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[SU]Realix Academy[SU](PG-13)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Mickmon95, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    [SU]Realix Academy[SU](PG-14)

    The Realix Academy is a prestigious institute where trainers come to acheive their highest ability possible. It is a large island quite a distance off the coast of Sinnoh's Battle Frontier. In the center of the island is the academy which is designed to look like a castle, it has five towers that are tall. Each tower has stairs that branch off from the main building. It is a white castle with purple roof tops of each tower and the main sector. The choice of whtie as the main color is to symbolize purity of heart, one of the principles installed in the school by its founder: Charles Hanson. This school has existed for fifty years now. Many of the worlds best Pokemon Trainers, Coordinators, and Breeders studied here at Realix.There are three course plans for each type of student: trainer, coordinator, and breeder. There are five basic courses each student will take no matter what, but one special course for their specific trainer career path.

    Now behind the main building are four three-story buildings. The white building with the red roof is the girls dormitory. The white building with the blue roof is the boys dormitory. Each one has 200 rooms. You, as a student, live in one of these dorms. The white building with the green roof is the large dining hall where the delicious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served for the students and staff. The white building with the yellow roof is the on campus Pokemon center where Pokemon can be taken for healing or in case of emergencies. It has its own Nurse Joy there as well.

    Now farther South of the school is the Overgrown Forest. It is a large forest that contains an abundance of wild Pokemon, professors will often take their classes out here for a lesson on catching Pokemon or other such things. Students are only allowed in the forest during the daytime afterschool. Once sunset begins students are expected to be back on campus by then. There are also quite a variety of different plant life that breeders will come to know very well, such as berries that can help cure a Pokemon's ailments.

    Farther South of the Forest is Windy Valley. A valley of deep green grass and for some reason the winds in this area are always blowing ranging from gentle breezes to vicious gales. This is where special events such as festivals and other such things will take place. Students are not allowed to be here at all during the day without an adult's presence.

    Now if you go as far East as possible from the school there is Starstruck Mountain. It is extremely forbidden for students to go here because many dangerous Pokemon live there. This mountain is actually an inactive volcano but is still seen as a threat to students, especially with the rock, ground and fire type Pokemon that roam the area. Expulsion is the punishment for being out here with or without a teacher.

    Now if you go West of the school you will come to the Dry Plains. For some reason it is hotter over here than on any other part of the island and the grass is much taller. Terretorial Pokemon live here and are known to attack any person that tries to go through the plains. Obviously, this is a forbidden location as well punishable by expulsion for trespassing here.

    Now if you dare to continue going West you will reach the Scarlet Temple. It has been on the island for thousands of years, even before Realix was founded. The structure of the temple is old and run-down, it could probably collapse at any given moment. There are many legends and tales surrounding the temple and existence, but one that most people believe is that there is a guardian Pokemon who will attack any trespassers on the temple's sacred grounds. It goes without saying that this location is forbidden and the punishment is expulsion.

    Now if you go North from the academy you will find Chillshore Beach. This a big beach which always seems to be cold and has the whitest sand one will ever see. This is where new students will arrive by boat. This is one of the few locations the students are allowed to come even in the evening, but are expected back on campus before nightfall.

    Your Role: You are a new student here at Realix Academy who has showed great potential as a trainer in order to have been accepted. Students should always strive to become the top student at Realix Academy. Though some strange occurrences have been noticed here on campus. A few students have gone missing without a trace of there location. There have been two sightings of strange figures in pitch black robes, one in the Overgrown Forest and one on the school's rooftop. Could there be a connection between the two? Maybe you'll be the one to figure that out or maybe you'll ignore all the weirdness and just focus on your Pokemon destiny. It's up to you.

    Pokemon Basic Battling (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Basic Study (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Evolution Study (All Students Required)
    Pokemon World Studies (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Health Class (All Students Required)
    Pokemon Advanced Battling (Trainers Course only)
    Pokemon Contest and Coordinatng (Coordinator Course only)
    Pokemon Breeding 101 (Breeders Course only)

    Your schedule will consist of all five classes in order as above but your last/sixth class will be whatever type of trainer you are. So at the end of the day trainers will have the specific trainers only class, as the same with coordinators and breeders.

