI using dark science and macabre experiments upon the Gijinkas. One by one, the Gijinkas were dissected, analyzed, and mutilated with experiments, but it was only later did something... possible, come out of it. One team of scientists had used Gijinka DNA to create a mutagen that could potentially transform a human into a Pokémorph, one that would look far more like a Pokémon than a Gijinka did, but still maintain a bipedal composure and human-like stance. Not to mention the process allowed the human to keep their memories, and it was found that after modifications, they were able to keep their rationality. In addition, they were able to perform the same kinds of attacks as Pokémon.

The dark science continued, and after perfecting the Pokémorph mutagens, it was later discovered the TAI teams could enhance the process, allowing a mutagen with multiple features of several Pokémon to be combined together, allowing the recipient to have the tail of one Pokémon, but the claws of another and the wings of a third. While both humans and Pokémon alike would have called them horrors, the TAI scientists called them "Chimeras," and yet continued to play god.

The birth of the Standard Mutagen allowed for humans to turn themselves into half-human, half-Pokémon Pokémorphs or Chimeras, but once changed, did not let them return to their form or take on a new one. It wasn't until the creation of Override Mutagens that allowed a Pokémorph or Chimera to change form into a different one if necessary.

As a precautionary measure, the TAI created Chimera Reversal Agents (CRAs), capable of returning a Pokémorph or a Chimera back to their human form, using reconstruction DNA process of their original human DNA that still lingered in them despite their changed form. Many TAI scientists protested the creation of CRAs, but without them, the mutagens could be used against them and do irreparable damage.

But even after all that madness, they still weren't completely satisfied.

Forced Evolution Agents (FEAs) were made as a means to forcefully evolve a Pokémon to the next evolution stage without the use of training experience or evolution items. However, to maddening delight of TAI scientists, FEAs also worked on Pokémorphs and Chimeras, allowing them to evolve and essentially become new Pokémon. With their human DNA now completed wiped, no CRA could ever return them back to human.

It was discovered, however, that no mutagen could work with a Gijinka due to their complex DNA, and it could not work with anyone that had used BCT or ACT technology, as the mutagens needed to change all aspects of a recipient's DNA, and the cybernetic implants barred it from doing such.

Regardless, the mutagen technology is relatively new, mostly unknown, and the TAI keeps it very secret. Not even the Protectors or the Trainer's Federation know about it yet. But keeping such dark but powerful technology is like keeping a shadow in a bottle. How far that shadow spreads is only dictated by the course of time...


The standard homo sapiens, any ethnicity.
Advantages: None
Disadvantages: None
Notes: Humans can elect to have BCT or ACT cybernetic implants grafted into them during the course of the RP, which would turn them into cyborgs. Or, they may be injected with mutagens that would result in them becoming Pokémorphs or Chimeras.

A human-like being with several aspects of a single Pokémon, such as wings, tails, ears, and the like. Generally, they still appear to be mostly human and still have human skin.
Advantages: Gijinkas are able to communicate to Pokémon directly via Pokéspeech. Meanwhile, they have the abilities and moves of a Pokémon as well (level up, TM, tutor, egg, and any other move that Pokémon can learn or acquire)
Disadvantages: Gijinkas are always in danger of being hunted by the TAI as they seek to perfect and continue their research. Meanwhile, Gijinkas can have their powers annulled by the use of "pacifier collars" that the TAI uses as special handcuffs that suppress a Gijinka's or a Pokémon's powers. Meanwhile, they can also be tracked by the use of the TAI's special DNA scanners.
Notes: Gijinkas are immune to mutagens. Meanwhile, BCT and ACT implants are incompatible with them and will not function. Also, there is a very rare chance that two human parents will have a Gijinka child, but if there is a Gijinka parent and a human parent, there is a half chance of the child being a Gijinka, and if both parents are Gijinkas the child will always be a Gijinka.

A human with several robotic implants, which can be either BCTs and/or ACTs.
Advantages: People with BCT pretty much are like normal humans, as BCTs only fix a problem, not enhance you. People with ACTs have special abilities, based on the enhancements they have. Meanwhile, BCTs and ACTs can be replaced and upgraded.
Disadvantages: If you do not have permits, ACTs are illegal. It's the duty of ANY law abiding authority or citizen to turn you in for illegal ACTs. Cyber tech can be shut up with EMP devices or by overloading them (safety protocols make it so if an implant is overloaded, it shut off in order to prevent it from harming the user). Can be tracked through electromagnetic scanners.
Notes: Cyborgs are unaffected by mutagens, but they can have additional implants added on, replaced, or upgraded during the course of the RP.

Previous humans that were turned into half Pokémon, half human hybrids. Unlike Gijinkas, Pokémorphs and Chimeras look much more like Pokémon and in many cases, almost appear like they were never human in the first place. Pokémorphs are combinations of a human with only one Pokémon form, while Chimeras combine several Pokémon features into one form.
Advantages: Pokémorphs and Chimeras can use Pokémon powers and moves, but only level-up ones of the Pokémon they're a hybrid of. They can also hide among Pokémon and be easily mistaken for one. They can also potentially change forms or even revert back to a human with the correct mutagen or agent type. However, after evolving with a Forced Evolution Agent, they are locked forever more into their new form, and cannot ever change back or mutate into a new form. Once this happens, they're legally considered new Pokémon.
Disadvantages: Pokémorphs and Chimeras cannot communicate to Pokémon the ways Gijinkas can, and they cannot use BCT or ACT technology either. Meanwhile, they can also be suppressed through the TAI's pacifier collars. Pokémorphs and Chimeras cannot use human or Pokémon medicine, unless they go back to being human through a Chimera Reversal Agent or evolve into a "new Pokémon" via a Forced Evolution agent, which would allow them to use Pokémon medicine). Pokémorphs and Chimeras may not be able to use human weapons and/or drive human vehicles depending on the kind of form they have (evolved Chimeras and Pokémorphs would become too big to do wither in any case regardless of the form).
Notes: Pokémorphs and Chimeras cannot have BCT or ACT technology.

