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[SU] Dreamcrafters - Bonds of Broken Destiny

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven

Slipomatic is my Co-GM for this RP, so he's got as much power over this as I do.


In the beginning, you couldn't remember too many details about what happened to you. But something strange happened...

You found yourself as a Pokémon, though you knew you're supposed to be human and this was not how things were meant to be. For a moment, your memories seemed shattered, unorganized, and out of place. However, with a little patience and concentration, you were able to piece just a bit of it together. The path lead you back to Nacrene City, Unova, where it all began, only now the town is in ruins and was fully destroyed by some powerful, wrathful entity. You were able find your once human friends, now as Pokémon. Working together, you collectively pieced your shattered memories.

In time, after many hours of discussion and note-taking, you have the completed puzzle. Everything suddenly comes back to you.

You and your friends were part of a small eco-conscious volunteer group called "Dream Green" that offered to clean up the ruins of an abandoned church in Nacrene City, Unova. In cleaning up the ruins of the long-forgotten cathedral, you found something strange and forgotten that interested you. Wiping off the dust and debris, you realized that within a shattered, ornate stone container was the skeleton of a Pokémon, one that you had never seen before.

As the memories came back, you realized that you and your group had taken the skeletal remains to the Nacrene City museum to revive the Pokémon they belonged to. What came back, however, is something that changed everything.

The revived Pokémon was in fact Nakita, and Nakita was not just any ordinary Pokémon. She was in fact the legendary Pokémon of imagination and the seer of creativity. She appeared to be a large and gleaming silver phoenix with majestic and prismatic feathers, accompanied by a long and colorful crest and tail feathers. Meanwhile, a glowing ten-pointed star gleamed upon her chest. She appeared to be warm, friendly, compassionate, and loving, thankful to the trainers that had revived her.

She then bestowed a power upon you unlike any other as thanks for her revival. It was the power to make your imagination and dreams possible. At first, it sounded profound and unreal to you, but as she told you imagination and dreams were the breath of the soul and as she began to demonstrate the power before you, suddenly your mindset changed. She pushed you to drive away your skepticism and disbelief, and really believe that just about anything was possible.

Another memory came back to you, and you remembered Jeremy Wilson, who was the leading member of your Dream Green group, now nowhere to be found. You remembered Jeremy was the first of you to experiment using the power that Nakita gave you. He took a baseball and threw it up into the air, which then flew through the air on its own like a fireball of rainbow colors before coming back down into his hands. But he took things one major step further...

Flying above Nacrene City, he created a massive flying airship in less than a minute's time. He called it Extol, and it was the most incredible sight you had ever seen. It was to be an amusement park and entertainment center, focusing on film, art, and music, all of Jeremy's most favorite things. Meanwhile, you saw things there that should have only been possible in dreams. Incredible light shows, magic that broke the bonds of reality, and sights and sounds that far surpassed anything you had ever seen in the ordinary world. In truth, for a moment, it seemed fantasy and magic was a real possibility. From then on in, what was once called "Dream Green" had decided to call itself the Dreamcrafters.

But that came to a crashing end...


As you remembered further, you and the rest of the Dreamcrafters bore witness to the full brunt of Arceus's jealous, putrid, and disgusting cruelty. As you soon realized, Arceus and Nakita have a long and deep vendetta against each other, and last time Arceus won. Nakita believed humans and Pokémon should have the freedom to be able to tap into the full power of their immortal souls and let loose their creativity and imagination into reality. Arceus, however, felt only he should have the privilege and the power over creation.

To exercise his authority, Arceus targeted the Extol airship by focusing on Jeremy Wilson's soul. Painfully, Jeremy's spirit was corrupted, and as a result, Extol began to wither and crumble apart, quickly being smothered in wicked black as Jeremy's soul was twisted and defiled at the same time. The awe-inspiring and majestic creations Jeremy crafted into reality were sadly and woefully corrupted in the process and soon turned to evil. Jeremy was reduced to nothing more than a zombie after the macabre ordeal, using him to show what would happen to you for siding with Nakita.

To protect you, Nakita used her power to slash apart the chains of fate, turning you into the Pokémon you would have been if destiny had decided you should have been born as one instead of a human. As a result, it wasn't so easy for Arceus to corrupt your now protected soul that violated the dictation of fate that Arceus had designed. Instead, Arceus would have to destroy you entirely by direct force in order to release your soul from its mortal shell. But, with your new powers and much to Arceus's aggravation, that wouldn't be so easy for him either. You now had free reign to create whatever you wanted, but Arceus could corrupt it and make it betray you. All he had to do was imagine it to be darker and wicked, corrupting its wonder, creativity, and innocence and instead make it a vile abomination.

In the end, Arceus's legendaries were deceived and were lead to believe Nakita and the Dreamcrafters (who they call "Darkcrafters") were evil and sought to corrupt the world with dark imagination when really it was Arceus's dark, hidden power that was making your creations evil. All legendaries followed him except for one, the one legendary that Arceus had bitterly afflicted with a curse because she held potential that even Arceus didn't have.