    Teachers: (are NPC)
    Mr. Higgens is the Basic Battling Teacher. He is a very strict and old fashioned teacher.
    Ms.Sarden is the Basic Study Teacher. She is a young and enthusastic teacher.
    Mr.Kody is the Evolution Study Teacher. He is a clumsy and humorous teacher.
    Ms.Ratzfield is the World Studies Class teacher. She is a very up tight and down right cruel teacher.
    Mrs.Merryweather is the Health Class Teacher. She is a good hearted and kind teacher.
    Mr.Dayyton is the Advanced Battling Teacher. He is a hard-working and tough teacher.
    Ms.July is the Contest and Coordinating Teacher. She is an arrogant and sarcastic teacher.
    Mr.Fynn is the Breeding 101 Teacher. He is the laid back and relaxed teacher.

    Head Master Lance: The highest in charge at the school. A quiet and serious man who is devoted and has a high passion for the academy. His ancestor was the founder of the academy. He always has his partner Pokemon Lucario outside of its Pokeball and at his side.

    Student Registration Form

    Age: (13-19)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    History: (one good paragraph on your characters past)
    Personality: (one good paragraph about your character)
    Pokemon Team: (3 Pokemon. You will be able to catch some later)
    Appearance: (link to picture and a good description or just a description)
    Trainer Type: (Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder)
    Other: (any other info we should know about)

    School Rules:
    1.) All Students are to be on School Grounds by 8 PM.
    2.) Any misuse or abuse of Pokemon will lead to expulsion.
    3.) Forbidden Areas are off limits.
    4.) Students are off on the weekends but curfew still applies
    5.) Pokemon are to be kept inside Pokeballs inside the school unless told otherwise by your instructor

    RP Rules:
    1.) No godmodding, flaming, or bunnying.
    2.) All forum rules apply.
    3.) Only three characters max.
    4.) You must be dedicated to this RP.
    5.) No legendary Pokemon allowed on team
    6.) At least one solid paragraph for each post and no double posting
    7.) Please try to use correct grammar and spelling so others can understand your post
    8.) Keep everything PG-12 guys!
    9.) Let's have fun!

    Roxy Lockheart and Justin Metrix and Demeitra Hansen (Mickmon95)
    Samantha Sparks and Silence Dogood (SamanthaSparks)
    Keith Weston (ImanOkie12)
    Shay Kuroma and Marina Kuroma (xXTwilight)
    Lucas Serenes and Lucia Ashford (Andydemon)
    Alex Cavelry (AJ2000)
    Shay Novella and David Muse (SpyroxPikachu)
    Buster Jack (CuriousHeartless)
    Sergio Valentine, Elizabeth Greene, and Jonathan Jones (Billy Mays)
    Casey Nuevo (Digipoke)

    Zekshirom- Lulana (Coordinator)
    Curious Heartless- Breeder
    Krazy95- Trainer and Breeder
    ImanOkie12- Trainer
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2012
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Three characters max? Sweet!
    Reserve me a Trainer and a Coordinator please. This is going to get juicy...
  3. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    Name: Lulana Kurota

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    History: (one good paragraph)

    Personality: Lulana is a sweet girl who loves to do traditional dancing. She trained under the Kimono Girls, and is good friends with Morty, and her brother, Eusine. She keeps in touch with them often, mostly Eusine. Lulana knows a song that calms down enraged pokemon, and will sing it both for fun and when it's needed. And don't get her angry. Trust me.

    Lulana loves her pokemon, and will fight by herself if needed. She is stronger than she looks, and some say she can use abilities normal humans can't, though it isn't anything big. This is also said to be tied with Lulana's ability to change her outfit when she is in a battle.

    Pokemon Team: Espeon-Female-Tekina/Skitty-Female-Kawashi/Flygon-Male-Sukeru

    Appearance: Lulana has brown eyes and long dark purple hair in a ponytail, held in place by a long dark pink ribbon in a bow. She wears a silk white shirt and a long white skirt with white knee socks and purple Mary Janes.

    During a battle, Tekina can change Lulana's outfit to be different. The ribbons in her hair become golden bells with thin white ribbons. She wears a short-sleeved priestess robe, the shirt part being dark pink and the pants part being dark blue. On her arms are dark pink disconnected sleeves, and on Lulana's feet are dark blue sandles and white socks.