Standard Level 1 Pokémorph/Chimera - The standard size Pokémorph/Chimera, retaining the same size they had while they were human. Still capable of becoming human through a Chimera Reversal Agent.

Advanced Level 2 Pokémorph/Chimera - An evolved Pokémorph/Chimera, usually standing around 10-15 feet tall. These evolved Pokémon are no longer considered human. Though they are stronger, they are slower and easier to hit.

Elite Level 3 Pokémorph/Chimera - The last evolution stage a Pokémorph/Chimera can achieve, usually standing around 20-30 feet tall. These hulking creatures have hit their maximum strength, but are slow and cannot enter most buildings.


There are different sides to every war. And war is hard on both the victors and the losers.

The Tohjo Anomaly Initiative (TAI)

Description: A government agency whose goal is to find, capture, and research Gijinkas or other anomalies. Through permits, TAI members can use ACTs and use mutagens. TAI members cannot be Gijinkas. Being government agents, they are above the common law, but due to their secrecy they can't actually use the police force to their advantage and keep their mutagens under covert operations. Not all TAI members are necessarily Gijinka-hating evil bastards; some just follow orders and don't ask questions.
Roles: Besides secretaries, scientists, and other misc jobs, the TAI have to special kinds of agents to track down Gijinkas. There are Seekers, track and gather info, and excel at using stealth and guile to their advantage, and Catchers, who are the enforcers of the agency, that excel at fighting and/or capturing their opponents. Seekers are like the Gestapo, Catchers are like S.W.A.T. There are also Officers, who take charge of groups of lower ranked members.
Leader: "The Director". The director of the TAI.
HQ: Saffron City
TAI Influence Towns: Celadon City, Olivine City
Sign Up Age Limit: 21-60
Allowed Races: Human, Pokémorph/Chimera, Cyborg

The Protectors

Description: A secret organization who's ultimate goal is to stop the TAI from hunting Gijinkas and destroy the TAI at all costs. Because the TAI is a secret agency that most people don't even know about, it's techically not illegal to try and stop them. However, many Protectors will do illegal activities in order to defeat them (like using ACTs without permits, or stealing supplies). They, however, cannot start as Pokémorphs or Chimeras, as they don't even know the mutagens exist yet.
Roles: The ragtag members of the Protectors come from many backgrounds and professions, but the most important ones are Professors (and their aides), Trainers, and people who are willing to hide Gijinkas from the TAI, through any means.
Leader: Professor Maple. A Pokémon-studying professor from New Bark Town who discovered the actions of the TAI, and created the Protectors in order to stop them.
HQ: New Bark Town
Protector Influenced Towns: Pallet Town, Mahogany Town
Sign Up Age Limit: 10-60
Allowed Races: Human, Gijinka, Cyborg, Pokémorph/Chimera (but not at start).

The Syndicate

Description: A crime syndicate who's goal is to gain money and power and make a name for themselves in the world. The Syndicate is the least organized group, working in separate and loose cells so that if some fall, it won't affect the other cells. Besides the actual organization, which makes its trade through under the table dealings and black market trading, there are many random outlaws who work for the Syndicate. The Syndicate gives these criminals shelter, and assistance if need be, while these criminals give a cut of their profit to the Syndicate. The Syndicate follow no law except The Code, which all members must follow or be hunted down and killed for disobeying them. There are three rules in The Code:
1. You must never harm a child (someone under the age of ten)
2. You cannot betray the Syndicate
3. Your fellow Syndicate comrades are your brothers; respect them, and never harm them.
Roles: Many. Thieves, Mercenaries, Spies, Black Market Traders, Gun Dealers, etc. Think of something illegal, and the Syndicate does it.
Leader: "The Godfather". A mysterious businessman who is in charge of the Syndicate. No one in the Syndicate besides his right hand man has ever seen him.
HQ: Goldenrod City
Syndicate Influenced Towns: Ecruteak City, Vermillion City
Sign Up Age Limit: 16-60
Allowed Races: Human, Gijinka, Cyborg, Pokémorph/Chimera

The Trainer's Federation

Description: The group in charge of anything in the region that involves Pokémon. Their goal is to uphold the law and keep order. The Trainer's Federation, as the name suggests, is a group of trainers, and as such, you have to have at least one Pokémon to be in the Trainer's Federation. Also, as the Federation wants its members to abide by the law, you cannot have ACTs if you are a Federation member, even illegal ones, and cannot be Pokémorphs/Chimeras (the Federation does not even know they exist yet). Unlike the Syndicate, they are mostly unaware of what's going on with the TAI and the Protectors.
Roles: Elite Four Members, Gym Leaders, Coordinators, Trainers, etc. Pretty much anything that has to do with Pokémon.
Leader: "The Champion". The current champion of the Kanto/Johto region.
HQ: Indigo Plateau
Trainer's Federation Influenced Towns: Fuchsia City, Blackthorn City
Sign Up Age Limit: 10-60
Allowed Races: Human, Gijinka, Pokémorph/Chimera (but not at start).