That legendary was Jirachi. And as you learned from Nakita, Jirachi was Nakita's disciple, NOT Arceus's. Jirachi was too powerful for Arceus to kill outright and it would have made too much of a scene, so instead he decided to have the legendary wish Pokémon be stricken with a 1,000 year curse that would fade for only a week to allow Jirachi to gaze upon the world that Arceus had won over, only to slip back into hibernation before Jirachi could ever figure out the truth and remember what happened to her master Nakita. It was a sick sort of punishment and cruelty Arceus found amusement in.


Like Jirachi, Arceus now has difficulty trying to kill you outright, but that did not stop him from cursing you like he did with Jirachi. Upon your back, the "Brand of Ill Omen" has been drawn by Arceus's own hand. This Brand is a strange, arcane glowing symbol that Arceus's legendaries and other followers have been using to identify you as high priority targets that Arceus wants destroyed. Meanwhile, it's just a slight taste of the kind of corruption Arceus is capable of inflicting, but at the moment, it's the most that Arceus can do to you. Nakita's fate-breaking protection managed to save most of your being from harm, but the surrounding aura around you was something she could not protect.

Now, badly cursed and hexed, terrible things seem to happen around you while you remain untouched. Plants wither, the air seems to grow cold, and misfortune seems to follow in your wake. The ground blights wherever you step, and despair and decay follow you as if you're an angel of death. Pokémon and humans have called you "The Despised Darkcrafters," and have been making significant effort to capture you and destroy you. Arceus's wicked lies and deception still lead them astray, and Arceus welcomes any opportunity to further distort the truth and the evidence to make you and the Dreamcrafters appear even more vile.

At the moment, you know the truth and you have the power to prove it... if only Arceus wouldn't interfere. You must use your power of imagination and creation to stop Arceus and overthrow his dominion, even if it means seeing those same creations fall to Arceus's dark intentions in the war against the wicked deity that far too many humans and Pokémon still respect from Arceus's deception.


You now stand in the ruins of Nacrene City, deceptively destroyed by Arceus's dark puppeteering to cover up the truth and mislead all witnesses, as well as destroy the technology that revived Nakita. In the process, Arceus framed Jeremy and Nakita for the savage destruction and used the devastation as a catalyst to strengthen support for his campaign, fooling the others into believing you and the remaining "Darkcrafters" are out to do even more damage to the world. Meanwhile, Nakita has gone missing as well, likely because of the wickedness that Arceus has done. Somehow, you must find her and save her, along with finding a way to destroy the Brand of Ill Omen curse that has befallen you, the other Dreamcrafters, and Jirachi. Then, you have to take the fight to Arceus and prove yourselves.

Your memories are finally back together, but you find you need to realize your powers once again. However, time is running out, and there is no telling what could be happening to Nakita at the present moment or what hideous plan Arceus and his follower legendaries have in mind to deal with you.

Everyone must know the truth and should be able to use the power they were meant to have...


  • The RP will also start on October 1st, but sign ups are always open, so you can join even after the RP has started.
  • Slipomatic is my co-GM and he has the ability to accept or reject sign ups.
  • Follow all standard Serebii Forum rules and RPG rules.
  • RP posts should be at least a paragraph long because seeing anything less just looks rushed and careless. Also, try to use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Try to post at least once a week. Also, small posts are better than not posting at all. Also, if it looks like people are waiting on you to take action, please, don't keep them waiting because that's never fun and it causes a chain reaction of people waiting on each other. Better to do something small and brief that keeps things moving along smoothly than to linger on a long-winded post.
  • Stick with one character sign up only. I know from experience that having more than one character is exhausting and can be overwhelming, so stick with one and really give them all of your time and focus.

Special Rules

  • YOU ARE FREE TO CONTROL ARCEUS'S ACTIONS as an NPC, but they must be deceptively cunning and they must be things Arceus would logically do in this situation. Remember, Arceus is trying to find ways to frame and make Nakita and the Dreamcrafters look guilty and wicked when it's really Arceus pulling the strings behind the scenes. Arceus will do vile things but will make you and the other Dreamcrafters look like the source of the chaos and anarchy. He likes having full authority over the world and he's not about to let his long-hated nemesis and her followers change all that. Also, the other legendaries (not Jirachi), as well as other humans and Pokémon, will be carrying out Arceus's orders out of respect and honor for the one they regard as their god. You're free to control their actions as well, but again, they must be something they would logically do.
  • The key to power here is description. The more you detail and describe something and the more you go in depth into its creation in your RP post, the harder and the longer it takes for Arceus to corrupt it. Just note that a lot of the things that your character will create will be either corrupted and/or destroyed. Don't let that stop you.
  • You can create living things and they will reflect your character's personality, but these too can be corrupted and can turn against you. However, under your control, they will fight to the death for you and will do anything to protect you.
  • You cannot transform yourself or another living creature... at least not yet. You can, however, change and transform non-living objects.
  • Note that at its current level, your powers can only create something as large as a city. Don't go creating entire worlds. Your character doesn't have the power, energy, and experience to do that... yet. :p
  • Just be reasonable with your powers and don't do stuff that would ruin the RP with them. Also, don't make it too easy either. Arceus's legendaries are powerful and have more experience, and the fact they're all united against you should make things difficult. Also, hordes of Arceus's followers have been deceived to do anything to serve their master and the one they regard as their god. I trust you when it comes to making the RP fun but also challenging and intriguing.