    Trainer Type: Coordinator

    Other: Lulana is VERY interested in the legend of Cresselia and Darkrai. She reads it often in her free time.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2012
  4. xXTwilight

    xXTwilight ✮No Other✮

    Name: Shay Kuroma
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Shay was born in Undella, Unova where she had been brought up until when she was around two before moving to Accumala, then Aspertia.
    Shay is from a prestigious, rich family from Unova and her family is very strict and formal, her family tends to move around a lot, and does not stay at the same place for at the most, two years. Shay has been taught how to socialize with people however hates it, her first pokemon was Kazumi, later Barako then Brav. Her family wanted her to do Coordinating however she has stubbornly refused to do so they resorted to her being a trainer. Once, she was trapped in a cave when her family and her was on an outing and she was trapped for about a day in the dark, several times some Ground/Rock/Bug types appeared and she was very frightened, that was around when she was five years old. She did not do paticularly well in her academic studies but aced her Trainer classes. However she loved to read and research about history and spent most of her time away from her family. She spent most of her time researching, reading and sleep and often skipped her meals to do what she desired, she is also often nagged to tidy her room and such so her parents finally decided to send her off to the academy. Kazumi was given to Shay as an egg, while Barako was caught. Brav was hatched in Unova but later given to Shay by Andrew. She is gifted with brilliant battle skills that could rival one of the weaker Elite 4 and the top 35 trainers in four regions, , but never the stronger ones, however she had to train for many years to get the results she wanted and is still training to reach for the top. For her academic history, she studied at a school in Castelia, and has framed a person for revenge because that person made Shay's school-life miserable, the person had been expelled and later Shay was suspended. Shay only did well in History, language and evolution involved subjects and Trainer and Art classes, she failed half of the other subjects while managing to pass the other subjects, her family wasn't exactly content...
    Her battle skills were proven when she won the Higaki Conference when all her hard work paid off, she narrowly missed elimination and loss, first near elimination was when she overslept, her near loss was when she almost lost to the Trainer who became second. She had a brother but he died when she was three so she doesn't really know much, only that he was the previous winner of the Higaki conference, a few years back. Her family was made up of mainly Coordinators and researchers, a few was Trainers. Her mother was a Coordinator and her father was also a researcher, her mother's side was mainly made of Coordinators and Trainers while her father's side was researchers and Trainers. She was quickly accepted to Realix Academy, only because of her skills in battle and interpreting some ancient myths.
    She was not well known for her myth solving however she did help out interpreting the Abyssal Ruins for her father which later turned out to be a success.
    Shay would spend hours training her pokemon non-stop, and is judged that she is heartless for not giving them a rest, however she usually sends that person a glare and ignores them, she would skip meals and sometimes sleep for training them. Her goal in life was to surpass the Champion of Unova and become top Trainer in Unova and another region, she dislikes to have too many goals at once and doesn't care about becoming the top Trainer in the world as long as she's the top Trainer in Unova and another region.

    Barako was a Budew when Shay's family had decided to gift Shay with a Budew, Barako eventually evolved into a Roselia then evolved to a Roserade, Brav was given to Shay by her former best friend, Andrew who is now in Johto, and was a Rufflet who was hatched in Unova.

    Shay puts up a haughty act because she doesn't feel secure, she is in fact quite shy. She dislikes socializing and smiling, seen as a 'ghost' sometimes because of that reason. She is occasionally seen being emotionless and cold however she doesn't realize that she is doing that. However she is gentle but often misunderstood as well. She keeps to herself and is secretive. She also has a short temper causing her to snap at people if they are irritating her. She is at her best and comfort in battling. She's often very impatient, and once she gets down she usually does not get up unless there is a good reason. She is calm in most situations but when a Bug/Steel/Ground/Rock type is near her, she will most likely scream in fear. She holds grudges for a very long time and she's the type that believes that revenge is always necessary, she's the kind of person who isn't influenced by first impressions, and is very just, however if someone accuses or blames her, she becomes furious and ignores all her sensible side and plans revenge. She is also competitive, but not extremely competitive. She is sometimes viewed as harsh and blunt when she judges someone when they're battling if they ask her to give them some suggestions, ideas and advice. She has a very...unique view of everything and sometimes she is looked at weirdly, like what her mother does.