  • Follow all standard SPPF forum rules and role play rules.
  • Avoid obscene levels of god-modding. Some reality-bending is okay in a science fiction sense, but don't use it as extreme leverage over your fellow RPers.
  • No bunnying without permission. Only exception is if characters are traveling in the same party and/or vehicle. It should be safe to assume all members of the party arrive at the intended destination simultaneously.
  • Avoid any extreme sexual or racist content in your posts.
  • Multiple characters are fine, up to 3. Note that two of these characters have to be in the same faction.
  • Billy Mays, Neo Pikachu, Tasslehoff, and Septic Scepti1e are the GMs of this RP, and have the right to accept or deny your sign up. Also, we will be taking on the leader positions of the factions.


What purpose drives you?

Name: Character name, first, last, and any middle or nicknames.
Gender: Male or female
Age: Age in years
Race: Human, Gijinka, Cyborg, or Pokémorph/Chimera. Certain conditions apply.
Faction: Which of the four factions your character is a part of, or whether they are neutral. However, neutral characters have to be relevant neutrals that MUST contribute and influence the conflict. An assassin not associated with the Syndicate is a good example of a relevant neutral, but not something like a little kid living in Cherrygrove with no real importance.

Description: Describe what your character looks like in terms of their physique, body shape, and the clothes they wear.
Personality: Your character's emotions, attitude, and emotional intelligence. Note that Gijinkas, and Pokémorphs/Chimeras are not mentally influenced by the Pokémon they're blended with, and therefore do not have animalistic-like influences.
History: Your character's background and upbringing prior to the events and situation of today.
Special Powers: If Cyborg, Gijinka, or Pokémorph/Chimera, describe your special abilities and powers here.
Other: Any additional details you wish to add, such as equipment your character typically carries.

For each Pokémon
Up to 3, no legendaries

Name: The Pokémon's Nickname, if any
Species: The Pokémon's species. No legendaries.
Gender: Male, female, or genderless
Personality and Background: The Pokémon's attitude and emotions, as well as how the Pokémon came to be in the possession of the trainer. A few sentences are all that's necessary.


Ian Blackwood, ACT Cyborg - Played by SoulMuse
Giovanni "Albinoloon" Rooney, Human - Played by Metal Bagon (Unfinished)

[LEADER] Professor Julius Maple, BCT Cyborg - Played by Billy Mays [GM]

Bast, Persian Gijinka - Played by Nairda801


Mon101 (Gijinka)
BlazikenBud (Gijinka)
Floorman (Gijinka)
Purplepassion (Gijinka), (Human)
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So I guess Alternate is officially dead, then...? That's too bad... Well, I'm definitely using Kris again here if I decide to join (not sure yet. So. Many. RPGs.), as I only got to post with him once.

One question first and foremost, though. So, say I'm making two characters for the Syndicate (since two characters need to be from the same faction), could one of the two technically be part of the Syndicate, but do assassination jobs and the like for TAI? You did mention that the two factions make deals, and since the members seem pretty much free to do what they will on their free time long as part of the profit goes to the big boss, it should be fine, right? If so, Imma throw Kris in that position and probably make a Gijinka as the other character if I do sign up.


Creeping On Le Floor
So is Alternate really dead? Damn... Looks like I'll be making a character here. I wonder If I can't adapt Malack to this...Oh well, To work! May as well ask for a reserve for a Lanturn Gijinka then, With the Syndicate. I'll also Reserve a Dark-type Human Gym Leader.
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Agent Tectonic

From Ashes, I Come



Metal Bagon

@GH: I don't see any problem with it as long as your characters allegiance is with the Syndicate. Neo's opinion is another matter though.

@Floorman: Since this does take place in the future, I don't see any problem why you couldn't (unless some canon character found the Fountain of Youth :p).

Also, for any further reservations, please indicate which faction you'd like to reserve for. All of the races are intermingled amongst the groups, so reserving them doesn't help indicate which sides are being taken. For anyone who has reserved, please edit your posts as such. Just a small nitpick from me. Thanks.

Finally, to let all RPers know who is leading what:

Neo Pikachu- Godfather of The Syndicate
Billy Mays- Professor [name] of The Protectors
Myself/Septic Scepti1e- Director of TAI
Tasslehoff- The Champion of the Trainer's Federation

Neo, I did notice your invitation to Tas regarding him GMing with us and his affirmation back to you, so I've added him here.
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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser
I'd like to say that BCTs are usable by all factions, and are totally legal. Although BCTs only fix deficiencies, they don't give you any special power, except I guess it prevents you from being forcefully turned into a chimera, if such a thing ever happens.

I'd also like to say that GM characters don't count for the character limit, so me or the other GMs can have 4 characters.

Oh, and I encourage you guys to pick whatever you want for the Federation. Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Rangers, Co-oridinators, etc. Just don't be a Fighting Gym Leader if someone already is.

And the Federation can be Chimeras/Pokemorphs, they just can't start as them, like the Protectors. See, this is because mutagens aren't actually illegal, because most people don't even know they exist. In a few years maybe mutagens will be banned, but at the moment, they're fair game for anyone who can get them.
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Shadow of nothing
I would like to reserve for an Officer within the TAI.
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As in Alternate, I'll be using a duo; Gijinka and Human, both part of the Syndicate, I guess (because I haven't yet tried being on the antagonist side.) Could I get a reserve? Please and thank you!
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Nairda Rose
I am interested and haven't done an RPG in a long time. I finally have time, now that finals are over, so here is my sign-up.