You have two options to choose from when signing up. The first is you can sign up as one of the Dreamcrafters, and the second is you can sign up as one of the legendaries assisting Arceus. You can choose any legendary, just not Jirachi.

Dreamcrafter Sign Up

NAME: Your character's name, first and last.
GENDER: Male or female
AGE: Age in years
SPECIES: What Pokémon your character has become.
DESCRIPTION: What your character looks like (as a human, and a bit about how they look as a Pokémon). Should be at least a paragraph, though I prefer more.
PERSONALITY: Your character's emotional intelligence and attitude. Should be at least a paragraph, though I prefer more. This should also reflect the kinds of things they like to create with their powers.
HISTORY: Your character's background and past. Should be at least two paragraphs, though I prefer more.
POWERS: Besides their power to create from imagination, your character should have two otherworldly powers that no Pokémon of their kind actually have. This could include a Charizard being able to alter gravity, or an Umbreon being able to teleport and pass through walls like a ghost Pokémon can.
CURSES: The Brand of Ill Omen negatively affects each of the Dreamcrafters in different ways. What does yours do to things around you, and what does it look like? Note that this should be something significant and dreadful, not something like "causes ice cream to instantly melt." Something along the lines of "causes water to become polluted and poisoned" or "causes the air to become toxic" are good. There should be 2-3 things like this. Also note that Dreamcrafters are not affected by their own curse and are not affected by the curses of other Dreamcrafter characters.

NOTE: Whatever Pokémon your character had on them before are missing. Sadly, even they have been mislead by Arceus and have been turned against you, no longer recognizing you as their trainer or companion, and instead see you as a hated enemy.

Legendary Sign Up

NAME: Name of the legend, which also covers species.
GENDER: Give the legendary a gender
DESCRIPTION: Give a general description, as well as anything that the games or anime might have overlooked, such as a scar or a particular marking or something.
PERSONALITY: Same as usual, emotional intelligence and attitude.
HISTORY: Just cover their relation to Arceus and the recent events regarding the Dreamcrafters and how they've responded to it. You don't need to look up and rehash all the game/anime info on the legendary such as Groudon warring with Kyogre or all that other stuff.
POWERS: Yep, legends have their powers too, so put them in there. They should be mostly related to what they can do in the games/anime, but you have the green light to put a little something extra in there as well.



Yami Spark the Raichu - Played by CandleReaper
Joseph Waters the Emolga - Played by Avenger Angel
Laura Carter the Misdreavus - Played by synthetica
Adam Eve the Eevee - Played by SeniorLaughsaLot
Diego Vendrix the Ditto - Played by DVB
Tiphane Riagol the Ninetales - Played by Slipomatic
Jon Codatus the Haxorus - Played by PokeLegend


Uxie - Played by gmoyes
Deoxys - Played by Chthonic Flames


??? - Played by Billy Mays
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NAME: Yami Spark
AGE: 13
DESCRIPTION: Yami as a human has dark-blondish hair that almost looked brown, but was still yellow. He had dark, emerald eyes and stood at around 5’ 4”, somewhat short for his age. He normally had on headphones that were black with electric bolts on it, and a music player attached to the end. In his Raichu form, he still has those headphones and the Music Player. He also carried around a small-hand gun with him at all times, he had a permit to have it, but he needed the protection. His shirt was dark black with a crimson moon on the middle, and his dark orange jacket he wore over it had a crescent moon covered by a lightning bolt, something that’s on his back as a Raichu now.
His pants were a lighter black, but it still went along with the shirt and jacket well, and it had his music player on it. Instead of a regular belt, we wore a chain around as a belt buckle, because he didn’t have anything else to use it with. His shoes were black with sparks on them too, to continue his motif of electricity. As a Raichu, the tip of his tail is wrapped around with a small, but good-conductivity chain. His fur as a Raichu is also a draker color than most regular ones.

PERSONALITY: Yami’s always pessimistic about the world around him, as he doesn’t really care for humanity and what befalls it. He preferred music when he was a human, and will silently listen to someone playing, about the only good thing he did. He didn’t have a temper, but his rage was constant, so he more of had an annoyance tolerance, break it, and you’d have hell to pay. He also likes long-ranged weapons, like Scythes and Guns for some reason, and likes machines and gears. He also acts enigmatic at times to others.

HISTORY: His past isn’t a too pleasant tale to tell anyone, and he only remembers bits and pieces of it. He remembers saving Nakita, and what happened at Nacrene, but his old life he doesn’t remember much of. He does know of a certain event in his past made him want to forget everything, but he did get his witch, well to him at least. His parent’s died in a tragic death, something that seemed unheard of until it actually happened. He doesn’t remember his sister, and his old life wasn’t that known. He knew he needed the gun for protection, but he never knew why he needed it. He remembers that he was sent to a boarding school near the Outskirts of Pinwheel Forest, but that’s it. He seems to have strong ties to Nimabasa City as well.