    Pokemon Team:
    Kazumi, female shiny Milotic with Marvel Scale.
    Brav, male Braviary with Defiant.
    Barako, female Roserade with Poison Point.

    Dark brown hair, somewhat dark chesnut hair up to her shoulder blades that is curled at the tips and slightly taller than average, with emerald eyes.http://i1273.photobucket.com/albums/y408/xXTwilightAndRoxy/Shay.jpg She wears the outfit in the link.

    Trainer Type:

    She's sometimes really forgetful, as in really forgetful aka forgetting she has a pen in her hand after ten seconds. She loves history, including legends, astrology and mythology, and is often seen at the library. She is often found either in the library or at the training grounds. She adores cute things although she doesn't admit it. Also, she often loses things and loves to sleep and doesn't eat alot. She's scared of Bug, Rock, Steel, and Ground types and dislikes pure Grass types (example is Tangela and Bulbasaur). She is pretty good at solving myths, and legends. Oh and she gets lost really easily and can't read maps. She loves singing and loves romance however once again, she denies it. She is hopeless in Maths, and very often fails the subject. Lets just say that her academic skills aren't extremely brilliant but her battle skills makes up for it. Last thing, she's claustrophobic (or however you spell it).
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012
  5. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Hmmm...my schedule is getting more crowded then clearing soon and I want something to do when it is cleared. Reserve me a spot as a breeder and a spot as a trainer. Also, by getting more crowded, I don't mean full and I'm never going to be on, I'll still be on plenty.
  6. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Name: Keith Weston
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    History: Keith grew up the oldest out of a family with six children in the Hoenn Ragion. So he naturally took on a more parenting characteristic. Keith was raised on a ranch ran by his family. When Keith was younger, he loved to go out and play with the Pokemon that hung around the ranch. He favored the steel types, which were mostly found due to the mountains around them. He found a cave that was rich in iron ore once. It was inhabited by a family of Aggron, Lairon and Aron. He went and played with the Aron everyday he got done with working. He brought berries everyday to the cave to feed the family. As Keith got older, He spent more, and more time with the Pokemon outside of the ranch, so much that he quit his work, and got in trouble constantly. His family decided to send him off to the Realix Academy in Sinnoh. While getting ready to depart, his father gave him a pokeball for his first Pokemon. Keith knew exactly what he was going to pick. He headed out to the cave, and played with the aron, he was deciding which one would be best. He found an Aron that loved to distract others, then take their Berry, and hide it. After awhile, it would give it back. He decided on that one. Keith threw the pokeball, and the Aron didn't fight back against it. Later on, Keith met a man traveling from Unova at the airport. Keith helped him after the man dropped his luggage. And most had blown away. As a thanks, the man gave Keith a pokeball which had a Palpitoad inside. The two quickly grew close as they traveled. Keith was traveling threw a field when he saw a Pidgey. Keith sent out Palpitpad and quickly weakened the Pokemon. Keith threw a pokeball, and with that, Keith Caught a pidgey. As Keith traveled, his Pokemon grew stronger. His Aron, now a Lairon. And Palpitoad still a palpitoad. Keith finally reached the port to the Realix academy.

    Personality: Keith is a kind hearted person. He is very gentle towards pokemon and has manners for woman. He likes to joke around with his friends, and is always willing to help. He feels like he should always be cautious and take things that may be haarmful into account. He thinks things ahead and if they seem to dangerous, he will not try to anger someone by forcing them to stop, but persuade them. He does like to have fun, so he may just ignore his thoughts first. Keith also has a natural leader instinct, but does not challenge authority. He loves his pokemon, and protects them efore himself. To him his pokemon come first.

    Pokemon Team: Mech, male Lairon/ Tank, male Palpitoad/ Rose, female Pidgey

    Appearance: Keith stands at 6'3". Keith has brown shaggy hair, that curls up at the end, above his ears and eyes. He wears a grey shirt, with a blue and white letterman jacket. He always wears jeans, and cowboy boots. like a modern day cowboy. He has a leather bracelet on his left wrist, made by his father. And he wears a belt with a tauros belt buckle. Keith has deep green eyes, straight pearly white teeth, freckles, he has a square jaw, along with a big nose and ears. Keith is slightly tan, and is well built, with good muscle tone. He has a scar along his back that corls on the right part of his neck.