Name: Bast
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Persian Gijinka
Faction: She works for the Syndicate Organization; acting as a Spy or Thief as needed.
Description: Bast is of average height and small build. Her hair is a tan blonde, almost the same color of her skin, but a few shades lighter. Six small locks fall to form a heart shaped bang. The locks are an extension of her nervous system, and are extremely sensitive. Bast’s hair is just long enough to touch her shoulders and is usually held behind her ears, which are human in appearance except for their black lining. At the center of her forehead is a red gem, which would give away that she is a Gijinka if they didn’t notice her tail. Her eyes have amber pupils, shaped in a cat-like slit when over exposed to light. Her body is human in shape and form, narrow shoulders average appendage length, and an hourglass figure. Her hands appear human until she unsheathes her claws, which extend out two inches from each fingernail. Her feet are more feline in shape, appearing humanoid but perpetually positioned on the balls of her foot. This makes heels a necessity for daytime wear, though she prefers to go bare foot. Her toes have similar claws as her hands. She has a tail that extends four feet long, but she coils two feet of that length when she doesn’t need the extra balance. Her profession typically calls for dark clothes, and since she prefers pants, she has them made custom for her to accommodate her tail. Loose fitting clothes impede movement, but are more comfortable to her so when blending in she tends to wear loose blouses and heels.
Personality: Bast is skilled at faking her emotions. She learned at a young age that holding your tongue and a well-timed tear can get you out of trouble. She, in reality, tends to find something annoying in just about everyone. If you catch her off guard you might see the furrow of frustration on her brow, but she is quick to replace that with a smile and an excuse. Bast tries to be on everyone’s good side, for selfish reasons, and it tends to make her look two faced when she appeases both sides. When in a tense situation she subconsciously strokes her bangs, which calms her down. When in a pleasurable situation, she tends to purr without realizing it. In a way her emotional abilities are assets to her as a spy, but don’t allow for her to make real connections with people. Bast has no friends that aren’t advantageous to her, and occasionally she will find herself lamenting over that fact, but she quickly stops herself.
History: She was born to two human parents under the name Erica Nile, to the disappointment of her father who not only wanted a boy, but a human child. Due to complications with her claws and tail, her mother died during birth. The sadness of becoming a widower and fathering a “freak” child sent him into a spiraling depression and created his alcoholism. He would physically and verbally abuse Bast, and yank on her bangs causing her to pass out. He lost his job, so they moved constantly to worse and worse apartments until they were living in the slums of Goldenrod. He stopped being a provider, so Bast would leave and forage for food. She soon began to run with a group of runaways and turned to stealing for survival. Her natural abilities soon made her an asset to her group, and she started going home less and less. Soon she just never went back. The things she stole began to get more and more valuable, and soon she was making connections in the black-market. On one fateful night, when she was in her teens, she performed a heist on a medium ranked member of the Syndicate. Instead of handing her over to be “dealt with” he offered her a grunt position, and she soon gained more and more value in their “affairs”. To protect her identity, she picked up the name Bast, and officially put her origins behind her.
Special Powers: Bast has cat-like reflexes and flexibility. Like a Persian she can move silently, even with heels on. Her claws are retractable, and are deadly sharp. When needed, she can use them to scale walls and cling to ceilings. She takes no qualms in using their razor edges to prove a point. Her tail grants her extreme balance, and can cross a telephone wire or windy terrace with ease. Like a Persian’s move switcheroo, she can swap items of equal size by touching one of them to the gem on her forehead. Her eyes give her increased vision, even at night, by dilating to over three times their normal size. Her bangs are ultra sensitive and allow her to detect silent changes in her environment, like a moving enemy or a new gas in the room, with ease. However, her bangs are so sensitive that yanking on them causes sensory overload and she passes out. She will never admit this as a weakness, but to this day the only ones who know of it are her and her father.
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Metal Bagon

Play the Guitar Rift
Name: Giovanni "Albinoloon" Rooney
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Race: Human
Faction: TAI

Description: As his nickname suggests, Giovanni is albino. His white hair, red eyes, and deathly pale skin stands out in a crowd. he is 180 cm (5'11) but he looks taller thanks to his lean body and assertive aura. He has a hooked nose and ears that are close to his head. His lips stand out from the rest of his face as they are still the vivid red you may expect a normal person to have. On his left middle finger he has a silver ring encrusted with the ruby of a persian. He almost always wears a black suit with a kevlar vest underneath with a dull brown tie which looks like tree bark. As he often stands out Giovanni is a master of disguise and usually carries a makeup kit with skin paint, hair gel, contact lenses, and a spare pair of clothes. of course this is with the standard pistol, satellite phone, and hunting knife that all TAI members are required to carry. Giovanni has a a reputation of killing without hesitation and not giving any mercy.

Personality: Giovanni has learnt to be ruthless with his time at TAI, killing without a second thought. Some of his superiors argue that he's now too dangerous, even by todays standards; but you can't argue with his results (and those who still did fell under a bus). However, Giovanni usually keeps a neutral nature, usually not portraying anger, fear, happiness, etc, around other people. He has a cruel sense of humor and find bad luck amusing. A civilian getting in the way of his sniper rifle is possibly his favourite. He usually doesn't put much input into the plans of TAI, although he's usually picky with his assignments. This is stoping him from ranking up even further then he has at his 5 years at TAI.