What he does remember though is that of he had a Litwick he called Sol. This litwick was somewhat the opposite of Yami, more Outgoing and Modest than he ever was. He tried to cheer Yami up, but it never worked at all. Yami also remembers he was a friend with a girl called Bianca, and thinks she might know the things he forgot. His current goal, besides fighting Arceus and finding Nakita, is to find Bianca and ask her about his past, well, if she could understand him.

POWERS: Yami has the power of manipulating inanimate objects and transmuting them into Copper, as copper is an excellent conductor of electricity. He also has the power to manipulate Music so he can target certain emotions and mental thoughts. This might lead to provocation, to control of someone, but regardless, it helps getting to some places that would be hard to get to.

CURSES: Yami’s curses are hard to deal with to most ordinary people. He overcharges the air quality around him, leaving a higher electricity rate that can interfere with electric signals and stop anything mechanical to work. He also overcharges the electrons in bodies of water, to the point where it’s almost as unlivable as brine pools. This curse also effects anyone who drinks this water, as it will instantly electrocute them depending on how much they drink. The last effect, and most likely the most horrible, is that anyone who touches them starts to corrode away, it depends on how long they hold him, the more rampant there demise is. So touching him isn’t an option, but it only applies to flesh.


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@CandleReaper - Your personality is a bit short and the description could be a bit more detailed, specifically how your character looked like as a human as there is some missing details. Also, I believe that when you were transformed into the pokemon, you lose all of your clothing so I believe that as a pokemon, you don't have any clothes. (Avenger needs to verify this part, if he's okay with it, then your description part for the pokemon is fine.) Pending Overruled by Avenger.

I hope to do my sign-up within the week. Two exams and english papers, it's a nightmare.
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Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
I would say CandleReaper's SU is okay, description seems to be enough in my opinion. As long as the character's physique and clothing is covered, as well as the Pokémon appearance, I'm okay with that, and CandleReaper got all of that.

NAME: Joseph Waters
AGE: 27

DESCRIPTION: Joseph, as a human, stood around 6'3" with fair to tan skin and had short, brown hair. Meanwhile, he had brown eyes, and a slightly muscular frame. In all, he was pretty balanced between strength and agility, while being perceptive as well.

Before he was transformed, he wore light gray cargo pants, a black t-shirt, black sneakers, a leather belt, and a dark gray baseball cap. He also carried a black backpack as well, which he no longer has. After the transformation, most of the clothing was nowhere to be found, save for the gray baseball cap.

As an Emolga, he doesn't look too different from a regular Emolga, but he still wears his dark gray baseball cap, backwards with a small frock of hair. Meanwhile, his eyes have a small glint of brown in the irises, Besides that, he pretty much looks like any other Emolga. However, now he is much more on the agile side, but lifting anything over forty pounds becomes very tricky.

PERSONALITY: Expressive and friendly, Joseph always tries to have a good time and tries to stay optimistic and inspired despite all the challenges. Generally, when things get hard, he tries to look at the bright side and use comic relief whenever possible, though sometimes he just can't. Generally fearless, Joseph doesn't get worried often and doesn't mind trying to "wing things" and improvise. To him, most plans don't always go the way they were intended anyway, so he'd rather be better at doing things on the fly.

Joseph is a heavy gamer and likes fantasy, so a lot of his creations will likely reflect that. He's generally pretty open to the idea of creating things, though he still finds it a bit beyond belief. Still, with all that has happened, things like Arceus gutting Jeremy, forcing Nakita into hiding, and using his powers to frame the Dreamcrafters is just something that peeves him, though he doesn't want to give Arceus the satisfaction. He's more the kind that would taunt Arceus and his follower legendaries, very much like a Spanish bullfighter. Some may call his actions stupid, but usually he's got an idea that no one else is thinking of and doesn't expect to be hatched when no one expects it.

HISTORY: Joseph was born in Castelia City. As a child, he did relatively okay in school with a various mix of grades, often depending on the kind of teacher he had. Meanwhile, he lived a very playful and spirited childhood, but never really went on a formal journey, instead using his father's Eevee as a starter and just trained on his own, never really going after gym badges or seeking out the Pokémon league.

Joseph had six Pokémon, but the only ones he can remember are his Flareon called Fireball, his Mightyena which he forgot the name to, and a Starraptor, again, no longer able to remember the Pokémon's name. Joseph hates the idea that Arceus has probably gotten them to hate the Dreamcrafters, but he hopes he never has to run into his old Pokémon. Fighting them would be something he really doesn't want to do.

Between his job and university, he did volunteer work on the side with "Dream Green," wanting to join an informal volunteer group without all the registration. He had been a member for about two years before the Nakita incident, cleaning up litter, planting trees, and cleaning up lakes and streams. The ruins of the Nacrene City church was something he felt would be just cleaning up the few leftover stones. He never thought the whole thing with Nakita would happen.