    Trainer type: Breeder

    Other: Rose is almost never in her pokeball, so she hates it and will occaisonally pop out.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2012
  7. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Under construction...

    Name: Samantha Sparks
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    History: Samantha was born in a regular family living in White Forest. She lead a normal life and thrived among people and Pokemon existing in harmony. Her family was not big, with just her parents and her sister. She started a journey throughout Unova when she was ten and ended it half a month later, thus she is known to have experience. Prior to that, when she was six, she found an Eevee in a box just outside her house. She found it odd why someone would abandon an Eevee, since it was quite a rarity even in Unova. Thus. she decided to keep it as her own.

    This Eevee would later be the Jolteon we all know today. Today, Samantha Sparks, Age 16, intends to have another journey in a nearby region. Thus, she decided to go to this Academy to revise and relearn what she had once learn, hoping she will learn something new on the way.
    Personality: Samantha is an extremely shy young lass. She can be seen to stutter a lot, and very often shivering out of timidness. Whenever one approaches her, she tends to be in shock very often and will squeal in fear rather often. She is an absurdly big crybaby, who cries extremely often. She can be klutzy at times, although she tries to be careful. You may think she is a useless moeblob from this, but one who is observant will know that she is actually a strong woman who never, ever gives up until the end. She will never give up or run away, although such situations cause her to shiver in fear and cry really hard. Her persistence is rather remarkable, although this and her remarkable battle skills are her only known positive traits.
    Pokemon Team:
    A male Jolteon with Volt Absorb
    A female Beautifly with Swarm
    A male Zebstrika with Motor Drive
    Appearance: Samantha has golden yellow hair with long twintails that almost reach the floor. These twintails are zigzag in shape, like lightningbolts. When let down, her hair is rather wavy and zigzag in an attempted hime-cut, which is rather embarassing. Her shining eyes are a golden yellow. She is 1.6 metres tall and has a rather slender figure, with a noticeable B-cup, along with considerably wide hips. Her thighs are a kind of chubby.

    She wears a one-piece sleeveless dress underneath a yellow-coloured long-sleeved hoodie. She can often be seen wearing white running shoes with yellow linings, with lightningbolt markings on them. While she rarely wears glasses, she can sometimes be seen with white-framed glasses.
    Trainer Type: Trainer
    Other: Her Beautifly is of a rare hue. It has the colours of a Monarch butterfly instead of a regular Beautifly.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2012
  8. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    I'll put you all under the Reserved status for now.

    Name: Roxy Lockheart

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2..._hair_and_green_eyes_by_blackleyn-d5a0cbt.jpg Roxy originally has dark brown hair, almost black but she chose to dye it this crimson red color she has now. She did this because her favorite color is red and she wanted a piece of her to match the red roses she loved so much. She has emerald green eyes and pale white skin. She stands at about 5"9 in height and has a curvy figure that she never really notices. She wears a dress that has a blue bodice that is the same color as the skirt which is kind of short reaching to her knee but she has black tights on under it. The dress has short puffy white sleeves and wrist-length black gloves on her hands. She wears a black bow which matches that on the end of her sleeves. She wears black ankle-length boots with red bows on the front of them.

    Personality: Roxy is way different from many other girls in a few ways. She isn't dumb it's just that she likes to see the world as if it were some big fantasy. She spaces out from time to time and will randomly blurt out her emotions which vary from food to random thoughts in her head. She can be serious and on task when she needs to be, but she will still trail off to her wonderland. She sees things in different ways than everyone else and all actions are mostly driven by emotions. She is over dramatic and can be a brat. She is also easily entertained and distracted. She has to be extremely focused to stay on task. She is naive and foolish which gets her tricked a lot, but she has a heart of gold. She is kind and compassionate to everyone she meets. But even though she seems all rainbows and unicorns she can still pack a punch.She is the type of person who can go up to a stranger and strike up a long conversation. She takes any insult to heart due to being picked on as a child. She is also a bit clumsy and very forgetful.

    History: Roxy was born and raised in Sinnoh. She grew up in Sandgem Town with her mother. Her father had died from a disease before Roxy was born. Roxy always loved Pokemon since she was a child. She would go outside and play with all the wild Pokemon. You'd think that wild Pokemon would attack such a child, but it never happened. She was very good with Pokemon and bonded with them really well, sometimes instantaneously. Her mother always worried about Roxy, since she was always ostracized for being as weird as she is. Roxy didn't make many friends with other kids her age because of her personality but lucky for her she had her Pokemon friends. So Roxy prefers to be around Pokemon than humans most days. The only human person she truly cares about is her mother.