History: Born in Goldenrod city, to a mother and father both native to the region, he never really had a normal family. You see, both of his parents were successful business tycoons meaning that they visited him once or twice a year with presents and stuff. He never really knew them but he got to know one of his nannys really well and she became his friend, and since he was home schooled, his only friend. He excelled in studies and did well enough to earn a half scholarship in political sciences at celadon university. His parents didn't like his choice of studies but funded the other half of his studies fee anyway.

The day before he left, the nanny he was friends with (she's well into her 60's by now), died. It wasn't of old age though, there were bite mark on her neck, and a trail of blood. He followed swiftly and caught up to a girl dressed in a mightyena suit. They stayed standing, facing each other for a second, before the girl sprinted away on all fours so quickly it seemed impractical that she didn't do it before. He then passed out. Next thing he knew he was being shipped off to uni in kanto via a bullet train and had to put that out of his mind.

In the end he graduated at the top of his class and was employed by the Kanto government, which has it's parliament in Saffron City. He went to work there as an administrator which basically meant he did paperwork and stuff like that. After two years this was getting boring so when a special division of the government offered him a place in his ranks he was enticed, yet cautious. When he found out about the Gijinkas everything from that night over 6 years ago fell into place. He accepted the role with glee and the (significant) pay rise, along with the action and other perks, were just a bonus. He got to take revenge on the evil kind that killed his only friend.

Special Powers: None.

Yeah, my guy is a Gijinka hating bastard, but he's slightly misleaded into thinking that way..

PS: No relation to The Team Rocket leader dude.

Name: Brett
Species: Honchkrow
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Named after his dad, Giovanni and Murkow bonded as soon as they met. At uni Giovanni was jealous of others and their Pokemon, and of course he couldn't catch one himself since he didn't have anyone to catch it for him. So he found this place in the forest where he could just sit when his emotions went overboard, he unlucky enough to get attacked by a flock of Murkow at that place. By the time the Murkow were don pecking he was to weak to go for help and if he didn't bleed go death he'd die of thirst. But one Murkow went to get help. That Murkow followed him around until Giovanni asked soon before graduation if he wanted to come with him wherever he went after uni.Brett agreed so he accompanied Giovanni where he went next (which turned out to be Celadon city where he worked for the government). Soon after joining TAI on one of his Gijinka hunting missions he stopped an Excadrill Gijinka illegally mining Dusk stones for profit, the exposure to the stones caused Brett to evolve.

Name: Jermaine
Species: Milotic
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Named after his favourite uni teacher, Jermaine was given to him by a blind man as a Feebas soon after graduating. All of the tiring training that followed was worth it when Jermaine evolved. As a Feebas he was very conservative but now that's changed. As a Milotic Jermaine is out there and vocal, but has a short temper and will attack whoever provokes her, even slightly.

Name: Murray
Species: Togekiss
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Caught while working for the government, as a togetic he couldn't put up much of fight. Giovanni, over time, got frustrated with this Togetic (who he didn't have a nickname for at the time) when a workmate named Murray gave Giovanni a Dawn stone for his Birthday. After evolving and being nicknamed Murray, Giovanni was happy with the power of his new Togekiss. The fact he's also annoying as anything now is a downside but other then that the newfound battling skill and modest attitude (yet serious when he needs be) has made him a solid addition to Giovanni's team.
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Alright, I think I have enough time to make my GM sign up.

Name: Professor Julius Maple (Or just Prof. Maple)
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Race: BCT Cyborg
Faction: The Protectors

Description: Prof. Maple is 5'11 and weighs 148 pounds with white and somewhat wrinkly skin, dark brown eyes, and short, well kept grey hair. He looks surprisingly fit for his age, although he isn't muscular. Prof. Maple wears a pair of tan pants and a blue button up shirt, with a white lab coat overneath it. He wears a gold ring on his right hand's ring finger. His left leg is a cybernetic prothstetic, although normally it's not possible to see due to him wearing pants over it.
Personality: Professor Maple is a kind-hearted and jolly man, who lives to make others happy. He is always optimistic and always looking on the bright side of life. Despite this, he is actually a very serious researcher, and never would do something to get in the way of his research. He enjoys the company of Pokemon, who he has traveled with and studied for decades. Prof. Maple is facinated by Gijinkas, and thinks that they are a miracle that must be respected and studied dilligently. He works with children better than with adults, as he still considers himself a child at heart.
History: Born in New Bark Town, Julius Maple was a adventurous child who has always had a love for Pokemon and the outdoors. At the age of ten, he set out on a journey that many children take at that age with his partner, his Cyndiquil Tyson. He traveled Johto, catching many new Pokemon, battling many trainers, and eventually, earning all 8 badges in Johto. From there, he beat the Elite 4 at the Indigo League, and traveled to Kanto to challenge the gym leaders there. After Kanto, he left the two regions and traveled the world, encountering many new Pokemon and many new people. At some point at the age of 31 while traveling through Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh though, he sustained an injury so great from a sudden rockslide that he lost his leg. Only having one leg didn't stop him though, as he continued to travel until he was 45. By this point, he had beaten every gym and beaten every Pokemon League, and had established himself as a world renowned trainer. He retired to New Bark Town, where he used his extensive knowledge of Pokemon to become a Professor.