In truth, Joseph doesn't even like the sight of Arceus, and has thrown away all traces of respect for the legendary many Pokémon and humans still regard as their god. Meanwhile, he finds what he did to Jeremy was just sick and disgusting, but was glad the same thing didn't happen to him. Now, he's determined to save Nakita and prove that Arceus is just a wicked, disgusting disgrace of a Pokémon. However, he knows it's not going to be an easy job considering what they're up against...

POWERS: Joseph likes fireworks and flashy pyrotechnics, so unlike normal Emolgas, he has the capability of launching powerful and colorful fire-based attacks and strikes. Secondly, he can slow down time for himself in a very bullet-time style fashion. To everyone else, he moves incredibly fast for a very short few seconds.

CURSES: Around Joseph, the air grows cold and deathly, and if he stands in the same place for an extended time, things actually begin to freeze and become covered in sickly black ice. This kind of freezing kills plants. In addition, this black ice is also poisonous both in ice form and when it melts after Joseph steps away.

The brand itself appears to be a twisted snowflake on Joseph's back, encircled by a series of strange, jagged-looking runes.


A Failed Experiment
NAME: Laura Carter.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25
SPECIES: Misdreavus

DESCRIPTION: As a human Laura had straight brown hair reaching to her shoulder. She had a parting running through the middle of her hair, except for a thick strand starting above her right eye about an inch behind the hairline which went across her head and fell down on her left. She had bright blue eyes, with a hint of circles under them. Her skin was pale and her mouth small.

She was average height and slim. She wore simple, light and comfortable clothes: a loose long-sleeved white top and a black skirt reaching to her knees. Her accessories were a bracelet she made from a piece of leather string and some ceramic beads and a silver ring she got from her mother.

She isn’t much different from an ordinary Misdreavus. She is however, a bit paler and she also kept her blue eyes.

PERSONALITY: Laura is a pretty shy and quiet girl. As she spent most of her life on the road, she lacked interaction with her peers; that’s why she never developed any close friendships. As a result she spent a relatively large amount of time on her own, either deep in her thoughts or in her imaginary world, which she created in her mind.

She doesn’t mind being alone, that gives her time to think things through, make plans for the future. She’s also very patient and prepared to hone her abilities for long periods of time, if she assesses it will benefit her. She’s very secretive and rarely shows her emotions. She does express them to some
extent through the songs she sings, though.

While she’s not egoistic, she’s rarely affected by others’ problems. She believes people learn by facing trouble, so it’s best for them, if they solve theirs on their own. She often feels like people are judging her actions.

HISTORY: Laura had quite an unconventional childhood. She was the firstborn in a family of travelling street performers, so she spent most time on the road going from one town to another. As soon as she started walking, she was taught how to dance; as soon as she learned how to talk she was taught how to sing. Similarly, she taught her younger siblings the same things when she was older. Though, because they never stayed in a town for more than a few days and she spent that time either performing or practicing, she never made any friends outside their group. Luckily, she liked what she was doing, especially singing. Through practice she became quite an accomplished singer and her dancing wasn’t half bad either. That’s why she started playing a bigger role in the shows as time passed.

When she grew older, she got bored of performing the same routines over and over and decided she had no future in the show business, so she left her family. At first she tried her skills as a Pokemon trainer, but with small success. She only used Pokemon she found cute, her team consisted of Clefable, Marill, Skitty, Petilil, Vanillite and Venonat. On her travels, she noticed a lot of faults of the world, which prompted her to join Dream Green in their attempt to improve it. Soon after joining them, she quit being a trainer altogether and devoted her life to Dream Green and their projects.

POWERS: The fact that Laura likes to keep a distance resulted in her special powers. She can sense a hostile presence up to a mile away. She is also able to create protective forcefields almost instantaneously. The stronger they are the more time she requires to create them.

CURSES: Because of a strange symbol inscribed in the biggest piece of her “necklace”, which is supposed to absorb fear, Laura drains life force from her surroundings instead. Because of that, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to stay near her for more than half an hour without long-lasting consequences. The curse also altered her voice; whenever she speaks, people get terrible headaches and some even start bleeding from their ears, thus making communication with them nearly impossible.
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Hey, I have a question. Could it be possible for me to sign up as a Ledgendary that is hunting down the Dreamcasters?

The answer to that question would be no. I discussed this with Avenger and we agreed that no legendary pokemon would be allowed. Sorry, your characters are pretty powerful enough as it is, just being legendary would be close to mary/gary-sue.


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@gmoyes - Oh, I misread it, as of right now, I can't say yes or no to the question in that aspect, that is something only Avenger will have say.

@synthetica - Sign-up looks okay to me. Although I think that the curse you gave is a bit too negative and that you need to supply two curses. You only have one currently. Pending for now.

Avenger Angel

Warrior of Heaven
@ synthetica

Have to agree with Slipomatic on this one, there should be two effects of the curse. The first one you have is pretty good, but a little something extra added in as "insult to injury" would really make it feel complete.