    Roxy became Prof. Rowan's assistant before she started her journey to learn more about the Pokemon she loved so much. Prof. Rowan didn't choose her for her knowledge on Pokemon to be his assistant but her passion and love to be around them. So she was a great help to his research since she could get him near Pokemon who are very territorial and distrusting. Soon enough Roxy chose Piplup to be her starter and she made her way on her journey. She competed within the contest community but never made any friends with other competitors, again for her odd personality. So sometimes after contestants she would call her mom to cry because of the things the other contestants would say.

    None of her rival's took Roxy seriously as a coordinator until her third contest where she won her first ribbon. She showed off great techniqute and skill whens he won that one. That's when the tide had shifted and she was actually seen as a minor threat, but a threat nonetheless. Then Roxy surprised everyone when she won two more ribbons. She danced around the stage happily. Her mother had gone to see her that day and Roxy ran offstage with her Pokemon to embrace her with a big hug. That day Roxy became a respected coordinator in the coordinator community. Word got to Realix of her talent and skill so she was offered to study at the academy and Roxy decided to put her contest career on hold to get better.

    Trainer Type: Coordinator

    Pokemon: (Nickname-Species-Gender)




    Other: Roxy loves red roses. :3

    Name: Justin Metrix

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_luhc6qLUDF1qbj9tbo1_500.jpg Justin has dark brown hair and a kind orange-golden eye color. He stands at a tall 6"2 in height and has slim yet athletic body type. He usually wears a long-sleeved white shirt with a red tie over it. Over that he wears a black jacket with white outlining of the edges. He wears black jeans and black high-tops to go along with everything else.

    Personality: Justin is a cold and quiet young man. He prefers to keep to himself and doesn't do well when talking to others. He seems to put this wall up of anger and disdain for other people to keep them out from his inner self. He puts on this act of being a mean guy, but on the inside he is truly nice. He has a poetic heart and loves nature. He has major trouble when it comes to expressing and showing his feelings to others. He is extremely short tempered and is angered by even the smallest of things. He is very stubborn and distant. He doesn't let anyone into his personal world because he is afraid of being abandoned and he only trusted one person and that was his best friend Lyla. He seems to hold grudges.
    History: Justin lived with his two parents. His mother and father were both a part of a criminal syndicate in Unova. Justin was never shown any love or affection as a child which is what made him into the cold person he is now. His parents soon became the top of the criminal syndicate and left Justin all alone at 12 to fend for himself. He traveled far and wide until he met Prof. Juniper. She gave him his first Pokemon, Snivy. He adored that Snivy and treated her like a princess. He took very good care of it but trained it to be a very tough fighter. Justin won many battles by training his Snivy to use vicious tactics which left his opponents Pokemon very brutally injured. He was soon know far and wide as a Pokemon Trainer you didn't want to mess with. Just then left Unova and went to Sinnoh. There he joined a criminal syndicate and gained his other two Pokemon. They were both killers at heart. Justin and his Pokemon team grew very close. He was bound to get revenge on the world that caused him pain, that is he was.

    Until the day he met Lyla, his best friend. She opened his eyes to such a beautiful world of love, nature and friendship. He then quit the criminal life and became a better person. Although not he has issues to deal with, he is doing much better. But his world came crumbling down when he lost his best friend in an accident. Lyla and Justin were exploring a dangerous cave looking for rare Pokemon when a wild Pokemon caused an earthquake that sent a stone pillar tumbling down. Lyla pushed Justin out of the way but was crushed herself. With only seconds left of life, she gave her final breath of words to Justin by saying "Continue to live on and be happy for me,". Justin nodded as she slipped away into death and he decided to become a better Pokemon trainer. Pokemon is his only true passion and becoming better with them would make him happier.