When cybernetic technology was invented 10 years ago, Prof. Maple was eccentric about finally having two legs again. As soon as it was released to the public, he immediately got a cybernetic leg to replace his missing one. For the years afterwards he lived a relatively peaceful life, until the TAI came around. About a year ago, the Professor went to Olivine City on buisness, but while he was walking down the street, something caught his eye. A Linoone Gijinka walked down a nearby alleyway, and a strange man in a black suit followed her. The Professor followed the two in secret, and watched as several more balck suited men grabbed the Gijinka and threw her into a van, which they then climbed into and sped off on. Prof. Maple immediately called out his Braviary Falco and followed the can to a hidden facility in the forest, that was surprisingly easy for him to sneak into. On the walls in the hallways a symbol of a wheel with the letters "TAI" next to it were everywhere. Eventually, he snuck his way into a camera room, ordered Tyson to knock out the guard, and looked over all the security footage. What he found in there horrified him. Gijinkas were being kept like animals, and being tortured through all sorts of imhumane practices they called "tests". The Linoone Gijinka he had followed was strapted down to a table and dissected like a frog in a middle schooler's science experiment. At this very moment, Prof. Maple vowed that he would stop this madness at any and all costs.
Special Powers: Because he only has BCT implants, he doesn't really have special powers. However, his cybernetic leg is more sturdy than his other leg, so that's something I guess.

Professor Maple's Pokemon:

Prof. Maple has many Pokemon from his travels across the world, but he only keeps two with him at all times.

Name: Tyson
Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Tyson was Professor Maple's first Pokemon, and his closest friend. Tyson is pretty happy and is very loyal to Maple. Since Prof. Maple has had him since he was a kid, Tyson himself is actually pretty old, and it sometimes shows, as he isn't the invincible destroyer he was back in his youth.

Name: Falco
Species: Braviary
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Falco was just one of many Pokemon Prof. Maple caught during his travels, but in paticular Prof. Maple and Falco really hit it off. Falco is free spirited and likes to do what he wants, but Prof. Maple can keep him in line. He can often be somewhat reckless but he only likes to put himself in danger, not others.

(OOC: Note, the Professor has the right to pull any non-legendary Pokemon out of nowhere to help him or to give to another. He has ALOT of Pokemon.)
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Yeah, Alternate is dead, I'm giving up on it rather than trying to bring it back again and again to no success. Not to mention that after reading what Billy Mays came up for this RP, I liked it a lot better. You can, however, reuse characters from that and adapt them to fit this RP. That I don't mind at all and I totally understand.

As for the Syndicate, they're really in it for themselves, but they'll be willing to do things for the TAI if it means money and resources. One hand washes the other kind of deal. However, that could go south if the TAI betrays the Syndicate or vice versa, which is totally possible.

Also, I see a lot of reserves of the Syndicate. Be warned, that I'm definitely not going to let this faction overtake the others in terms of size, so either get your sign ups done soon while it's still open, or be ready in case you find yourself needing to pick an alternate faction.

@ Nairda801 - Looks good to me, no problems here. You're set to go.


Bast, Persian Gijinka - Played by Nairda801


Professor Julius Maple, BCT Cyborg - Played by Billy Mays [GM]


Mon101 (Gijinka)
BlazikenBud (Gijinka)
Floorman (Gijinka)
Purplepassion (Gijinka), (Human)

SoulMuse (TAI)


Shadow of nothing
Name: Ian Blackwood
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: ACT Cyborg
Faction: TAI

Description: Ian is slightly tall for a man, standing 6’3” and weight about 175 pounds, with brown hair and grey eyes. His skin is remarkable pale, doing an excellent job of hiding his only visible scar, which runs from his left eye to the back of his neck. He wears combat armor underneath his clothing, which is comprised of a grey long-sleeve shirt and black jeans, a black jacket that fits him loosely, black fingerless gloves and combat boots. He usually wears the hood of his jacket over his head so as to hide his features, and carries a thin backpack to hold a variety of things. He is build is fairly thin but he still carries a fair bit of muscle on him, most of it augmented by cybernetic implants under his skin, a leftover of time in the military.

Personality: Ian is a very cold and reserved individual, often responding sarcastically and caustically to serious remarks; a phenomena that becomes more obvious the less sleep he gets. However behind the PTS and caustic personality, Ian, still has a shred of likability in him. Behind the façade of aloof coldness, Ian has a firm sense of right and wrong, and a firm set of morals, that he never deviates from, no matter what he might say or do. No matter the company Ian prefers to use hand gestures to communicate, and when not doing that uses as few words as possible to communicate. If he has only known you for short time, then you should give up trying to understand him. Or get him to say something nice to you.

History: From the moment Ian entered school he was much of a social outcast. His family was fairly rich, or richer than most of the rest of his classmates, and because of that Ian didn’t interact with the other kids much. When others kids were talking Ian could often be found reading and studying ahead, which when combined with his formidable memory, lead to him be allowed to skip numerous grades. However if was determined that Ian was not a child genius, simply an antisocial boy who studied very hard. However despite his studies, Ian always managed to keep himself in perfect physical condition.

At the age of eleven, or when Ian was in eleventh grade, a man snuck into his home and killed his father, before kidnapping his mother while Ian was at school. This didn’t have much of an effect on his life since he studied so much however, the attention it brought on him at school did help to break his antisocial shell, if only slightly. Later that same year, a military recruiter was at the school. Ian, who was skipping a class because he finished the involved material, met the recruiter and had a long talk with him. A week later he applied to join the Special Forces and was accepted. He entered basic training after the New Year started.

It didn’t; take long for the newly formed TAI to take interest in Ian. Despite his human background, and being in a squad that had two cyborgs, and Gijinkas he was still one of the most skilled soldiers. After only two years, Ian was covertly approached by a TAI operative, and offered a job working for a secret government agency. He accepted, and two months later, while on a mission, Ian’s squad was attacked by a group of mercenaries, who killed the entire squad, while keeping the Gijinkas alive, in brutal ways, before knocking Ian out and bringing him to the TAI base.