Other than that, everything else is great and would be okay with me. Pending for now, just make that change and it should be set to go.

@ gmoyes

Hmm... originally I wasn't going to make this RP PVP based, but I guess I'll let this be allowed, since it would be a little more interesting if there's competition in the mix.

I'll give you the green light on this. As for the sign up form, just go with this:

NAME: Name of the legend, which also covers species.
GENDER: Give the legend a gender
DESCRIPTION: Give a general description, as well as anything that the games or anime might have overlooked, such as a scar or a particular marking or something.
PERSONALITY: Same as usual, emotional intelligence and attitude.
HISTORY: Just cover their relation to Arceus and the recent events regarding the Dreamcrafters and how they've responded to it. You don't need to look up and rehash all the game/anime info on the legendary such as Groudon warring with Kyogre or all that other stuff.
POWERS: Yep, legends have their powers too, so put them in there. They should be mostly related to what they can do in the games/anime, but you have the green light to put a little something extra in there as well.

And that should be fine.


A Failed Experiment
Somehow I managed to miss that I need two curses. I edited my SU and added another one.


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Thanks Avenger! Sorry if my history is a little at odds with your story history but I can change it if I need to.

NAME: Uxie

GENDER: Female

DESCRIPTION: Uxie is a small fairy like pokemon and is part of a trio consisting of her sisters Mesprit and Azelf. She has yellow 'helmet' of hair on her head and twin tails each with a small red gem that matches the one on her forehead. What makes her very different from her sisters are that her eyes are perpetually closed. She still carries a few scars from her encounter with Team Galactic, not all of the physical.

However, using her psychic abilities she can manipulate her appearance to whatever shape she wants. The most common form she takes is a blind young woman using the alias Sarah Thompson. As Sarah, she has short blond hair and has an average height and build. She wears standard clothes of a young human adult, jeans and t-shirts. The only thing that would make her stand out would be the darkglasses and cane she uses as part of her disguise. Though at will she can drop the disguise and turn herself invisible.

PERSONALITY: As the embodiment of wisdom, Uxie strives for knowledge. She has perfect memory and from her amazing lifespan she has memorized all historic events. Even some events that were better off forgetting. Even so, she continues to to expand her knowledge of the universe.

If you got to know her as Sarah Thompson, what she is actually not very different. She is quiet and shy and often lost in thought. Though sometimes when she's lost in thought, she is really communicating with her allies. If her vision was normal, she most certainly would spend a lot of time with her nose in a book. The other legendaries repect her knowledge, well, most times anyway. When she speaks others should listen because it will most likely important information. She follows under the orders of Arceus, not because of loyalty, but beacuse she knows what will happen if she doesn't. Let's just say the Dreamcasters aren't the only ones who know what it's like to be cursed.

Her feeling of humans are mixed. She's seen them at their best, she's seen them at their worst. But she does agree with Arceus that humans shouldn't be able to wield the powers that Nakita gave them. Power like that was more than any human should have. That type of power could easily be abused and cause great chaos and distuction. Even the most well meaning human could cause great harm if uncontrolled. While she personally thought that hunting them down and killing them was the wrong course of action, but who was she to argue with the god of all pokemon?

HISTORY: Uxie was born along with her sisters after Arceus created the universe. After he left governing the spacial and temporal aspects to Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, he gave governing the spiritual aspects to Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit, each an embodiment of wisdom, willpower and emotion. They were the source of the spirit that flows through all living things. While the Arceus and the creation trio retreated to their own repective universes, the spirits stayed to watch over the world. They've lived and watched through wars, discoveries, plauge, celebration, never interfering but adding sparks of insight, determination and emotion where ever it was needed.

However, two seperate events shot the three of them into the spotlight. The first happened thousands of years ago, the last time Arceus and Nakita clashed. They faught about what they are fighting about now, whether or not humans should be allowed to use the power to create from their imagination. Uxie and her sisters sided with Nakita; they saw the spirits were strong within the humans and they should be able to use it. But they lost with Nakita killed and Jirachi imprisoned. The three of them were too connected to the spirit and Arceus himself to be gotten rid of, so instead they were laid with their own curses.

The second instance convinced them that humans should never have that power, though also that Arceus was not the all loving god people thought he was. A human named Cyrus created an organization called Team Galactic which was bent on creating a whole new universe for themselves. The method that they came up with was horrifying. They planned to find Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, beat them up in order to capture them, imprison them, scar their bodies and spirit to make the Red Chain, use the Red Chain to summon and control Dialga and Palkia. But the most stunning thing about the plan was when they told Arceus about it he allowed it to happen. Instead of sending a bolt of lightning to hit the madman, he forced the trio to stay in their lakes, let them be captured and tortured, allowed Cyrus to summon the time/space duo and only then did he send in Giratina to drag him into the Distortion World. While Uxie and her sisters couldn't be killed, Arceus did nothing to aid them from their pain. From then on the trio promised never to trust humans or Arceus again, but they were under his power and they couldn't oppose him.