    Trainer Type: Trainer

    Other: None
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2012
  9. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Could I have a reserve for a breeder and a trainer please? c:
  10. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Well, I just finished the app for my first character.
  11. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    @Spyrox you shall be reserved
    @SamanthaSparks I think you should more to the history, but you're accepted.
    And everyone else be sure to either post on here letting me know that your SU is done if you're reserved or message me. So that way I can read and review SU's faster and more efficently.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2012
  12. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    (I haven't RPed in over a year now so I'm probably a little rusty, but I've been interested in getting back into RPs once again if you'll have me.)

    Name: Lucas Serenes

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Lucas is about the average height of a 13 year old boy. He has short brown hair that goes an inch above his shoulders, large sky blue eyes, and pale skin. As for clothes, Lucas is usually seen wearing a black T-shirt, long black dress pants and often wears a black scarf regardless of weather conditions. His only accessory is a gold-colored locket that contains a picture of himself and his Riolu.

    Personality: Lucas is your typical innocent individual. He's never one to knowingly do wrong and has a strong sense of justice. Although gentle and timid, he's willing to help those in need and stands up for what he believes in. As a trainer he has a great deal of confidence in himself and his Pokemon, always believing that the bond he shares with them is the key element in any battle. He also treats Pokemon like he would any other person if not more so. In fact, he thinks of his best friend Riolu as more of a younger brother than anything. Towards people he starts off friendly if a bit shy and hates being the center of large crowds.

    History: Lucas was originally born in Snowpoint City, but around the time he was two years old he fell ill and couldn't recover in the cold conditions. As a result his parents were forced to move out of Snowpoint in order for him to become healthy again. They choose Floaroma Town as it was peaceful and was an ideal place to raise their son.

    As he grew up in Floaroma Town, Lucas was often bullied throughout his childhood. His only friend at the time being a girl named Lucia Ashford and her Pichu, with whom he became close friends, but he still felt lonely most of the time. Until one day when Lucas was eight years old he set out into the nearby forest and came across a Riolu that had been injured forcing Lucas to bring it home with him. It was apparent that Riolu had been abandoned by a previous owner, which disgusted Lucas. As Riolu recovered Lucas slowly became close friends with it and soon it somehow made the loneliness that Lucas was feeling for so long to go away, prompting him to be overjoyed when his parents decided that Riolu could stay with them. Eventually one night Lucas had asked Riolu if it would go on a journey with him, to which it agreed.

    As the years passed Lucas and Riolu would go on to travel around Sinnoh with their friends Lucia and Pichu. For Lucas, his goal was to see the world to broaden his horizons and meet all new kinds of people and Pokemon. However, he also hoped to one day find the trainer that had abandoned Riolu all those years ago.

    Trainer Type: Trainer

    Pokemon Team:

    Riolu - Male

    Staravia - Female

    Umbreon - Male

    Other: Lucas always has Riolu outside of his pokeball when he can, but will keep him inside of one if he has to, albeit reluctantly. He also likes to play his ocarina.

    Name: Lucia Ashford

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Lucia is the average height for a 14 year old girl. She has long ocean blue hair and green eyes. Lucia's clothes consist of a blue hoodie over a light blue t-shirt and blue jeans. She also wears a shiny blue necklace and has a flower accessory modeled after the gracidea flower in her hair.

    Personality: Much like Lucas, Lucia is a kind-hearted individual. She's able to make friends easily and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She tends to be cheerful but is one to put her foot down to those who get on her bad side. But for the most part she's very caring to her friends and is willing to help them should they ever need it. She cares about both people and Pokemon equally. She also shows concern for those with obvious weaknesses be they physical or emotional.

    History: Lucia was born and raised in Floaroma Town. Her mother once being a successful Coordinator, she wishes to become one herself. At some point she was given a Pichu as a gift by her father. She later met and befriended Lucas Serenes after acknowledging that he needed a friend. When Lucas and Riolu set out to travel around the Sinnoh region, Lucia and her Pichu went with them to see what real contests are like and learn from them. Lucia hopes to one day live up to her mother's example and become a top Coordinator.

    Trainer Type: Coordinator

    Pokemon Team:

    Pichu - Female

    Absol - Male

    Espeon - Female

    Other: Like Lucas with his Riolu, Lucia tends to keep Pichu outside of a pokeball, but is more willing to keep it inside of one than Lucas is. She also likes to sing.