Once at the base, Ian was taken to a secure area where a number of tests were run, and rigorous combat training performed to determine what role within the organization would suit him best. This training was designed to find the limits of a person and in doing so left some very long lasting scars on Ian’s psyche. After the tests were done, Ian was assigned to a squad and became a full time member of the TAI.

After only fouryears with the group, Ian was given a special set of cybernetic enhancements, all of which are nearly invisible to the naked eye. At this point, due to his extended service, and skill he also was appointed as an officer.

However as a result of his violent and psychologically scaring entrance to the organization, Ian is often plagued by nightmares when he sleeps, and suffers from extreme insomnia as a result. The lack of sleep has turned him into the perfect warrior, a fighter with no sense of remorse.

Special Powers: Ian’s enhancements augment his physical strength greatly, allowing him to hit harder, move faster, and have greater reflexes than almost any human. His eyes were also modified, allowing him to see in the dark and to keep up with his greatly enhanced movement speed. The distance he can see is also greatly improved, along with clarity of vision at long ranges. The final aspect of Ian’s enhancements is that his eyes can superimpose a computer display over his vision, which tells him various information, such as if a person is a Chimera, Gijinka, or Human, and also provides information about his surroundngs, and the location of any allies he has with him.

Other: Ian has skills in computer hacking and programming. He always carries two Desert Eagle Magnum handguns and an M4 assault rifle along with ammunition for both. He also has numerous throwing knives hidden in his pack.


Name/Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Personality/Background: As the Psychic type of the group, it falls to Espeon to relay the thoughts of Ian’s other Pokémon to Ian and often be the most effective means of communication. While the most passive member of Ian’s team, Espeon is also very powerful in battle. Espeon is the only things of his mothers that Ian has, when his mother disappeared Ian found Espeon’s Pokéball was left on the table, and Ian has carried her ever since..

Name/Species: Salamence
Gender: Male
Personality/Background: Salamence is the rough and tumble member of the group, and much prefers fighting to talking, unlike Espeon. The two of them often argue about the matter, but regardless what they may think of each other they also have a healthy respect for the other. Salamence is physically the strongest member of the team by far, and not someone to trifle with. Ian caught Salamence as a Bagon during his first weeks of basic training with the military, and over the years evolved him into the mighty Salamence

Name/Species: Lucario (Shiny)
Gender: Male
Personality/Background: Lucario was the first Pokémon Ian ever caught and has been with him ever since. While many shiny Pokémon become arrogant and conceited Lucario doesn’t really care that it looks different preferring to simply sleep all day instead. Lucario is Ian’s newest Pokémon, one that he in fact took from a trainer he killed during a mission for the TAI. Lucario doesn’t appear to hold this against him however.
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Everything looks good, SoulMuse, you're set to go. Thanks for joining in, and nice job.


Ian Blackwood, ACT Cyborg - Played by SoulMuse
Giovanni "Albinoloon" Rooney, Human - Played by Metal Bagon (Unfinished)

[LEADER] Professor Julius Maple, BCT Cyborg - Played by Billy Mays [GM]

Bast, Persian Gijinka - Played by Nairda801


Mon101 (Gijinka)
BlazikenBud (Gijinka)
Floorman (Gijinka)
Purplepassion (Gijinka), (Human)

SoulMuse (TAI)


Only on Wii
Name: Avice Scales. He uses many aliases in his work, often made up or taken from movies, books, or the media. (He also names his Pokemon after these)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Race: Avice is a Gardevoir Gijinka

Faction: Avice is a member of The Protectors, but isn't too closely connected to the framework of the organisation, and often works semi-independently. (He is outside of the regular ranking system, mainly because of being too young to be a full member). He works as a detective/investigator, trying to find the identities of members of unknown factions and compiling a database and acquiring pieces of information at the request of Professor Maple.

Special Powers: As he is a Gardevoir Gijinka, he can easily empathise with others and understand their feelings. By maintaining eye contact with someone, he can gain an even deeper understanding, almost emulating their emotions. This power is extremely useful for investigating, allowing him to profile his suspects and is useful generally. However it is not flawless and can be somewhat confused by those with heavy cyber augmentations and heavily mutated PokéMorphs, although is still mostly effective. Also, even when in eye contact, his interpretation of other's emotions is his alone. He cannot read minds so cannot always understand the context of the emotions (although he is intelligent enough to be accurate generally and can use emotions to indirectly control people)

Description: Avice is rather skinny (although not abnormally) and stands at about 6'3"/6'4", and due to his height will often slouch to eye contact with others and to reduce intimidation. When he does this, his knees are slightly bent and and his back bent until he is right in the face of whoever he's talking to, which can often become intimidating. His hair is naturally green and is very long and wavy. He has a huge fringe which can cover large amounts of his face. He has a moderately pale skin tone and a clean, youthful face, enabling him to pass off as a girl in very limited situations (he would never be mistaken for a girl unless intentionally, however, and is considered somewhat attractive). His eyes are slightly larger than usual and are a strong green. There is a noticeable, thick red ring around his iris which is a give-away that he is a dijinka, but will by most people observant enough to notice it be forgotten, and he can use his psychic powers to influence people to forget it, although this is not always possible and some people can take advantage of this tell-tale sign. The red ring expands when he is using a psychic power. He has what seems like a long white piece of cloth attached from his waist, resembling a Gardevoir's skirt. This goes round most of his waist (although most of his right leg is uncovered) and reaches down to his ankle. It is flat and straight, but behaves like a piece of cloth, so Avice will often cut it to size, although it grows back to ankle length in a month or two. It's a few shades whiter than his skin tone, and easily concealed when wearing clothes. He also has a red, very roughly half-heart shape mark on his chest, which has turned harder as he got older. Avice is very obsessed with his appearance and will dress up regularly, changing the way he looks, dyeing is hair, etc. Despite this, Avice doesn't have as major differences from humans as other Gijinka, and often tries his best to appear similar while on missions. He will wear different clothes depending on the circumstances he is going out in, but when given choice will wear either comfortable, loose (but often cut/small, revealing) white/green clothing, vests, baggy trousers, flip-flops/slip on shoes/converse. He may forsake trousers and just wear his skirt cloth thing instead, as it mostly covers his legs.