POWERS: Uxie has standard psychic powers and her imfamous ability to make someone forget their memory if someone looked her in the eye. This ability is more of a curse than a blessing. Most information is visual, yet if she opens her eyes to see it, there is a risk for someone to lose all of their knowledge. Azelf's and Mesprit's curses are also like this. All three are unable to experiance their aspect fully without potentally making an innocent lose theirs completely.

The trio also have a shared power, though because no longer sees, she is the most familiar with it. All three can see aura, or the spirit that surrounds and is in every living thing. Spirit is made of the three thing the trio represents, wisdom, willpower and emotion. Depending on what aspects the creature follows and in what degrees make their aura a different colour. Uxie can see these and the residual aura and use these as opposed to regular sight.


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NAME: Adam Eve
AGE: 16

DESCRIPTION: When Adam was a human he was very short for his age, standing at about 4'11". His skin was a light tan and his hair was light brown and cut short. He would spike up his short bangs a little and keep them out of his eyes. They were big, bright, and brown and made him look baby faced. His body was average, and fit enough for moderate tasks, even though he was small in stature. His usual style would be a shirt with a random design or logo on it, some jeans, and a pair of sneakers that would match. Something he would always have would be a necklace of an apple, which was passed down in his family for generations. Now that he has been transformed he looks like a regular Eevee. There are some similarities between his current and former self, such as the spiked up hair and big brown eyes. He also lost all of his clothes, except for his dear family necklace. He still wears it around his neck, hidden underneath the tuft of fur.

PERSONALITY: Adam's personality can vary and change a lot. You can say he has multiple. He can be very go with the flow at one moment, and then excited and jolty the next. Other personalities he may "be" are hot-tempered and fiery, empathetic and emotional, dark and evil, bright and nurturing, and then cold and distant. His personality has to be triggered and doesn't happen at random. His main body personality is a more maintained and calm mixture of all the other seven. When reacting to anything a personality may manifest if a certain emotion is expressed too much. When one takes over it will usually stay until the emotion fades away. Something they all share is intellect and intelligence. When preparing for anything, Adam likes to plan ahead and be prepared. He is very analytical and can be very clever at times. When using his powers he creates something that has an influence from either one of his personalities. This gives him variety and creativity.

HISTORY: Adam was born in Nimbasa City, Unova into a family of brilliance. His father was a highly respected doctor, his mother a high achieving Pokémon professor, and his older brother who was going to an ivy league level college to become a surgeon. Adam himself was intelligent, but not intelligent enough in his parent's eyes. He was always overshadowed by his older brother, who his parents constantly praised. He would always strive to be just like his brother, maybe even better. It was something that he just couldn't do. His parents never seemed to notice and would push him to do better. He felt he was doing enough already and couldn't handle the pressure. It was at the age of fifteen he decided that he couldn't take it anymore and ran away.

Over the next year he has been living with his best friend Josh and his accepting family. He severed all connections with his parents, who labelled him as an embarrassment and failure. It was hard on him, and still is, but he doesn't think about it and just tries to forget. He ended up joining an eco-conscious group called "Dream Green" to keep his mind off his family. When participating on clean ups and such, he found his true calling to be nature. He became intuned with it over time and wanted to keep it clean and safe. He would clean up with the help of random wild pokemon he befriended. Then came the day of revelation and the discovery of Nakita. He stood in awe of the majestic pokemon before him and, after learning her past, became a follower. He is now a proud Dreamcaster and wants to reveal Arceus for who he is.

POWERS: Adam has been intune with nature as a human, and that has been amplified upon becoming a Pokémon. Now he can use the energy from nature to heal others and himself. His other ability is that he is able to "evolve" into any form of Eevee consecutively, and can revert back to his normal form at will. While in an evolved state he can use the abilities of the current form.

Eevee: Normal Form, able to use healing abilities.
Vaporeon: Uses water based attacks, can invisibly melt into water.
Jolteon: Uses electric based attacks, can launch small bunches of fur.
Flareon: Uses fire based attacks.
Espeon: Uses psychic based attacks, can sense air currents and predicts weather and enemy's actions.
Umbreon: Uses dark based attacks (stronger at night), can spray poisonous sweat.
Leafeon: Uses grass based attacks, can perform photosynthesis and cleanse air.
Glaceon: Uses ice based attacks, can freeze fur to stand like needles and can freeze the atmosphere around it.

CURSES: Adam's curses can make it unbearable to be around him. If anyone stands near him they can feel intense pressure and it becomes difficult to breathe. The next curse may be the worst, it can cause them to go insane. They start to hear voices and whispers in their head to the point where they lose it if they don't get away in time. The brand is obvious and in plain sight, right on the center of his forehead. It is in the mark of a wicked looking X.

Not sure how you feel about his personality, and the abilities I included on the Eeveelutions are all from Dex entries. If you have any problems just say so.