    (I know my sign up for Lucia sucks compared to Lucas, but I never thought to go as in depth with her as I have Lucas in past RPs. In fact my decision to even sign her up for this as well was, for lack of a better word, arbitrary.)
  13. xXTwilight

    xXTwilight ✮No Other✮

    I have edited and finished my application thingy, nya~
    Let me know if I should add/edit/delete some
  14. ImAnOKIE12

    ImAnOKIE12 Sexy Cowboy

    Done with mine. :) This one actually seems promising.
  15. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Throw me a reserve for a Trainer please, a breeder too if there's space?
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2012
  16. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Reserve for Trainer, Breeder, AND Coordinator. I plan on making the three kind of a trio of friends, and quite honestly I have no idea how I'd manage to do all three at once otherwise.
  17. Mickmon95

    Mickmon95 Heart&Soul Trainer

    @xXTwilight, ImanOkie12, Andydemon You are accepted! :D
    @Krazy95 and Billymay your reservations have been made.
  18. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    Perfect! I'm complete with my app. This character is a trap. A glorious one at that.

    Name: Silence Dogood
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male, although he looks, dresses, acts female to the extent that almost everyone believes he is one. Sometimes he even forgets his own gender.
    History: Silence grew up in a rather small family with his sister and father in Nimbasa City. Silence never knew about his mother, for she probably passed away when when he was still a child. Due to him feeling sorry his sister, he decided to take on a motherly role and began to wore female clothes. He was into this motherly role to the extent that he probably forgets he is a male extremely often.

    At first, his father was rather unsure about this, not because it was weird, but Silence did this all of a sudden. While he did object it to an extent, he decided to keep quiet about it, not wanting Silence to grow sad. Overtime, he learnt to accept that he now had a daughter instead of a son.

    Silence was so silent, he didn't really have any friends to socialise or play with, or even bother about his recent habits. Instead, he lived around Pokemon instead of people. For some odd reason, he began to take a liking to genderless Pokemon, especially mechanical ones, believing that they would understand him.

    While playing with his sister one day, a Rotom came out of one of their toys. Seeing that it looked dangerous, Silence protected his sister from the odd creature. It took a while for Silence to figure it out. While he did want his sister to have her first Pokemon before him, he believed that Rotom was too dangerous and he should put his sister's safety before his. Today, this Rotom is Silence's partner.
    Personality: Silence, as his name suggests, is a silent young lad(y) who rarely speaks. He responds with simple nods and shakes. While he does has feelings, his face is generally emotionless and dull. He probably has less facial expressions than a Magikarp, to the extent that it takes one to know more about him to understand him. This makes him bad at making friends.

    This is but one side of him. Deep within this cold, chilly, emotionless husk, is a warm, tingly feel of care. Silence cares for people and Pokemon alike, and will do anything to aid others.
    Pokemon Team:
    Rotom with Levitate
    Beldum with Clear Body
    Cryogonal with Levitate
    Appearance: Silence has long, silvery hair styled in a hime-cut. His features are all effeminate, including his face. His right eye is sealed behind a medical eyepatch, while his left is a clean, azure blue, lighter than the sky itself.

    His body is petite in appearance, reaching up to 1.4 metres. His chest is completely flat and he wears a long-sleeved black turtleneck sweater with a white-coloured Pokeball emblem at the back. His body is oddly curvacious and his arms and legs are quite slender. He also wears a white skirt donned with black thigh-highs and black running shoes with white linings.
    Trainer Type: Coordinator
    Other: He has great skill in technology, which includes being able to care for technology-based Pokemon such as his own. He uses such knowledge to build Pokeballs out of Apricots. He can build basic technology from spare parts, which he can use to his advantage to alter Rotom's forms before classes.

    No one knows he is a boy. Sometimes, when he is about to admit it, he forgets what he is going to say.

    He is only interested in genderless Pokemon, since he is gender-confused himself. If he catches a Pokemon with a gender, he will ensure he does not use a Luxury Ball, and will give it to another person who deserves and understands it more than he does.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2012
  19. AJ2000

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    Could I have a reservation as a trainer?

    I'll post my SU when I get time or after studying for exams.
  20. Mickmon95

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    @SamanthaSparks I need you to add more to your history and personality they're kinda of lacking. Maybe for the history you can add how his father reacted to his taking on this female role and how it affected him growing up. You know, did other kids accept him growing up or did it present social problems for him. But you're accepted.
    @AJ2000 You have your reservation.

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