This is the image that gave me inspiration for the character - Although it's female, Avice is very loosely based upon it, although the hair is basically exactly the same, and the face and skin tone are the same (although slightly more masculine). The dress thing around his waste is the same, but attached to him.


History: Avice grew up in Mossdeep City, in the Hoenn region. It was a largely human community, and Avice was one of the few Gijinkas. He was raised by two human parents, and the Gym Leaders of the city helped him to handle his Psychic abilities from a young age. He spent most of his time up until he was around 14 indoors, playing video games, studying, on the internet, and consuming media, and has been more influenced by that than by his parents. Despite everything, Avice had very little understanding of his powers, and couldn't even identify most of them until he was older. For most of his life, while around his parents, he felt as if something was out of place, as if it didn't belong. When he was 15, he started his first investigation, which revealed to him that he was adopted, rather than having been born to two human parents. This was a key event in his life and within months he decided to leave his home isle, to move to Johto. He still keeps in contact with his adopted parents, and is on good grounds with them, but doesn't visit often. For a year, he traveled the Johto region, in a sort of gap year, meeting people, honing his own powers, but also his social skills and powers of communication. He became gifted at extorting information and gaining trust from others. Eventually he reached New Bark Town, where he met Prof. Maple and joined The Protectors, after having had various close encounters with the TIA. Avice is now a valuable member of The Protectors.

Personality: Avice acts different on the outside than the way he thinks. He is childish and slightly eccentric, but is very self critical and often manipulates his personality to appease those around him. He is extremely self-obsessed and conscious of the way he looks, and image is often all he thinks about. However, he has a different opinion of what is good looking to that of the mainstream, and his obsession with his appearance is not driven by a desire to please a wide audience. Avice cares greatly about what others think of him, but doesn't wish to please everyone - he is very specific of what he wants to be. If he doesn't look how he wants, it can distract and depress him until it is corrected. Avice is of great intelligence but is also somewhat lazy, often choosing an easy route over an efficient one. He is also un-organised. He sometimes relies on his powers more than himself, which can work against him. Because of his empathy with others, he can understand what others think of him very well, which will cause him to change himself, or not, in some cases and some will think he is ignorant or oblivious while in fact he knows a lot of his own flaws, and is very self-critical. Avice prefers to work either by sitting and thinking the situation over or by being in the field, encountering people face to face, analysing. He is very aware of technology and takes advantage of it. However, he has never been particularly close to Pokemon, and chooses not to travel with a large number of Pokemon. He overrates himself in his intelligence and powers, but is aware of his own over rating of himself; it seems that despite his ability to understand others, he often cannot understand himself.

Still, he is a somewhat likeable character although can be seen as childish, unreliable and ignorant. He can sometimes be quiet, and sometimes confident, but is by no means anti-social. His mood is very affected by that of those around him.


Pokemon: Avice has many other Pokemon stored with Professor Birch that he caught, but only keeps with him a limited few.

Name: Pelafina
Species: Milotic
Gender: Female
Personality and Background: Although Avice did catch several Pokemon, he only properly trained one for battle. Avice chose Milotic for its looks, obviously, but it is a generally powerful Pokemon. Milotic has been nurtured to be graceful, enigmatic yet modest. Avice regularly battles alongside Milotic and uses her for water related problems. Milotic and Avice are good friends due to their ability to communicate, but she rarely sees use outside of battle.

Milotic is almost always kept in a Pokeball with Avice, but he has a few other Pokemon he sometimes keeps with him. Avice prefers to fight himself than to use his Pokemon, and they are only really there for company or for occasional use. Avice is far more powerful than a regular Gardevoir, but is in no way capable of defeating a team of well trained Pokemon.

Name: Ryuzaki
Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Eevee is mainly just a pet to Avice, kept at his headquarters. He rarely is used for any practical purpose and cannot speak much but is a tender and loving Pokemon.

Name: Hideki
Species: Vulpix
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: Another pet, but Vulpix is taken around with Avice on occasion. He is stubborn but also graceful and enigmatic, and is used by Avice for a few practical reasons on occasion.

Name: Cloud
Species: Kirlia
Gender: Male
Personality and Background: One of twins, Cloud is a male Kirlia, originally captured as a Ralts. Unlike his sister, he has evolved since being kept with Avice. Cloud is more independent and strong than his sister, and is more helpful to Avice. However, Cloud is more of a loose cannon than Tear and keen to prove himself. He is still graceful and elegant, however in a more masculine way.

Name: Tear
Species: Ralts
Gender: Female
Personality and Background: Tear is Cloud's sister and quieter and weaker. She is physically impaired and more suited to company than battle, but has very potent psychic abilities. Tear and Cloud were bred by Avice to be perfect companions, and have some moves that regular Ralts/Kirlia wouldn't have.