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NAME: Diego Vendrix
AGE: 19

DESCRIPTION: Diego stands at five foot, 9 inches with light olive skin. He has low cheekbones, a boyish face, no facial hair, and wears a pair of glasses. His hair is black with subtle patches of very dark brown, mainly in the tips. His hair is kept trimmed and neat, however the ends on the back of his head are messy and spiky. He has slightly bigger than average eyes, which are chocolate brown. His eyes are large enough that they are noticeably larger than average, even by a margin amount. They often hold sadness. He also has a scar running down his right eye and some burn marks hidden on his body.

Diego wears a black T-shirt with many strange patterns on it in white. He has on some black cargo pants and some black tennis shoes with a red spiral on them. He has his PokeGear on his left arm and carries his Pokeballs on a belt. He completes the ensemble with a jacket. He also has a backpack when he needs to travel.

He now is a Ditto. Instead of being pink however, he is black. He also retains his human eyes now they have become sharper and they turn gold when he is in an emotional state. He still wears his glasses.

PERSONALITY: Diego is a warm and emotional person with an occasion fiery temper and a burning streak for the pursuit for adventure and truth. He is very empathetic and has a great desire to help people out. Beneath this outgoing personality, Diego is a shy and quiet person. He is also a very artistic individual as he will often draw whenever he gets the chance to do so. He is very loyal, but can come on as clingy, especially around girls. He also likes to cook. When in serious situations, he knows it is time for him to use his intelligence and strengths at their full capacity. He is very creative and known to be devious for his ideas. He is regarded as being very smart in many aspects.

He has his faults, however. Some of these are being blunt, sarcastic, picking fights, laziness and often day-dreaming during certain moments and saying a weird comment afterward. He may also show some malevolent intent or hold grudges for a while. He may even show cruel moments, characterized by a crazed grins and shadows under his eyes. He is prone to snarky or blunt comments and is often unable to figure out what to do in situations with people so will often mess things up, though he means no harm. Despite this or because of it, he tries to overcome these traits so people don’t judge him on his faults and see him as a good person.

His biggest fault as of right now is his insanity. Having had his pokémon slaughtered in front of him had awaken the long-sleeping dormant madness. Now somewhat on edge, he became more serious and solemn. He often draws his lost Pokemon on any surface and just draws to help cope with it. He has also become much more brutal and may require others to hold him back.

HISTORY: Diego was found as an orphaned infant clutching an egg in Bell Tower during a thunderstorm. No one knows who was it or how they got in. It wasn’t long before the monks and the Kimono Girls found him. They were not able to locate his parents nor were any missing infants reported at orphanages, they decided to raise the child together. His early years were filled with happiness except for a certain incident. On his first birthday, he had a nightmare and when his surrogate moms came in to check, it was a new moon and believed Darkrai was behind this. Diego was never able to remember the nightmare, though they left emotional scars on him and there are moments where he cannot be left alone. His schoolboy years were characterized by indifference and occasional taunting. He was teased because of his different nature and that he had no ‘real’ family. This is led to fights between Diego and the students.

In an attempt to stop the violence, Diego was taught to restrain his negative emotions and in return, the bullying would stop. Unfortunately, he was still treated indifferently and with passive aggression, resulting in many lonely recesses. Upon reaching the age of 12, he traveled to Professor Elm’s to get his first official Pokémon and to begin his journey. When he started out his quest as an adventurer, Pikachu came along as well. At age 15, he managed to gain 8 badges, but lost in a close match with the Elite 5 member of Jotho. Undeterred, he traveled across Kanto, Hoemn, Sinnoh and Unova, catching many different pokémon, improving his skills and meeting many different kinds of people.

When he was in Unova, he ended up joining an eco-conscious group called "Dream Green.” When participating on clean ups and such, he found something to do besides Pokemon training and drawing. All of his pokémon help out and he began making good friends. He became intuned with it over time and wanted to keep it clean and safe. Then came the day of revelation and the discovery of Nakita. He stood in awe of the majestic pokemon before him and, after learning her past, became a follower as well all of his Pokemon.

However, when the incident with Jeremy occurred, Diego would not take it. He proceeded to attack Arceus. Arceus repelled his attacks but was surprised to see all of Diego’s Pokemon defiant of the Alpha Pokemon. So in rage and spite, he used a devastating Judgment and slaughtered all of Diego’s Pokemon in front of him. They all died to protect Diego, especially Diego’s beloved partner Pikachu. The sight and experience caused Diego’s repressed negative emotions and dormant insanity to come out. Before Diego could do anything, Nakita protected him and the others by transforming them into Pokemon. He now seeks to destroy Arceus and bring back all of his Pokemon.

POWERS: Diego can control the density/state of his body. Normally fluid, he can become more solid or even gaseous, regardless if transformed or otherwise. Diego can also put people and Pokemon in a trance for a variety of purposes such as getting the truth, getaways or even plant the seeds of doubt against Arceus and help them see the truth.

CURSES: Diego's curse is that his presence drives people insane. They will begin seeing things that are not there and hearing things that are not there as well as personality flips or other psychological problems. Another curse he has is that wherever he goes by, the people and Pokemon may begin getting sick by slowly killing off their immune system. His mark is an open mouth; a circle with 5 triangular jagged teeth. It is on his back and it appears in every one of his transformations.